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Bill Godshall Update 2013-08-14

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - August 14th, 2013


New York City

Bloomberg is trying to snuff out your e-cigs:

CASAA: Call to Action! New York City Ordinances Would BAN Flavored E-Cigarettes And More -- Int 1020 & Int 1021 (UPDATED -- Action Needed!):

New York City Council Ordinance to Ban E-Cigarette Flavors (text of legislation):

New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley lies about e-cigarettes in proposed legislation at May 2 City Council hearing, deceives Council members and consumers:

Mike Siegel - Proposed NYC ordinance declares that electronic cigarettes are designed to deter smokers from quitting, then bans the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes:

Carl Phillips - New York City lawmakers lie about e-cigarettes (in multiple ways):

FoxNews - Mayor Bloomberg sabotaging his dream of a smoke-free city:

Mayor Bloomberg sets his sights on e-cigarettes but new study says they are safe:

Brookline Magazine - Bloomberg's new e-cigarette ban is a terrible idea:

Why is Bloomberg keeping New Yorkers smoking?

C-Store, Tobacco Industries Slam NYC's E-Cigarette Plans:

Hooked on Peach Schnapps E-Cigs? Enjoy It While It Lasts:

Other articles on stealth legislation by Bloomberg/Farley to ban flavored e-cig sales:

Other State/Local

'Smoking Restriction Amendment Act of 2013' bill in DC (B20-0095) amended to ban all tobacco and e-cigarette use outdoors within 25 feet of bus stops, parks, trails, dog parks, playgrounds and other City owned recreational facilities: (as introduced) (B20-0095 current text)

Letter in Washington Post urges DC Council to ban outdoor smoking, but fails to acknowledge DC bill would also ban outdoor use of e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco; Godshall exposes facts about proposed DC legislation:

Smokefree DC fails to acknowledge that DC Council changed proposed outdoor smoking ban to also ban use of e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, urges Council to pass bill:

Bill introduced in Massachusetts would ban e-cigarette use in all workplaces, ban e-cig sales to minors:

Laguna Beach (CA) City Council wisely rejects proposed e-cig usage ban in workplaces:,0,425353.story

Canton (MA) Board of Health raises minimum age for tobacco sales to 21, bans sale of very low risk snus and dissolvables (while hypocritically keeping exponentially more hazardous cigarettes on the market), rejects proposed ban on e-cigarette sales:

Canton (MA) Public Health Director John Ciccotelli defends proposal to ban e-cigarette sales to adults by citing need to protect kids despite no evidence e-cigs have ever addicted ANY nonsmoker to nicotine:

ACSH - The problem: smoking. One town's solution: ban e-cigarettes?

Mankato (MN) City Council protects cigarettes by banning e-cig use in workplaces (including e-cig stores), ordinance enacted after ALA lobbying and fear-mongering claims that e-cigs may be used for illegal drugs in the future:

Davis County (UT) Health Dept director Lewis Garrett urges Board of Health to regulate e-cigarettes (it's already illegal in UT to sell them to anyone under 19, and to use them in workplaces) because he personally believes (despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary) that e-cigs encourage youth to smoke tobacco cigarettes, claims he wants to protect e-cigarette consumers while condemning the products:

Electronic cigarettes expected to hit $1 billion, as drug industry funded American Cancer Society denies existence of scientific evidence and fails to ethically disclose its conflicts of interest while lobbying to tax e-cigarettes and ban their use in workplaces (OH):

Porter County (IN) Tobacco Education & Prevention Coalition coordinator Susan Gleason repeats many false and misleading fear-mongering claims about e-cigarettes:

Former PA state Rep. Jennifer Mann hired as consultant for tobacco company:

CASAA - Public Service Announcement to Support Tobacco Harm Reduction Policies:

FDA and other US Government

Brad Rodu - Federal officials endorse impossibly high standard for e-cigarettes:

Correction from 8/7/13 THRU: AEMSA returns to the FDA for a second session:

Christian Science Monitor editorial falsely claims e-cigs are 'driven mostly by a tobacco industry in search of new addicts', absurdly urges FDA to ban the life saving products:

FDA TPSAC and RCAC to meet August 15 to discuss honestly and objectively communicating HPHC lists that were intended to confuse and scare the public:

FDA TPSAC to meet August 16 to again discuss evaluating MRTP application/approval process that was intended to prevent smokers from being truthfully informed that all smokefree tobacco/nicotine alternatives are exponentially less hazardous than cigarettes:

FDA to fight tax evasion by online RYO tobacco sellers (that sell it as pipe tobacco):

Mike Siegel - Why is CDC taking research funding from a pharmaceutical company?

NIH gives $1.5 million to researcher to reduce female smoking in Brazil, but hasn't funded research on e-cigarette or smokeless tobacco impact on US cigarette smokers:


EcigWizard: the cost of medicinal regulation:

Clive Bates - Red Tape Challenge for disruptive businesses -- time to challenge e-cigarette regulation:

Clive Bates: Incoherent tobacco directive -- letter to European Scrutiny Committee:

Christopher Snowdon - Anna Soubry should be sacked:

David Atherton - British Minister slammed for assisting EU directive without Parliamentary scrutiny:

UK railroad companies ban e-cigarette use in trains and stations due to fear-mongering claims by BMA and other e-cig opponents, ASH UK describes ban as 'unhelpful':

How stars have boosted the sale of e-cigarettes:

E-Cigarette Research

NJOY says soon-to-be-published study found that among 25 smokers not interested in quitting who were given NJOY Kings, 89% reduced cigarette consumption by an average of 39% after one week, 32% reduced consumption by 50% or more, 16% quit smoking:

Peering through the mist: What does the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes tell us about the health risks?
(Please note this new study by Drexel School of Public Health's Igor Burstyn is by far the most expert and comprehensive review of the scientific and laboratory evidence on e-cigarette emissions, a must read for anyone interested in evidence instead of propaganda.)

CASAA - New study confirms that chemicals in electronic cigarettes pose minimal health risk:

Carl Phillips - A really good day for THR:

Mike Siegel - Review of laboratory studies on electronic cigarettes concludes that they pose few health risks and that secondhand vapor is unlikely to be hazardous:

ACSH - New study finds no health concerns in e-cig vapor:

Study shows chemicals in e-cigarettes pose minimal health risk:

Stan Glantz tries to discredit yet another e-cig study, but continues to discredit himself:

Carl Phillips - Glantz vs Burstyn -- hardly a fair fight:

Konstantinos Farsalinos - Anti-tobacco activists fail to realize the meaning of research and make some 'amazing' statements:

Health Effects - Evaluation of Theatrical Smoke, Haze and Pyrotechnics (note 2000 date):

E-cigarette opponent Kevin Choi grossly misrepresents findings of Caponnetto et al ECLAT study (smoking cessation and cigarette consumption impact of e-cigs) and of McCauley et al study (e-cigarette vapor) to advocate e-cig use ban in MN workplaces:

Article on e-cig study by UTSA researchers repeats fear-mongering propaganda, cites researchers' working hypothesis (which all existing evidence contradicts) that e-cigs are extremely harmful for cigarette smokers:

E-Cigarette Business

Why tobacco companies are turning to e-cigarettes:

Electronic cigarette business is smoking (NY):

E-cigs a booming business in Tulsa and across the nation (OK):

E-cigarettes a growing choice for White Plains, Harrison and Mamaroneck smokers (NY):

E-cigarettes now sold in Russell County (Alabama) Jail:

Charlotte Observer article on e-cigarettes cites increasing use by smokers, but repeats false claims about scientific evidence on products (NC):

E-Cigarettes (lifestyle/fashion)

NY Times reporter Steven Kurutz tries confusing readers to believe e-cigarettes are same as cigarettes by falsely referring to vaping as smoking more than twenty times, falsely claiming people cannot tell the difference between the easily differentiated products:

ACSH: Are 'vapers' bringing the sexy back to smoking? No.

The New York Times says all the cool people are smoking e-cigarettes:

Smokeless Tobacco

Harvard THR denialists misrepresent use of far less hazardous smokeless tobacco by youth smokers as concurrent use of cigarettes by smokeless users, urge more propaganda programs to deceive public to believe smokeless tobacco is as hazardous as cigarettes:

Brad Rodu - Fabricating a Smoking Gateway:

Pediatrician Claire McCarthy touts propaganda by Harvard extremists, repeats false and misleading fear-mongering claims about smokeless tobacco (which is 99% less hazardous than cigarettes), falsely claims e-cigarettes encourage youth to smoke tobacco cigarettes:

Government approved drugs to treat 'tobacco dependence'

Class-action suit over Pfizer Canada's anti-smoking drug gets go-ahead:

Hookah / Shisha

Pierce County (WA) Health Dept falsely claims one hour of hookah use is as hazardous as smoking 150 cigarettes on neon t-shirts it gave to boys that sexually say "Suck on this":

Indoor Smoking Bans

Smoking bans coming to an apartment building near you (NC):

Outdoor Smoking

Cangzhou City (China) officials vow to reduce outdoor air pollution by quitting smoking, demonstrating the ramifications of fear-mongering claims by anti smoking extremists:

Smoking ban on Hawaii beaches to be enforced by lifeguards (who patrol just 1% of the state's beach areas), ban also applies to all parks and university campuses:

Outdoors smoke ban nets no fines (Australia):

As bans spread across nation, some experts question evidence of harm from outdoor smoking:

Ohio State bans all tobacco use on campus, but says it won't begin enforcing the policy until 2014, fails to disclose search, seizure, citation, prosecution or penalty plans to enforce unwarranted and unenforceable policy (particularly for smokeless tobacco use):

International Trade Agreements

Protests may snuff out Obama administration trade move:

Contraband / Tax Avoidance

Cigarettes top list of fraudulent items seized by EU customs:

Tobacco arrests continue (Gibraltar):

MA residents flock to New Hampshire for cheaper smokes after cigarette tax hike: