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Bill Godshall Update 2013-10-09

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - October 9th, 2013

E-cigarettes (EU)

European Parliament rejects proposed e-cigarette sales ban (via regulation as medicine), retains nonsensical snus ban, bans cigarette additives and flavorings (after eight years), requires larger warning labels, tentatively approves new tobacco regulations that (except for not banning e-cigs) will do very little to reduce smoking:

EU Parliament press release on Tobacco Product Directive:

Proposed amendments to EU Tobacco Products Directive (e-cig Amendment 170 approved by 362-298 vote):

London MEP successfully scuppers plans to tighten e-cig regulations:

Konstantinos Farsalinos - A triumph for vapers, smokers and (most importantly) common sense: the European Parliament rejected the medicinal regulation for e-cigarettes:

Christopher Snowdon - Tobacco Products Directive: the jury is in:

Bad news for US burley growers: Europe ban most tobacco additives:

Philip Morris International points out major flaws in EU Parliament approved Tobacco Products Directive:

Clive Bates: Some very simple arguments for the EU on snus:

Christopher Snowdon - David Cameron and packs of ten:

Left wing ANTZ falsely criticize EU Parliament of caving in to Big Tobacco:

The final week of the EU campaign

Clive Bates: Everyone is involved but no-one is responsible - amending the tobacco directive (10/2/13):

French doctors voice support for e-cigarettes:

Clive Bates: Campaigning lessons from Damian McBride (10/3/13)

Conservative MEP Martin Callanan says "NO" to medical e-cigs (UK/EU)

Clive Bates: Why is the EU banning Europe's most effective anti-smoking strategy? (10/7/13)

Several dozen UK e-cig opponents (including several who claim to support e-cigs) sign letter urging European MEPs to ban e-cigs (by regulating them as medicines)

Christopher Snowdon: Harm reduction and its opponents (10/6/13)

WHO urges EU Parliament to approve proposed TPD (including the outrageous e-cig ban) day before vote (10/7/13)

Christopher Snowdon: Reasons to regulate e-cigarettes as consumer products (10/7/13)

BMJ: Clive Bates responds to Martin McKee
Re: E-cigarettes and the marketing push that surprised everyone

BMJ: Stimson, Dorn & Lines respond to Martin McKee
Re: E-cigarettes and the marketing push that surprised everyone

E-cig prohibitionists and propagandists Stan Glantz, Simon Chapman, Mike Daube, Anna Gilmore, Martin McKee and Ross MacKenzie misrepresent the scientific, public health and economic evidence about e-cigs to further confuse and scare, and to ban the products.

The Independent publishes anti e-cig rant with headline falsely claiming "Very little scientific research has been done into the effects of these devices"

UK Health Forum Survey finds differences in perceptions of "evidence" in public health

E-cigarettes (US)

Ad Age article says government shutdown could delay FDA deeming regulation, which would ban all e-cigs and/or give the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco

Washington Times article says government shutdown could delay FDA deeming regulation (Where There's Smoke on page 2)

FDA says government shutdown won't affect FDA tobacco staff or most activities

A video in The Hill claims the government shutdown halts federal regulations, while an article in The Hill claims FDA deeming regulation won't be delayed

Heartland Institute experts comment on e-cigarette decision in Europe

ACSH: EU Parliament supports smokers trying to quit by approving e-cigarettes

E-cigarette makers lobbying hard to shape rules for fast-growing industry

ACSH: The e-cig news keeps coming -- waiting for the FDA's proposal

An interview with the inventor of the electronic cigarette, Herbert A. Gilbert

Potential origin of the terms "vaping" and "vaper" (1980)

Drug industry funded CTFK changes e-cig policy again to push FDA deeming regulation that would ban e-cigs, makes more false and misleading fear mongering allegations, claims support for state laws banning e-cig sales to minors while opposing them, advocates state laws banning e-cig use despite no air pollution risk for nonusers (7/17/13)

Drug industry funded CTFK resorts to "guilt by association" to deceitfully portray c-cigs as hazardous as cigarettes, and e-cig companies as cigarette companies from decades ago to lobby for FDA "deeming" regulation that would once again ban e-cig sales and protect cigarette markets (in an another attempt to protect "tobacco dependence" drug markets).

Mike Siegel: Vuse e-cig advertisement attacked and misrepresented by extremists

LA Times editorial repeats false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs, falsely claims DOT banned e-cig use on airlines, urges temporary ban on product usage pending more research (despite evidence products pose no air pollution risks to nonusers),0,960098.story

San Diego Union Tribune article repeats fear mongering propaganda about e-cigs, CASAA's Greg Conley corrects misrepresentations (CA)

Drug industry funded prohibitionists need to apologize for their efforts to ban e-cigarettes

Providence Journal (RI) repeats propaganda by e-cig prohibitionists, urges FDA to regulate products, but fails to acknowledge FDA deeming reg would ban all e-cigs

Online age verification service

e-juiceMonkeys website hides cartoon monkey logo after State AGs falsely accuse company of target marketing to youth

FDA postpones webinar with Mitch Zeller

E-cigarettes popularity running ahead of government regulation (IA)

Tulsa doctor touts e-cigarettes, invests in company (OK)

Stan Glantz keeps protecting lethal cigarettes from smokefree e-cigs, confuses commercial claims with free speech, keeps misrepresenting scientific research on e-cigs

Legislation could ban e-cig sales to minors (FL)

Mason City (IA) Globe-Gazette editorial says e-cig use should be banned just because it looks like smoking

Columbus Dispatch endorses state legislation to ban e-cig sales to minors, but falsely claims that e-cigarettes are addictive (as there is no evidence e-cigs have created nicotine dependence in any nonsmoker) and repeats other CDC propaganda as factual

E-cigarettes popular nationally, not locally (IA)

Mankata (MN) City Council reconsiders e-cig usage ban

Vero Beach (FL) City Council wants to regulate e-cigs like lethal cigarettes, cites false claims about e-cigs by CDC as reason

Gainesville Sun article reveals e-cigs health benefits and negligible risks, FL Health Dept. official repeats CDC's false claims about e-cigs addicting youth (FL)

Sunrise (FL) Mayor Mike Ryan repeats CDC's false claims about e-cigs,0,2025838.story?

Despite no evidence e-cigs have ever created daily dependence in any nonsmoker, Indiana Youth Institute's Bill Stanczykiewicz repeats CDC's false and misleading claims about nicotine, e-cigs and youth (IN)

E-cigarette trend catching on, but St. Luke's Medical Center's Jim Souza repeats CDC's false fear mongering claims (ID)


A fresh look at tobacco harm reduction: the case for the electronic cigarette

Instead of researching the impact of e-cigs on consumers (virtually all of whom were/are smokers), FDA to spend $9.5 million to develop "reference" cigarettes, issues RFA

How much nicotine kills a human? Tracing back the generally accepted lethal dose to dubious self-experiments in the nineteenth century (evidence indicates that more than 500mg of nicotine is required to kill an adult, not 60mg as has been repeatedly claimed)

Konstantinos Farsalinos - Nicotine lethal dose by humans: A common argument by regulatory authorities, based on poor science

Mike Siegel: Latest data from UK show a striking increase in quit attempts associated with proliferation of electronic cigarettes

Stan Glantz keeps lying about scientific evidence to demonize and ban e-cigs (which protects cigarette markets and threatens lives of vapers and smokers), now absurdly claims 2011 survey of "ever use" of OTP is evidence e-cigs don't help smokers quit.

Study finds e-cig television ad encourages smokers to try using e-cigs, which is precisely why e-cig prohibitionists want to ban e-cig advertisements

E-cigarette opponents conclude: "from our review of the literature and bearing in mind the long experience with theatrical mists, the short-term toxicity can be considered to be very low - except for some individuals with reactive airways - and the long-term toxicity depends on the additives and contaminants in PG [propylene glycol] and/or glycerol."

Brad Rodu: The e-cigarette as "genuine competitor": Czech survey

Study assesses levels of various constituents in ten Indian smokeless tobacco products,  inaccurately presumes that all constituents are fully absorbed/ingested by consumers, and still finds that vast majority of constituents were below potentially hazardous levels.

Smoking/Vaping/Tobacco Use Bans

Quachita Parish (LA) Police Jury bans smoking (and use of smokefree e-cigs) in workplaces after being lobbied to do so by State funded extremist group.

Benton County (AR) judge pulls "bait and switch" by citing hazards of 2ndhand smoke indoors to ban all tobacco use (including smokeless) on county property (including outdoors).

Seattle King County Health Dept tells hookah and pot clubs that smoking is banned


US Supreme Court rejects cigarette companies appeal of Engle progeny cases in Florida


Arbitration panel rules that cigarette companies can reduce PA tobacco settlement payments by $180 million annually, State freezes program spending, AG appeals (PA)


Oregon enacts bill (HB 3601A) increasing cigarette tax by $.13/pack, sent to governor

While a $2/pack cigarette tax hike would increase smuggling in California, new report exaggerates current cigarette smuggling in CA, exaggerates future smuggling if $2/pack tax hike is enacted, inaccurately defines "smuggling" as including smokers lawfully carrying cigarettes across state border

Trade Agreements

Will Obama Fast-Track the Trans-Pacific Partnership? (left wingers oppose trade agreements)


CMAJ editorial defends Health Canada's nonsensical e-cig ban, repeats false and misleading fear mongering propaganda about e-cigs, publicizes it to news media, while claiming "decision-making must be guided by adequate scientific knowledge."

Despite no evidence that e-cigs have ever created daily dependence in any nonsmoker, and despite no evidence that e-cigs preceded smoking in any smoker, Peter Lin and Brian Goldman repeat CMAJ's false claims that e-cigs are addictive and a gateway to smoking

While editorializing for Canada' e-cig prohibition, CMAJ news article cites study finding e-cigs are more effective than patches for cessation, but calls them "modestly effective", repeats false fear mongering claims about youth use

Canadian anti tobacco extremists conspire to ban flavored OTP sales to adults by falsely claiming products are target marketed to youth, misrepresent youth survey data for "past 30 day use" as "daily use" while failing to reveal daily or weekly cigarette smoking data to confuse and scare (just as US CDC did last month with youth e-cig survey findings)

Other International

Japan Tobacco to Expand in Smokeless Products via M/A

Philippine doctor who opposed e-cigs reconsiders their benefits for smokers, Godshall posts comment