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Bill Godshall Update 2013-06-12

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update June 12th, 2013


UK MHRA threatens lives of smokers and vapers, announces 2016 e-cigarette sales ban, would create huge black market for totally unregulated e-cigarette products by legally allowing only brands approved by MHRA as medicine, a process that could cost tens of millions of pounds per brand, with no assurance of approval since MHRA's Jeremy Mean deplorably urged smokers to NOT use far less hazardous e-cigarettes, and since MHRA announced UK government's support for proposed EU TPD policy to ban e-cigarettes.

MHRA press release misrepresents purpose (i.e. to protect drug and cigarette companies from market competition by e-cigarettes) and ramifications of announced e-cigarette sales ban (e.g. they call it regulation).

Clive Bates: 10 reasons not to regulate e-cigarettes as medicines (MHRA)

ECITA denounces MHRA proposals condemning smokers to quit or die as bad news for public health

Altria announces new 'MarkTen' e-cigarette to be marketed in Indiana in August
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The Electronic Edge
E-cigarettes are about to change the 'tobacco' market beyond recognition

E-cigarettes offer brave new world for smokers and cigarette makers

E-Cigarettes Fire Up Investors, Regulators

Big Tobacco Is Spending on Ads Again... For E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes want your attention now before the FDA steps in

NJOY raises $75 million

E-cigarettes attract big money, as drug industry funded ALA continues to misrepresent evidence, campaign to ban the products, without disclosing its huge financial conflict of interest

FIN runs new e-cigarette ads 'Rewrite the Rules'

Camels new e-cigarette joins the unregulated wild west

RJ Reynolds press release on Vuse

Fox Business interviews Reynolds CEO Daniel Delen about Vuse

CNNMoney interviews Reynolds CEO Daniel Delen about Vuse!

VapinGreek critiques new Vuse

Cigarettes could go up in smoke as American Technology arrives in Prague

E-cigarettes: health revolution or fresh pack of trouble?  (UK)

Electronic cigarettes could be removed from Forney's smoking ban (TX)

Smokin' Vapor holding first Parachute for Parkinson's (FL)

E-cigarette research

Mike Siegel: New study shows that electronic cigarette vapor is much less cytotoxic than cigarette smoke

The Straight Dope: Are Electronic Cigarettes Noncarcinogenic?

Mike Siegel - The Problem with the Tobacco Control Movement: Ideology Has Overtaken Science

Alere rejects Stan Glantz' claims about its study of quitline callers who used e-cigarettes

Mike Siegel: Researcher Continues to Use Bogus Data to Support Non-Efficacy of E-Cigarettes; Even Study Authors Admit Study Cannot Be Used to Evaluate E-Cig Efficacy

Carl Phillips: Stanton Glantz: liar or innumerate?  New evidence says: both

German cancer research center corrects inaccurate statement about glycerine causing lipoid pneumonia, but . . .

2009 survey found that 4.9% of NC college students had ever used an e-cigarette, and that 1.5% of students had used in past month


FDA to host 1-day workshop on 7/18/13 on potential electronic submission of tobacco product applications and other information!documentDetail;D=FDA_FRDOC_0001-3973

State Policies

Vermont Supreme Court orders RJ Reynolds to pay $8.3 million for violating VT consumer protection law and MSA by correctly claiming on its website that its heated tobacco product Eclipse posed potentially lower risks than combustible cigarettes
VT AG Sorrell's press release

Kentucky reduces tax rate on chewing tobacco (per HB 361)

CASAA announces defeat of OTP tax hike bill in Delaware

NV governor signs legislation (SB 177) banning e-cigarette sales to minors

NC House approves Reynolds sponsored legislation (SB 530) to ban sale of vapor products to minors, require Internet vapor product marketers in NC to conduct age verification on prospective consumers using third party service (which are consumer unfriendly, and could decimate Internet vendors in NC, just as RJ Reynolds desires).

Brookline (MA) increase legal minimum age for tobacco sales to 19 years

Amicus Curiae filed by Tobacco Control Legal Consortium claims Providence (RI) ban on tobacco price discounts will reduce youth tobacco use, but provides no evidence


Manufacturers increase price of cigarettes

Smoking Cessation Drugs

Brad Rodu - Medicines for Smoking Cessation: Failure and Conver-Up

Smokeless Tobacco

German Snuff Championships: Where Shoving Tobacco Up Your Nose Is a Sport


US Sentors letter to EU expressing concerns about proposed TPD


NIH funded report promoting FCTC touts intolerant abstinence-only prohibitionists who dominate COP sessions as 'diverse and dynamic'.