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Bill Godshall Update 2013-08-21

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - August 21st, 2013



CASAA helps defeat California e-cigarette use ban:

CASAA: Call to Action! California E-Cigarette Usage Ban -- SB 648 (UPDATED -- Hearing Canceled!):

E-Cigarette Forum exposes and mobilizes opposition to defeat CA bill to ban e-cig use:

CalNORML announces Sen. Ellen Corbett withdraws bill to ban use of vaporizers:

Activists Defeat CA Vaporizer Ban:

NORML urges opposition to Sen. Corbett's bill to ban use of vaporizers:


MA Sen. Jeffrey Sanchez makes many false fear-mongering claims about e-cigarettes when introducing a bill to ban their use in all workplaces:

Boston Herald - State bill would tamp down e-cigs, but online poll finds 94% oppose banning e-cigarette use in workplaces:

New York City

New York Post editorial - Smoke gets in his eyes (criticizing Bloomberg's stance on e-cigs):

ACSH - Good news on e-cigarettes . . . and bad news too:

Bloomberg editors grossly misrepresent scientific and empirical evidence in urging FDA to regulate e-cigarettes and in urging state/local governments to ban usage, fail to disclose their enormous conflict of interest (i.e. they work for Blooomberg):

Terra Karush Roberts deceptively calls vaping smoking, but experts point out that vaping is NOT smoking, and as such, isn't banned where smoking is banned:

How dangerous are e-cigarettes, if at all; article on proposed NYC e-cig ban and Igor Burstyn's new study, reporter recycles old quote by retired ACS staffer Russ Sciandra:

Other US

Please note that all Tobacco Harm Reduction Updates since 2010 have been moved from:

Konstantinos Farsalinos - Regulatory authorities focus on e-cigarettes instead of dealing with the tobacco epidemic:

Mike Siegel highlights consumption decline of 600 million cigarettes attributable to e-cig sales in 1Q13 and criticizes e-cigarette prohibitionists for trying to prevent smokers from switching to far less hazardous smokefree alternatives, but Siegel continues to inaccurately call e-cigarette prohibitionists "anti-smoking" groups:

Carl Phillips - ANTZ engineer their next anti-ecig lie: They facilitate smoking cannabis:

E-cigarette business is booming - Jimmy Barrett interviews CASAA's Carl Phillips (VA):

Carl Phillips - There is no proof except when the author wants there to be:

IL Governor Quinn signs bill banning sales of nicotine alternatives to minors:

CASAA - Canton toughens stance against smoking (MA):

CASAA - Vero Beach (FL) delays vote to ban flavored tobacco (including e-cigarettes):

Fort Collins (CO) City Council proposes banning smoking within 20 feet of outdoor dining areas and bus stops, considers expanding outdoor ban and regulating e-cigarettes:

Abington (MA) Board of Health wants to restrict e-cigarettes:

Moose Lodge in Venice (FL) membership almost quadruples after implementing smokefree policy, Moose Lodge in Sarasota (FL) urges smokers to switch to e-cigarettes as step toward smokefree policy:

Restaurants, bar owners allow e-cigarette use (PA), Harrisburg Patriot-News reporter Sue Gleiter falsely and repeatedly claims e-cigarette use is smoking:

Tobacco country begins warming to e-cigarettes, but Guilford County (NC) Health Dept.'s Mary Gilllet claims they don't know if anyone has ever quit smoking with e-cigs:

University of Colorado at Boulder's No Smoking Policy dishonestly defines smoking as using smokefree e-cigarettes, vapers ordered to inhale secondhand smoke; faculty, staff and students to be given ineffective taxpayer subsidized NRT products:

Chicago Tribune - CASAA letter on Mayo's Jon Ebbert urging smokers to not use e-cigs:,0,4020653,full.story

Are e-cigarettes a safer alternative to real cigarettes? (SC)  Of course, but Dr. Allen Wenner is clueless:

Letter by e-cigarette opponent deceives readers to believe the purpose of smokefree policies/laws was to ban nicotine use instead of ban smoking (NY):

MD Anderson's Alexander  Prokhorov and Paul Cinciprini deny existence of scientific evidence on e-cigarettes, falsely claim they're marketed as 'safe' to 'young people' and are gateway to smoking cigarettes, absurdly claim FDA regulation is only way to ensure products benefit public health, tout ineffective and less than safe drug industry products to treat 'tobacco dependence', fail to disclose their huge financial conflicts of interest:

Legacy prohibitionists David Abrams and Julia Cartwright make many false and misleading fear-mongering claims about e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, dissolvables, cigars, flavors and marketing to minors in urging FDA to regulate OTP and ban flavors:

Brad Rodu - A Tainted Legacy (critiques prohibitionist propaganda by Legacy's Abrams and Cartwright):

Post Bulletin (MN) reporter Jeff Kigor repeats fear-mongering claims about e-cigarette by Mayo Clinic's Jon Ebbert, but fails to expose that Ebbert and Mayo Clinic have received lots of funding from drug companies that market smoking cessation products, and refuse to ethically disclose their conflicts of interest:

Several county health agencies in Washington State either cannot tell the difference between a cigarette and an e-cigarette or have chosen to deceive the public to believe e-cigarettes are the same as cigarettes in order to ban their use and demonize them:

David Gorski obsesses over Jenny McCarthy in an article purportedly about scientific evidence on e-cigarettes, dismisses published clinical trials as unconvincing, rejects all other evidence on the many benefits e-cigs provide to smokers, endorses FDA's unlawful 2009 import ban and falsely claims e-cigs are 'unregulated drug-delivery devices':

Jim Evans deceives readers to believe purpose of smokefree policies was to ban nicotine use, urges employers to ban e-cigarette use but provides no justification (OH):

Smokeless Tobacco

Lars Erik-Rutqvist - When the Facts are too boring: Life could have been spared if Norwegian smokers had been advised of the difference between snus and cigarettes:


FDA issues 10,000th tobacco retailer warning letter (after conducting 189,000 inspections), indicating a 94.7% compliance rate with all FSPTCA regulations:

Legacy keeps campaigning for FDA to impose 'deeming' regulation on OTP despite no evidence doing so would benefit public health, demonizes little cigar and cigarillo companies as racist, fails to acknowledge that cigars are less hazardous than cigarettes (as the vast majority of cigar smokers don't inhale, and don't smoke multiple cigars daily):

Drug industry funded Neal Benowitz co-authors editorial in JAMA urging FDA to regulate e-cigarettes, repeats fear mongering claims about products, fails to acknowledge the FDA 'deeming' regulation threatens the lives of all vapers and smokers, protects cigarette markets, and provides no health benefits:

NY Times reporter Sabrina Tavernise falsely claims flavored tobacco is a gateway to smoking and repeats propaganda about flavored cigars by prohibitionists Greg Connolly and Matt Myers to advocate FDA cigar regulations and flavoring ban, fails to acknowledge that cigars are far less hazardous than cigarettes (as the vast majority of cigar smokers don't inhale the smoke, and most don't smoke cigars daily), that it has long been illegal to sell cigars to minors, or that flavored cigars have been sold for centuries:

NY Times hosts intentionally biased debate on e-cigarettes by inviting four e-cigarette prohibitionists and propagandists, one e-cig consumer and Mike Siegel to participate:

Mike Siegel keeps calling e-cigarette prohibitionists 'anti smoking advocates', cites benefits e-cigs provide to smokers, urges FDA to embrace e-cigs for harm reduction but claims 'regulation is needed', fails to acknowledge 'deeming' reg would ban all e-cigs:

Lindsey Fox quit smoking with e-cigarettes in 2011, cites many benefits of products:

SRNT president Anne Joseph misrepresents scientific and empirical evidence about e-cigarettes, wants e-cig companies to advertise products for smoking cessation (which FDA claims is illegal), calls for FDA regulation of e-cigs, but fails to acknowledge FDA 'deeming' regulation bans all e-cigarettes, threatens the lives of all vapers and smokers, protects cigarette markets, and provides no public health benefits:

E-cigarette prohibitionist and drug industry funded American Lung Association president Harold Wimmer repeats many false fear mongering claims about e-cigs in urging FDA to once again ban the products, fails to disclose ALA's huge financial conflict of interest:

Andrew Strasser falsely claims "there's a paucity of research on how individuals actually use electronic cigarettes", claims nicotine must be regulated to protect consumers, but fails to acknowledge the FDA 'deeming' regulation threatens the lives of all vapers and smokers by banning all e-cigarettes:

NAATPN's Delmonte Jefferson falsely claims "e-cigarettes can only hurt", ignores the many health benefits they've already provided to millions of smokers, absurdly compares nicotine to heroin to confuse and scare, repeats other false claims about e-cigarettes:


ObamaCare Penalty to increase healthcare insurance costs (by up to 50%), reduce healthcare insurance coverage for tobacco users:

Scientists or Prohibitionists?

Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco teams up with prohibitionists at Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and Tobacco Control Legal Consortium for Aug. 22 webinar to urge SRNT members to urge FDA to ban menthol cigarettes despite scientific evidence that non-menthol cigarettes are just as addictive, just as harmful, and just as hard to quit; despite creation of black market; and despite decline in tobacco tax revenue, MSA payments and funding for state and federal tobacco control and health programs:

SRNT's Breaking News repeats anti-tobacco propaganda, but fails to cite any studies finding that e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco are far less hazardous than cigarettes, that e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products have helped millions of smokers quit, or that FDA approved NRT products have a 95% failure rate for treating 'tobacco dependence'.


Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs expert panel of nicotine and tobacco experts says cigarettes are far more hazardous than smokefree tobacco/nicotine products:

E-cigarettes could significantly cut cigarette use - Study:

Study found 18% of smokers who used nicotine inhalers reduced daily cigarette consumption by at least 50% after four months (study published in 2006):

1996 study found no harmful effects of long term mega-dose inhalation of nicotine:

NCI pays Rosswell to pay smokers to use far less hazardous smokeless tobacco:

Perdue study shows teens who smoke influenced by older siblings and parents, but health officials and anti tobacco extremists ignore findings because they want the public to believe youth only use tobacco because they were enslaved by evil tobacco companies:


E-cigarettes become the most popular UK 'quitting aid', with 1.3 million users:

Imperial Tobacco reports 7% cigarette volume decline, 3% revenue decline:

Imperial Tobacco to introduce e-cigarette next year via subsidiary Fontem Ventures:

Vapers are Voters - And Payback is a Bitch (UK/EU):

Swedish MEP Christofer Fjellner organizing Sept. 3 briefing for MEPs on proposed TPD, to advocate smokefree harm reduction alternatives to cigarettes:

Matt Cooper - Arguments just a smokescreen for opponents of e-cigarettes (Ireland):

Imperial and JTI slam EU tobacco directive proposals:

Football club changes stadium name to Cigg-e Stadium in 3 year deal with e-cigarette company (UK):

Other International

LIAF's Ricardo Polosa urges Malaysian Health Institute to keep e-cigarettes legal:

National Center for Public Policy Research's Jeff Stier urges Malaysian Health Ministry to keep e-cigarette legal:

Konstantinos Farsalinos urges Malaysian Health Ministry to keep e-cigarettes legal:

International Trade Agreements

Anti-tobacco extremists oppose Trans Pacific Partnership unless tobacco is exempted despite no evidence agreement would harm public health:

Anti tobacco extremists criticize Obama's USTR for not conceding to their demands on Trans Pacific Partnership agreement:

Setting the record straight on tobacco and TPPA:

Indoor smoking bans

Public Health Advocacy Center publishes summaries of 600 secondhand smoke lawsuits:

Smokers becoming less welcome in apartments (NC):

Housing Authority residents question new smoking ban (FL):

Outdoor smoking bans

Arizona Republic editorial - Ban smoking outdoors? That goes too far:

Should we ban outdoor smoking? (UK):

Taxpayer funded Tobacco Free Northeast PA lobbies to enact ineffective and unenforceable smoking bans in parks, give out taxpayer funded no smoking signs:


NSW Cancer Council (Australia) now wants to ban some/many/most tobacco retailers despite no evidence that doing so would reduce cigarette consumption or smoking rates:

NZ retailers strongly reject tobacco sales ban:


Christopher Snowdon - Anna Gilmore attempts some economics again:

Plain Packaging

Tobacco trade to fight plain packaging plan (Scotland):


ATF sting targets smuggled smokes:

Gibraltar police chase sea-borne tobacco smugglers:

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