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Bill Godshall Update 2013-09-26

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - September 26th, 2013

E-cigarettes (FDA/CDC)

After seven months, Obama still hasn't responded to our Petition to White House to "Prevent the FDA from regulating or banning the sale and use of electronic cigarettes, accessories and associated liquids" signed by >25,000 e-cig users:

Day after Ohio AG Mike DeWine's coauthored letter urged FDA to ban e-cig sales to minors (and impose other unwarranted regs), Ohio House Cmte approves bill (HB 144) to ban e-cig sales to minors over opposition by drug industry funded e-cig prohibitionists (that falsely claimed e-cigs were target marketed to youth when urging FDA to unlawfully ban e-cigs in 2009, campaigned for state e-cig sales bans from 2009-2011 and state/local e-cig usage bans since 2009, and are now urging FDA to impose 'deeming' reg on e-cigs to once again ban e-cig sales) and by THR opponent Sen. Sherrod Brown.

FDA's Rita Chappelle delineated agency's policy to deceive public about e-cigarettes 'We don't want the public to perceive them as a safer alternative to cigarettes.'  (4/13/2009)

After eight months, FDA still refuses to make public more than 5,200 comments submitted to agency docket on Section 918 (accounting for >99% of docket submissions) by smokers who quit smoking by switching to e-cigs, and by other THR advocates.!docketDetail;D=FDA-2012-N-1148

Mike Siegel: New study shows that regular use of electronic cigarettes by nonsmoking youth is extremely low, survey finds just 0.1% in 2/2010, 0.3% in 10/2010, and 0.4% in 6/2011 of nonsmoking high school students had used an e-cig in past-30-days, consistent with 0.5% found in the 2011 NTYS survey that CDC's Tom Frieden misrepresented to confuse, scare and lobby for unwarranted and counterproductive FDA regulation/ban.

CDC's lies about e-cigs being gateway to smoking debunked by new study finding that children of smoking parents are three times more likely to smoke (than children of nonsmokers), and that children with older siblings who smoke are six times more likely to smoke (than children with nonsmoking siblings).

In contrast to CDC's lies about e-cigarettes, another new study finds 'the three biggest risk factors for starting smoking are being impulsive, using alcohol regularly, and getting poor grades in school.'

CASAA - E-Cigarettes: Rush To Regulate Could Destroy Effective Alternatives

FDA to give $273 million to many THR opponents and advocates of FDA regulations that protect cigarette markets at expense of far less hazardous smokefree tobacco/nicotine alternatives and public health, to call them Tobacco Centers for Regulatory Science

SFATA Fly-In Hits the Hill with members of Congress on October 3& 4

Former American Lung Association President and CEO Charles Connor Joins Electronic Cigarette Industry Group

ACSH: Pundits and officials keep the propaganda going against e-cigarettes

Alarm bells sound over e-cigarettes, Mike Siegel says concerns premature, overblown

Drug industry funded coalition (that urged FDA to unlawfully ban e-cigs in 2009) urges Obama to impose FDA 'deeming' and other regulations on e-cigs, cigars and OTP, which would protect cigarette and NRT markets (by banning e-cigs and/or giving e-cig industry to Big Tobacco) and increase Altria's market share of cigar industry; falsely claim flavored e-cigs and cigars are marketed to youth, fail to acknowledge that e-cigs are far less hazardous alternatives to cigarettes, that millions of smokers have quit by switching to e-cigs, or that their coalition has a several hundred million dollar conflict of interest (since they are marketers, lobbyists and propagandists for drug companies).

NAAG letter signed by 37 State AGs urges FDA's Margaret Hamburg to propose e-cig regs by end of October, falsely claims nicotine in e-cigs is 'highly addictive' and 'dangerous', falsely accuses companies of marketing to youth, fails to acknowledge the 'deeming' reg threatens lives of vapers and smokers by banning all e-cigs and that other proposed regs would ban 99% of e-cig products and give e-cig industry to Big Tobacco.

Only several State AGs who urged the FDA to ban e-cig sales to minors have urged their own State legislature to ban e-cig sales to minors.

News media report State AGs fear mongering propaganda about e-cigarettes, but fail to acknowledge that e-cigs are 99% less hazardous than cigarettes, have helped several million smokers quit, have replaced consumption of 750 million cigarette packs in the US, are virtually all consumed by smokers and former smokers who quit by switching, haven't been known to create nicotine dependence in any nonsmoker (youth or adult), and haven't been known to precede smoking in any smoker.,0,4358504.story

Holy End Run! Attorneys General Urge Action as E-cigarettes Gain Market Share

Wake Forest's Roger Beahm says aggressive marketing of e-cigs may be due to FDA's stated intent to impose marketing restrictions on the products, as companies want to increase market share and consumer recognition before restrictions are imposed.

Obama says he hasn't had a cigarette in about six years 'because I'm scared of my wife.'

CASAA Call to Action World Vaping Day on 9/19/13

John Madden: Top 20 Rebuttals to Win an E-Cigarette Debate

USA Today editors threaten public health and protect cigarettes by falsely claiming e-cigs are as addictive as cigarettes (there's no evidence e-cigs have caused dependence in any nonsmoker) and are gateways to cigarettes (there's no evidence e-cig use preceded smoking in any smoker), denies scientific evidence that e-cigs are more effective than NRT for quitting smoking, advocates FDA 'deeming' regulation (that would ban all e-cigs) and state e-cig use bans (despite lots of evidence e-cigs pose no risks to nonusers).

In sharp contrast to USA Today editorial's false fear mongering claims about e-cigs, Lorillard CEO Murray Kessler tells truth about e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction

CT Senator Richard Blumenthal (who tried banning e-cig sales in 2009 in CT when he was Attorney General) wants FDA to impose 'deeming' regulation on e-cigs (that would once again ban e-cig sales) and to ban flavored e-cigs and online sales, CASAA's Greg Conley exposes and corrects Blumenthal's false claims.

Ohio Senator Sherrid Brown lies about e-cigarette to lobby for FDA regulations, CASAA's Greg Conley corrects some of Brown's false claims, while SFATA's Phil Damon says e-cigs shouldn't be regulated by FDA as tobacco.

Michael Smerconish: A positive whiff of e-cigarettes (PA)

Time Magazine - The Future of Smoking: Electronic cigarettes could save lives '“ or hook a new generation on nicotine (the last part is false, but Time wants to sell magazines),9171,2152409,00.html

CASAA's Greg Conley: Faulty reading of stats on e-cigarettes

E-cigarette sales surpass $1 billion as Big Tobacco moves in

The world's biggest tobacco companies have or are developing e-cigarettes or have bought companies that make that product

FDA releases transcript of 8/15/09 Joint Meeting of the FDA Risk Communication Advisory Committee and Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee to discuss 'understandable and not misleading' communication of the Hazardous and Potentially Hazardous Constituent lists that were intended (by drug industry funded CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, Pinney lobbyists who wrote the HPHC clause a decade ago) to confuse, scare and usher in even more counterproductive regulations (as constituent levels in cigarette smoke and in smokeless tobacco aren't associated with disease risks, and since all cigarettes are 100 times more hazardous than all smokeless tobacco products).

Good Morning America's 5 Things You Need to Know About E-Cigarettes falsely refers to ALA e-cigarette prohibitionist and propagandist Erika Seward (who urged FDA to ban e-cigs in 2009) as an 'expert', fails to disclose ALA's huge financial conflicts of interest.

Booming sales of e-cigarettes attract big time marketing and more calls for regulation (MO)

Nature: Regulation stacks up for e-cigarettes (repeats false claims by THR opponents)

NY Times won't print letters exposing their editorial's many false claims about e-cigs, but prints a letter that falsely states 'The tobacco industry's marketing of electronic cigarettes to teenagers' despite no evidence e-cigs are marketed to teens and the fact that only 1 of >400 companies that market e-cigs nationwide is a tobacco company.

Frank Davis: E-cigarettes and filters

E-solution: vaping to quit (NY)

How do e-cigarettes work? An interview with Legacy e-cig opponent David Abrams, who now claims the just some e-cigs are hazardous (in lobbying for FDA regulation), but fails to disclose which e-cigs he believes are hazardous, how FDA 'deeming' regulation can improve e-cigs (as e-cigs are already 99% less hazardous than cigarettes, while 'deeming' regulation would ban all e-cigs) or his extensive financial conflicts of interest.

Anti-nicotine extremist CASAColumbia's Susan Foster repeats false claims about e-cigs to lobby for FDA regs

Univ. of Ottawa Heart Institute denies existence of scientific and empirical evidence that consistently confirms e-cigarettes have helped more than a million smokers quit.

Two week old Fox News broadcast repeated lies by Obama CDC director Tom Freiden about e-cigs to push FDA regs that would protect cigarette markets by banning all/most e-cigarettes, by decimating the e-cig industry and/or by giving it to Big Tobacco.

Wall St. Journal MarketWatch article deceitfully entitled 'Electronic cigarettes stub out no-smoking signs' falsely claims e-cigs 'may also be contributing to a rise in underage smoking, marijuana use, and other illegal activities,' provides no evidence.

Gerald Grosso claims teens are using e-cigs for illegal drugs, but provides no evidence.

Safety debate grows as e-cigarettes gain popularity despite consistent evidence indicating e-cigs are 99% less hazardous than cigarettes, have helped millions quit smoking and pose no risks to nonusers. (MI)

UAPB's Toni McCastle repeats and further exaggerates CDC's false claims about e-cigarettes and nicotine to confuse and scare under guise of health education (AR)


US Justice Dept: ATF lost track of 420 million cigarettes in sting operations

THR Research

Brad Rodu: Population level proof snus saving Swedish smokers' lives as tobacco consumption declines

New study finds snus is most preferred and effective smoking cessation aid in Norway,
and most snus users in Norway are former smokers.

Brad Rodu: Nicotine Safety

Konstantinos Farsalinos - Misrepresenting research on e-cigarettes: The case of the '60 Millions De Consommateurs' French magazine

PulmCCM: E-cigarettes prove effective for smoking cessation (Lancet)

CASAA's Carl Phillips debates Stan Glantz, who falsely claims (among many things) 'To say e-cigarettes are less dangerous than cigarettes is a little bit like saying jumping out of the 10th story of a building is less dangerous than jumping out of the 50th story,' as e-cigs use hasn't killed anyone while jumping from a building's 10th story is always fatal.

ACS study finds hookah/shisha less hazardous than smoking cigarettes

Insurance/Employment Discrimination

Handling of e-cigarettes by some insurers, employers a drag for users (PA/US)

Moody Bible will no longer ban alcohol, tobacco for employees

E-cigarette Safety

Despite being federally regulated and having better safety record than batteries in laptops, cellphones and flashlights, battery in e-cig explodes in recharger, boy suffers minor burns.

US Senator Chuck Shumer reveals that more batteries in cellphones have exploded than have batteries in e-cigarettes, despite federal regulation of batteries.

E-cigarette Usage Bans

No one can find a good reason to ban electronic cigarettes, but it 'Looks Like Smoking!'
Seal Beach to limit e-cig businesses (CA)

Prohibitionists on Benicia (CA) City Council ban e-cigarette use in workplaces (except bars) despite no risk to public and negligible if any risk to users.

JW Terrill's Diana Andrea repeats false claims about e-cigarette by ALA, ACS, ANR; Godshall posts corrections and exposes financial conflicts of interest of e-cig opponents

Kennesaw (GA) Councilman Chris Welsh proposes ordinance that would ban smoking and the use of smokefree e-cigs in indoor workplaces and public places.

Beltrami City and County (MN) consider new e-cig regulations

E-cigarette Sales Bans to Minors

Michigan legislation (HB 4997) would ban sale of tobacco derived products and vapor products to minors

Nebraska legislators to discuss banning sale of e-cigarettes to minors

Palestine Herald-Press (TX) article repeats CDC's lies about e-cigarettes, falsely claims Texas law bans sales of e-cigs to minors.

E-Cigarette Taxation

Wisconsin State Rep Garey Bies to introduce bill that would tax e-cigarettes (and increase OTP tax) at same $2.52/pack tax rate for far more hazardous cigarettes, would authorize a 'commission' to determine the e-cig tax rate (that is purportedly equivalent to the $2.52/pack cigarette tax), would require retailers to locate all e-cigs and tobacco 'behind the counter' (where 3 Big Tobacco companies control most display racks) or in locked case.

Wisconsin smokers are quitting.  The solution? Tax nonsmokers.

Oregon lawmakers debate e-cigarette taxes, but no legislation introduced

Indoor Tobacco Use Bans

Chester County (PA) housing authority does bait and switch by correctly claiming secondhand smoke is hazardous, then banning all tobacco use (including smokeless).

E-cigarettes International

Clive Bates and Gerry Stimson: Costs and burdens of medicines regulation for e-cigarettes (26 page report on the negative health, economic and legal ramifications of regulating e-cigarettes as medicines in the UK and the EU).

Gerry Stimson: Costs and Burdens of Medicines Regulations for E-cigarettes

MEP Linda McAvan argues that proposed EU Tobacco Products Directive to ban e-cigarettes throughout the EU (unless countries regulate them as medicines, which would also ban them in every EU country except the UK) would benefit public health, and even the announced UK MHRA regulation of e-cigs as medicines by 2016 could ban all e-cigs.

No Smoke! The $1 Billion E-Cigarette Boom (interview with Intellicig)

UK Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) bans three e-cig advertisements because the ads didn't make it clear that the products contained nicotine.

Citing CDC's fear mongering claims about e-cigarettes, Blackburn youth MP promotes similar anti e-cigarette propaganda in UK

Australian smokers buying e-liquid to replace deadly cigarettes despite ban

Government approved smoking cessation drugs

Smoking-cessation drug triggers violent reaction

UK NHS to spend £11million of taxpayer's money to give less than effective nicotine patches to prison inmates.

Trade Agreements

Indonesia joins WTO fight over Australia's counterproductive plain packaging law