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AW Batteries - Authorised Dealers

Here are some battery safety resources provided by AW Batteries.

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Genuine batteries

Quality rechargeable cells are required for safe use of APVs (advanced personal vapourisers: large-format ecigs with replaceable batteries, aka 'mods'). We recommend safer-chemistry cells such as those supplied by AW, which are usually of Li-Mn chemistry, or hybrid types using Li-Mn plus other technologies. Lithium ion cells (i.e. all rechargeable lithium batteries as used in ecigs) must be treated with respect, due to their high charge density: the large amount of energy they contain. Quality is important in this area of product choice, and at present only the well-known brands can be safely recommended. Cheap batteries are not a good idea when driven hard in an APV, and for this reason counterfeit batteries should be avoided.

Counterfeit batteries

Good batteries cost money. Because of this, counterfeits are rife; and the danger is that consumers may buy counterfeit cells and then subject them to heavy loads in a 2nd-generation or 3rd-generation vaping device. Heavy loads and fast recharges mean that there is an elevation of risk if fake batteries are used. Ideally, only high-quality batteries should be used, and in practice this means people should use a known safe chain of supply in order to avoid counterfeits. Counterfeit batteries are intrinsically dangerous when used in a high-performance vaping device - only authentic batteries should be used.

      AW 2013 label                                                     AW 2014 label





the genuine label glows in UV



Counterfeit AW cells

See menu at right for authorised dealer lists per country.

It is estimated that about half of AW batteries supplied globally are counterfeit.

AW Batteries has no mainland China distributor: no Alibaba vendors or vendors such as Heaven Gifts supply genuine AW cells - they are all counterfeit.

All AW cells supplied since December 2013 have a hologram label. At May 2014, counterfeiters have now started to reproduce this label - but the copies are not perfect. In particular, a genuine AW hologram label is UV-reactive and glows in UV light; counterfeit labels do not glow under UV light.




Please email AW Batteries directly for current information, any queries about the listed distributors, or queries about unlisted sources:
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The publishing of the resources here does not indicate that AW Batteries approve of all, or any, of this website's content.
This website has no financial or commercial connection with AW Batteries. We provide this verifiable supply chain listing as a public safety service only.
We approve of authentic AW cells for use in high-performance vaping devices provided that the correct battery is used for the expected service: check the load rating. This applies especially to sub-ohm RBA vapers: you must use a cell with a sufficient load rating for your coil resistance. Ask if you are not sure.



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