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Bill Godshall Update 2013-08-29

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - August 29th, 2013


US E-cigarettes

Wells Fargo's Bonnie Herzog now forecasts $1.7 billion in US e-cigarette sales this year (up from $1 billion forecast several months ago) as more smokers switch to the far less hazardous smokefree alternatives:

Nick Gillespie: Ban e-cigarettes? The anti smoking lobby's clueless crusade:

Lorillard Isn't Backing Away From Menthol or E-cigarettes, Godshall posts comment:

E-cigarette entrepreneur takes on new industry's bad rap:

RJ Reynolds launching TV commercial to promote Vuse:

Tobacco firms, regulators take notice of e-cigarettes:

Smoking rates on the decline as e-cigarette sales increase:

E-cigs could be game changer:

Electronic cigarettes facts box:

E-Cigarettes Growth Lights Up (interview with IVG's Nick Molina):

Bloomberg Businessweek article conflates e-cigarettes with cigarettes and Big Tobacco:

US Government

Deputy Secretary of DHHS (and former CTFK lobbyist) Bill Corr falsely claims tobacco is  "always harmful to health, and the single most preventable cause of death worldwide."  In fact, daily cigarette smoking is 100 times more harmful than use of smokefree tobacco products, and smoking causes >99% of all tobacco attributable morbidity and mortality:

Obama casually pops Nicorette during White House ceremony, while his DHHS appointees and staff keep making false and misleading fearmongering claims about smokefree tobacco/nicotine alternatives, which are more effective for smoking cessation and reducing cigarette consumption than FDA approved gums/lozenges/patches/inhalers: (7/15/13)

FDA announces rejection of four more Substantial Equivalence applications, prohibits the four unnamed tobacco products from being introduced into the US market:

SAMHSA reports very low 9.1% violation rate for Synar Law, which Bill Godshall and Smokefree Pennsylvania campaigned to enact and implement in the 1990s to reduce tobacco marketing to youth (before J&J created CTFK with tens of millions of dollars):

FDA proposes funding international tobacco control campaigns and funding e-cigarette and smokeless tobacco prohibitionists at WHO, but agency still refuses to fund or conduct research on e-cigarettes impact on US smokers, and refuses to correct or clarify the agency's many false and misleading claims about e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco:

Wall St Journal article touts unsubstantiated claims by unnamed source(s), says FDA is discussing banning Internet sales of e-cigarettes:

FDA says claims made in Wall St. Journal article wrong:

E-cig volume for tobacco companies could rise if FDA restricts online sales:

WTO Sends US-Indonesia Clove Cigarette Row To Arbitrator:
(Note that Bill Godshall convinced Sen. Mike Enzi to amend the FSPTCA to ban clove cigarettes in 2007, but has subsequently urged federal officials to repeal the provision.)

Instead of working to reduce cigarette smoking, US Department of Defense to host "Fight the Enemy" video competition "to target tobacco as an enemy of the military that degrades service members' health, fitness, mission readiness and work productivity."

Roanoke Times urges FDA to regulate e-cigarettes so they can study the products, but the FDA should study the products before proposing regulations (to prevent unwarranted and counterproductive regulations that threaten public health), something the agency has refused to do despite repeated requests by consumers and health experts since 2009:

Legacy's Jennifer Cantrell and Mayo Clinic's Mignonne Guy makes false and misleading fearmongering claims about cigars to campaign for counterproductive FDA regulations:


Anti-'vaping' legislation goes adrift (CA) - Law that would have regulated smokeless devices put off until 2014:

E-cigarette vendors and makers fret as government officials plan to regulate their industry (CA):

Seal Beach (CA) City Council protects cigarettes with moratorium on e-cig vendors:,0,429981.story

CASAA Call to Action Seal Beach, CA May BAN E-Cigarette Stores (Hearing September 23rd!):

Two Duluth City Council members propose ordinances to protect cigarette markets by banning e-cigarette use and possession wherever smoking is banned including outdoors, Essentia Health Nurse Practitioner Jessica Zweifel falsely claims "there is no evidence" e-cigarettes less hazardous than cigarettes or they can help smokers quit (MN):

Duluth City Council meeting agenda for 8/26/13:

Duluth bill 13-058 would ban ingestion of any "prohibited" substance wherever smoking is banned by MN statute, and at many additional outdoor locations:

Duluth bill 13-059 would deceitfully define smokefree e-cigarettes as "electronic smoking devices", redefine "smoking" to include use and even possession of e-cigs:

Duluth bill 13-060 would require a license to sell "electronic smoking devices", ban sales to minors and ban youth use (even though a 2010 MN law banned e-cig sales to minors):

CASAA Call to Action Duluth, MN E-Cigarette Usage Ban (UPDATED -- important meeting on September 5th!):

Call to Action! Union City, CA May BAN E-Cigarette Stores (UPDATED):

Benicia (CA) City Council gives initial approval to ban e-cig use in many public places:

Marblehead (MA) Board of Health considers restrictions on e-cig use, sales ban to minors:

Editorial: Rational policy for e-cigarettes (MA):

The Acorn editorial - Are e-cigarettes just a pipe dream? (CA):

Standard-Examiner advocates state (instead of local) regulations for e-cigarettes, but provides no justification for any additional regulations:

Electronic cigarettes gaining popularity in Lancaster County (PA), but Lancaster General Health smoking cessation counselor Mary Levasseur misrepresents evidence on products:

Anti smoking activist Alan Blum interviewed about e-cigarettes:

Electronic cigarettes - Local smokers join digital revolution (WA):

ACS's Jennifer Eagleton falsely claims "there is no scientific evidence" that "smokeless tobacco products can actually help you quit" despite many studies finding that many smokers quit smoking by switching to smokeless tobacco, including a 2006 report at by Brad Rodu and Bill Godshall (IL):

Pregnant mom turns to electronic cigarettes (TX):

Are e-cigarettes more than just hot air? (NC/FL):

Mike Siegel exposes Essentia Health Nurse Practitioner Jessica Zweifel's false claims about e-cigarettes:

USCF does 'Bait and Switch' by citing the hazards of cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke as reason for imposing unwarranted, intolerant, unenforceable and probably unconstitutional ban on use of far less hazardous smokefree tobacco/nicotine alternatives that pose no harm to nonusers:

More than 1,000 colleges now ban smoking on campus, but virtually no enforcement:


Big Tobacco looks to the future of e-cigarettes (Ireland):

Where's common sense with e-cigs and tobacco? (UK/EU):

Vapourlites Charles Daniels - E-cigarettes are not marketed to children as MHRA claim:

As more smokers switch to smokefree e-cigarettes, British Medical Association urges government to protect cigarettes and threaten the lives of smokers and vapers by imposing unwarranted regulations on e-cigarettes:

Dragonite (formerly Ruyan) sells e-vapor business to Imperial Tobacco subsidiary Fontem Ventures for $75 million:

Cambridgeshire (UK) rejects unwarranted e-cig prohibition, allows police to use at work:

Taxpayer funded smoking cessation services criticize more effective e-cigarettes (UK):

Prohibitionist John Tung Foundation absurdly calls for ban on flavored e-cigarettes to purportedly reduce youth tobacco use despite no evidence youth use e-cigs (Taiwan):

Unpublished Research and Lab Tests

Dr. Keith Ablow announces study finding 70% of smokers quit smoking with LOGIC disposable e-cigarettes after 90 days, and that 47% of those who quit smoking also quit using e-cigarettes, but fails to make study available to the public:

French magazine tests find similarly low levels of several constituents in e-cigarette vapor as found in other studies and as are emitted by FDA approved nicotine inhalers (and far less than are in cigarette smoke); but magazine editor grossly misrepresents test results to confuse and scare, sell more magazines, and lobby for unwarranted regulation:

Daily Mail and other news media tout and further misrepresent French magazine's false and misleading claims about e-cigarettes and their test findings:

Dr. Farsalinos - A new 'study' on chemical analysis of e-cigarette: nothing new but huge negative publicity and intimidation (objective analysis of French magazine's test results):

Clive Bates: Lazy, stupid, wrong - the Mail can't stop itself:
(Note that Clive Bates has filed his second complaint against the Mail this year for making false claims about e-cigarettes, with the Mail apologizing the first time.)

MSN NEWS Rumor - E-cigarettes are as harmful as the real things:

The cloudy science of e-cigarettes:

Lobbying, Conflicts of Interest and Ethics

City Diary - A deal agreed in smokeless rooms (UK):

Christopher Snowdon - Conflict of interest of the week (UK):

Advisers on e-cigarettes "failed to declare their interests" in Big Pharma's products; Paul Aveyard, Martin Jarvis, Christopher Marriot (UK):

Christopher Snowdon - Big Pharma and the nicotine wars (summarizes Times article and reprints Polish news article exposing Big Pharma's aggressive lobbying for EU TPD):

Carl Phillips - Lies and conflict of interest:

Mike Siegel - Electronic cigarettes commentators fail to disclose financial conflicts of interest with Big Pharma (ALA President Harold Wimmer and Penn's Andrew Strasser):

Minimum Age Laws

NYC proposes raising age for tobacco purchases to 21:

Drs. Michael Steinberg and Christine Delnevo cite evidence for increasing minimum cigarette sales age to 21, but no evidence exists for raising age for less hazardous OTP:
(Note that PA's legal minimum age of cigarette sales was 21 until 2002 when CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA endorsed tobacco industry sponsored bill that reduced age to 18.)

Los Angeles Councilman proposes raising legal age for buying cigarettes to 21 (CA):

Taxation, Avoidance and Contraband

Survey finds state taxes not paid for 20% of cigarettes consumed in US in 2009 and 2010 (to the state where the cigarettes were purchased by consumers):

RCMP estimates 50 contraband tobacco manufacturers operating in First Nations territories in Ontario and Quebec (Canada):

Menthol Cigarettes

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel falsely accuses companies of target marketing menthol cigarettes to youth, to conduct investigation and hold public meetings:

There's something about menthol:

Christopher Snowdon - The menthol minority (EU):

Employment Discrimination

Florida school district ends its no-hiring policy for tobacco users because it didn't work:

Valusia hospital to stop hiring tobacco users, begin nicotine testing of job applicants despite negligible risks of smokefree tobacco/nicotine use and no risks to nonusers:

Outdoor Smoking Bans

Outdoor smoking debate needs a full airing (Ontario):

French Health Minister wants smoking ban in parks and beaches:

International Trade Agreements

USTR announces new TPP proposal for tobacco:

US not to seek exemption of tobacco from TPP tariff elimination:

Mayor Bloomberg criticizes Obama and USTR for not exempting tobacco from Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement:

Trade Talks: Obama Administration Retreats on Tobacco Proposal:

USTR Froman says tobacco plan in Pacific trade talks strikes balance:

Asia-Pacific trade talks enter final push for deal:


Utahns back inhaler-like device to help people quit smoking: