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Bill Godshall Update 2013-07-25

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update July 25th 2013


E-cigarette Research

After six month intervention with e-cigarettes, prospective study finds (after 24 months) that 12.5% of participants abstained from smoking, and that 27.5% of participants reduced cigarette consumption by >50%:

2010-2012 survey finds 13% of smokers in Hawaii used e-cigarettes to quit, that many of these e-cig users had already unsuccessfully used FDA approved drugs to try quitting (i.e. 45% nicotine patch, 44% gum, 13% verenicline/Chantix, 12% bupropion), and that e-cig users were far more likely than other smokers to have previously tried quitting with nicotine gum (3.7 times), patch (2.5 times), Chantix (2.9 times), buproprion (2.3 times). But authors absurdly conclude (based upon no evidence presented in study) "this study confirms the importance of promptly developing appropriate e-cigarette regulations that address smokers' use of e-cigarettes as cessation products."

New Czech study finds half of smokers have used an e-cigarette at least once. Among them, 18% reported regular use of e-cigs and 14% reported daily use of e-cigs:

Brad Rodu - Clinical trial evidence: e-cigarettes aid smoking cessation/reduction:

Mike Siegel - American Legacy Foundation Still Failing to Disclose Conflict of Interest in Commenting on Electronic Cigarettes:

Chicagoans help on electronic cigarette study:

Tobacco Harm Reduction (US)

Lorillard reports 2% decline in cigarette shipment volume in first half of 2013, reports $57 million in blu e-Cigs sales in 2nd quarter and $114 million in first half of 2013 (compared to just $8 million in 2012):

RAI reports 7.3% decline in RJ Reynolds cigarette shipment volume in first half of 2013, 5.4% increase in American Snuff smokeless tobacco shipment volume:

Altria reports 6% decline in PM USA cigarette shipment volume in first half of 2013, 12.4% decline in Middleton cigar shipment volume, and 4% increase in smokeless tobacco shipment volume:

CBS This Morning interviews NJOY's Craig Weiss about e-cigs and says "Weiss told us he welcomes FDA regulation", FDA claims 'further research is needed' despite its failure to conduct or fund research, ALA's Erica Sward admits knowing nothing about e-cigs but since 2009 has urged FDA to ban them and made many false claims about them:

7/23/13 NBC Nightly News segment on e-cigarettes highlights lifesaving benefits for smokers, repeats misleading fear-mongering claims by FDA and other prohibitionists:

ABC 7 News (Chicago) - E-cigarettes helping smokers cut down:

Looking for e-cigarette products on market before February 15, 2007:

ACSH - Debate on electronic cigarette regulation in Lancet easily won by science-based proponents:

AEMSA E-liquid Manufacturing Standards:

NJOY: The e-cigarette that aims to snuff out smoking:

Altria to begin marketing MarkTen e-cigs next month, to expand distribution of Verve:


The Regulatory Challenge of Electronic Cigarettes (JAMA); authors advocate FDA regulation of e-cigarettes, but fail to cite any evidence that doing so would benefit public health, fail to acknowledge the 'deeming' regulation would ban all e-cigs and otherwise threaten consumer and public health by decimating e-cig industry, fail to acknowledge FDA's unlawful 2009 e-cig ban or agency's false and misleading fear-mongering claims:

FDA invites public input on menthol in cigarettes:

Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) Menthol in Cigarettes:

Preliminary Scientific Evaluation of the Possible Public Health Effects of Menthol Versus Nonmenthol Cigarettes:

FDA will do more research on menthol cigarettes:

FDA Closer to Decision About Menthol Cigarettes (or not):

ACSH - FDA's big menthol announcement: nothing yet, keep in touch:

ACSH - The Mentholation of Cigarettes: An Update for 2013:

Mike Siegel - FDA tells us what we already know about menthol: no new implications for policy:

After trashing Sen. Mike Enzi and his amendment (to the FSPTCA) to ban menthol cigarettes in 2007, CTFK's Matt Myers misrepresents scientific evidence on menthol cigarettes in urging FDA to quickly ban menthol cigarettes:

Prohibitionist Legacy criticizes FDA for not proposing ban on menthol cigarettes:

US State/Local

MA legislature enacts, then Governor Patrick vetoes, bill (H3535) to increase cigarette tax by $1/pack (from $2.51 to $3.51), increases smokeless tobacco tax by 120% (from 90% to 210%), increase cigar and smoking tobacco tax by 10% (from 30% to 40%):

RI Governor Chaffee urges children to use e-cigarettes by vetoing bill to ban vapor product sales to minors after deceitful lobbying by drug industry funded ACS, AHA, ALA (that since 2009 have falsely claimed e-cigs are target marketed to youth), cites bill's failure to license or tax products.  CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA are simultaneously urging FDA to regulate e-cig sales because some states don't ban sales to minors:

CTFK's Matt Myers applauds RI Governor Chafee for encouraging youth to use e-cigs, falsely claims bill to ban e-cig sales to minors exempted products from regulations:

Hypocritical ACS, AHA, ALA oppose Ohio bill to ban e-cigarette sales to minors, want to tax the lifesaving products to prevent adult smokers from switching, admit that their drug industry funded national offices imposed new policy on state groups:

Smokefree Pennsylvania's Bill Godshall exposes ACS, AHA, ALA lies and hypocrisy about state legislation to ban e-cigarette sales to minors:

Mike Siegel - Anti-smoking advocates admit the real reason they oppose ban on sale of electronic cigarettes to minors: they want them taxed like cigarettes:

PA legislation (SB 1055) would ban sale of alternative nicotine products to minors:

Electronic cigarettes available to Putnam inmates (TN):

RJ Reynolds to begin marketing VUSE e-cigarette to Colorado smokers:

After protesting the marketing of far less hazardous dissolvable tobacco products to smokers, CO Health Dept. now worries smokers might quit by switching to e-cigarettes:

Electronic Cigarettes: The Way to Quit Smoking (AL):

CTFK trains teens to demonize tobacco companies and products, repeat CTFK talking points, and promote unwarranted and counterproductive laws and regulations:

Electronic cigarettes could rekindle battles over smoking in public (MN); e-cigarette prohibitionists repeat false and misleading claims to confuse and scare:

Prohibitionist Stan Glantz now claims e-cigarette use should be banned (wherever smoking is banned) because e-cig companies comply with CA's absurd Prop 65 law and because e-cigs emit slightly higher (but non hazardous) trace levels of several compounds than an FDA approved nicotine inhaler:

Mike Siegel - Researcher misleads public with invalid comparison of e-cigs and nicotine inhaler: correct analysis shows nicotine inhalers have higher amounts of six carcinogens:

Ellen Hahn (KY) correctly touts benefits of smokefree workplace laws, but fails to acknowledge that bills she advocates also would ban the use of smokefree e-cigarettes:

'Tobacco intervention specialist' demonizes e-cigarettes to protect her job promoting drug interventions, TV news editors falsely claim e-cigs skirt smoking bans:

CASA Columbia's Jeffrey Lane makes many false claims about nicotine and e-cigs to scare readers, discourage smokers from switching, and advocate another FDA ban:

Newsday editor repeats many false claims by e-cigarette prohibitionist when endorsing LIRR's unwarranted e-cig usage ban on trains:

Former UCLA researcher James Enstrom's lawsuit proceeds:

CA anti tobacco groups push $2/pack cigarette tax hike to fund anti tobacco programs:


Clive Bates: A dog's breakfast (analysis of EU Tobacco Products Directive):

Philip Morris International reports 8% decline in cigarette shipment volume to EU in first half of 2013, and a 6% decline during the 2nd quarter:

Clive Bates: Reasonable people saying sensible things about low-risk alternatives to smoking (update):

American Business warns Taoiseach over Irish Health Minister's plain packaging plan:

Italy Scraps e-cigarette tax plans:

Dutch public health institute RIVM says e-cigarettes not hazardous, Dutch Minister of Health has no plans to ban them:

NJOY Hunts for PR Support to Boost E-cigarette:

Tobacco Control article expresses concerns that more smokers are hearing about and switching to far less hazardous smokefree e-cigarettes:


Philippine Medical Association repeats WHO lies about e-cigarettes in urging Aquino to protect cigarette markets by denying vapers and smokers legal access to e-cigarettes:

Clive Bates urges Philippine FDA to support e-cigarettes to improve public health:

FCTCA's Dr. Maricar Limpin makes false and misleading claims about scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigarettes to Philippine FDA:

Malaysian Health Minister considering regulations for e-cigarettes and shisha:

WHO falsely claims 'Tobacco use' (instead of cigarette smoking) "is a major cause of many of the world's top killer diseases including cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive lung disease and lung cancer."

Chris Price: The Community Safety Factor:

Chris Price: Why E-Cgarettes Cannot Be Stopped:

Outdoor smoking bans

Arther Caplan: Antismoking Advocates Have Misused Science:

Geoffrey Kabat - The real motivation behind park and beach smoking bans:

Honolulu mayor signs bills banning smoking at Oahu beaches, parks and bus stops:

Colorado Springs (CO) City Council bans smoking at parks, trails and open spaces:

French Health Minister wants tobacco-free parks, beaches:


Lynn Kozlowski: Nine things to think about when thinking about cigars: