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Bill Godshall Update 2013-11-21

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - November 21st, 2013

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CDC releases more 2011/2012 NYTS data confirming that:
- teen smokers were >20 times more likely than nonsmokers to report e-cig use,
- teen cigarette smoking declined from 2011 to 2012 as e-cig use increased,
- e-cigs are gateways away from (not towards) cigarettes for teens (just like adults), and
- CDC has been lying about e-cigs, nicotine and youth to lobby for FDA ban/regs:

Mike Siegel - Despite drastic increase in e-cig experimentation from 2011-2012, CDC survey finds decline in cigarette smoking among youth:

CDC belatedly reveals that smoking by teenagers dropped while vaping rose:

CDC - Youth smoking rates fall to another historic low:

CDC issues third press release in three months that grossly misrepresents NYTS data to lobby for FDA deeming and other regs for e-cigs, cigars, hookah and OTP; Tom Frieden falsely claims, "This report raises a red flag about newer tobacco products":

CDC falsely claims the increase in teen smokers switching to e-cigs is a PROBLEM:

CDC's false and misleading fear-mongering and misrepresentations of NYTS data (to lobby for FDA ban/regs) repeated (with no fact checking or objective analysis) by Washington Post, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, CNN, CBS, NBC, Time, National Journal, UPI, HealthDay, Boston Health Examiner, and many other news media:,0,6663897.story

Drug industry funded CTFK's same day/hour press release touts and repeats CDC's false and misleading claims about e-cigs to lobby for FDA deeming reg that will ban e-cigs:

Mike Siegel - CDC concludes that advertising is what has caused kids to use e-cigs:


Action Alert: Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco

Gil Ross: Smoking kills, and so might e-cigarette regulation

Big Pharma, not tobacco companies, wages war on electronic cigarettes

Brad Rodu: Misinformation from federal officials, 2013 edition

Mike Siegel: FDA and CDC are not telling the full truth about the hazards of cigarette smoking

Carl Phillips: Big Lies and Reconciliation

FDA approves eight SE applications for smokeless tobacco products manufactured by Swedish Match North America, Inc.: Timber Wolf Long Cut Wintergreen, Renegade Long Cut Straight, Renegade Long Cut Wintergreen, Timber Wolf Long Cut Apple, Timber Wolf Long Cut Peach, Timber Wolf Long Cut Straight, Timber Wolf Long Cut Cool Wintergreen, and Timber Wolf Fine Cut Wintergreen.

FDA's TPL Memorandum on Swedish Match's SE application and approval process delineates the enormous expense and time that ALL e-cig manufacturers/importers will have to spend for EVERY different e-cig product (and then hope for FDA approval) just to keep the products on the market if FDA imposes the deeming regulation for e-cigs.

Prohibitionist Stan Glantz criticizes FDA for approving SE applications for very low risk smokeless tobacco products, wants FDA to reject all SE applications to ban all products

Will FDA clamp down on e-cigarettes? Fox NEWS repeats false and misleading claims about e-cigs by an intolerant e-cig opponent at St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital


ObamaCare may sharply increase healthcare insurance premiums for tobacco users!/news/local/Why-Obamacare-Matters--Tobabcco-Users/232577411

E-cigarettes / Business

Big Tobacco begins its takeover of the e-cigarette market (that will occur far more rapidly and permanently if FDA imposes deeming and other e-cig ban/regs)

Reynolds' Vuse now top selling e-cig in CO, to boast national footprint by mid 2014

Reynolds to begin marketing Vuse e-cig in Utah in January

CSNews webcast (Nov 21, 2pm eastern time) to explore current and future landscape of e-cigarettes

Fitch: Entry of large tobacco companies legitimizing e-cigarette market

A Glowing Marketplace for e-cigs

Motley Fool: E-cigs are smoking hot

E-cigarettes light up across SouthCoast (MA)

E-cigarettes light up interest (FL)

E-cig sellers help smokers breathe easier (OK)

Vaping a growing trend around the country; repeats false and misleading claims about e-cigs without doing any fact checking (MO/KS)

Electronic cigarette sellers live the vape life; ALA's Sward keeps lying about lifesaving products, fails to disclose ALA's conflict of interest of huge funding by Big Pharma (CA)

E-cigarette regulations on the horizon in Wisconsin (WI)

Electronic cigarettes: the culture and the future (TN)

E-cig entrepreneur hopes to blow away tobacco cigarettes (CA)

Vape shop opens in Kennasaw (GA)

US State / Local

NYC Mayor Bloomberg signs bills raising minimum age for tobacco & e-cig sales to 21, establishing $10.50/pack as minimum price for cigarettes.

Utah legislation would increase minimum age for tobacco (and e-cigs) from 19 to 21

Utah bill to increase minimum age for tobacco (and e-cigs) to 21 gets intitial approval

Marion County (FL) Commissioners ban e-cig use in workplaces, bans sales to minors and requires retailers to keep e-cigs behind the counter where Big Tobacco contracts control display racks; state funded/controlled SWAT lobbies for ordinances (FL)

New Hanover County (NC) Commissioners ban e-cig use in county owned buildings and within 50 feet from building entrances

Los Angeles (CA) City Council bill would define e-cigs and dissolvables as tobacco products, require tobacco retail permits ($300/year) to sell e-cigs or dissolvables, would ban self service displays (requiring behind the counter) except at tobacco shops.

NATO letter to LA City Council provides clarifications about CA law and NYTS data on e-cigarettes.

Oklahoma City Council member wants to consider e-cig ban (OK)

New Mexico governor and lawmakers concerned about e-cigs, may ban sales to minors

CT AG George Jepsen promotes FDA ban/regs on e-cigs even though CT still allows e-cig sales to minors and FDA regs would take two years to implement (CT)

More people using e-cigarettes (SD)

Mike Siegel: Another tobacco control practitioner tells public that real cigarettes many be no more dangerous than fake ones (SD)

SD AG Marty Jackley pushes for e-cig regulation by repeating false claims (SD)

After hearing opposition, proposed e-cig usage ban in Tahlequah (OK) tabled

Murphy (TX) City Council looking at regulating e-cigarette sales

E-cigarette popularity outpaces regulation; After falsely accusing e-cig companies of target marketing to youth to urge FDA to ban e-cig sales to adults in 2009, CTFK, ACS, ALA, AHA oppose state laws that ban e-cig sales to minors (AZ)

Green Bay Press Gazette article repeats and further exaggerates CDC lies on e-cigs (WI)

Fox19 headline claims e-cigs are sold to kids, but provides no evidence (OH)

University of California student newspaper editorializes against intolerant e-cig ban (CA)

Regulation push catching up with electronic cigarettes (IL),0,5010760.story

Interest in e-cigarettes grows amid concerns:  As more smokers quit by switching to e-cigs, intolerant 'quit or die' activists repeat false and misleading claims about far less hazardous alternatives (NE)

No flame, plenty of fire over rise in e-cigarettes in Maine, article repeats CDC lies (ME)

American Cancer Society to protect cigarettes on Great American Smokout by trashing e-cigs, fails to disclose ACS' huge conflict of interest of Big Pharma funding (SD)

ACS in OH wants to focus on e-cigs for Great American Smokeout (OH)

American Cancer Society's Jason McCoy misrepresents scientific evidence on e-cigs to lobby for FDA ban/regs (TX)

Crutch or cure issues surround use of e-cigarettes (NE)

Clearing the air about e-cigarettes: Just how safe are they? (ID)

Vapor store owner defends e-cigarettes (GA)


How e-cigarettes have become a very wild west industry in Canada


Italy to legalize electronic cigarette use in public places

E-Cigarette Summit, London, November 12th 2012 slide presentations available

UK MHRA's Jeremy Mean keeps demonizing e-cigs he plans to regulate as medicines

London Heathrow Airport to Open First Electronic Cigarette Zone

E-cigarettes: Doubts, allegations, answers. A view from Poland

Vaping in the Netherlands and Belgium

Guardian: Proper debate is needed over the safety of e-cigarettes

E-cig boom takes Notts importer MULTIcig to the top

Nicotine Toxicity

Left wing magazine The Nation exaggerates child labor and the risks of nicotine exposure on tobacco farms, but reveals that the greatest human exposures to nicotine occur on tobacco farms (not by consuming tobacco/nicotine products)

Smokefree Homes

Smokefree housing webinar Friday November 22 Noon Central Time (1pm Eastern time)

Berkeley (CA) City Council bill would ban smoking in apartments and condos

San Rafael's apartment smoking ban goes into effect (CA)

Outdoor smoking bans

Don't ban smoking at Orange Coast College campus (CA)