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Bill Godshall Update 2013-10-03

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - October 3rd, 2013


E-cigarettes (US)

12 Senate Democrats and Henry Waxman falsely accuse e-cigarette companies of target marketing to youth (just as the FDA did in 2009) without providing any evidence, send bullying 'witch hunt' letters to e-cig companies asking them how they market to youth:

CASAA - US Government officials create false crisis, mislead public about e-cigarettes:

Despite no evidence that e-cigs have ever created nicotine dependence in any nonsmoker or have ever preceded smoking in any smoker, Obama appointed CDC director Tom Frieden now falsely claims "many kids are starting out with e-cigarettes and then going on to smoke conventional cigarettes'"; Godshall posts correction:

Mike Siegel - CDC Director and Stan Glantz appear to be fabricating scientific evidence to oppose electronic cigarettes:

CDC NHIS finds percentage of 18-24 year olds who have never smoked a cigarette continues to grow, refutes CDC director Tom Frieden's false claim that e-cigs are gateway to cigarettes for young people:

Ex-Lung Association Chief Leases His Lungs to E-Cigarette Industry: "Science should triumph over opinion", says past president of the American Lung Association: but FIN/ECIG is urging FDA to impose 'deeming' regulation (that would ban e-cig sales) and is urging FDA to ban its competitors who marketed on Internet:

Motley Fool - Put this tobacco company in your pipe and smoke it (cites benefits of e-cigs for smokers, says anti-tobacco lobby should embrace smokefree alternatives):

'Vaper': E-cig users see them as a less-harmful alternative (TN):

Heartland Institute's Matthew Glans - Research & Commentary: Age Restrictions for Electronic Cigarettes (advocates state laws banning e-cig sales to minors):

Regulatory cloud hangs over e-cigarette revolution (US/EU):

Bloomberg interviews V2 CEO Andries Verleur about e-cigarettes and FDA regulation:

Will taxes and regulation rein in the booming e-cigarette market?
(Reveals why several e-cig companies want FDA e-cig regulation and taxation -- to eliminate competitors, Godshall posts corrections):

Time Magazine headline falsely claims faulty battery 'shows need for e-cigarette regulation' by FDA, as batteries are already regulated by other federal agencies, and FDA hasn't indicated any interest in regulating batteries:

US Patent awarded to 7's Electronic Cigarette:

Will Arnett vapes an e-cig on Jimmy Kimmel Live (last 30 seconds of segment):

Jimmy Kimmel vapes Will Arnett's e-cig (last 40 seconds of segment):

Due to fear mongering lies by FDA, CDC and other THR opponents, SNL falsely portrays nicotine as harmful as meth, and the use of smokefree e-cigs as smoking:


FDA approves 4 more Substantial Equivalent (SE) applications for 2 RYO papers and tips, and for 2 RYO filtered cigarette tubes.  To date, FDA has approved 6 SE applications (2 for cigarettes, and 4 for RYO), rejected 8 SE applications, reported 151 withdrawn SE applications, and has refused to accept 22 letters for exemption requests.

FDA produces 7 minute training video to assist reailers to not sell cigarettes or smokeless tobacco to minors:

FDA to host webinar on October 9 about CTP Director Mitch Zeller, which probably won't mention that Zeller worked for GlaxoSmithKline funded Pinney Associates during past decade lobbying to ban/restrict marketing of smokefree tobacco alternatives and e-cigs, and lobbying to increase and preserve sales of nicotine gums, lozenges and patches:


Drug industry funded groups lobby for Obama's proposed 95% tobacco excise tax increase (including a $.94/pack federal cigarette tax increase):

Obama's budget proposal (tobacco excise tax increase cited on pages 22 and 202):

Insurance Discrimination

Tobacco users may have to quit (or lie) to obtain affordable healthcare insurance because Obama's Affordable Care Act lets insurers unfairly discriminate against tobacco users:

Employment Discrimination

CoxHealth claims it doesn't want to employ smokers, but refuses to fire employees who smoke, and instead does bait-and-switch by refusing to hire any nicotine users (MO):

Lafayette Journal and Courier editor repeats CDC lies about e-cigarettes addicting youth, urges FDA to impose 'deeming' regulation that would ban sales to adults, but fails to acknowledge that fact or that Indiana law already bans e-cig sales to minors (IN):

Indoor Smoking Bans

NYC apartment complex will be smoke-free:

E-cigarettes (State/Local)

In letter defending his veto of legislation to ban the sale of 'vapor products' to minors, RI Gov. Chafee falsely claims that e-cigs aren't 'vapor products', falsely claims it is counterproductive to ban e-cig sales to minors unless the products are first taxed, licensed and more heavily regulated:

Ocean City (NJ) City Council bans smoking and e-cigarette use at parks by falsely defining smoking as including use of smokefree e-cigs:

CASAA Call to Action - Support PA legislation (SB 1055) to ban alternative nicotine product sales to minors:

After Florida Dept. of Business and Regulation falsely claims law bans e-cig sales to minors, bill (SB 224) introduced to ban alternative nicotine product sales to minors:

After unsuccessful attempts to ban e-cig sales to adults, NY Assemblywoman Rosenthal introduces legislation (A08178) that would ban e-cig use in all workplaces by falsely redefining 'smoking' to include the use of smokefree e-cigs:

CASAA Call to Action - Support Nebraska legislation to ban e-cig sales to minors:

After CDC NYTS finds just 0.5% of nonsmoking teens reported e-cig use in past 30 days, WMTW-TV falsely claims "it's easy for e-cigarettes to get into the hands of children", Maine CDC director Sheila Pinette falsely claims that a 2012 study found e-cigs cause 'harm to the lung' and that nicotine 'does cause bad side effects such as lung cancer':

KC Star article repeats fear mongering propaganda about e-cigs (MO):

Register-Mail editors repeat Obama CDC's lies about e-cigarettes and youth to lobby for FDA regulations that would ban product sales to adult smokers, fail to acknowledge Illinois law already bans e-cig sales to minors (IL):

NBC Bay Area further exaggerates lies about e-cigs by FDA, CDC and other e-cig opponents, confuses e-cigs with MJ vaporizers (CA):!/on-air/as-seen-on/Growing-Number-of-Youth-Smoking-Vaporizers-Alarms-Health-Officials/225919341

Electronic cigarette users say advertisement do not target kids (NC):

Idaho Press-Tribune editors repeat CDC and State AG lies about e-cigs to lobby for FDA regulations that would ban e-cig sales to adult smokers, fail to reveal that Idaho law already bans e-cig sales to minors (ID):

Should e-cigarettes be banned from restaurants? editor James Oliver Cury exposes facts about e-cigarettes, while poll respondents oppose usage bans in restaurants:

More cities enact restrictions on e-cigarettes due to lies by Obama appointees and drug industry funded 'smoking cessation' front groups (MN):

As e-cigarette stores pop up in Twin Cities, so does fear-mongering by opponents (MN):

Jason Ashley Wright, who claims to know "nada about e-cigs", truthfully states "Reports may change minds on e-cigarettes", but fails to reveal that cited reports were fear-mongering propaganda (OK):

Regulations may tighten on popular e-cigarettes due to false and misleading claims (MA):

E-cigarettes, an industry on the make (FL):

Utah Vapers establish product and retail standards:

After generating dozens of news stories in past three years falsely claiming that e-cigs appeal to youth (which encouraged teens to try e-cigs), UT Health Dept. now concerned that more teens have reported using an e-cig:

Despite Utah's ban on e-cig sales to minors under 19 and ban on e-cig use in workplaces, UT Dept. of Health still falsely claims "New nicotine products are not regulated. There is no credible evidence that claimed ingredients are accurate and complete, that they are safe for human consumption, or that they can effectively be used as a cessation tool. Until such evidence can be provided, they should not be considered safe":


Health Canada begins protecting health of vapers and smokers by NOT enforcing its absurd e-cig ban that has protected cigarettes:

Mike Siegel - 8th National Conference on Tobacco or Health in Canada to be Sponsored by Big Pharma:


The Economist - Sending the wrong smoke-signal: European lawmakers should reject proposals to control electronic cigarettes as strictly as medicines:

Kodak moment; as regulators wrestle with e-smokes, the tobacco industry is changing fast:

Estonian court protects cigarettes, threatens consumer's lives by ruling that e-cigs containing >4mg of nicotine are banned 'medicines', rejects scientifically accurate claim by e-cig company Zandora that e-cigarette use is less harmful than cigarette smoking:

E-Cigarette Summit 2013 - The Royal Society, London, UK, 12th November 2013:

Gerry Stimson - Public Health call for EU snus ban to be lifted:

Karl Lund - "Norway: Tobacco Harm Reduction in the real world"

Tobacco Giant Lorillard Buys British E-Cigarette Maker SKYCIG:

Spain's Association of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery falsely claims e-cigs as hazardous as smoking cigarettes; Godshall posts correction:

Public health professor Martin McKee wants policy makers to ignore health benefits of e-cigs, writes "What is clear is that the more attention policy makers give to the aggressive marketing of e-cigarettes in their own countries, the more they conclude that the downsides far exceed any benefits" (UK):

The ANTZ pet rabble rouser (criticizes Martin McKee's nonsensical e-cig tweets) (UK):

Vickie Morrish urges e-cig companies to violate law by claiming "Advertising needs to focus on e-cigarettes as a tobacco deterrent", moralizes about e-cig ads; Godshall posts corrections (UK):

European Union starts new graft inquiry into former tobacco regulator John Dalli:

UK Advertising Standards Authority protects cigarettes and threatens smokers health by banning first three e-cigarette advertisements on television:

Cancer Research UK deceitfully claims EU Tobacco Products Directive's ban on e-cigarettes proposes rules for "new nicotine-containing products such as electronic cigarettes", dozens of commenters post correction and criticism of CRUK:

Economically-challenged snus and e-cig prohibitionist Anna Gilmore absurdly claims tobacco companies "have eliminated competition between cigarettes and lower-risk buying up snus manufacturers and more recently nicotine producers", and that "competition between cigarettes and SLT will reduce the potential for harm reduction to benefit public health":
Meanwhile, Gilmore also claims "competition between cigarettes and clean nicotine products will decrease, limiting the potential for harm reduction to benefit public health and maintaining the status quo of cigarettes", if tobacco companies continue to invest "in pure nicotine products".

Stan Glantz touts Anna Gilmore's economic nonsense about market competition between cigarettes and far less hazardous smokefree alternatives as "Lessons for ecig policy":

Cancer Research UK unethically encourages more than a thousand youth to smoke, then claims cigarette packages urge youth to smoke to demonize industry and lobby for plain packaging law; clueless news media reprints Cancer Research UK's propaganda as fact:

Scottish Grocers' Federation tells truth about cigarette packaging:

Other International

China's e-cigarette inventor fights for financial rewards: