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Where health meets politics: examining the pressure to restrict
vaping and THR in order to protect the smoking economy


E-Cigarette Politics

Politics isn't a popular subject - but it determines what you can't buy, what you can buy, and how much it costs. Most people would admit that is important.

Health Policy

Often, health policy isn't about health, it's about financial pressures. Because of this, it is worth keeping it in the spotlight.


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A selection of briefings for advocates and politicians

- Clive Bates' Regulatory Policy Briefing
- Rules For Vaping Advocates
- Politician's Q&A Briefing
- US Ecig Regulations Q&A

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Useful Research

Why they are fighting so hard against vaping

James Dunworth presents fundamental reasons why the $1.5 trillion a year smoking economy needs to kill off vaping as soon as possible.

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