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Bill Godshall Update 2013-06-19


Tobacco Harm Reduction Update June 19th, 2013



Clive Bates: We need to talk about the children - the gateway effect examined:

Electronic cigarette: a possible substitute for cigarette dependence (Most comprehensive assessment of e-cigarette research published to date):

NBC News Today: Are e-cigs any healthier than real cigarettes?
Dr. Nancy Snyderman correctly states e-cigs far less hazardous alternatives for smokers:

E-cigarette conspiracy theorists might just have it right (with comment by Godshall):

E-cigarettes EU

The UK tackles e-cigs (political parody):

Battle brewing in Europe over e-cigarettes:

Totally Wicked sends e-cigarette to each member of the European Parliament in fight against TPD:

E-cigarette company SKYCIG creates for UK vapers to contact MEPs urging opposition to proposed EU TPD's e-cigarette ban:

David Smith - Up in Smoke - Distrust of E-cigarettes Cement Big Pharma's Monopoly:

Simon Miller - Smoking Costs: Vaporing is in the government's sights, meaning it's important to look at the money trail:
(with comment by Godshall)

Dave Atherton - Big Pharma: More conflicts of interest:

E-cigarettes, health and prohibition:

Swedish government gives up on ending EU's cigarette protecting ban on snus:

Brad Rodu: British Government Promotes Cigarettes:

E-cigarette classification as medicines plan angers industry:

Sales of E-lites increased 50% on day MHRA announced proposed ban:

Telegraph article exposes the public health disaster of e-cigarette prohibition/regulation:

Electronic cigarettes to be regulated as medicines by UK, MHRA's Jeremy Mean falsely claims "It's not about banning products that some people find useful; it's about making sure that smokers have an effective alternative that they can rely on to meet their needs.":

Plan to classify e-cigs as medicines threatens 180 jobs in East Lancashire:

Northwest MEPs to visit Blackburn e-cig firm:

British trade union TUC endorse MHRA threat to workers who smoke and vape:

Nicolites welcomes decision to classify e-cigarettes as medicine:

E-cigarettes to go on prescription under move to class them as medicines:

Chris Price: MHRA announces decision to regulate e-cigarettes:

ECF's SmokeyJoe critiques MHRA announcement:

Dr. Farsalinos on MHRA's proposed e-cigarette sales ban:

CASAA critiques MHRA announcement:

MHRA fear mongering about e-cigarettes prompts ScotRail to ban use of products:

MHRA: Potential impact of bringing NCPs into medicines regulation:

MHRA Impact Assessment - Unlicensed Nicotine Containing Products:

Irish Cancer Society endorse MHRA plan to deny UK smokers and vapers e-cigarettes, fails to disclose drug industry funded conflicts of interest:

Riccardo Polosa responds to Italian plan to ban e-cigarettes:

Call for Action: Sign LIAF Petition to Italian Health Ministry (to support e-cigarettes for smokers):

The Economist explains: Who opposes e-cigarettes, and why?

Should electronic cigarettes be as freely available as tobacco?  Yes (by JF Etter) - Public health advocate Etter corrects false claims made by e-cigarette prohibitionists:

Should electronic cigarettes be as freely available as tobacco?  No (by Simon Chapman) - E-cigarette and snus prohibitionist Chapman once again threatens lives of smokers, protects cigarette markets from competition by far less hazardous smokefree alternatives:

Mike Siegel: Anti tobacco advocate argues that cigarettes should remain more freely available to the public than fake electronic ones without any tobacco:

US Federal

NHIS finds US adult cigarette smoking rate (i.e. >100 cigarettes lifetime and >1 in past 30 days) drops to 18.0% in 2012, but CDC fails to disclose far more important daily cigarette smoking rate, credits its own ads for decline, ignores impact of e-cigarettes:
(with comment by Godshall)
(with comment by Godshall)

Can new FDA warning labels for cigarettes pass a first amendment legal challenge?

2015: FDA reports due raising legal age and public health knowledge:

Federal Court ruling paves way for collection of taxes on Internet cigarette sales:

US E-cigarettes

Mike Siegel - A changing world: all three major US tobacco companies have now entered the electronic cigarette market:

Factbox: Big Tobacco companies bet on e-cigarettes:

ACSH: Big e-cigarette news, here and abroad:

E-cigarettes are in vogue and at a crossroads:

No smoke, plenty of fire fuels e-cigarettes:

Scorning smokers: Tobacco crackdowns target e-cigarettes, despite their lack of secondhand dangers, raising questions about the basis of current bans:

Tobacco heating up in nontraditional areas:

US State/Local

Despite opposition by ACS/AHA/ALA, Arizona House wisely approves legislation (SB 1209) to ban sale of 'vapor products' to minors, sends to governor:

Smoke Free Florence (SC) used federal dollars for lobbying:

Florence leaders claim no wrongdoing in Smoke Free lobbying case:

PostStar (NY) editorial - Increase smoking age now:

NY City fines retailer $8,000 for not posting tobacco sign:

NJ Assemblywomen push bill to ban all tobacco and e-cigarette use EVERYWHERE on campus at all NJ colleges and universities:

State tribes seek common ground on tobacco tax agreements (OK):

PA AG Kane files lawsuit against four for selling contraband cigarettes, not paying taxes:

PA legislation (HB 1485) to ban e-cigarette use in all workplaces, ban smoking in remaining 1% of workplaces, referred to Human Services Cmte.:

E-cigarettes are smoking-hot business (TX):

Clawson (MI) nurse fires up e-cigarette business:

Electronic cigarettes are beginning to look less like a fad, and more like the wave of the future (ND):

Dearborn (MI): City lifts smoking ban within 100 feet of hospitals (after neighbors complain):

In letter to NY Times, abstinence-only prohibitionist CASA Columbia falsely claims e-cigarettes are target marketed to youth, despite no evidence that any nonsmoker (or child) anywhere in the world has ever become addicted to nicotine via e-cigarettes:

ACSH: Deceptive letter day at the New York Times:

Mike Siegel: CASA Columbia makes false public accusation:

Employment Discrimination

Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Micheal Roizen confuses tobacco/nicotine consumption with daily cigarette smoking, urges employers to stop hiring tobacco/nicotine users (as Cleveland Clinic does) even though nicotine use poses no morbidity or mortality risks, and banning smokers from working doesn't reduce smoking, while harming smokers economically:

Smokefree Homes

A smoking ban in all Related Companies rentals:

Smoking ban considered for city's social housing (Ottawa):

Smoking Cessation

Mike Siegel: New article reveals massive deception about effectiveness of NRT:

New Book: Advances in Smoking Cessation:

Other International

Sharp spike in smokers using banned electronic cigarettes (Singapore)
Article documents stupidity and futility of government bans on lifesaving e-cigarettes while keeping deadly cigarettes legal:

Cigarette consumption declines 10% after Israel increases cigarette tax rate:

Price of cigarettes in Russia to jump 50% next year:

Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organization absurdly proposes creating unregulated and untaxed tobacco black markets (by banning all tobacco products, including snus, which has helped many Norwegian smokers quit):
(with comment by Godshall)

After banning e-cigarettes to deny smokers far less hazardous lifesaving alternatives, Australian government issues more lies about risks of nicotine and e-cigs to demonize and punish vapers, keep smokers smoking cigarettes, and protect drug industry profits:

Vaping takes off in Australian despite prohibition, demonization and lies:

Canadians reconsider counterproductive e-cigarette ban:

BC recycling group proposes $1/pack deposit for cigarettes and refunds for returned butts, Godshall and others comment on proposal's absurdity:

Police in Pakistan arrest 15 shisha users despite no evidence that arresting users reduces tobacco consumption or use:

India's battle to ban chewing tobacco:

After chewing tobacco ban, Indian youth perceive cigarette smoking as fashionable: