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Bill Godshall Update 2013-10-30

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - October 30th, 2013

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Study refutes CDC lies on e-cigs, finds e-cigs not a gateway to cigarettes, just one of 43 college students who said their first tobacco use was an e-cig went on to smoke cigarettes:

Study finds smokers (who had never used an e-cig and weren't interested in quitting) reduced cigarette consumption by 44% and increased readiness and confidence to quit smoking after one week of e-cig experimentation and ad libitum use:

Article coauthored by longtime NRT researcher/advocate Robert West explains how/why e-cigs and other new smokefree tobacco/nicotine alternatives can be more effective than government approved NRT for smoking cessation and reducing cigarette consumption due to addressing unmet needs, fewer side effects, higher acceptability, increased access and wider use, improved effectiveness, and reduced cost:

As CDC cited selective 2011 NYTS survey data to mislead public about cigars and youth:
- and Tom Frieden made many false claims about cigars to lobby for FDA regulations:
- another DHHS survey found teen cigar use declined significantly from 2011 to 2012:
- and two DHHS surveys found a sharp decline in cigar use by teens during past decade:

More news media repeat CDC lies about cigars, e-cigs and youth to promote FDA regs:

Pre-clinical study of inhaled propylene glycol found no adverse respiratory effects:

E-cigarettes US / FDA

Action Alert - Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco:

Altria letter to FDA endorses deeming and other regs for e-cigs, cigars and OTP to increase Altria's sales at expense of competitor companies and products:

Reason TV - The Truth About E-Cigarettes: Second-hand Smoke, Vaping and the Price of FDA Regulations (CASAA's Greg Conley, NJOY's Craig Weiss and Vape Studio's Ed Refuerzo tell truth about e-cigs, fear-mongering prohibitionist plays Chicken Little):

E-cigarette industry lobbies to avoid regulation as tobacco product:,0,2455539.story

Clive Bates: E-cigs and regulation - what do the investment analysts think?

Big Three tobacco companies moving quickly to control e-cig industry with help from FDA, state and local regulations:

Big Tobacco nets huge e-cig sales as FDA contemplates regulations:

Regardless of FDA, some states pursue their own e-cigarette rules:

Charles D. Conne - A cigarette by any other name (former American Lung Association President/CEO and ECIG consultant supports e-cigs for smokers, but only e-cigs sold at brick and mortar stores):

Healthy or harmful? Smoking out the truth about e-cigarettes -print article provides accurate info about e-cigs (except for false claims at end by a pulmonologist who profits from sick and dying smokers), but recycled USA Today video makes many false claims: reveals why with e-cigarette regulation the FDA might shoot itself in the foot:

FDA rejects two more Substantial Equivalence (SE) applications (for a total of ten rejections), but won't reveal the types of tobacco products they rejected:

FDA issues Brief Summary of 'Not Substantially Equivalent' Determinations stating why <1% of SE tobacco product applications have been approved, and why the FDA deeming regulation would ban all e-cigs currently on the market (as none are Substantially Equivalent to a product on the market before February 15, 2007):

Higher insurance rates may cause tobacco users to flee ObamaCare coverage (WI):

Electronic cigarettes: will they make life insurance cheaper? The wave of smokers switching to e-cigarettes raises questions about pricing of insurance and annuities:

Mike Siegel: Mayo Clinic questions sanity of all electronic cigarette users:

Small number of e-cigarette batteries explode:

After falsely accusing e-cig companies of target marketing to youth in 2009 (at an FDA press conference defending the FDA's unlawful e-cig ban), AAP continues to lie about e-cigs, fails to ethically disclose its receipt of millions of dollars from Big Pharma:

Lobbying for FDA deeming regulation (that would ban all e-cigs), Peter Shields, Stan Glantz and David Abrams make more false fear-mongering claims about e-cigs:

E-cig prohibitionists try to strike up controversy among employers:

E-Cigarette Business

The E-Cigarette Industry: Waiting to Exhale
[This NY Times article about NJOY reveals (below) how CDC's Tim McAfee conspired to misrepresent NYTS data (finding that current teen smokers were exponentially more likely than nonsmokers to have used an e-cig) to confuse and scare the public about e-cigs and youth, and to lobby for the FDA deeming regulation.]
'One day in mid-August, Dr. McAfee, the tobacco expert from the C.D.C., received an e-mail with statistics about e-cigarette use among young people. The statistics compared e-cigarette experimentation in 2012 with that of 2011, the first year the C.D.C. had collected data on the phenomenon.
Alarm bells went off the instant Dr. McAfee saw the numbers: among students in grades 6 to 12, experimentation with e-cigarettes had doubled, to 6.8 percent from 3.3 percent. Not surprisingly, the numbers were higher among high school students, 10 percent of whom reported trying an e-cigarette, more than double the share in 2011.
Within hours, Dr. McAfee called Mitch Zeller, the director of the Center for Tobacco Products of the F.D.A. As Dr. McAfee recounted his conversation, he told Mr. Zeller: "This is not business as usual."
One of the strongest predictors of whether someone becomes a lifelong smoker is how early he or she starts experimenting, and Dr. McAfee saw experimentation with e-cigarettes as a gateway to tobacco. Three weeks later, the C.D.C. issued an 'emergency note from the field,' a communication typically reserved for acute disease outbreaks.'

E-cigarettes give rise to 'vaping' bars for breathing sweet air (CA)

Philadelphia Inquirer article provides mostly objective info about e-cigs, but CTFK prohibitionist Danny McGoldrick dismisses the lives and rights of smokers and vapers as a 'very narrow question,' editors mislead readers with false fear-mongering headline:

New e-cigarette shops let vapers lounge (NE)

Lorillard Sees Red-Hot Sales of its Blu E-Cigarettes

Big Tobacco nets huge e-cig sales as FDA contemplates regulations

Rise of e-cigarettes sparks tobacco industry plans

Trouble is brewing in the electronic cigarette sector

Trends and New Tobacco Products from the NACS show (slide show)

Few rules apply to electronic cigarettes

E-cigarettes hot in Hollywood
From 'party girl' to e-cigarette gal

Altria to expand MarkTen e-cig marketing beyond Indiana to Arizona in December

Altria Fact Sheet says MarkTen e-cigs available in classic and menthol, contain 1.5% nicotine, and that e-liquid is made in the US.

Reynolds says Vuse now leads e-cig market share in Colorado, but provides no data

LOGIC Technology names new director in Northeast

NJOY brings in Hotwire and Seven Dials to tackle Europe

E-cigarettes (State/Local)

NYC Council Health Cmte approves increasing age for all tobacco sales to 21, full Council may vote today, e-cigs amended into bill after Health Cmte Chair Arroyo promised not to so at May 2 public hearing

New York City drops bid to ban display of cigarettes

Advocates defeat Bloomberg's proposed ban on flavored e-cigs (NY)

Evanston (IL) City Council bans use of e-cigs where smoking is banned despite no risks to nonusers, opposition by vapers and retailers, and inability to enforce

Healthy or Harmless? Smoking out the truth about e-cigarettes (NJ)

Oklahoma State University delays proposed e-cigarette ban

Pompton Lakes (NJ) Council reconsiders proposed outdoor tobacco use ban after residents complain it would ban use of e-cigs and violates civil liberties, prohibitionist GASP lobbies to ban outdoor use of e-cigs and smokeless despite no risks to nonusers.

Unicoi County (TN) Sheriff urges Commissioners to let him sell e-cigs to jail inmates

Electronic cigarettes booming but face regulation (CA)

Cerritos (CA) City Council considers protecting cigarettes with moratorium on new e-cig businesses, 'I have no clue what the real story is about electronic cigarettes,' said Mayor Bruce Barrows.

Melrose Free Press Editorial: Rational policy for e-cigarettes (MA)

World Herald editorial: Be sensible with e-cigs (NE)

SB 224 and HB 169 in Florida would ban sale of alternative nicotine products to minors

HB 153 in Florida would ban sale of nicotine dispensing devices to minors (including FDA approved nicotine inhalers, but not dissolvables or other new tobacco products) HB 153

Ada (OK) bans e-cig use on city owned property

E-cig propaganda by drug industry, FDA and CDC dupes Pennsylvania Medical Society to protect cigarettes and threaten smokers' lives by endorsing regulating lifesaving e-cigs same as lethal cigarettes. (PA)

Mike Siegel: Pennsylvania Medical Society wants to give the most toxic cigarettes a competitive advantage over safer electronic cigarettes

Statesman Journal article by high school student repeats false claims about e-cigs (OR)

Federal Preemption / Flavorings / Price Discounts

First Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Tobacco Ordinances

Tobacco Use Bans

Tobacco prohibitionists organize to ban all tobacco use at colleges/universities in MA, Obama appointed DHHS Assistant Sec. Howard Koh keynote speaker promoting usage bans, state taxpayer funded prohibitionist Tami Gouveia said she wants tobacco use banned at 30 colleges in MA by next year,

Clemson (SC) prohibitionists campaign to ban tobacco use (including e-cigs) on campus

Hookah / Shisha Smoke

Study finds air pollution in hookah bars at similarly hazardous level (1,419ug/m3 of PM2.5) as secondhand smoke from more than a dozen cigarettes in a smoky bar

Anit hookah/shisha extremist Wasim Maziak claims hookah more addictive than cocaine, but daily use is very low among the several million Americans who have used hookah.

Indoor Smoking Bans

Augusta (GA) City Commissioners to discuss banning smoking in bars

Smoke-free rental units growing more popular (PA)

Franklin County (IL) Housing Authority to phase in smokefree policy

Star Ledger editorial: Ban smoking with kids in the car in NJ


Clive Bates: E-cigs and regulation - what do the investment analysts think?

French tobacconist sues e-cigarette vendor claiming unfair competition

EU Parliament adopts amendments to proposal for Revised Tobacco Products Directive

Christopher Snowdon: An evening in Dublin

Thanks to Senator John Crown, I was embarrassed to be an Irish citizen

MailOnline headline and article moralize against e-cig use, repeat fear mongering claims by e-cig prohibitionists while trying to appear objective

Free speech opponent advocates restricting e-cig ads to prevent more smokers from quitting smoking under guise of protecting smokers from e-cig ads (UK)

BAT apologizes for advertising e-cigarette in kids' app (UK)

Half of retail outlets may stop selling cigarettes if Health Minister Reilly's proposed ten fold hike in license fee is approved (Ireland)

Other International

E-cigarettes: A consumer led revolution (Bangladesh)

No Smoke Without Fire: Australian vapers and smokers buy lifesaving e-cigs despite sales ban, Simon Chapman says vapers and smokers should not be allowed legal access to e-cigs (just deadly cigarettes)

NSW (Australia) Health Officer Kerry Chant protects cigarettes, threatens lives of vapers by warning retailers to not sell e-liquid with nicotine, headline falsely claims kids harmed

Cancer Council opposes reducing cancer deaths, wants WA government to ban e-cigs after e-cig vendors were acquitted of charges (Australia)

Despite no evidence retail cigarette display/advertising bans have reduced consumption, activist claims NZ bill to limit retail displays to 'one square meter' will reduce smoking

Australian e-cig and snus prohibitionist Mike Daube says public health should declare war on Big Food, Big Soda and Big Alcohol