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Bill Godshall Update 2013-10-24

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - October 24th, 2013

Cigarette sales, FDA Deeming Regulation / E-cigarettes (US), E-cigarettes (State/Local), Research, Junk Science, E-cigarettes (EU), THR International, Cigarette Litigation, Taxation / Contraband, Plain Packaging (Australia / New Zealand).

Cigarette sales

3Q13 reports show more smokers switching to far less hazardous e-cigs and smokeless tobacco (ST).

Altria reports 3.6% decline in cigarette volume in US during first three quarters of 2013, 6.0% increase in smokeless tobacco volume:

Reynolds American reports 6.3% decline in RJ Reynolds cigarette volume in US during first three quarters of 2013, 6.0% increase in American Snuff's moist snuff volume:

Lorillard reports $177 million in e-cigarette sales in US during first three quarters of 2013 (up from $22 million in a year ago), and 0.2% decline in cigarette volume in US:

British American Tobacco reports cigarette volume decline of 3.2% during first three quarters of 2013, including declines in Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt and Western Europe:

Philip Morris International reports overall cigarette volume decline of 7.9% in EU for first three quarters of 2013, reports PMI cigarette volume declines of 7% in EU, 7.2% in Asia, 3.4% in Latin America & Canada, 2.8% in Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa:

FDA Deeming Regulation / E-cigarettes (US)

Lobbying for FDA deeming regulation, CDC director Tom Frieden deceitfully misrepresents 2011 NYTS data on 'past-30-day' cigar use as 'daily use' (just as he did last month with 2012 NYTS data on e-cigs), falsely claims "The so-called small cigars look like cigarettes, addict as much as cigarettes and they kill like cigarettes," falsely claims flavored cigars "are more likely to result in get kids getting addicted" and falsely accuses (without providing any evidence) tobacco companies and retailers of illegally target marketing to youth; News media repeat CDC lies without any fact checking:

Altria letter to FDA endorses deeming and other regs for e-cigs, cigars and OTP to increase Altria's sales at expense of competitor companies and products:

Action Alert: Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco:

Jacob Sullum - The lunatic war on e-cigarettes:

Let them use e-cigarettes!  Former JAMA editor George Lundberg correctly states: "A lot of folks are antitobacco zealots and they say to the tobacco addicts, 'Quit or die'! Ooh. Huge numbers can't quit, so they die, prematurely, and we the public and we the public-health folks ought to cool it and just let the tobacco addicts, who are going to get their nicotine rush any way they can, use e-cigs rather than burn tobacco and inhale its smoke. It strikes me as immoral to try to prevent them that access. Right? Right."

SFATA letter to OMB urges rejection of FDA deeming and other regs for e-cigs:

SFATA to host Fly In Day on the Hill, Nov. 4th, to inform Congress about FDA e-cig regs:

SFATA drafts model federal bill to reasonably and responsibly regulate e-cigarettes:

FDLI to hold conference on potential FDA regulation of e-cigs on October 29 in DC:

US GAO report says FDA needs to set time frames for its review process of Substantial Equivalence (SE) applications for tobacco products since agency has made final decisions on just 17 of 3,788 SE applications filed since 2010, Senator Burr comments:

Obama's Affordable Care Act allowing insurers to charge 50% higher premiums for tobacco users could more than offset any government subsidies to reduce premiums:

Big Pharma comes under fire - Misleading NRT claims revealed:

Could e-cigarettes save lives?  Victory Electronic Cigarette CEO Brent Willis interview:

Lobbying for FDA deeming regulation (that would ban e-cigs), NY Times editors repeat false claims about nicotine and e-cigs, cite CTFK's feigned concern about sales to minors as CTFK/ACS/AHA/ALA lobby against State legislation to ban e-cig sales to minors:

Lobbying for FDA deeming regulation (that would ban e-cigs), American Lung Association's National President makes many false claims about e-cigs, unethically fails to disclose ALA's enormous drug industry financial conflicts of interest:

Mike Siegel - American Lung Association op-ed lies about tobacco industry's use of electronic cigarette flavors:

Instead of truthfully informing smokers that all smokefree tobacco/nicotine products (e-cigs, smokeless tobacco, dissolvables, NRT) are about 99% less hazardous than ALL cigarettes regardless of their constituents, study's authors (including a member of FDA TPSAC) urge FDA to further confuse the public about cigarette smoke constituents by "focusing on ones that elicited the most discouragement from smoking, which would perpetuate the safer cigarette fraud" (under the guise of protecting public health):

Brad Rodu - More exaggeration and fear mongering from the CDC:

Lou Maiellano - It's time to be a tobacco advocate: E-cigarette retailers and distributors need to understand and educate the public about the safer tobacco products on the market today:

Big Tobacco invests in e-cigarettes. Should you?

NPR All Things Considered "E-cigarettes: A nearly $2B industry, a regulatory wild west" (cites accurate info about e-cigs by e-cig consumers and companies, but hypes false fear mongering claims by Stan Glantz and CDC's Tim McAfee):

Brad Rodu - A directory of THR experts for inquiring media:

Mayo Clinic's Richard Hurt and Jon Ebbert make more false claims about e-cigs, unethically fail to disclose their enormous drug industry financial conflicts of interest:

Powersmoke interviews Mike Siegel on e-cigs:

Investing in e-Cigarettes (author makes grossly inaccurate claims about nicotine levels in and inhalations per e-cig cartridge, CASAA's Elaine Keller posts corrections):

Robin Koval replaces e-cig prohibitionist Cheryl Healton as Legacy President & CEO:

Miss Manners falsely claims US DOT banned e-cig use on airlines, trains and buses, repeats Glantz' toxic fear-mongering, and absurdly claims government officials need to determine if e-cigs are cigarettes (or not) before anyone should use an e-cig in public:

E-cigarettes (State/Local)

Connecticut State Senator to introduce bill to ban e-cig use where smoking is banned:

DC Council enacts bill banning all tobacco use (including e-cig use) outdoors within 25 feet of bus stops, parks, trails, dog parks, playgrounds and other City-owned recreation facilities:

Vista (CA) City Council bans e-cig use in workplaces, absurdly claims people cannot tell the difference between an e-cig and a burning cigarette:

Rochester (MN) City Council preliminarily approves bill to ban e-cig usage at many locations to deprive smokers of far less hazardous smokefree alternatives:

Market for e-cigarettes grows in Tulsa area as vapor stores get popular (OK):

Ada (OK) e-cigarette users speak out over new smoking ban:

Shawnee (OK) City Commissioners ban all tobacco use (including smokeless and e-cigs) on city property:

Prince Georges County (MD) legislation would ban the use of e-cigs in all workplaces and public housing by falsely redefining 'smoking' as using smokefree e-cigs:

CASAA Action Alert - Prince Georges County considering e-cigarette usage ban:

Oklahoma State Health Department Commissioner pressures OSU to ban e-cig use:

CASAA Action Alert - Oklahoma State Univ. proposal to ban e-cig use:

Smoking ban e-cigarette inclusion sparks debate at UTA (TX):

Vaporium first e-cig lounge in NY City:

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes partners with USF for research study:

Wright County (MN) Board to regulate e-cig sales same as cigarettes:

Should cities regulate e-cigarettes? LA Daily News readers respond (CA):

Looking through the e-cig haze; E-cig vendors and consumers tell truth about products, tobacco harm reduction opponent Phil Huang makes more false claims about e-cigs (TX):

Taxpayer funded Tobacco Free Allen County (IN) repeats false claims about e-cigs:

South Nevada Health District's Maria Azzerelli falsely claims e-cigs are being used by people who never used tobacco, will increase and glamorize cigarette smoking, and that e-cigs may be as hazardous as cigarettes (NV):

Mike Seigel - Tobacco control practitioner tells public that cigarettes may have fewer carcinogens and chemicals than e-cigarettes (NV):

Virginia pulmonologist Joshua Still falsely claims nicotine poses cardiovascular risks and falsely claims studies have found that e-cigs reduce lung function; public health experts and e-cig consumers correct Still's misinformation:

Christopher Snowdon - E-reefer madness:

Fox Baltimore falsely claims FDA working to set restrictions on e-cigarettes being used to smoke pot, as e-cigs are different than pot vaporizers (MD):

Trick or Treat: Stan Glantz and Paul Keye repeat many false claims about e-cig products to deceive and scare adults and to lure youth (CA):

The great anti-Bloomberg revolt (NY):


New study finds nicotine, propylene glycol and most flavorings used in e-cigs are nontoxic to cells, just one of 20 tested flavorings found marginally cytotoxic (but far less than cigarette smoke):

Is nicotine really as dangerous as cyanide? Of course not, Godshall posts reply:

Study confirms that FDA approved 'tobacco dependence' drug treatments are ineffective for 90% of smokers, but touts gene that may make it easier for some smokers to quit:

CA TRDRP releases videos/slides from its e-cig research webcast where JF Etter presented lots of survey data and accurate information about e-cigs, while TRDRP director Phil Gardiner and TRDRP funded e-cig prohibitionists Prue Talbot, Monique Williams and Stan Glantz made many misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs, and NZ's Monique Williams reviewed several published clinical studies:

BMJ to Tobacco Industry - Get Out and Take e-Cigarettes With You:

Dick Puddlecote - The BMJ Discards its Integrity:

The Guardian article challenges BMJ's rejection of studies funded by tobacco companies:

Junk Science

Christopher Snowdon - Junk science of the week, possibly of the year, "Oreos can be as addictive to the brain as cocaine":

Study authors and editors at Addiction try to further stigmatize tobacco users by referring to "tobacco use" as "tobacco use disorder", claim it may be modestly associated with suicide based upon one study of US Veterans:

E-cigarettes (EU)

Clive Bates: When cancer charities cause cancer, who is responsible?

Brian Monteith: The battle over e-cigarettes - "Public health prohibitionists take note: E-cigs will save more lives than your draconian laws" (UK):

Christopher Snowdon - Big Pharma versus e-cigarettes:

Dick Puddlecote - MEP Carl Schlyter's Strange Definition of Proof:

Tobacco industry lobbying blamed for incompetence and arrogance of unethical EU TPD campaigners, Godshall posts comment:

BAT claims an e-cigarette success with Vype:

UK advertising regulators plan to restrict e-cig ads to prevent smokers from switching to the far less hazardous smokefree alternatives:

NYT - In France, an e-cigarette bubble?

Christopher Snowdon - Why our efforts to cut smoking have been a failure (Ireland):

BMA keeps protecting cigarettes by urging Celtic and Rangers football clubs to sever contracts with E-lites and to ban use of lifesaving e-cigs; ASH Scotland falsely claims e-cigs could increase cigarette consumption despite data showing exact opposite (UK):

BMJ publishes more false claims about e-cigs by prohibitionist Martin McKee:

Stan Glantz shamelessly promotes cigarettes, further misrepresents scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs, and repeats Martin McKee's fear-mongering nonsense in criticizing EU Parliament's vote to not ban e-cigs (via medicines regulation):

THR International

South African Medical Journal editorial by David Sweanor and Derek Yach - Looking for the next breakthrough in tobacco control and health (e-cigarettes):

Under false guise of protecting public health, legislation in Philippines would falsely define smokefree e-cigs as 'smoking devices', falsely redefine smoking to include use of smokefree e-cigs, regulate e-cig marketing and use the same as cigarettes, threaten the lives of vapers and smokers, and protect cigarette markets:

U.T. Khader (India) Health Ministry wants to expand unenforceable smokeless tobacco ban, while far more hazardous cigarettes remain legal and widely accessible:

Toronto e-cig prohibitionist James Aw ignores scientific and empirical evidence, repeats false and misleading propaganda to keep e-cigs banned; dozens of e-cig consumers correct Aw's nonsense:

As Russian teens increasingly quit smoking by switching to far less hazardous smokeless tobacco products, anti tobacco extremists and BBC demonize smokeless tobacco:

Tobacco Rules and Practices (India):

Cigarette Litigation

Liggett settles cigarette lawsuit filed by Florida smokers for $110 million:

Lorillard settles cigarette lawsuit filed by Massachusetts smoker for $79 million:

Arkansas judge certifies class action lawsuit against Philip Morris for Marlboro Lights:


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to propose $0.75/pack cigarette tax increase, would make combined state/local cigarette tax highest in nation at $7.42/pack:,0,7545741.story?track=rss

Dick Puddlecote - Tobacco Control proven wrong again (UK):

Plain Packaging (Australia/New Zealand)

Australian plain packaging campaigners continue boasting that the law has reduced smoking, but still haven't provided any empirical data to confirm:

Anti-business group in NZ (that touts itself as pro-consumer) calls for plain packaging law for food to protect children from obesity:

Christopher Snowdon - Plain packaging for food: