Mein Kampf (version 2)

A new play by the Incompetent Twins, Dave and Nick C
[with technical assistance by Phil A of UKV]

The Cast

Hitler: Anna Soubry
Goebbels: Jeremy 'Adolf' Mean
Himmler: Tony Blair
Eva Braun: Linda McAvan

An excellent new play set in the MHRA's secret bunker below war-torn London in 2013, where the failing government is losing its grip on a subservient population who no longer believe the complete rubbish they are spoon-fed. From London to Berlin, the mindless sheep are rising up against the iron grip of the military-pharma complex. Behind the Iron Curtain in Brussels, Stalin (played by J Dalli) has already been removed by a coup, and things are looking bad for the the W.H.O. (World pHarma Organisation), who run things - but not for long.