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Bill Godshall Update 2013-11-06

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - November 6th, 2013

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THR Research

Study finds switching from cigarettes to e-cigs for two weeks sharply reduced arterial COHb, venous COHb and cotinine levels (indicating that switching to e-cigs reduces nicotine consumption by smokers), increased oxygen saturation and perceived improvements in health and lifestyle parameters:

FDA Take Note - Study Shows E-Cigs Pose No Risk to Heart Cells:

E-cigarettes: 'Gateway to nowhere'; slippery slope not so slippery, after all:

Mike Siegel - First study to examine e-cigarette gateway hypothesis can find only one nonsmoker who initiated with e-cigs and went on to smoke:

E-cigarettes not a gateway drug:

Scientists criticize UC Berkeley's ban on e-cigs:

Study finds quitting smoking reduces lung cancer risk by 50% ten years after quitting, by 75% twenty years after quitting; risks decline faster for female exsmokers than for male exsmokers (probably due to female smokers consuming fewer cigarettes than males): Full Text Figure 1

Study authors falsely claim vapers are vendors; study finds that 79% of You Tube videos on e-cigs were posted by users, but study's abstract falsely claims that 85% of videos were sponsored by 'marketers', falsely claims they made statements banned by FDA:

E-cigarettes / US FDA

In another letter urging FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg to impose 'deeming' and other regulations on e-cigs (that would threaten lives of vapers and smokers, ban all or nearly all e-cig products and companies, and give e-cig industry to Big Tobacco), Democrat US Reps Henry Waxman, Frank Pallone and Diana DeGette repeat drug industry funded CTFK's 'guilt by association' portrayal of e-cig ads as cigarette ads from decades ago, falsely accuse e-cig companies of target marketing to youth.

SFATA's Cynthia Cabrera exposes that FDA deeming and other e-cig regs would decimate e-cig industry, Godshall posts facts about e-cigs and FDA deeming regulation.

Action Alert: Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco

Mike Siegel: An inconsequential slip of the tongue? CDC director is quoted in many media outlets as stating that youth electronic cigarette experimentation leads to lifelong addiction

Bonnie Herzog bullish on FDA giving e-cig industry to Big Tobacco via deeming and other regulations that would likely ban 99% of e-cig products and companies (if FDA exempts e-cigs from the total ban mandated by Sections 905(j) and 910 of the TCA).

E-cig makers worry new regulations will snuff out emerging business, Altria, CTFK and ALA urge FDA to protect cigarettes from market competition by lifesaving e-cigs; Godshall and other tobacco harm reduction advocates correct inaccurate claims.

Latest from SFATA Fly-In in DC

Tom Briant: Update on FDA schedule to issue proposed tobacco regulations

Washington Times headline and article misrepresents evidence on e-cigs and statements by researchers about potential FDA regulations, many THR advocates post comments

Instead of regulating tobacco products based upon their known risks and benefits, FDA's Mitch Zeller tells Boston Globe reporter that agency may propose even more regulations that would have negligible impact on cigarette consumption or smoking rates

TVECA's Tom Kiklas: The upside of e-cigarettes

Can E-Cigarettes Cure America's $90 Billion Smoking Problem

Nick Gillespie - The Truth About E-cigarettes: Safe, Effective, and Fun?

The tobacco company gaining ground with technology

From e-cigs to hypnotism, the stop smoking industry is hot

FDA rejects three more Substantial Equivalent applications (for a total of 13 rejected SE applications so far, compared to 9 SE approvals for cigarettes and RYO)

FDA announces $1.6 Billion civil and criminal fines for Johnson & Johnson subsidiary for selling 'misbranded' drug,

FDA to host Public Workshop December 5th & 6th: Modeling and Statistical Methods for the Regulatory Assessment of Tobacco Products, November 20 registration deadline

FDA to accept public comments for 60 days on list of smokeless tobacco constituents

FDA to accept public comments for 60 days on list of cigarette smoke constituents

IBT article deceitfully portrays e-cigs same as cigarettes, Godshall posts correction

Fashion writer says e-cigs need to become fashionable to save lives of more smokers


NYC Council wisely bans lethal cigarette sales to minors under 21 years, but unwisely bans all other tobacco sales (including e-cigs) to minors under 21 despite far lower risks

ACSH: You must be this old to smoke or vape in the Big Apple

MA Legislature's Joint Cmte on Public Health approves bill (H 3639 & H 3726) to wisely ban e-cig sales to minors but unwisely ban e-cig use in all workplaces, Cmte Chair and sponsor Senator Jeffrey Sanchez cites false claims of drug industry funded e-cig prohibitionists.

Beverly Hills (CA) City Council refers proposed 'urgent' ordinances that would ban e-cig sales and ban their use in workplaces to Health and Safety Commission for further study after dozens of vapers and vendors tell council members the truth about products (e-cigs begin at 2.00.24)

San Diego County Board of Supervisors votes to examine policy regulating e-cigs (CA)

Prince George's County (MD) defers action on e-cigarettes until study completed

CASAA issues Call to Action: Washington DC City Council E-Cigarette Usage Ban Proposal 'Bill 20-233' (Hearing November 21st)

DC council member to introduce bill to raise smoking age to 21

Bellflower (CA) City Council protects cigarettes and threatens public health by extending ban on new permits for e-cig sales for ten months

Sara Boyns: Legal implications of e-cigarettes in the workplace

UC pulls plug on electronic cigarettes in systemwide ban, e-cig prohibitionist and coauthor of UC ban Seth Moskowitz makes many false claims about e-cigs

Gainsville Sun believes FDA (not state or local officials) should ban e-cig sales to Alachua County youth, but fails to acknowledge FDA deeming reg would ban all e-cigs

Tahlehquah (OK) City Council ordinance would falsely define smokefree e-cigs as 'smoking devices' to ban their use, would ban use of smokeless tobacco in ALL workplaces, would ban outdoor smoking and e-cig use within 25 feel of building entrances

Tahlehquah (OK) Mayor Jason Nichols falsely claims proposed ordinance wouldn't ban use of e-cigs in workplaces, government funded lobbyist Carol Choate falsely claims proposed e-cig ban is 'trying to make our community healthier.'

Alachua County (FL) may ban sale of e-cigs to minors, taxpayer funded Tobacco Free Alachua falsely claims e-cigs are addicting children and will hold a propaganda program

What's next for e-cigarette fans - FDA regulation or business boom? (TN)

Bars, stores cater to e-cigarette army (TN)

News article and video at:
...claim proposed Augusta-Richmond County (GA) smoking ban includes e-cigs, but proposed ordinance at:
...expressly exempts e-cigs from proposed smoking ban.

E-cigarettes now allowed in two southern Illinois jails, has reduced contraband cigarettes

Ex-smoker finds a way to help you get your fix (IL)

E-cig usage on the rise (ID)

New shop offers smoking alternative (AR)

Electronic cigarettes: The culture and the future (TN)

Iowa AG Tom Miller wants legislators to protect cigarettes, threaten the lives of vapers and smokers by banning e-cig use and taxing the lifesaving products, but wisely supports banning e-cig sales to minors

ABC5 Special Report: E-cigarettes in Iowa repeats false fear mongering claims by e-cig opponents, quotes CASAA's Julie Woessner telling truth about e-cigs and FDA regs

Web extra: CASAA's Julie Woessner, Advocate for E-cigs (IA)

Minnesota legislator plans to protect cigarettes, discourage smokers from quitting, deny civil rights of e-cig users by proposing to ban e-cig use where smoking is banned

Should restaurants ban electronic cigarettes? (CO)

Taxpayer funded Tobacco Free North Dakota's Erin Hill-Oban repeats false fear mongering claims about e-cigs to scare public, hawks ineffective NRT products (ND)

Pender County (NC) Health Director Carolyn Moser wants e-cig use banned in county buildings and wants to ban all outdoor tobacco use (including smokeless tobacco and e-cigs) within 50 feet of county buildings

Rolling Rock provides alternative to smoking cigarettes (GA)

As more smokers switch to e-cigs at Wake Forest, so-called tobacco expert John Spangler falsely claims 'we do not yet know' if e-cigs are less hazardous than cigarettes (NC)

Government funded Tobacco-Free Coalition of Delaware County (IN) secretary and ACS staffer Cecilia Williams falsely claims and Hancock County's Brandee Bastin (at a tobacco education conference) repeat false fear mongering claims about e-cigs. (IN)

Mike Siegel: On the same day, two more tobacco control practitioners tell public that smoking may be as safe as using electronic cigarettes

ALA lies dupe clueless nurse to say e-cigs are same as cigarettes, urge FDA to protect cigarettes from market competition from far less hazardous e-cigs (VA)

Mike Siegel: Another tobacco control professional tells public that cigarette smoking is no more harmful than using an e-cigarette (VA)

Taxpayer funded Erica Sebastian and Jonathan Chaffee repeat many false fear mongering claims about e-cigs to confuse and scare public (NY)

Indoor Smoking Bans

Greensboro (NC) apartment complexes to enforce smoking ban on tenants

International Tobacco Harm Reduction

Imperial Tobacco reports 7% cigarette volume decline since 2012

Imperial Tobacco to launch e-cigarettes to counter falling sales

Japan Tobacco reports 5.1% decline in cigarette volume


Spain approves sale of e-cigs in tobacco stores

French tobacconists' e-cigarette debate reaches EU level

Institute for Government's Jill Rutter delineates how UK and EU proposals to ban e-cigs (via medicine regulation) would protect cigarettes, threaten lives of vapers and smokers

Clive Bates: The British Medical Association and its attacks on e-cigarettes

Paris based International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Health lobbies to protect cigarettes and threaten the lives of vapers and smokers, advocates e-cig restrictions that would decimate industry, lies about scientific evidence, repeats fear mongering claims, fails to disclose drug industry financial conflicts of interests

Milan (Italy) oncologist Umberto Veronesi says e-cigs could save more than 30,000 Italian smokers annually and 500 million smokers throughout the world

E-cig campaign sparks-up controversy with rivals branding adverts as 'sexual crap' (UK)


'Illicit tobacco trade in Australia' KPMG reports negligible decline in legal tobacco consumption, increase in illicit tobacco consumption, since plain packaging law went into effect last year, refutes claims by Australian officials and plain pack campaigners.$FILE/medMD9D4L6C.pdf?openelement

Christopher Snowdon: Rise of fake brands

Anthony Campo could be fined, for using quit-smoking e-cigarette on Gosford Station; prosecuted for 'smoking', e-cig user pleads not guilty

UK Insurance

Many/most UK insurers charging e-cig users same rates as cigarette smokers to increase profit margins by unfairly penalizing e-cig users

Contraband / Taxation

Chicago Health Commissioner Choucair claims nation's highest cigarette tax hike will reduce smoking, ignores evidence that contraband cigarettes will increase, cites drug industry funded CTFK claims as 'independent analysis'.

Canadian government reintroduces legislation to keep contraband tobacco off Canadian streets

Convenience stores applaud Harper government for action on contraband tobacco (Canada)

Canadian Cancer Society applauds bill to reduce contraband cigarettes

Nobody immune from negative effect of contraband tobacco (BC, Canada)