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Bill Godshall Update 2013-10-16

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - October 16th, 2013

E-cigarettes (US), FDA, E-cigarettes (State/Local), Scientific Inquiry (or lack thereof), Taxation, Youth smoking, Outdoor Smoking Bans, Flavoring Bans, E-cigarettes (UK/EU), E-cigarettes (Canada), Other International.

E-cigarettes (US)

CDC 2012 NYTS survey actually found that teen smokers were 45 times more likely than nonsmokers to report e-cig use in past 30 days (i.e. 24.2% of current smokers and 0.5% of nonsmokers, up from 10.3% and 0.3% respectively in 2011), and that 'ever smokers' were 40 times more likely than 'never smokers' to report 'ever use' of an e-cig (i.e. 31% of ever smokers and 0.8% of never smokers):

As CDC falsely claims e-cigs are addicting youth and are a gateway to cigarettes, 2012 USDUH and MTF surveys found that pack/day, half pack/day, daily, past month, past year initiation, and lifetime cigarette smoking rates ALL sharply declined among teens.

2012 NSDUH: Pack/day smoking rates among daily smokers by age group
2012 MTF: Half pack/day, daily, past 30 day and lifetime teen cigarette smoking rates
2012 NSDUH: Past month cigarette smoking by teens
2012 NSDUH: Past month use of different tobacco products by teens
2012 NSDUH: Past year cigarette initiation by teens
2012 NSDUH: Past year cigarette initiation by age of first use
Detailed analysis of 2012 CDC NYTS data on e-cig and cigarette use among teens

Action Alert - Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco:

After US House Energy & Commerce Committee warned DHHS, and after DHHS Inspector General warned CDC to stop unlawful spending of federal funds for lobbying -
...Change Lab Solutions still spends CDC funds (via LA Dept of Public Health) lobbying for local laws to ban e-cig use and ban/regulate e-cig sales, and for laws that falsely redefine smokefree e-cigs as 'smoking devices' and e-cig use as 'smoking' (CA):

V2's full-page 'open letter' in NY Times tells truth about e-cigs and the devastating ramifications FDA regulations would have on vapers, urges folks to contact Congress:

Gil Ross: Why is FDA shielding smokers from the good news about e-cigarettes?

CASAA's Elaine Keller - CDC director misleads Medscape:

ECCA UK issues 'A Beginner's Guide to Electronic Cigarettes'. This guide describes some of the many different e-cig products, and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED reading for nonvapers and others who inaccurately believe 'Cigalikes' are the only type of e-cig:

AEMSA's first year President's review:

Mixed Smoke Signals for C-stores (e-cig & OTP sales increase as cigarettes decline):

V2 cigs - S. Florida company's sales are smoking hot:

E-cigarette revolution promotes 'vaping' instead of smoking:

Healthy markups on e-cigarettes turn vacant storefronts into vape shops:

E-cigarette marketing seen threatened under FDA scrutiny; repeats CDC's lies about childhood addiction, fails to acknowledge FDA deeming regulation would ban e-cigs:

Who should control e-cigarettes; NPR Cleveland hosts discussion with drug industry funded CTFK e-cig prohibitionist Danny McGoldrick, OH AG Mike DeWine, ACSH public health advocate Gil Ross, and RJ Reynolds' David Howard:

Biased National Journal article repeats false claims by e-cig prohibitionists, fails to do any fact checking or interview anyone who supports or is objective about e-cigs:

Mike Siegel - Stan Glantz misrepresenting multiple studies to argue that electronic cigarettes don't aid smoking cessation:

NBC manufactures fear-mongering propaganda about e-cigs, pot and heroin:

Jacob Sullum - How e-cigarettes lead to heroin:

Jacob Sullum - E-cigarettes, Heroin, and the Gateway Theory:


FDA announces approval of Substantial Equivalence applications for three RYO tobacco paper products marketed by Republic Tobacco. To date, FDA has received more than 4,300 SE applications, has approved just 2 SE applications for cigarettes and 7 SE applications for RYO products, has rejected 8 SE applications, and reported 151 SE application withdrawals.

E-cigarettes (State / Local)

Proposed ban on electronic cigarettes sparks emotional debate in Evanston (IL):

Marion County (FL) Commissioner David Moore proposes banning e-cig use where smoking is banned, banning sales to minors, makes many false claims about e-cigs:

Berkeley (CA) Councilmember Kriss Worthington makes false claims about e-cig vaper, urges Health Commission to endorse banning e-cig use and restricting e-cig sales:

Despite no rational justification, Lakewood (CA) City Council approves drafting of ordinance to ban e-cig use and restrict sales:

CASAA Call to Action: Support Ohio bill to ban e-cig sales to minors - HB 144:

LA Times letter reveals that e-cig opponents are hypocritically advocating policies that would risk more cancer deaths:,0,484041.story

Local companies supply e-cigarette 'juice' (OR):

Univ of California to ban smokeless tobacco and e-cig use, but cannot enforce intolerant and nonsensical policy to deny consumers of their civil rights:

Mike Siegel - University of California to ban smokeless tobacco use and e-cig use on campus beginning January 1, 2014:

E-cig prohibitionists lobby for e-cig usage bans at colleges and universities, article falsely claims CASAA is an e-cig industry group:

Pender County (NC) Health Director Carolyn Moser tells County Commissioners that "to help her department get state accreditation she needed to add E-Cigarettes to the county policy on smoking which states that no cigarettes can be smoked within 50 feet of the Health Department building", but fails to cite any state requirement:

Melrose (MA) tackles e-cig trend; E-cig prohibitionists DJ Wilson and drug industry funded CTFK lobby for more laws even after Melrose banned e-cig sales to minors:

Marblehead (MA) Board of Health jumps on e-cig demonization bandwagon:

Mansfield (TX) City Council imposes moratorium on new stores selling e-cigs (but not for lethal cigarettes) citing concerns about e-cig use (which has nothing to do with sales):

Richardson (TX) City Council considers restricting e-cig sales:

Despite MN ban on e-cig sales to minors, Beltrami County (MN) Commissioners consider further e-cig limits, seek comment from community, ALA's Pat McKone falsely claims "kids are being addicted to nicotine for a lifetime":

Despite CA's ban on e-cig sales to minors, Alhambra City Council places moratorium on shops selling e-cigs (but not cigarettes), approves first reading of bill to ban use of e-cigs: article exposes e-cig consumer and vendor frustration with false fear-mongering claims by e-cig prohibitionists who portray themselves as public health advocates (CT):,0,78245.story
Orlando Sentinel reprints article (FL):,0,3028158.story

Smoking out the truth about e-cigarettes; Objective and informative video, but text of article repeats false and misleading propaganda by e-cig opponents (NY):

E-cigarettes gain popularity despite health fears (NM):

NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg confuses e-cigs with cigarettes and believes we're under attack: "Yes, the tobacco companies are strong. Yes, now they're attacking with e-cigarettes, which are not great for you, incidentally. Don't smoke them" (NY):

Mike Siegel - Tobacco control practitioners continue to deceive the public about e-cigs:

Government funded Tobacco Free Gibson County's Gwen Siekman deceives public by saying e-cigs are "not a safe alternative" to cigarettes and are "very scary'", while Wabash County Health Department's Rhonda Hockgeiger falsely claims there's no new evidence that e-cigarettes help people stop smoking (IN):

Government funded Kevin Keenan deceitfully equates lifesaving e-cigs with lethal cigarettes in lobbying for FDA to ban/regulate e-cigs (NY):

Weber-Morgan Tobacco-Free Coalition's Anna Guymon repeats many false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs to lobby for FDA regulations (UT):

E-cig consumers tell truth about products, but State funded Tobacco Free Florida's Shannon Hughes falsely claims e-cigs will increase cigarette smoking, while Moffitt Cancer Center's Thomas Brandon falsely claims that research hasn't found e-cigs to be less hazardous than smoking cigarettes (FL):

'Quit or Die' Florida pediatrician Barry Hummel falsely claims Tobacco Harm Reduction isn't public health policy and that e-cigarettes only maintain addiction:

University of Pittsburgh's Jonathan Pletcher misrepresents evidence, claims e-cigs may be more hazardous than cigarettes, Uniontown Herald Standard article repeats CDC's fear-mongering propaganda about e-cigs and youth. (PA):

Nicotine hater John Polito makes many false demonizing claims about nicotine and e-cigs, but wisely urges addicted smokers to try quitting nicotine before trying e-cigs (SC):

Editorial in The Tennessean falsely claims tobacco companies began marketing e-cigs, that e-cigs are gateways to cigarettes, and that they're target marketed to youth (TN):

Scientific Inquiry (or lack thereof)

BMJ, Heart, Thorax, and BMJ Open refuse to publish scientific studies funded by any tobacco company, but won't ban articles funded by drug companies that exaggerate the benefits of their tobacco-derived nicotine products and deny the risks of Chantix or Wellbutrin, falsely claim to be 'committed to integrity in scientific publishing'. No mention about e-cigs, which could be regulated as 'medicines' in UK, but as 'tobacco products' in US:


After smokeless tobacco use doubled as more cigarette smokers switch to the far less hazardous alternatives, Guam's Vice Speaker Benjamin Cruz proposes bill to tax smokeless at same rate as cigarettes to prevent other smokers from reducing their risks:

Hastings Star Gazette (MN) falsely claims taxes on e-cigs and smokeless tobacco are 'health tax' (as those products impose negligible if any state expenditures, while generating enormous tax revenue):

Youth smoking

Survey finds sharp cigarette smoking decline among Alaskan teens in recent years:

Outdoor Smoking Bans

NY Judge strikes down State Parks and Recreation Office's outdoor smoking ban, says agency didn't have legal authority to ban smoking, 'no smoking' signs to be removed:

Independent Collegian at Univ. of Toledo editorial opposes proposed smoking ban:

Flavoring Bans

RI Dept of Health Director Michael Fine claims (but provides no evidence as none exists) that children and public health benefited from Providence's ban on flavored tobacco sales to adults (that exempted menthol), and ban on price discounts for adults:

Canadian prohibitionists lobby to ban sale of flavored tobacco to adults (but not alcohol or non flavored tobacco) because some teens have used the products, absurdly claim that banning flavored cigars and smokeless tobacco will reduce cigarette smoking rates:

E-cigarettes (UK/EU)

Clive Bates - Tobacco products directive: after the insurrection - what next?

The Telegraph - Smoke without fire
The decision by MEPs to reject a European Commission proposal to treat electronic cigarettes as medicinal products was as sensible as it was unexpected:

Clive Bates: A rapporteur's case for regulating e-cigarettes - a line by line examination:

Gerry Stimson - European Parliament votes against proposal to regulate e-cigarettes as medicines:

Jacob Sullum - The EU decides not to interfere with e-cigarette sales; will the FDA follow suit?

Dick Puddlecote: Amazing vapers, how sweet the sound:

UK advocates of regulating e-cigs as 'medicines' claim to support e-cig products as less hazardous alternatives for smokers, but falsely assert that 'medicines' regulation won't limit access to e-cig products or increase costs:

Despite no evidence that e-cigs have ever created daily dependence in any nonsmoker, e-cig prohibitionist and former EU Health Commissioner John Dalli claims that EU Parliament's vote to save the lives of millions of vapers and smokers by keeping e-cigs legal "...will be an introduction to nicotine addiction, attracting new users":

Standing committee of European doctors disappointed with outcome of tobacco vote on several issues, but not on rejecting the prohibitionist e-cig regulation as 'medicines':

After aggressively lobbying the EU to harm smokers by banning e-cigs and maintaining snus ban, anti tobacco extremists criticize tobacco companies for lobbying the EU:

Rapporteurs react to EU Parliament votes on Tobacco Products Directive:

MEPs react to EU Parliament votes on Tobacco Products Directive:

Tobacco or Medicinal Product? Europe Divided Over E-Cigarettes (due to false claims about e-cigs by drug industry front groups and intolerant prohibitionists):

E-cigarettes: all you need to know (objective article except for false claims by UK MHRA's Jeremy Means about quality control and promoting nicotine addiction):

BAT at 100 - Millions spent to make nicotine safer:

Fitch - EU E-cigarette plan may boost investment by big tobacco:

UK e-cig company Nicolites contracts with Sainsbury's to sell products in supermarkets:

Marlboro man dons lab coat to find next big tobacco hit:

E-cigarettes (Canada)

High-tech smokes; Cites accurate information about e-cigs by Mike Siegel, and false fear-mongering claims by Health Canada, CMAJ and Lung Association:

Globe and Mail article on e-cigs fails to answer the sensationalized question in its headline, as drug companies have paid health and medical groups to oppose e-cigs:

Are e-cigarettes safe to puff? (Canada):

Other International

Punjab (India) Health Dept. protects cigarette markets and threatens lives of smokers by banning e-cig use:

Smoke, mirrors and ciggy packs (while sales/tax data show small decline in cigarette consumption since Australia's plain packaging law went into effect last year, similar to what occurred before the new law, anti tobacco extremists who insisted plain packaging would sharply reduce smoking now deceitfully claim its too soon to assess its impact):

Gang admit smuggling a half million pounds worth of shisha tobacco into UK: