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Bill Godshall Update 2013-11-14

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - November 14th, 2013


THR Research; E-Cigarette Summit; E-cigarettes US / FDA; DHHS, Pharma front groups step up lobbying/propaganda for FDA e-cig ban/regs; E-cigs State/Local; Europe; Canada; Tax/Contraband.

THR Research

CDC releases select 2011/2012 NYTS data that (along with data released Sept. 6) found current cigarette smokers in high school were 21 times more likely than nonsmokers to report past 30 day e-cig use in 2011 (7.6% vs 0.3), and were 22 times more likely to do so in 2012 (15.7% vs 0.7%). Among middle school students, current cigarette smokers were 23 times more likely than nonsmokers to report past 30 day e-cig use, and were 50 times more likely to do so in 2012 (20% vs 0.4%):
This CDC data confirm that increasingly more teen smokers (like adult smokers) are switching to e-cigs, that e-cigs are gateways away from (not towards) cigarette smoking for teens, and that the CDC has been deceitfully misleading the public about e-cigs to lobby for FDA ban/regs.

Study of NY and CT high school students finds cigarette smokers remained 55 times more likely than nonsmokers to report past 30 day e-cig use (55.6 in 2/10, 54.9 in 10/10, 54.5 in 6/11) as overall e-cig use increased from 0.9% in 2/10 to 2.3% in 6/11, confirming that increasingly more teen smokers (like adult smokers) are switching to e-cigs, and that e-cigs are gateways away from (not towards) cigarette smoking for teens:
But authors (who endorsed FDA's 2009 e-cig ban) only disclosed this extremely important finding in study's full text (that Godshall can provide upon request), but not in the freely available study abstract.

Study finds 22% of daily vapers who also smoked (dual users) quit smoking after one month, and 46% quit smoking after one year. Among daily vapers, 98% of still vaped daily after one month, 89% after one year. Among daily vapers who had quit smoking, 6% relapsed to cigarettes after one month, remaining at 6% after one year:

ACSH - New study shows vaping promotes quitting for smokers and ex-smokers:

Mike Siegel - New study shows that among committed e-cig users, dual use is a gateway to cessation:

Czech study of 1,738 cigarette smokers finds that half have used an e-cig at least once, 9% reported regular use of e-cigs, and 7% reported daily use of e-cigs. Among smokers who reported regular use of e-cigs, 60% reported reduced cigarette consumption:

E-cigarettes taking hold, finding niche:

A fresh look at tobacco harm reduction: the case for electronic cigarette:

Brad Rodu - The Scientific Evidence for E-Cigarettes:

Dr. Neil Grunberg - "Nicotine: The Most Interesting Drug in the World?"

Study finds graphic warnings on Canadian cigarette pack reduced smoking rate by 12%-20%, criticizes FDA estimates:

E-Cigarette Summit

E-cigarette Summit 2013 held on November 12 in London:

E-cigarettes 'could save millions of lives':

Titans of the E-cigarette debate clash: E-Cigarette Summit reviewed:

Christopher Snowdon - E-cigarette Summit:

Professor - E-cigarettes could save millions of lives:

E-cigarettes may save 'millions of lives', scientists say:

E-cigarettes US / FDA

Action Alert - Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco:

Coming Soon to the E-Cigarette Regulation Debate: A Sliver of Clarity:
"It's pretty clear to me that e-cigarettes have helped more people quit smoking than the 2009 Tobacco Control Act, all the FDA-approved smoking cessation drugs and all the government anti-tobacco propaganda programs combined," says Bill Godshall, executive director of Smokefree Pennsylvania.
On FDA regulation of e-cigs: "What it will do is effectively give the entire industry to big tobacco," Godshall says.

KNSI Radio (MN) interviews CASAA's Greg Conley about e-cigs

RWJF interviews FDA's Mitch Zeller; Godshall exposes FDA's illegal e-cig ban, FDA's lies about e-cigs, and FDA's ongoing campaing to again ban all (or nearly all) e-cigs.

New FDA rules could impact e-cigarette market

SFATA Members and Policy Makers Talk E-cigarettes

SFATA Meets With Congressional Reps on E-Cigarette Rules

Ballantyne Brands ad for Mistic e-cig touts cost savings for cigarette smokers who switch

AEMSA's Lou Ritter and Azim Chowdhury on potential FDA e-cig regulation/ban

Why the FDA might not want to regulate cigars (note June publication date)

E-cigarettes turning healthy profits

NY Times headline/article credits/blames e-cig companies for successful activism by grassroots army of vapers who derailed proposed EU e-cig ban (via medicines regulation)

ACSH: 'Army of vapers' gets the typical Times treatment: dismissive

Controversy, concerns heat up over e-cigarettes and vaping

Vaping industry faces uncertainty as drug industry and government funded propagandists keep making false claims about e-cigs to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA regs (CA)

CASAA's Elaine Keller: E-cigarettes can help smokers quit

The Onion: Man smoking e-cigarette must be futuristic bounty hunter (humor),34531/

E-cigs wafting into workplace 25 years after smoking ban

Stan Glantz criticizes FDA's lack of transparency for two Substantial Equivalence applications for tobacco products (that were approved)

Glantz refuses to post Godshall's comment agreeing with Glantz' concerns about FDA's lack of transparency for SE applications (although Stan is concerned about 2 applications, and Godshall is concerned about 4,000+ other applications FDA hasn't taken action on)

Stan Glantz claims OMB delayed FDA scientific report on menthol cigarettes, urges FDA to ban menthol cigarettes, refuses to acknowledge negative economic, public health and social ramifications of a menthol ban.

Glantz refuses to post Godshall's comment correcting Stan's spin on menthol cigarettes, exposing negative public health, economic and social impacts of menthol cigarette ban

DHHS, Big Pharma front groups step up lobbying/propaganda for FDA e-cig ban/regs

USA Today invites CDC Director Tom Frieden to misrepresent scientific evidence and CDC survey data about cigars, e-cigs and youth to lobby for FDA regs that protect cigarettes and Big Tobacco, and threaten the lives of vapers and smokers.

USA Today keeps lobbying for Obama's FDA e-cig ban/regs, repeats false claims e-cig companies target youth, deceitfully portrays e-cig ads as cigarette ads from decades ago

USA Today steps up lobbying for Obama's FDA e-cig, cigar, hookah ban/regs

To lobby for FDA e-cig ban/regs, CDC's Tim McAfee keeps misrepresenting NYTS survey data (finding teen smokers were >40 times more likely than nonsmokers to have used an e-cig) by falsely claiming e-cigs are addicting youth and gateways to cigarettes, rejects study finding e-cigs aren't gateways to cigarettes and rejects studies finding health benefits of switching to e-cigs, wants e-cig use banned despite no harm, denounces e-cigs and vapers because some don't completely quit smoking and some can be seen vaping

E-cigs Enter the Mainstream 25 years after Smoking Ban, CDC's McAfee keeps lying about e-cigs addicting youth

CTFK's Matt Myers makes more false fear mongering claims about e-cigs to lobby for FDA ban/regs, fails to disclose CTFK received >$100 million from Big Pharma

Wall St. Journal's Jen Wieczner repeats 10 false claims by e-cig prohibitionists as facts, fails to disclose e-cig opponents conflicts of interests (i.e. tens/hundreds of millions of dollars from Big Pharma and working for Michael Bloomberg to demonize/ban/regulate e-cigs); Godshall, Ross and other commenters correct Wieczner's misinformation't%20Tell%20You

Wall St. Journal video repeats 5 false claims by e-cig prohibitionists as facts

Scranton Times editorial repeats CDC lies about e-cigs and cigars to advocate FDA ban/regulations for lifesaving e-cigs, Godshall posts comment with corrections

E-cigs make marijuana smoke virtually undetectable

'Quit or Die' prohibitionist Tom Novotny moralizes against e-cigs, lobbies for FDA ban and e-cig use bans, equates them with cigarettes, falsely claims 'we don't know what's in them', repeats FDA's and CDC's lies about e-cigs addicting youth, fails to acknowledge health benefits e-cigs have provided for millions of smokers who switched. (CA)

Pentagon Post article repeats CDC and FDA lies about e-cigs to promote ban/regs

Aljazeera interviews two e-cig opponents to confuse and scare: UCSF's Suzanne Schick (who is funded by FDA to study potential risks of e-cigs, but ignore their benefits) says smokers shouldn't use e-cigs until after she and others make lots of money studying the products, while CalTech PhD student Crystal Dilworth absurdly claims e-cigs aren't less hazardous than cigarettes, and that she'd rather inhale 2nd hand smoke than e-cig vapor.

ALA's Ross Lanzafame repeats and further exaggerates many false claims about e-cigs to lobby for FDA regs to ban products, website refuses to post dozens of comments.

Huffington Post dangerously wrong about e-cigs again, promotes Chicken Little nonsense to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA regs to keep smokers smoking

French Tribune article repeats CDC lies about e-cigs to endorse FDA ban/regs

College newspaper op/ed writer clueless about e-cigs and ramifications of FDA ban/regs, readers post corrections

E-cigs  State/Local

Stealth Wisconsin bill (AB 481) would tax e-cigs at 84% of wholesale price (but bill and Legislative Reference Bureau fail to acknowledge that fact), would tax smokeless tobacco at $2.35/can large cigars at five times the rate of cigarettes,

OH House passes bill (H 144) to ban e-cig sales to minors (67-25) over outrageous and hypocritical opposition by drug industry funded CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA

Florida Senate Cmte unanimously passes bill (SB 224) to ban e-cig sales to minors

San Diego County to review policies on e-cigs (CA)

Mike Siegel: Beverly Hills City Council votes down moratorium on e-cig sales

Davis County (UT) Board of Health looks at regulating e-cigs, but proposal would ban sales of virtually all e-cig products in the county

Branstad '˜absolutely interested' in regulating e-cigarettes, but mum on details, absurdly compares e-cigs to synthethic drugs (IA)

Souix City Journal editorial wisely endorses state ban on e-cig sales to minors (IA)

E-cig shops taking hold in the Twin Cities suburbs (MN)

Poll finds 86% correctly know that e-cigs are safer than cigarettes despite false claims by FDA, CDC, Utah Health Dept. and drug industry funded PR/lobbying groups (UT)

E-cigarette retailers arrive in South Dakota (SD)

Ukiah (CA) Planning Commission to review proposal for store selling e-cigs

Special Report: The e-cigarette debate (FL)

Inside E-cigarettes: Debate continues over health risks; CBS refers to local tobacco control program staffer who repeats false fear mongering claims as an 'expert' (CA)

E-cigarettes in jails catching on (IL)

Southern Ill. Sheriff allows e-cigarettes for inmates

E-cigarettes' popularity forces firms to review policies

Should co-workers be allowed to puff on e-cigarettes at the office? (PA)

Dr. Thomas Novinger urges employers to ban all tobacco use even though smokefree tobacco/nicotine products are 99% less hazardous than cigarette smoking, have helped several million smokers quit smoking, and pose no harm to nonusers (PA)

Penn student Robert Tsu rejects/denies evidence, absurdly claims e-cigs will increase smoking; many readers correct misinformation (PA)

False news story on e-liquid reminiscent of Reefer Madness (NY)


BBC: Public '˜seem to like' e-cigarettes (UK)

Dr. Sarah Wollaston MP (UK): A tale of two products (cigarettes vs e-cigs)

Nicoventures launches large marketing campaign for e-cigarette brand Vype

Nicoventures secures raft of listings for e-cigarette Vype

NJOY hires Walker Media ahead of marketing push (UK)

First e-cigarette bar to open in London (UK)

Labor union, coworkers threaten to strike after landfill worker fired for using e-cig (UK)

Ban on e-smoking in public lifted (Italy)

Switzerland bans e-cig use in public transport

Schools give children as young as 12 free nicotine patches (UK)

Mike Siegel: Why does the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease want to prohibit advertisements that encourage smokers to quit?


Ontario government introduces tobacco control legislation that will do very little if anything to further reduce cigarette consumption or smoking rates, but banning smoking on restaurant and bar patios would protect nonsmokers from involuntary exposures

Quebec Coalition for Tobacco Control co-director Flory Doukas complains that smoking rates have stagnated in Quebec, but fails to recognize that banning e-cigs, banning smokeless tobacco ads and displays, and excessively taxing smokeless have prevented millions of cigarette smokers from switching to far less hazardous smokefree alternatives, and that banning flavored cigars will NOT reduce smoking rates.

One Alberta bill would protect children from tobacco smoke, another bill would protect nobody by banning flavored cigars

Alberta legislation (Bill 33) would ban smoking in cars with youth present

Alberta legislation (Bill 206) would ban sale of flavored tobacco

After editorializing against e-cigs to demonize vapers who quit smoking and to lobby to keep absurd e-cig ban, Canadian Medical Association Journal now claims negative stigma prevents pregnant smokers and drug users from seeking help (but fails to acknowledge CMAJ's role in helping to create and intensify that stigma)

Tax / Contraband

Illegal Tobacco Commission investigates black market created by MA legislators and governor by hiking cigarette tax to $3.51/pack (compared to $1.78/pack in nearby NH)

Herald Sun (Australia): Sale of illicit tobacco is costing more than lives