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Bill Godshall Update 2013-08-07

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - August 7th, 2013


Smoking cessation

Gallup Poll finds 48% of former smokers in US reported quitting 'cold turkey', 5% with nicotine patch, 3% with e-cigarettes, 2% with prescription drugs, 1% with nicotine gum:
[Please note that most former smokers quit smoking >25 years ago, that FDA approved 'tobacco dependence' treatments have been marketed by drug companies, promoted by health agencies and industry funded anti-tobacco/medical/health groups, and subsidized by taxpayers and insurance policy holders for decades (Nicorette gum - 1984, Wellbutrin - 1986, Nicoderm/Habitrol patches - 1992, Chantix - 2006).  In contrast, newer e-cigarettes (2006) have been lied about and demonized by health agencies and many industry and taxpayer funded groups, were unlawfully banned by FDA, and their use in public places has been banned by extremist state/local governments and employers.

E-Cigarette regulation

Clive Bates: Health campaigners want to ban e-cigarettes internationally - unethical and unscientific:

Diane Rehm invites/interviews five FDA e-cigarette regulation advocates who fail to acknowledge the 'deeming' regulation would ban all e-cigs and threaten the lives of vapers and smokers; CDC's Tim McAfee falsely claims e-cigs harm smokers who don't totally quit smoking and falsely insinuates e-cigs initiate smoking; FDA's Mitch Zeller restates plans to promulgate 'deeming' regulation, but provides no public health justification or benefit for doing so (as none exist, but are required for new regulations):
[Please note that FDA's Zeller, CDC's McAfee and ACS' Tom Glynn finally admitted that e-cigarettes benefit smokers, but only those who totally quit all cigarettes.]

NPR: E-cigarettes enjoy perks of being unregulated (and public health benefits too):

AEMSA returns to the FDA for a second session:

AP reporter Michael Felberbaum equates e-cigarette marketing to cigarette marketing of decades ago and advocates FDA regulation of e-cigarettes, but fails to acknowledge the 'deeming' regulation would ban all e-cigarettes and threaten lives of smokers and vapers, fails to provide any evidence that FDA regulation could benefit public health:


Brad Rodu - Three must-read articles supporting tobacco harm reduction:

Universal Corporation Announces Joint Venture to Produce Liquid Nicotine:

Toronto doctors seeks investors for nicotine inhaler, a far less harmful alternative for smokers that can be marketed in America is banned in Canada (along with e-cigarettes):

US States / local

CASAA issues Call to Action: New York City Ordinances Would BAN Flavored E-Cigarettes And More -- Int 1020 & Int 1021 (UPDATED -- Action Needed!)

CalNORML now opposes SB 648 because it would also ban use of medical marijuana vaporizers wherever smoking is banned (CA):

CASAA Call to Action - California E-Cigarette Usage Ban -- SB 648 (UPDATED -- Hearing on August 14th):

CASAA issues Call to Action - Canton, MA Ordinance to ban e-cigarette sales, but not  cigarettes (Hearing August 12th):

Mike Siegel - Canton (MA) considering complete ban on electronic cigarettes: Why protect the most hazardous tobacco products and ban the fake one?

CASAA issues Call to Action: Tooele, Utah proposed e-cigarette use ban URGENT!

Rhode Island Rep. Teresa Tanzi says the contents of electronic cigarette vapor are unknown; PolitiFact Rhode Island's Truth-O-Meter judges rule her claim FALSE:
(Tanzi also contends that e-cigarettes should not be sold to anyone, even adult smokers).

Mike Siegel: PolitiFact Rhode Island exposes legislator's lies about e-cigarettes:

Hennepin County (MN) Administrator David Houghbans bans e-cigarette use on county property to purportedly protect workforce, residents and clients, but no information provided on enforcement procedures or penalties for violators:

E-Cigarettes in the media

E-Cigarette Sales to Hit $1 Billion, but extremists don't want smokers to switch:

Is the e-cigarette industry on fire (Migual Martin of Logic E-Cigs interviewed):

Forbes article on e-cigarettes repeats fear mongering claims about products, interviews CA doctor hawking drugs and CASAA's Carl Phillips (who provides facts):

After promoting Andrew Wakefield's fraudulent research claiming childhood vaccines cause autism, Jenny McCarthy now promoting Blu e-Cigs:

At a Glance: Electronic Cigarettes (NC):

Public smoking is banned, but how about an e-puff? (Ohio):

E-cigarettes puff up sales (IN):

New e-cigarette shop opens in Goose Creek (SC):

Research and Scientific Evidence

Study finds children of smokers far more likely to become smokers (23%-29%) than children of nonsmokers (8%), older sibling smoking also highly correlated; refutes claims that FDA regulation 'protects children' and that the leading causes of youth smoking are target marketing by industry, advertising, flavored cigarettes, nicotine manipulation,  retail displays, packaging, movies with smoking scenes, seeing people smoking, etc.:

Study finds scare tactics don't stop people from using alcohol, tobacco or marijuana; users appear more informed and knowledgeable about risks of substances than non-users:

Low nicotine high tar cigarettes hyped by federal government and researchers:

FDA's Jennifer Haliski says "we need more research" on e-cigs, but FDA has refused to fund or conduct research on products' impact on smokers/vapers since federal judges struck down the agency's unlawful 2009 e-cigarette import ban, and the agency has refused to correct or clarify its false and misleading fear-mongering claims about e-cigs:

The Incidental Economist - What do studies say about e-cigarettes?  Pediatrician Aaron Carroll claims "there's a tiny bit of evidence that they might help smokers quit" and advocates product regulation / ban, CASAA's Carl Phillips corrects Carroll's gross misrepresentation and selective consideration of the evidence:

Mike Siegel - New study reports amazing 40% success rate at two years for electronic cigarettes among smokers with no interest in quitting at baseline:

Correction: 7/31/13 THRU incorrectly stated the ECLAT study found that 27.5% of participants reduced cigarette consumption by 83% (from a median of 24 cigs/day to just 4 cigs/day).  Those findings were found in another newly published study by the same authors at:

Longtime THR opponent Jon Ebbert repeats false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigarettes, touts expensive and consumer unfriendly FDA approved nicotine inhaler, fails to disclose his or Mayo Clinic's enormous conflicts of interest:,0,536387.story

Mike Siegel - Even the Mayo Clinic is spreading lies about electronic cigarettes:

Mike Seigel - Mayo Clinic researchers who oppose electronic cigarettes fail to disclose pharmaceutical conflicts of interest in research:

Stan Glantz continues to deceive the public about the benefits e-cigarettes have provided to millions of smokers and secondhand smokers, touts propaganda by Mayo's Jon Ebbert:

Mayo propagandist tries to confuse and scare public about electronic cigarettes (WI):

American Lung Association of the Northeast President Jeff Seyler denies the existence of all published scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigarettes, falsely claims "Until the Obama administration and the FDA assert their authority to regulate e-cigarettes.....their safety or harm cannot be assessed", fails to disclose ALA's enormous conflict of interest:


Clive Bates: Write to Anna Soubry about e-cigarettes:

Free Market Solutions in Health: Prohibition or Harm Reduction? (33 minute video with Clive Bates, Christopher Snowdon, Katherine Devlin & Rebecca Taylor):

Christopher Snowdon: Tobacco Products Directive? Nein Danke!

Simon Clark - Minister denied MPs opportunity to scrutinize Tobacco Product Directive:

The disingenuous Anna Soubry MP:

Christopher Snowdon - Anna Soubry must go:

Citigroup touts BAT's new e-cigarette and other NexGen products to investors, cites UK MHRA medical licensure as benefiting BAT over competitor products and companies:

One more electronic step by Big Tobacco (BAT starts marketing e-cigarettes in UK):

WHSmith appoints Gamucci electronic cigarettes' category leader:

Irish Minister of State Paul Kehoe cites WHO's false and misleading claims about e-cigs in urging Health Minister James Reilly to impose "strong regulation of the devices":

Christopher Snowdon - That plain packaging study:

BMJ article claims plain packaging laws benefit health, but provides ZERO evidence:

Smoking Cessation Industry

Mike Siegel - American Cancer Society and Alere Wellbeing are now apparently knowingly making a fraudulent claim about their Quit for Life program:

American Cancer Society reported receiving more than $9 million in revenue from Quitline Counseling/Intake Services in 2008 (page 11), spending more than $17 million on lobbying grants to its ACS Cancer Action Network (page 94), and compensating CEO John Seffrin more than $1.2 million (page 57):

American Cancer Society says CDC's quit-smoking ads increased calls to ACS Quit for Life program by 88% last year:

Smokeless Tobacco

MedPage Today article repeats false claims by THR denialists that smokers substituting smokeless tobacco for cigarettes "doesn't reduce their risk and may increase it":


RJ Reynolds scales back marketing of dissolvable tobacco products:

Taxation and Contraband

Former ATF agent Thomas Lesnak says black market tobacco now a $10 billion per year industry in US:

Keith Humphreys proposes federal incentive to increase cigarette tax rates in low taxed states, but not in high taxed states, to reduce contraband, smoking and state disparities:

New York struggling with cigarette smuggling caused by excessive taxation:

MA legislature overrides veto of bill (H 3538) to create commission to study economic impact of illegal tobacco market the MA legislature just expanded by increasing cigarette tax from $2.51 to $3.51/pack and increasing smokeless tobacco tax from 90% to 210%:

Australian PM Kevin Rudd proposes hiking cigarette tax hike 12.5% this year and the next three years, to cost more than $20 per pack:


Reynolds continues to protect trademarks in e-cigarette suits:

Family of smoker awarded $37.5 million verdict, RJ Reynolds expected to appeal (FL):

Cigarette sales to minors

Six European countries still allow cigarette sales to minors under age 18:

Menthol Cigarettes

Brad Rodu - FDA Preliminary Scientific Evaluation of Menthol: Inadequate for Regulatory Action:

Casino smoking bans

New study by Stan Glantz finds/attributes 22.8% reduction in ambulance calls to smoking ban in Colorado casinos:

Christopher Snowdon - Empty casinos don't need ambulances:

Home smoking bans

Jersey (UK) senior public health officer Martin Knight says aim of proposed smoking ban in all homes is "to stop people taking up smoking in the first place":

Christopher Snowdon - Jersey contemplates the "next logical step":

Outdoor smoking bans

NY Governor Cuomo signs law (A 1115) to ban smoking on all hospital property in state, ban smoking within 30 feet of building entrances of residential health care facilities. No information on what entity(ies) could be held liable if/when hospitalized patients are injured/killed when leaving property for a smoke:

Cumberland County (NC) posts no-smoking signs outdoors to promote new ban, but enforcement procedures for violations by public not disclosed:

Outdoor tobacco use bans

Sharon (VT) bans tobacco use on all town-owned property, but fails to include enforcement provisions, penalties for violations, or funding for mandated signs:


South African Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi and report propose banning all tobacco, claims worldwide control of black markets will prevent creation of black market in SA:

Licensing smokers

Australian activists wisely reject ban on tobacco, smoking and other "endgame scenarios" as public policy distractions, but fail to call for repeal of counterproductive e-cigarette and snus bans, absurdly advocate government license and stigmatize all smokers: