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Bill Godshall Update 2013-07-17


Tobacco Harm Reduction Update July 17th 2013



NJOY CEO Craig Weiss correspondence with Smokefree Pennsylvania's Bill Godshall on UK MHRA e-cigarette regulation:

Hypocritical drug industry funded e-cigarette prohibitionists (ACS, AHA, ALA) that since 2009 have falsely accused companies of target marketing to youth now urge RI Governor Lincoln Chafee to veto bill that would ban sale of vapor products to minors:

Christopher Snowdon - Free Market Solutions in Health: The case of nicotine:

Phillips & Rodu  -- Tobacco Harm Reduction: opportunity and opposition
(article in Drugs and Alcohol Today, Volume 13, Issue 2):

Brownstone Communications' Brian Fojtik on e-cigarettes:

Murray Laugesen urges NZ government to legalize e-cigarettes to save smoker's lives:

World Vaping Day 2013 - September 19th:

Mike Siegel: Addiction expert calls countries that have banned electronic cigarettes 'nuts':

US CDC Director Thomas Frieden says agency knows very little about e-cigarettes, falsely claims "Tobacco is the No. 1 cause of preventable death in the country. We know it's killing people." (as Frieden knows it's cigarette smoking, not tobacco):

E-cigarettes gain fans and critics (SC):

Mike Siegel: Blind ideology of anti-smoking is revealed:

Sacramento Bee article repeats false fear mongering claims about e-cigarettes by Sen. Corbett and Stan Glantz without doing any fact checking:

Should e-cigarettes be banned like smoking? (PA)
Einstein Medical Center's Tracy Kane makes false fear mongering claim about e-cigarettes and propylene glycol, posted comments correct misinformation:

Are e-cigarettes safe? (FL):

WGBH interviews Mike Siegel on e-cigarettes  (segment begins 44 minutes into show):

E-cigarettes an emerging alternative (IL); Drug industry funded ALA's Kathy Drea falsely claims e-cigarettes appeal to youth and keep smokers addicted, IL DPH's Melaney Arnold falsely claims DOT bans e-cig use on airlines:

Are e-cigarettes healthier? ANR, FL DOH and drug industry funded ALA make  false claims about e-cigarettes to confuse and scare the public:

Ballantyne Brands announces Mistic e-cigs will be sold at 1,500 Kangaroo Express stores:

Reynolds settles with e-cigarette company over trademark violations:

ABC 4 Utah makes false claims about 2011 survey findings, falsely claims 69% of kids who smoke started out using e-cigarettes, falsely claims e-cigarettes are target marketed to youth, and falsely claims 'ever use' is the same as same as 'current use'.  Comments expose and correct radio station's outrageous false claims:

Long Island Rail Road falsely claims that vaping is smoking in deceitful (and probably unlawful) attempt to ban e-cigarette use on trains, violators face $50 fine or 30 days in jail.  "Disorderly conduct. No person on or in any facility or conveyance shall: 2. smoke or carry an open flame or lighted match, cigar, cigarette, pipe or torch."

Corona couple sues after e-cigarette battery explodes in car:

Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson correctly says 'e-cigarettes are the new fracking', but fails to acknowledge that both e-cigarette and fracking prohibitionists make false and misleading fear mongering claims to confuse and scare the public, and to enact unwarranted and counterproductive bans:

E-cigarette cartoon:

E-cigarettes - The digital age of smoking (Jamaica):


Breaking a habit, ex-smoker swears by electronic cigarettes (NZ)
Article describes Chris Bullen's ongoing e-cigarette clinical trial with 650 participants:

Legacy misrepresents ECLAT study and its findings, claims 'results are disappointing', misrepresents NRT quit rates, once again urges FDA to ban (er regulate) e-cigarettes, once again fails to disclose Legacy's conflict of interest funding by drug companies:

Instead of studying impact of e-cigarettes on smokers who switch or switched, USTA researchers are funded to study e-cigarettes under the hypothesis that 'vaporized nicotine stimulates the human nervous systems in ways that could seriously impact daily living':


International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association urges support for S772 and HR792 to prohibit FDA from imposing 'deeming' regulation on premium cigars:


EU Parliament's Public Health Committee commits public health malpractice by voting to kill tens of millions of smokers and vapers via e-cigarettes sales ban:

EU Parliament congratulates its Public Health Committee for voting to kill European smokers and vapers by banning electronic cigarette sales:

Drug industry funded World Health Organization tweets ten false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigarettes day before (July 9) EU panel votes to ban the lifesaving products, WHO fails to disclose huge financial conflicts of interest:

EU vote on electronic cigarettes 'makes no sense':

Totally Wicked responds to the EU Parliament decision to regulate e-cigarettes that will cost lives:

Electronic cigarette firm ( joins fight against EU proposals:

Vapers on a train (to Brussels urging EU Health Committee to not ban e-cigarettes):

The Brussells Balloon Job Brussells - 10th July 2013:

More than 9,500 sign petition urging EU to NOT ban e-cigarettes:

Mark Keenan: Will EU ruling take the puff out of e-cigarette revolution?

ACSH: Bureaucrats in Brussels agree to kill European smokers:

Socialists and Greens lobby for, praise EU Parliament's vote to ban e-cigarettes:

Extremist EPHA praises EU Parliament's vote to kill tens of millions of smokers and vapers (by banning e-cigarettes), deceitfully claims it's 'a win for public health'.

ACSH: European descent into Dark Ages ignorance continues apace:

Irish Health Department conducting review of potential e-cigarette regulation, but no indication agency is studying or consulting with smokers who switched to vaping:

Insurance Discrimination

Computer glitch delays Obamacare provision to allow healthcare insurers to punitively charge tobacco users up to 50% higher premiums:

A handful of state marketplaces opt not to charge smokers more for premiums:

Costlier insurance for smokers may not come with quitting help:

Employment Policies

UPMC to ban employees from using tobacco and e-cigarettes during breaks (PA):

Bill Godshall: UPMC's policy is good, except it should allow smoke-free options:

Smokeless Tobacco

Brad Rodu: Snus Effect on Newbirth Weight: Very Small -

WHO issues another report that deceitfully calls the cigarette epidemic a 'tobacco epidemic' and that falsely touts WHO's abstinence-only 'quit or die' anti-industry policy agenda as the most effective way to reduce cigarette consumption and diseases:

Reducing Cigarette Consumption

Researchers claim reducing cigarette consumption doesn't reduce mortality risks based upon very poorly conducted study relying on data from two surveys done in 1970's:

Washington Post headline claims 'Cutting back on smoking doesn't help longevity' based upon decades-old selective survey data that wasn't designed to measure impact:

Outdoor bans on smoking, smokeless tobacco and/or e-cigarette use

Prohibitionists lobby for unwarranted and unenforceable smokefree tobacco and e-cigarette usage bans at universities by deceiving public to believe products are as hazardous as cigarettes:

DC Council panel approves ban on smoking at bus stops and within 25 feet of parks, trails and community centers:

A look at the evidence behind outdoor smoking bans:,0,7396409.story

Christopher Snowdon: 'The real reason for public smoking bans'

Varenicline (Chantix / Champix)

Mike Siegel: Pfizer's "Don't Go Cold Turkey" Campaign Highlights Widespread Misunderstanding of the Scientific Evidence on Quitting:

BC health ministry shut down drug review, leaked e-mail says:

Did Big Pharma team up to kill BC's drug safety watchdog?

Vaughn Palmer: Leaked email about Liberals' "political" drug policy leaves a lingering smell:

BC Health Ministry defends decision to halt Chantix review:

BC Liberal government halted drug-safety research, lawsuit claims:

BC Liberals a favorite of Big Pharma:

Plain Packaging

UK DOH tables proposal for plain packaged cigarettes, Labour and drug industry funded PR/lobbyist groups accuse Cameron government of caving in to tobacco industry, then Labour blames Conservative strategist whose lobbying firm contracts with Philip Morris:

Christopher Snowdon: Goodbye plain packaging, or is it au revoir?