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Bill Godshall Update 2013-09-12

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - September 12th, 2013


E-Cigarette Research

Randomized controlled trial of 673 smokers wanting to quit finds smoking cessation rate of 23.2% after 1 month, 13.1% after 3 months and 7.3% after 6 months for users of old 16mg/ml nicotine e-cigarettes (in a country where e-cigs are banned and demonized) compared to 16.9%, 9.2% and 5.8% respectively for 21mg nicotine patch users:
(comment by study's coauthor Peter Hajek)

E-cigarettes show promise in helping smokers quit (NZ):

E-cigarettes "as effective" as nicotine patches:

ACSH - Ground-breaking study supports e-cigarettes' superiority over nicotine patches:

NPR - E-Cigarettes May Match The Patch in Helping Smokers Quit:

Carl Phillips - E-cigs = patches?? More largely-uninformative research, but at least this time it works out:

Christopher Snowdon - E-cigarettes at least as effective as patches - official:

Brad Rodu - E-cigarettes = Nicotine Patches for Smoking Cessation, Clinical Trial Shows:

Electronic cigarettes as good as patch for quitting smoking:

Drug industry and government funded NRT promoter Jonathan Foulds says e-cig study cessation results "disappointing", but doesn't criticize lower cessation rates for patches:

Prohibitionist Stan Glantz misrepresents findings of new e-cigarette cessation study, repeats false claim that NRT products emit "much lower levels of accompanying toxins", again falsely touts Vickerman study (whose authors claim did NOT measure e-cigarette effectiveness) as evidence e-cigarettes are ineffective:

Carl Phillips - NewZ ecig clinical study, an "I told you so" (exposes Stan Glantz' inaccurate statements of new study's findings):

New study presented to the European Society of Cardiology finds electronic cigarette use has no immediate adverse effects on coronary circulation (blood and oxygen supply to the heart).  Study found significant elevations in HbCO and CVRI and decrease in CFVR after smoking two cigarettes, while no difference was found for those parameters after electronic cigarette use by smokers and ex-smokers:

ACSH - E-cigarettes (but not tobacco cigarettes) found safe for coronary circulation:

New study of 111 smokers who quit smoking by switching to e-cigarettes finds that 20% quit smoking on first day of e-cig use, 42% quit smoking during first month of e-cig use, 74% began using e-cigs containing more than 15mg/ml of nicotine, and 65% subsequently used lower nicotine e-cigs.  Also among participants, 82% reported improved olfactory and gustatory senses after beginning e-cigarette use, 77% reported improved exercise capacity and 59% reported less morning cough, while 71% reported weight gain:

E-cigarettes - "cancer risk close to zero" (South Africa):

Farsalinos exposes and criticizes French magazine's misrepresentations of e-cigarette test findings, reveals they were similar to findings of other studies and pose negligible risk:

CASAA - French e-cigarette study, media misrepresent facts:

Radio Times: What do we know about e-cigarettes? One hour interview with objective public health advocate Mike Siegel and drug industry/FDA funded e-cigarette critic Andrew Strasser, who lobbies for FDA regulation and only acknowledges his financial conflicts of interests after a caller exposes them:

Should I take up e-cigarettes in order to stop smoking? (UK):

Moffitt researchers want to hear from e-cigarette users (FL):

Nicotine Science and Policy:

E-Cigarettes (CDC/FDA)

CDC NYTS survey data finds past-30-day use of e-cigarettes among 6-12 graders increased from 1.1% in 2011 to 2.1% in 2012, finds 76% of users were smokers in 2012, up from 73% in 2011.  But despite no evidence e-cigarettes have ever caused nicotine dependence in any nonsmoker, CDC falsely claims nicotine is harmful, e-cigarettes are addictive, and are gateway to cigarette smoking. CDC also misrepresents other scientific evidence on e-cigs to confuse and scare, and lobby for FDA e-cigarette regulation/ban:

CDC propaganda press release quotes FDA's Mitch Zeller and CDC's Tom Frieden and Tim McAfee misrepresenting NYTS survey data findings to confuse and scare public, promote FDA "deeming" regulation that would once again ban e-cigarettes:

CDC refuses to publish corresponding 2012 NYTS data for cigarette smoking among 6-12 graders to prevent any objective survey data comparison or analysis (likely because most/all of the smoking decline from 2011 to 2012 was due to increased e-cigarette use):

Despite no evidence e-cigarettes have ever created nicotine dependence in any youth or adult nonsmoker, CDC's Tom Frieden deceitfully tells NBC News "many kids who start with e-cigarettes will be addicted to nicotine and struggling with nicotine addiction for their whole life," tells CBS News that e-cigarettes "may be condemning kids to nicotine addiction for life."

CDC's Tom Frieden tells FOX News "If kids get hooked on nicotine because of e-cigarettes, that may make them life long smokers not just of e-cigarettes, but of traditional cigarettes," but FOX News challenges Frieden's unsubstantiated claims:

Despite no evidence e-cigarettes have ever created nicotine dependence in a nonsmoker, CDC's Tim McAfee tells US News and World Report "we are very, very concerned that this could ultimately end up with more people smoking cigarettes than less."

Oblivious news media repeat CDC's false fearmongering claims (as if they were facts) that e-cigarettes addict youth and are gateway to cigarettes, fail to reveal NYTS data actually found that more teen smokers have switched to e-cigs, fail to reveal that NO evidence exists indicating e-cigarettes can create nicotine dependence, and fail to acknowledge that FDA "deeming" regulation would once again ban all e-cigarettes:,0,3435331.story

AP article repeating CDC's e-cig lies correctly quotes FDA TPSAC member Kurt Ribisl saying the results "don't prove that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking cigarettes":

Carl Phillips - CDC lies about kids using e-cigarettes:

Nick Gillespie - Leave junior alone about his e-cigs:

ACSH - CDC releases misleading numbers on e-cigarette use in youth:

Mike Siegel - Electronic cigarette experimentation increases among youth, but use among nonsmokers remains low and regular use rates are still unknown:

Brad Rodu - Irresponsible E-Cigarette Theatrics from Federal Officials: - Kids are trying e-cigarettes. Everybody panic!

E-cigarette prohibitionists CTFK and Legacy repeat CDC's lies about e-cigarettes to once again lobby for counterproductive FDA regulation/ban (which was purpose of CDC lies):

Liberal Democrat Senators Blumenthal, Harkin, Carper and Markey repeat CDC's deceitful fearmongering claims about e-cigarettes:

Mike Siegel - Senators complaining about e-cigarette flavors are full of baloney; their desire to protect kids from addiction only goes as far as cigarette company profits:

Mark Kleiman - Let's not panic about e-cigarettes:

In response to CDC's lies about e-cigarettes, Stan Glantz urges more counterproductive laws and regulations to protect cigarette markets and threaten lives of smokers and vapers:

Lazy and sheep-like newspaper editors and commentators editorialize for FDA and other e-cig regulations based upon CDC's lies (which is why the CDC lied), fail to acknowledge that the FDA "deeming" regulation would once again ban the life saving products:

NATO refutes new CDC study on e-cigarettes:

Gothamist article on e-cigs and youth includes criticism (which is correct) of the CDC's fearmongering lies:

SAMSHA report finds more adolescents now begin using alcohol, illegal drugs and marijuana than cigarettes (and that far more begin smoking cigarettes than using e-cigs), but news media ignore these facts in their zeal to repeat CDC's lies about e-cigs:
SAMHSA's report stated that on an average day:
- 7,639 kids aged 12 to 17 drink alcohol for the first time,
- 4,594 use an illicit drug for the first time,
- 4,000 use marijuana for the first time,
- 3,701 smoke cigarettes for the first time,
- 2,151 misuse prescription pain relievers for the first time.

CASAA gives presentation in FDA "Listening Session":

USA Today article and title tout e-cigarettes as Big Tobacco products to be regulated by FDA, but fail to reveal that FDA deeming regulation would once again ban the products:

Greg Connolly, who has campaigned to ban the sale of smokefree snus, dissolvables and e-cigarettes (but not far more hazardous cigarettes) correctly states that FDA ban of Internet e-cigarette sales would give the fledgling industry to Big Tobacco:

StatesChronicle article misrepresents scientific evidence on e-cigarettes and naively endorses FDA regulation without evaluating the impact of Chapter IX regulations:

Articles claim FDA will ban e-cigarette ads on television, but provide no evidence:

E-Cigarettes (State/Local)

Duluth (MN) City Council ignores facts, bans e-cig use in public places under guise of "protecting kids" by falsely redefining "smoking" as including use of smokefree e-cigs:

CASAA Call to Action! Massachusetts E-cigarettes Usage Ban -- HB 3639:

Help Defend Vaping and Stop the proposed NYC Flavoring Ban:

Antivaping legislation goes adrift (CA):

False claims by e-cigarette opponents have cities, businesses pondering action (CA):,0,5148686,full.story

Carl Phillips - The Florida Department of Health are liars (and innumerate):

Wilmington (MA) BOH to vote on falsely redefining "smoking" to include use of smokefree e-cigarettes (to ban e-cig use wherever smoking is banned), Health Director Shelly Newhouse says State's Tobacco Control program is pushing for local bans, while acknowledging there's no evidence e-cigarette are hazardous or pose risks to others:

Medway (MA) BOH considers tougher tobacco laws (including e-cigarettes):

After lobbying to ban e-cigarette use indoors since 2010 (by deceitfully redefining "smoking" as including use of smokefree e-cigarettes), prohibitionist ANR now advocating outdoor e-cigarette usage ban at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (CA):

E-cigarettes allowed in White County (IL) jail:

My Kentucky Roads - Remedy Vapor (KY):

University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center's Mark Evers falsely testifies to state legislative committee that e-cigarettes may be "every bit as dangerous"as smoking:     

Mike Siegel: University of Kentucky Cancer Center is Off Its Rocker - Testifies that Smoking is No More Harmful than Vaping:

E-Cigarettes International

Clive Bates: Tobacco Products Directive - what next?

Clive Bates - Game on: MEPs slug it out on regulation of e-cigarettes:

Clive Bates - Public health experts oppose reckless timetable for Tobacco Products Directive:

BBC - Discovery E-cigarettes:

Save E-Cigs Campaign urges MEPs not to regulate e-cigarettes:

Campaigners oppose plans to regulate e-cigarettes (UK); MEP condemns plan to regulate e-cigarettes:

ASH UK's Martin Dockrell acknowledges e-cigarettes are far less hazardous than cigarettes, but says medicines regulation can ensure products are "safe and effective":

European Parliament Delays Vote on New Tobacco Regulation/Prohibition:

The Lancet - Polosa/Caponnetto - Regulation of e-cigarettes: the users perspective:

E-cigarettes: Do they really work?

Buzz around e-cigarettes lighting up across Canada:

Philippine DOH upset that smokers are switching to far less hazardous e-cigarettes:

E-Cigarette Business

Morgan Stanley's David Adelman - Thoughts on E-Cigarettes: Better to Run out the Clock?

Citigroup finds switching to e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco by smokers has helped drive cigarette price elasticity from -.4 in the past to -.8 in 2012, increasing the likelihood of more cigarette consumption declines in future:

Motley Fool: Will E-Cigarettes destroy Big Tobacco?

Altria could add $5 billion in value by selling e-cigarettes:

NuMark (an Altria company to market smokefree MarkTen e-cigarettes and Verve discs):

E-cigarette market lights up in the US (but article repeats false and misleading claims by many e-cigarette prohibitionists):

E-cigarette firm buys old ASH Wales website domain, now ASH Wales wants it back:

Electronic cigarette maker partners with Celtic (UK):

Celtic E-cig deal means fans can get nicotine hit:

E-cigarette opponents criticize Celtic for e-cigarette deal (UK):

US Patent issued to Kyle Newton (SS Choice, LLC) for e-cigarette with liquid reservoir:

More E-cigarette Propaganda

NY Times repeats CTFK's defamation of e-cigarette companies (akin to cigarette companies from decades ago) and of e-cigarettes (akin to cigarettes), but fails to reveal CTFK has received more than a $100 million from drug company competitors, has urged FDA to ban e-cigarettes since 2009, and falsely claimed they're target marketed to kids:
ACSH's Gil Ross comments on NY Times article:

ACSH - NY Times attacks e-cigarette marketing for marketing e-cigarettes, successfully:

Left wing Huffington Post runs four more anti e-cigarette op/eds that make false and misleading fearmongering claims about products and call for prohibition/regulation:

Prohibitionist Stan Glantz keeps deceiving public about e-cigs, falsely claims "Dual users, who simultaneously use both products, are unlikely to see much, if any, health benefit because of the continued cigarette use, even if daily consumption drops", by citing old unverified Norwegian survey data of smokers claiming to have reduced consumption by about half over several decades (which may have been due to smokers underreporting consumption in response to growing anti smoking attitudes and increased shame):

MD Anderson e-cigarette opponents continue making false fear mongering claims about the life saving products, failing to disclose their enormous financial conflicts of interest:

Washington Post's Christie Aschwanden interviews four e-cigarette opponents who grossly misrepresent scientific and empirical evidence, fails to reveal conflicts of interest:

Article purportedly on e-cigarette etiquette says vapers should never use e-cigarettes near or in sight of other people (despite no risks to nonusers):

Smokeless Tobacco

WHO once again exaggerates disease risks due to smokeless tobacco use:

Carl Phillips - WHO lying about smokeless tobacco again:

Brad Rodu - Measuring smokers' preferences for smokeless tobacco products:

South Koreans turn to sucking tobacco:

University of Bath (UK) prohibitionist Anna Gilmore criticizes BAT for wanting to market far less hazardous snus to smokers in EU because BAT might generate a profit:

Cigarette Sales to Youth

SAMHSA's Annual Synar Reports delineate sharp decline in cigarette sales to minors:

More FDA

FDA correctly states that arsenic levels in rice pose negligible if any health risks, but agency still refuses to clarify or correct its false and misleading fearmongering claims about e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, which are exponentially less hazardous alternatives to cigarettes, and have helped millions of smokers quit smoking:

FDA extends public comment period on ANPRN for menthol cigarettes till November 22:

Prohibitionist Stan Glantz criticizes FDA for extending public comment period on menthol cigarettes:

FDA issues Final Guidance for Tobacco Retailer Training Programs:

Smoking Cessation

Conflicted and biased CDC survey claims CDC anti-smoking ads caused 220,000 smokers to quit, but association does NOT mean causation, as many/most smokers who quit were likely to have done so with e-cigarettes or via cold turkey:

Social media no answer to quitting smoking, young adults say:

Employment Discrimination

Walmart now charging employees who use e-cigarette users despite no evidence e-cig use harms users or costs employers:

To prevent hiring cigarette smokers, Flagler County (FL) to stop hiring anyone who tests positive for nicotine (despite no evidence nicotine is any more hazardous than caffeine):


US Education Sec. Arne Duncan stumps for $.94/pack cigarette tax hike, which would sharply reduce cigarette consumption, prompt more smokers to switch to smokefree e-cigs, and could encourage some states to reduce their cig tax rate to reduce contraband:

US tax law fuels, then kills, a discount tobacco industry; tobacco tax hike campaigners blame tobacco companies for complying with law (cigarettes, RYO, pipe tobacco, cigars):

Tobacco industry funded Heartland Institute commentary cherry picks data, opposes all so-called sin taxes, misrepresents fiscal and public health benefits of responsible taxation:

Light Cigarettes

Lynn Kozlowski: Lighter cigarettes by any other name would kill as many smokers:

Plain Packaging

UK Parliament Debate on Plain Packaging:

UK Health Minister calls for cigarette packaging ban despite Cameron backdown:

Huffington Post op/ed condemns Philip Morris for opposing plain packaging:

International Trade Agreements

NY Times editorial congratulates Malaysia for delaying Trans Pacific Partnership over tobacco, inaccurately refers to tobacco prohibitionists as public health advocates, claims TPP would increase tobacco deaths but provides no evidence:

Wall St. Journal editorial criticizes attempt to exempt tobacco from Trans Pacific Partnership as unwarranted because it will result in other countries seeking exemptions for foreign-made products that prohibitionists and protectionists seek to ban:

Left wing Daily Kos urges exempting tobacco (and probably every other product and industry) from international trade agreements:


Tobacco prohibitionists to hold "tobacco endgame" conference in India, 500 prohibitionists from 50 countries to attend: