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Bill Godshall Update 2013-06-07

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update June 7th 2013


Reynolds introduces new vapor product Vuse, to begin selling in CO in July:

Fox Business: Could e-cigarettes sales surpass traditional cigarettes?

First toxicology study on vapor proves electronic cigarettes are much better than tobacco:

Starbucks wisely bans smoking, but absurdly bans e-cigarette use, outdoors on property within 25 feet of company owned stores:

VapeBash 2 survey of 58 attendees finds that 61% started vaping with a stick type e-cig, and that 91% have totally quit smoking:

Mike Siegel: Authors of Electronic Cigarette/Quitline Article Fail to Disclose Significant Conflict of Interest:

Stan Glantz misrepresents biased survey on e-cigarette users who didn't quit smoking;
Mike Siegel critiques Glantz' misrepresentations of biased e-cigarette survey:


Drugs and Alcohol Today devotes special issue to Tobacco Harm Reduction:

Tobacco Dependence Treatment Drugs

Reynolds subsidiary selling smoking-cessation gum:

Cochrane Library deceitfully touts tobacco dependence treatment drugs as highly effective by only comparing them to placebo, fails to reveal actual success/failure rates of drugs:

ACSH: Cessation products work better than nothing:

Mike Siegel: New Cochrane Review of Smoking Cessation Drugs Hides the Truth from Readers:

Mike Siegel: Alere Wellbeing is Still Making Misleading Advertising Claims About the Effectiveness of Its Quit for Life Smoking Cessation Program:

Medical Malpractice

Survey finds 40% of General Practitioners in Britain and Sweden (who get paid to treat and counsel smokers) inaccurately believe nicotine in cigarettes is more hazardous than the smoke, half inaccurately believe nicotine in tobacco increases cancer risks:

ACSH: What doctors don't know about nicotine can hurt . . .you!

Smokefree Air

2009/10 CDC survey finds 81% of adults have smokefree homes, 74% have smokefree vehicles.  6% of nonsmokers reported tobacco smoke exposure at home, 9% in vehicles:

Russia's ban on smoking in many/most workplaces goes into effect:

Oregon legislature enacts bill (S 444) to ban smoking in cars with youth present:


FDA encourages NRT and Chantix consumers to report problems they've had with drugs (including failure to quit smoking, and adverse side effects):

FDA creates webpage 'Keeping Drug Advertising Honest and Balanced' as agency still lets drug companies and their funded front groups (e.g. CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, Pinney, ATTUD, Legacy) deceptively advertise and promote NRT as the most effective way to quit smoking (despite NRT's 95% failure rate), and as DHHS still makes similarly deceptive claims hawking FDA approved drugs while refusing to inform smokers of NRT's dismal success rate or Chantix risks:

Carl Phillips - Credit where due: FDA:

Carl Phillips Updates: FDA, ACS, and CASAA:

Hufford & Ballin advocate e-cigarettes for smokers to reduce their risks, while urging the FDA to impose the 'deeming' regulation, which would once again ban e-cigarettes:

FDA issues Final Guidance for Public Hearings at FDA Advisory Committee Meetings:

NIH wastes $400,000 to develop smoke detecting underwear:

US State Policies

Mike Siegel tells truth, Stan Glantz and CA Senator Ellen Corbett make many false claims, about e-cigarettes in debate over Corbett's unwarranted, intolerant, counterproductive and unenforceable proposed usage ban (SB 648) in CA workplaces:

Delaware bill (HB 138) would increase OTP tax from 15% to 30% of wholesale price, tax e-cigarettes at 30%, require a tobacco retailers license to sell e-cigarettes, and criminalize the possession of more than 10 packages of untaxed e-cigarettes:$file/legis.html?open

CASAA issues Call To Action opposing HB 138 in Delaware:

Godshall/Smokefree Pennsylvania letter to Delaware House Revenue/Finance Cmte urging rejection of HB 138:

Indiana enacts legislation (H 1225) banning e-cigarette sales to minors:

North Carolina House Judiciary Committee recommends approval of Substitute to SB 530 that would ban sale of 'tobacco derived products' and 'vapor products' to minors, require Internet e-cig vendors in NC to use third party age verification service prior to each purchase attempt (which would increase costs, send most consumers to out-of-state websites to buy the same products, and destroy Internet e-cig businesses in NC):

PA House approves bill (HB 284) to ban pupils in K-12 schools from possessing or using certain 'nicotine products', including eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, green peppers, teas, herbs and spices:

RJ Reynolds sponsored resolution (HR 57) in PA amended/reported by House Health Committee wisely endorses banning e-cigarette sales to minors, but also endorses Reynolds' policies to criminalize and scapegoat youth:

PA Rep. Mario Scavello falsely claims e-cigarettes kill users and nonusers, emit secondhand smoke, when touting new legislation (HB 1485) to ban e-cigarette use in all PA workplaces (and to ban smoking in remaining 1% of workplaces):

NY ACS's Blair Horner falsely claims cigars are as hazardous as cigarettes and that flavored tobacco is target marketed to youth, lobbies for flavored OTP sales ban (but not far more hazardous menthol cigarettes) to adults in stores that allow youth to enter:

Missouri ALA's Michelle Bernth falsely claims inhaling nicotine is as hazardous as smoking cigarettes and that e-cigarettes contain toxic chemicals, fails to disclose ALA's conflict of interest of being funded by drug companies:

European Union

Clive Bates' letter to ENVI Committee MEPs: Amendments to achieve the maximum public health benefit from the Tobacco Products Directive:

US Senators inform EU that proposed TPD violates international trade rules and would harm trade relations with US:

Clive Bates: Some truth about e-cigarette regulation and the 'appalling' F-grade presentation of the WHO:

ECITA's Tom Pruen: Why the WHO is not qualified to attempt to educate people about electronic cigarettes:

Clive Bates: Are you being manipulated? The wisdom of the WHO examined...:

BBC interviews John Britton of the Royal College of Physicians on electronic cigarettes, a EU Health and Consumer Policy spokesman touting the EU Tobacco Product Directive (that would ban e-cigarettes, but keep cigarettes legal), and Mike Ryan of E-Lites:

BBC Radio Show Spotlights E-Cigs, Expert Argues For Pragmatism:

Clive Bates: The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and amendment 1250:

Cancer Research UK protects cigarettes by lobbying for e-cigarette ban (deceitfully called 'regulation') to prevent smokers from switching, force vapers back to cigarettes, and create unregulated black markets. Organization denies the many benefits e-cigs and Snus have already provided to millions of smokers, disregards human and civil rights of tobacco consumers, falsely claims ineffective drug industry products are only effective way to quit smoking, fails to disclose conflict of interest (i.e. drug industry funding):


UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) issues guidance on Tobacco Harm Reduction, but recommends smokers only use NRT products, which are far less effective for THR than moist snuff or e-cigarettes:

NICE guidance on tobacco harm reduction - electronic cigarettes barely figure:


French Health Minister protects cigarette markets by banning e-cigarette use in public places even though e-cigarettes have helped many smokers quit and sharply reduce cigarette consumption, and despite no evidence that e-cigarettes have ever harmed any nonuser and no evidence they've ever addicted any nonsmoker:

Prof. Jean-Francois Etter with FACTS about e-cigs:!

Is France trying to 'kill off' the e-cigarette?

Mike Siegel: French Health Ministry to ban electronic cigarette use in public places based on uncertainty and pure speculation:

Mike Siegel: French Government would rather that smokers continue to smoke instead of switching to electronic cigarettes:


Paul Bergen advocates for Canadian vapers:

National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco (Canada) issues report on contraband cigarettes:


Indian oncologists falsely claim chewing tobacco more hazardous than cigarette smoking:

WHO World No Tobacco Day

WHO falsely claims tobacco advertising bans are "one of the most effective ways to reduce tobacco consumption", urges countries to ban all tobacco advertising, which protects cigarette markets and threatens public health by preventing smokers from finding out that far less hazardous smokefree alternatives are available:

ACSH: World 'No Tobacco' Day: Avoiding the real problem:

Driving tobacco companies out of business won't end smoking (but would create black markets):

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