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Bill Godshall Update 2013-07-02

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update July 2nd 2013

European Union

Clive Bates: Call to arms on e-cigarettes in the European Parliament

Clive Bates: Tobacco products directive, e-cigarettes & snus - an update

European vapers to protest proposed EU TPD e-cig ban in Brussels on July 10th

UK MEP Nikki Sinclaire opposes e-cigarette ban in proposed EU TPD:

Chris Snowdon: Taking the pleasure out of e-cigarettes

Ousted European health official John Dalli faces questions about plans to transfer money:

Two e-cig companies endorse proposed MHRA and EU TPD policies to ban products:

ACSH: Tobacco harm reduction about to be exiled from Europe:

Italian officials plan to tax vapor products to protect cigarette markets and pay for government budget deficit:

Three wardens hired to stop smokers outside hospital quit in disgust over the levels of verbal abuse hurled at them:

Australia / Plain Packaging

Plain Cigarette Packaging - emerging unintended consequences from the Australian experiment:

ECLAT Electronic Cigarette Study

In Italy, E-Cigarettes Helped Smokers Quit Nicotine Entirely, Even When They Didn't Want To:

FOX25NEWS: First clinical trial shows device may help smokers quit:

Farsalinos: Efficacy of e-cigarette as a tobacco substitute - a randomized study:

A plea to Tobacco Control – do not disregard this important research:

Mike Siegel predicts Stan Glantz will try to discredit ECLAT study:

Stan Glantz attempts to discredit ECLAT study, but discredits himself:

Mike Siegel: Electronic cigarette opponent [Stan Glantz] grasps at straws to discredit new e-cigarette clinical trial:

Christopher Snowdon - Glantz attempts to debunk e-cigarette study:

ECLAT study has a control group, Yates correction would be completely inappropriate (Farsalinos responds to Glantz's criticism of ECLAT study):

Rory Morrison - Questions of significance (statistical or otherwise) for the Coponnetto et al electronic cigarette trial (debunks Stan Glantz' criticisms):

CASAA's Elaine Keller corrects false claims by Stan Glantz, Mike Siegel concurs:

PLOS One editor violates journal's 'Competing interests' reporting policy by failing to report Stan Glantz' activism to ban e-cigarette use and Legacy Foundation's activism to ban e-cigarettes, while claiming to enforce of 'Competing interests' policy:
(see comments)

US Federal

FDA announces Tobacco Product Scientific Advisory Committee meetings August 15/16:

FDA TPSAC/Risk Communication Committee meeting August 15 to discuss brand specific lists and communication (to the public) of so-called Hazardous and Potentially Hazardous Constituents (HPHC) in hazardous cigarette smoke and in low risk smokeless tobacco products (truthful risk communication vs deceptive fear mongering propaganda):

FDA TPSAC meeting on August 16, 2013 to discuss MRTP application evaluation:

Johnson & Johnson funds, CTFK conducts intentionally deceptive push poll:

...then claims most Americans want FDA to regulate e-cigarettes and cigars:
(but fails to disclose CTFK's receipt of >$100 million from Big Pharma)

NY Times editorial repeats false fear mongering claims of e-cigarette prohibitionists, urges FDA to regulate vapor products as tobacco, which would ban them once again:

Godshall LTE corrects many false claims in NY Times editorial, but Time editors have not published (yet):

Dick Puddlecote - A new low for tobacco control:

Jacob Grier - Who's killing the e-cigarette?

AEMSA (American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association) Presents on Self-Regulation at 2013 TMA Conference:

Huffington Post article makes many false claims about tobacco, industry and e-cigarettes:

Reuters article criticizes e-cig tweets, absurdly claims it will take years for FDA to determine if e-cigs are less hazardous than cigarettes:

Is nicotine really any different than caffeine? - National Journal article promotes FDA's e-cigarette agenda, quotes drug industry funded e-cigarette prohibitionists while failing to disclose their financial conflicts of interest:

Heartland Institute - Research and Commentary: The Emergence of E-Cigarettes:

US DOT again falsely claims agency banned e-cigarette use on airlines, then admits agency hasn't issued a final rule for its 2011 proposed regulation:

February 2011 article cites letter by then US DOT Secretary Ray LaHood to Sen. Lautenberg falsely claiming DOT had already banned e-cig use on airlines:

US DOT proposes regulation on 9/15/11 to ban e-cig use in airlines:!documentDetail;D=DOT-OST-2011-0044-0003!searchResults;rpp=10;po=0;s=DOT-OST-2011-0044

Godshall's 2011 submission to DOT docket stating proposed e-cig usage ban unlawful:

CASAA and Competitive Enterprise Institute's 2011 submission to DOT docket stating proposed e-cig usage ban on airlines unlawful:

News stories spin FDA approval of two SE applications for cigarettes, rejection of others:

ACSH: FDA's 'historic' baby steps towards tobacco regulation:

NEJM op/eds on FDA Graphic Tobacco Warnings:

US State/Local

CASAA issues Call To Action urging CA Assembly Committee on Government Organization to reject bill (S 648) that would ban e-cigarette use in CA workplaces, falsely define 'smoking' as including use of smokefree e-cigarettes:

MA House and Senate approve transportation legislation (H 3535) to increase cigarette tax by $1/pack (from $2.51 to $3.51):

NC Governor McCrory signs bill (SB 530) banning vapor product sales to minors:

CASAA issues Call To Action urging RI House to approve bill (S622 Substitute A) to ban sales of 'vapor products' to minors:

RI Senate and House approve legislation (S622 Substitute A) banning vapor product sales to minors, goes to governor:

FL Gov. Scott signs law to ban smoking pipes, increase cigar sales (as more cigars will be used to smoke weed), increase DOH propaganda and lobbying to ban flavored cigars:

Bill to increase cigarette tax by $1/pack in Philly approved by PA Senate Finance Cmte.:

Pico Rivera (CA) City Council considers, rejects proposed e-cig sales ban at 6/25/13 meeting after vapers inform council members of facts and evidence:

CASAA updates Call To Action opposing proposed e-cig sales ban in Pico Rivera (CA):

High school teacher who quit smoking by switching to e-cigarettes urges Pico Rivera City Council to reject proposed e-cig sales ban:

Father Jack Kearny urges Pico Rivera City Council to reject proposed e-cig sales ban:

American Cancer Society falsely claims nicotine causes cancer at Pico Rivera City Council meeting, urges council to ban e-cig sales (while keeping lethal cigarettes legal):

Tom Z refutes false claim by ACS that nicotine cause cancer, urges Pico Rivera City Council to reject proposed e-cig sales ban:

Sheriff tells Pico Rivera City Council that he's unaware of any cases of e-cigarettes used for consuming illegal drugs: