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Bill Godshall Update 2013-09-18

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - September 18th, 2013


E-cigarettes - US

Henry Waxman and other House Democrats repeat false and misleading claims about e-cigarettes by CDC, FDA and ALA in letters to FDA's Margaret Hamburg (urging her to propose the 'deeming' regulation that would ban all e-cigarettes) and to House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairs (urging them to hold hearings):

Jacob Sullum: Why should we be alarmed when teenage smokers try e-cigarettes?

Windsor Mann - Misbehave responsibly with e-cigarettes:

CNN's repeats CDC and ALA lies about e-cigs and youth, Godshall posts corrections:

ECF - CDC Frets about Gateway Effect:

Analyst projection: E-cigs will overtake traditional tobacco revenue at Reynolds by 2021:

The ECF Interview - Gregory Conley of CASAA:

Can e-cigarettes be a public health victory?

Bloomberg Street Smart: Are E-Cigarettes a Legitimate Way to Quit Smoking?

Siegel, Glantz and Washington Post reporter discuss e-cigarettes:

Mike Siegel exposes and criticizes false and misleading claims about e-cigarettes, but continues to inaccurately call e-cig opponents 'anti smoking advocates':

E-Cigarette debate: Health tool or gateway device? Rather objective article, except Neal Benowitz falsely claims some e-cigarettes have a lot of contaminants, create nicotine dependence and can be gateways to cigarettes, fails to disclose his conflicts of interests:

Editorial in The Lancet ignores scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs, repeats false fear mongering claims by drug industry funded e-cig prohibitionists, FDA and CDC:

NY Times runs another editorial urging FDA to regulate/ban e-cigarettes, falsely calls use of smokefree e-cigs 'smoking', falsely claims nicotine is 'dangerous', falsely claims flavored e-cigs are target marketed to young people, repeats CDC's false propaganda:

ACSH - E-cigarette confusion reigns, thanks to misguided 'authorities':

FOX News article by Dr. Marc Siegel makes many false claims about e-cigarettes, repeats CDC director Tom Frieden's false and misleading claims about e-cigs and youth:
Godshall and others correct the many inaccurate statements in FOX News article:

Mike Siegel - How low can we go:

National Geographic repeats false and misleading claims about e-cigarette by four e-cigarette opponents:

White Cloud joins CORESTA:

Discovery repeats false claims by CDC and French magazine about e-cigarettes:

Toledo Blade reprints Pittsburgh Post Gazette editorial that repeats CDC's false claims about e-cigarettes, urges FDA to regulate (er ban) the products:

Legacy cites affiliate websites of several e-cig companies in urging FDA to impose deeming regulation on e-cigarettes, which would ban the products:
Can technology make smoking safe?

Dr. Oz says he's not convinced e-cigarettes are 'a good tool to quit smoking' despite recent study's findings because he's 'really concerned about kids' (which is irrelevant to their effectiveness for quitting smoking):

Abstinence-only zealot Joel Spitzer denounces smokers who sharply reduce cigarette consumption with e-cigs as 'dual users,' falsely claims e-cigs create more 'addicts':

E-cigarettes State/Local

25 States now ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors:

Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation claims e-cigarettes are tobacco products under Section 569.101 Florida Statutes (prohibiting sales to minors) at:
...but e-cigarettes don't meet the definition of 'tobacco products' in Section 569.002(6) Florida Statutes because they cannot 'be used for smoking, sniffing, or chewing.'

E-cigarette sales to minors banned in Arizona:

Hundreds of e-cigarette users convene in Las Vegas (NV):

SB 568 in CA would ban internet advertising of tobacco and e-cigarettes to minors:

E-cigs get mixed reviews (CO):

Post Bulletin to host discussion about e-cigarettes in Rochester, MN on 9/18:

Duluth News Tribune editorial repeats prohibitionist ALA's false fear mongering claims about e-cigs, calls for 'fair and responsible rules' but endorses unwarranted usage ban:

Letter to editor corrects some of Duluth News Tribunes false claims about e-cigs (MN):

Hermantown (MN) protects cigarette markets by banning e-cig use in workplaces, limiting e-cig sales:

Daily News editorial - Nanny government identifies a new target (MA):

Lubbock (TX) tobacco cessation specialist Dawn Hudgens wisely encourages smokers to try e-cigarettes to quit smoking:

No Lubbock (TX) city code addressing e-cigarettes:

Registered nurse opens up e-cigarette shop to offer smokers healthy alternative (MI):

Made in Michigan - Victory Electronic Cigarettes:

Tri Community Coalition's Judy Rubin reveals how little she knows about e-cigarettes, while urging smokers to 'stay away' from the far less hazardous alternatives (MI):

E-cigarettes at dinner? No problem at these top smoke-free restaurants (NYC):

Charlotte (NC) pediatrician Rhonda Patt repeats false claims about e-cigarettes by FDA, CDC and other prohibitionists and propagandists:

Tribune Review columnist repeats false claims about e-cigs as factual (PA):

E-cigarette lounge opens in California:

University of California repeats and further exaggerates false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigarettes by UC's Prue Talbot and UC's Pamela Ling:

Univ. of California's TRDRP to host discussion on e-cigarettes on October 3, but only invite e-cigarette prohibitionists, propagandists and regulatory advocates:

Sacramento Bee's Dr. Michael Wilkes repeats nonsense about e-cigarettes (CA):

Change Lab Solutions protects cigarette markets, threatens smokers and vapers by promoting model ordinance that lies about e-cigarettes, falsely defines the lifesaving smokefree alternatives as 'smoking devices', and bans their use (CA):

Anti-Harm Reduction Hacks Struggle to Solve E-cigarette 'Problem' (CA):

E-Cigarettes International

German Court: E-cigarette sales cannot be restricted (products aren't 'medicines'):

Clive Bates - Making bad law - legal vulnerabilities in EU the Tobacco Products Directive:

At tobacco prohibition rally in India, WHO's Margaret Chan threatens lives of EU vapers and smokers, protects cigarette markets by lobbying for proposed Tobacco Products Directive to ban e-cigarettes, while scapegoating Philip Morris on plain packaging; Godshall posts comment on Chan's claims and counterproductive proposed EU TPD:

E-cigarettes may be a better way to stop smoking (UK):

E-Lites signs deal with Rangers football club (UK):

Tobacco firms to spend millions on 'glamorous' e-cigarette TV commercials (UK):

Dick Puddlecote: Failure Is Success; Real Success Must Be Banned (EU):

Canadian Cancer Society absurdly claims it's a 'myth' that e-cigs help smokers quit:

Isreali Health Ministry upset smokers are switching to far less hazardous e-cigs, plans to ban usage where smoking is banned even though smoking is still allowed in many places:,7340,L-4430314,00.html

Sun-Herald and reporter Eammon Duff claim Australia may ban cigarettes if forthcoming study finds e-cigs as safe and effective as other studies have found, but provide no evidence of headline's and reporter's claim about cigarette prohibition:

University of Queensland's Corral Gartner exposes Sun-Herald's cigarette prohibition claims as incorrect (Austrlia):

Dick Puddlecote exposes Sun-Herald's absurd claims about cigarette prohibition:

Smokeless Tobacco

Despite negligible disease risks from smokeless tobacco use and no risks for nonusers, Amy Dickinson urges father to prohibit son from using smokeless tobacco in house:

Indoor Smoking Bans

As ACS, AHA, ALA have focused on demonizing and banning smokefree e-cigarettes and dissolvables since 2009, Ohio Dept. of Health Department's enforcement of 2007 voter approved smokefree workplace law plummets even further:

Outdoor Bans

After two years, North Idaho College scraps campus tobacco use ban because it was 'complete failure', creates smoking areas:

Ball State (IN) campus smoking ban sends smokers off campus to smoke, upsetting nearby residents and causing litter:

More Georgia colleges tighten rules on tobacco use, ALA pushes for total tobacco bans even though smokefree tobacco/nicotine products don't cause any lung diseases:


Christopher Snowdon - Tobacco taxes and excessive profits (UK):

Healthcare Insurance Discrimination

Affordable Care Act's allowance of 50% higher premiums for tobacco users enrolled in state health exchanges isn't affordable and unfairly punishes tobacco users (as most of America's 70 million tobacco users incur no higher healthcare costs than non tobacco users, while daily cigarette smokers incur no more than 20% higher healthcare costs):

Employment Discrimination

Nicotine test not valid proof of smoking:

Smoking Cessation Drugs

Pfizer sponsored study finds 36% of depressed smokers quit with varenicline (Chantix/Champix) compared to 16% taking placebo, authors report 'no clinically relevant differences between groups in suicidal ideation or behavior and no overall worsening of depression or anxiety in either group':

Trade Agreements

Ukraine, Honduras revive tobacco dispute with Australia at WTO:

Sen. Sherrod Brown criticizes Trans Pacific Partnership over tobacco:

Glantz denounces capitalism, corporations, trade agreements, Obama and of course tobacco companies, promotes more unwarranted federal regulations:


Prohibitionists in Hong Kong claim most residents support tobacco sales ban by 2022: