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Say No To TPD Article 20

Everyone in Europe should support the legal challenge to the EU TPD Article 20, which - depending on its interpretation in each country - can be implemented to create a de facto ban on vaping products.

Thoroughly corrupt laws such as this, created in order to protect cigarette sales, must be resisted in every way possible.

Why challenge the TPD ?

Because nothing of any practical use will be left after the TPD is implemented - which is the entire point of it. The purpose of the TPD is to protect government revenues and giant transnationals' profits. The intention is to remove the latest THR products as a threat to cigarette sales, just as previous THR products were removed (e.g. Snus) for the same purpose. The TPD is designed to:

  1. Protect government tobacco tax revenues.
  2. Protect the pharmaceutical industry's revenues from the drug trade for treating smoking-related disease.
  3. Protect the cigarette industry, as the entire machine dpends on their products.


Nothing left after TPD2



created 2015-07-02