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Bill Godshall Update 2013-06-25

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update June 25th, 2013


E-Cigarette Research

Clinical trial finds e-cigarettes more effective for smoking cessation and sharply reducing cigarette consumption among smokers who don't want to quit than NRT has been for smokers who want to quit.  After being given e-cigarettes for 12 weeks, study finds 11% and 13% cigarette abstinence rate among group given 7.2mg nicotine e-cigs after week-12 and week-52 respectively, and that 22.3% and 10.3% of participants who didn't quit smoking (including group given no nicotine e-cigs) reduced daily cigarette consumption by at least 50% after weeks 12 and 52 respectively:

Today's news stories on study finding e-cigarettes effective for smoking cessation and sharply reducing cigarette consumption among smokers who don't want to quit smoking:

New study finds large differences in nicotine delivery/exposure between cigarettes, NRT and e-cigarettes, estimates that 20-24mg/ml (i.e. 2%-2.4%) nicotine e-cigarettes deliver similar levels as tobacco cigarettes, criticizes proposed EU TPD's limit of 4mg/ml nicotine in e-cigarettes as far too low for smokers and vapers:

Brad Rodu - Alternative Tobacco Products Aid in Smoking Cessation:

Lynn Kozlowski - 9 Things to Think About When Thinking About E-Cigarettes:

Carl Phillips - Tobacco harm reduction, it's not just about harm reduction:

Brad Rodu - The electronic future of cigarettes:

Mike Siegel - Physician who opposes electronic cigarettes fabricates scientific information to deter their use:

Carl Phillips - CASAColumbia are liars:

Drug industry funded AAP opposes parents quitting smoking or reducing cigarette consumption by switching to far less hazardous e-cigarettes or smokefree tobacco:

Paul Bergen - Can't we just remove addiction from the debate?

Auckland University (NZ) studying e-cigarettes:

Varenicline/NRT Research

New paper evaluating Adverse Drug Reactions reported in the EU finds that "many serious ADRs were reported for varenicline" (Chantix/Champix):

NIH touts varenicline (Chantix/Champix) for treating alcoholism, fails to disclose drug's heart attack, depression and suicide risks:

Mike Siegel - Big Pharma Gets Its Money's Worth: Study by Pharma-Funded Researchers Reports Invalid Data to Show that NRT Works When the Correct Study Data Show No Effect:


FDA approves two Substantial Equivalent (SE) applications for cigarettes by Lorillard, rejects four SE applications, refuses acceptance of 20 SE applications, announces 136 SE application withdrawals, creates new webpage for SE actions:

US E-cigarettes

Vaper News links to hundreds of news stories posted on more than 50 e-cigarette blogs:

NJOY CEO: We're taking on Big Tobacco:

Playboy To Launch Premium Vapor Collection:

US State/Local

MA legislation (HB 2593) would tax e-cigarettes at 90% of wholesale price by redefining 'smokeless tobacco' to include e-cigarettes, would require tobacco license to sell e-cigs:

CASAA issues Call To Action opposing HB 2593 in MA:

Godshall/Smokefree Pennsylvania letter urges MA Joint Committee on Revenue to reject HB 2593:

CASAA issues Call To Action opposing California bill (SB 648) that would ban e-cigarette use in workplaces, bill assigned to Assembly Cmte on Government Operations:

CASAA issues Call To Action opposing proposed ordinance in Pica Rivera (CA) to ban e-cigarette sales by falsely redefining products as drug paraphernalia:

Despite hypocritical opposition by ACS/AHA/ALA, Arizona Governor Brewer signs law banning sale of 'vapor products' to minors:

E-cigarettes are a growing business in Oklahoma:

Electronic cigarettes gaining popularity due to Minnesota's impending tax hike:

Vapor cigarette smoking hot trend (TX):

E-cigarettes gain popularity with Oklahomans trying to quit smoking:

Smoky Air

Casper (WY) City Council repeals smoking ban for bars:

AC casino repeals smokefree policy, target markets to declining number of smokers:


Clive Bates - Negligence in tobacco policy:

ECITA - Regulation by Press Release: Is this what Nanny is now reduced to?

EU Health Ministers reach agreement on some tobacco regulations, but life-threatening bans on e-cigarettes and snus remain in proposed Tobacco Products Directive:

Clive Bates on E-cigarettes:

British Medical Journal online poll finds strong opposition to proposed EU TPD's e-cigarette regulation/ban, and to UK MHMR's announced regulation/ban:
THIS WEEK'S POLL (6/25/13)
Should electronic cigarettes be as freely available as tobacco cigarettes?
Yes  92.72%  (395 votes)
No  7.28%  (31 votes)
Total Votes: 426

ASH UK estimates 1.3 million vapers in UK, that 400,000 vapers have completely quit smoking, and that virtually all vapers are smokers or exsmokers who quit by vaping.  "Growing evidence suggests that e-cigarettes are becoming more reliable in their nicotine delivery and that they have a beneficial impact in reducing subjective cravings and, in turn, number of cigarettes smoked."
So why did ASH UK endorse MHRA's announced plan to ban all (or virtually all) e-cigarette products, sharply increase costs of the few (if any) approved brands, and eliminate incentive for developing improved and more reliable e-cigarette products?

ECITA: MHRA Cost Analysis of Creating a Medicinal E-Cig - A Tour de Force of Ignorance:

Chris Davies MEP Pledges to Continue his Fight Against New Controls to Restrict the Availability and Strength of e-Cigarettes:

Chris Price - Anti Luddites: the people versus the old machine

Carl Phillips: My take on recent UK NICE Guidance on tobacco harm reduction:

Other International

Philippine Court approves Temporary Restraining Order blocking Philippine FDA from banning e-cigarettes (while keeping far more hazardous cigarettes legal), Philippine Medical Association lobbies for e-cigarette ban (but not for cigarette ban):

Phony consumer association urges Malaysian government to ban e-cigarettes, repeats false and misleading claims about products:

Paul Bergen - E-cigarettes: So close to being accepted and yet so close to being banned: