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Bill Godshall Update 2013-07-31

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - July 31st, 2013



Altria says it supports FDA regulation of e-cigarettes even though Section 905(j) and Section 910 of the FSPTCA would ban the sale of all e-cigs, other 'deeming regulations' would decimate the e-cigarette industry, and Altria still hasn't even sold its first e-cig:

Obama Administration still hasn't responded to Petition to White House to "Prevent the FDA from regulating or banning the sale and use of electronic cigarettes, accessories and associated liquids", signed by "30,000 (primarily vapers) more than five months ago":

E-cigs debate takes turn: Expert says they may pose less risk than cigarettes; but article fails to mention that FDA's 'deeming' regulation would ban all e-cigarettes:

Wells Fargo's Bonnie Herzog claims e-cig sales grew 189.6% at US convenience stores in four week period ending July 6; e-cig sales in c-stores could hit $1bn in e-cigarette sales this year:$1b_in_e_cigarette_sales_this_year_-64164.html

Thank You for Not Vaping - The irrational hostility to electronic cigarettes:

FDA spends millions of dollars studying impact of low nicotine cigarettes on smokers (which past research found to increase smoke inhalation and cigarette consumption among many smokers), but agency won't fund research on e-cigarette impact on smokers, and won't post or acknowledge comments submitted to FDA docket by >5,000 vapers:!docketDetail;D=FDA-2012-N-1148

Correction from 7/25/13 THRU - After six month intervention with e-cigarettes, prospective study finds (after 24 months) that 12.5% of participants (who smoked >15 cigarettes/day for past decade, and who didn't want to quit) totally abstained from smoking, and that 27.5% of participants reduced cigarette consumption by >50%:

CASAA Call to Action - CA Assembly Committee on Government Oversight to hold public hearing on August 14 on bill (SB 648) to ban e-cigarette use in workplaces:

News article on SB 648, introduced by CA Senator Ellen Corbett (who introduced legislation in 2009 to ban all e-cigarette sales that was vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenegger):

NIH gives grant to Prue Talbot's assistant to confuse and scare public about e-cigs:

Carl Phillips - Some basic economics of tobacco use:

Vapor trail may lead to big sales for e-cig shops (OH); American Lung Association's Shelly Kiser correctly states "there's a lot we don't know about them" while denying e-cigs can help smokers quit and absurdly claiming they could urge teens to smoke:

Military Times article says: "Since May, sales of e-cigs in the Army and Air Force exchanges alone topped 28,600":

Getting the vapers? (lengthy article on vaping from South Carolina):

Mike Siegel - Disappointed that many researchers seem not to care about the truth:

Vape New York opens first e-cigarette shop in Manhattan (NY):

Fox Business News interviews National Vapers Club President and VapeNY owner Spike Babaian on e-cigarettes:

NY State Health Dept Executive Deputy Health Commissioner Sue Kelly and Dept funded Judy Rightmyer try scaring public by claiming e-cigs can encourage youth to begin smoking cigarettes (despite no evidence that any smoker first used e-cigs):

Carl Phillips - E-cigarettes are tobacco products, so please stop wasting time arguing otherwise:

Consumer advisor Clark Howard interviews vaper who quit smoking, but repeats FDA's 2009 fear-mongering 'antifreeze' claim that was intended to justify FDA's unlawful ban:

Fox News editor Dr. Manny Alvarez falsely claims e-cigarettes are 'another gimmick by tobacco companies to keep people addicted', falsely claims many youth use the products, misrepresents other evidence on e-cigarettes while advocating government regulation:

Cities struggle to classify e-cigs as they grow in popularity (MN):

Drug industry funded American Cancer Society's Jessica Knutson falsely claims "There is no scientific evidence at this time that e-cigarettes are either safe or that they help people quit smoking", touts NRT products, fails to disclose ACS' conflicts of interest:

Carl Phillips - American Legacy Foundation "lying via hypothetical research methods":

Most inaccurate fear mongering nonsense yet about e-cigarettes posted on anti-business blog, falsely claims e-cigarettes emit secondhand smoke, cites Stan Glantz as source:

SFATA hosts e-cigarette product liability webinar:

Deseret News (UT) article repeats statements from other news stories about e-cigarettes, editors scare readers with nonsensical sensationalized headline (as nothing is 100% safe):

News story falsely claims e-cigarettes can be used to smoke pot, reporter confuses e-cigarettes with so-called pot vaporizers (which are heat-not-burn devices, somewhat similar to hookah pipes):

Marijuana promoter claims e-cigs can be used for hash and marijuana oil, but provides no evidence that technology, products or usage exist:

Huffington Post publishes another rant by e-cig prohibitionist Daniel Seidman, who criticizes 27.5% of ECLAT participants who reduced cigarette consumption by 83% (from a median of 24 cigs/day to just 4 cigs/day) as 'dual users' who 'were more likely to relapse', fails to compare ECLAT's remarkable findings to NRT's dismal 5% success rate while endorsing the latter products, fails to disclose his huge conflicts of interest:


MA legislature soundly overrides Gov. Patrick's veto of bill (H3535) that would increase cigarette tax by $1/pack (from $2.51 to $3.51), increase smokeless tobacco tax by 120% (from 90% to 210%), increase cigar and smoking tobacco tax by 10% (from 30% to 40%):

MA prepares for tobacco tax hike (goes into effect July 31):

CA legislation (SB 764) would increase cigarette tax by $2/pack (from $.87 to $2.87) and to increase OTP tax rates by 230%:

CA Board of Equalization estimates impact of legislation (SB 764):

CA Senate Appropriations Cmte Fiscal Summary of SB 764:


ECITA: Full text of Sir Francis Jacobs QC's opinion on the legality of medicines regulation of electronic cigarettes in the revisions to the TPD (and elsewhere):

Clive Bates: You're worth it - are there ideas from cosmetics regulation useful for e-cigs?

Minister Anna Soubry MP (UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health) and e-cigarettes:

Clive Bates: Interview with Linda McAvan MEP - why doctor doesn't always know best:

BAT is first tobacco company to enter UK e-cigarette market with Vype:

World's cheapest nicotine vaporizer goes on sale in the UK:

BAT continues testing so-called 'reduced toxicant' cigarette:


At WHO FCTC meeting, people from 10 Asian countries absurdly call for ban on smokeless tobacco (but not cigarettes), which would cause many smokeless tobacco users to switch to far more hazardous cigarettes:

WHO claims cigarettes will kill 40,000 Sri Lankans annually at same meeting where smokeless tobacco bans were advocated for Sri Lanka and other SE Asian countries:

Customs seize shocked smoker's e-cigarette, but lethal cigarettes are legal (Bermuda):

Lancet editorial deceitfully equates smokefree tobacco with cigarettes and tobacco use with smoking, promotes many unwarranted extremist policies that don't improve health:

Carl Phillips - The Lancet does not know the first thing about economics:

Simon Chapman appropriately criticizes Australian government for censoring cigarette tax and consumption data, change made after plain packaging law went into effect:

Smokeless Tobacco

UC Berkeley researchers now try scaring public about 2nd and 3rd hand smokeless tobacco, detect harmless trace levels of nicotine in homes of several homes of users:


State of Washington stops giving away taxpayer subsidized nicotine gums/lozenges that have a 95% failure rate for smoking cessation:

Varenicline (Chantix/Champix)

Class action suit against Pfizer over anti-smoking drug Champix will proceed in Ontario:

Lung Cancer Screening

US Preventive Services Task Force finally endorses CT lung cancer scans for older heavy smokers:


Public Citizen falsely claims clove cigarettes were target marketed to youth when describing impact of FSPTCA on Indonesia and the WTO; Smokefree Pennsylvania's Godshall corrects and clarifies the history and purpose of FSPTCA's clove cigarette ban:

Mike Siegel criticizes Public Citizen's defense of the clove cigarette ban:

Indonesia to seek compensation from US in tobacco spat:

Tobacco Coupons

Providence (RI) defends tobacco coupon ban before US Court of Appeals:


Study finds smokers take greater financial risks than nonsmokers when gambling, which may explain why casino industry target markets to smokers, and lobbies to keep smoking in casinos:

NY Times prints op/ed claiming smokers smoke because they have 'poor self-control', misrepresents study finding smokers take greater financial risks when gambling:

Smokefree Indoor Air

US poll finds 82% of adults support banning smoking in cars if child under 13 is present:

Thirdhand Smoke

Study finds trace levels of nitrosamines in smoker's homes, authors claim future renters & buyers should be warned "to avoid unnecessary exposure of their families to a potent lung carcinogen", despite no evidence 3rd-hand smoke increases cancer risks:

Outdoor Tobacco Use Bans

Daytona State College and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (FL) to implement unenforceable tobacco usage ban on campuses:

Weirton (WV) Board of Parks and Recreation bans smoking at parks, falsely insinuates that outdoor secondhand smoke exposure at parks poses disease risks to public:

Kentucky State Board of Regents approves unwarranted and unenforceable tobacco use ban on campus:

SA tavern owners claim smoking ban ten meters from building entrances is 'unrealistic':

More Tobacco Control Extremism

Gallup poll finds increased support (up to 22%) for 100% nationwide smoking ban, reduced support for banning smoking in public places (down to 55%) since 2011:

Contemporary Drug Problems - Towards a Critical Anthropology of Smoking: Exploring the Consequences of Tobacco Control:

American Society of Clinical Oncology falsely claims "Tobacco use constitutes the largest preventable cause of death and disability" (it's cigarette smoking, not tobacco use), adopts new policy to 'eliminate' tobacco use (instead of reducing cancer mortality):

THR denialist Stan Glantz now criticizes 2001 IOM committee report 'Clearing the Smoke: Assessing the Science Base for Tobacco Harm and Reduction', because the committee communicated with tobacco companies:

Hyping Glantz' attack of 2001 IOM report, Canadian Medical Association Journal quotes co-author Thomas Kyriss "The report contributes to the fundamental misbelief that less harmful types of cigarettes could decrease tobacco-related disease in the population":


Op/Ed - Contraband Tobacco Sales Bad for Everyone (Canada):