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Bill Godshall Update 2013-11-27

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - November 27th, 2013

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E-cigarette Research

2012 US survey of 10,000+ found current smokers were 156 times more likely than never smokers (6.3% vs 0.04%) to report past 30 day e-cig use, once again confirming that e-cigs are a gateway away from (not towards) cigarette smoking; smokers also were 37 times more likely than long-term former smokers (6.3% vs 0.17%) to report past 30 day e-cig use, indicating very little use by long-term former smokers; but authors fail to cite these extremely important findings in study abstract. Survey also asked about snus.

All E-Cigarette Summit presentations (in London on November 12th) available at: (transcript/slides) (audio/slides)

FDA/NIH/CA/Legacy funded Stan Glantz grossly misrepresents findings of study on Koreans to falsely claim e-cigs are gateways to cigarettes for youth:

Mike Siegel - New study completely misrepresents findings to mislead public about role of e-cigs as a gateway to smoking:


EU Commission's new proposal would ban 99% of e-cig products, Internet sales, nearly all ads; threatens lives of vapers and smokers, protects cigarette and drug industry profits:

Clive Bates: They just don't get it - EU Commission proposal for the regulation of e-cigs

Konstantinos Farsalinos The EU ignores science and common sense by making proposals that will damage the health of smokers and vapers

Dave Dorn: A plea to vapers everywhere

Gerry Stimson: European Tobacco Products Directive - last minute attempt by the European Commission to introduce medicines regulation in all but name

European officials mull ban on ALL e-cigarettes

Brad Rodu - What the EU Snus ban means: 290,865 casualties per year

Lars Ramstrom: Swedish Snus can contribute to the attainment of "a high level of health protection" in Europe

Nicolites urges smoking parents to switch to e-cigs to protect children from 2nd smoke

Stepping up its lobbying to ban lifesaving e-cigs, CRUK falsely accuses e-cig and tobacco companies of marketing e-cigs to kids via facebook and twitter


**Godshall advocates legalizing sales/marketing and telling truth about e-cigs in opening plenary at Canadian National Conference on Tobacco or Health

What does the law say? A Canadian guide to electronic cigs and related Canadian law

E-cigarettes doing strong business in Nova Scotia


**Action Alert: Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco

After FDA unlawfully banned e-cigs in 2009 and has falsely claimed the products don't help smokers quit since then, Mitch Zeller now claims to be concerned that some e-cig users haven't completely quit smoking, and the FDA has stated its intent to impose the 'deeming' regulation that would protect cigarette markets by banning all e-cigs.

Mike Siegel: Analysis of CDC statement on relative harms of e-cigs vs smoking: Is deception intentional, or merely a mistake?

R Street's Dr. Joel Nitzkin: The promise of e-cigarettes for tobacco harm reduction

Unexpected electronic cigarette advocates: Scientific evidence has turned anti-tobacco voices into e-cig supporters

ObamaCare slams tobacco users with sky high premium costs, could backfire

FDA: Anti smoking drug Chantix linked to more than 500 suicides

US Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) absurdly and falsely claims e-cigs are target marketed to addict children and to be a gateway to cigarette smoking, CASAA's Elaine Keller provides facts about e-cigs.

Mike Siegel: Anti smoking movement maintains double standard

Prohibitionist Stan Glantz urges FDA to ban menthol in all tobacco products (including e-cigs), claims lots of smokers would quit and that smuggling wouldn't be a problem (but cites no evidence as none exists), fails to acknowledge that unregulated untaxed black market menthol cigarettes may cost less than currently taxed and regulated ones, the huge loss of federal, state, local tobacco excise tax revenue and MSA payments to states, and corresponding funding declines for tobacco education and cessation programs, State Childrens Health Insurance Programs, and other public health and healthcare programs.

Inside the hidden world of thefts, scams and phantom purchases at nation's nonprofits - exposes embezzlement of $3.4 million by former Legacy employee

CASAA: Not ready to Smokeout? Switching products is as good as quitting

ACSH: Maybe the American Cancer Society should call it the 'Great American Smoke-In?'

E-cigarettes / Business

Philip Morris Int. presents at 2013 Morgan Stanley Global Consumer Conference, to begin marketing e-cigs next year and to market three other new reduced risk products

Blu feeling rosy about latest market share

Lorillard's CEO presents at Morgan Stanley 2013 Global Consumer & Retail Conference

These three slides show how e-cigarettes are shaking up the tobacco industry

The incredible and unprecedented opportunity to make nicotine safer

Wells Fargo's Bonnie Herzog optimistic about Reynolds 'total tobacco' strategy

Product debates at Wells Fargo's E-Cig Forum - The case for rechargeables or disposables; tanks vs. 'cigalikes'; appearance:

E-cig forum shines light on category's evolution

NJOY hires Johnson & Johnson NRT regulatory affairs director and pharma researcher

BAT rethinks plan to overhaul image with 'medicinal' cigarette (UK)

KVSH Racing signs Mistic E-Cigs sponsorship for Sabastien Bourdais

NJOY sues Victory for infringing upon NJOY King's patented lighting technology and packaging case

Ploom's e-cigarettes and vaporizers use real tobacco (CA)

Universal had a bad first half, but the future looks promising

Philly getting into 'vaping' trend, Godshall responds (PA)

E-cigs spark burning questions (OR)

Vaping business advocates product to quit cigarettes (MA)

Vape Hut provides help to kick the smoking habit (NC)

E-cigarettes Gaining Popularity (ID)

In tobacco country, e-cigarette could mean problems for burley growers (KY)

US State/Local

** New York City Council trying to ram through e-cig usage ban - Health Committee hearing on December 4th at 10AM (announcement made day before Thanksgiving)

NYC will try to ban e-cig in bars, restaurants, public places

Boston City Council bans smoking (and e-cig use) at outdoor parks with stealth process

Washington DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson's amendment eliminated indoor and outdoor e-cig usage ban from bill banning smoking in parks (DC)

Lobbyists clash over proposed e-cigarette restrictions in DC

Hawaii County (HI) Council increases minimum age for tobacco sales (and e-cigs) to 21

After opposing efforts to raise/keep minimum age for cigarette sales above 18 since 1995, CTFK now endorses age 21 for cigarette sales after NYC enacts new law

**Chicago Mayor (and Obama's former Chief of Staff) Rahm Emanuel and two City Council members introduce bills that would discourage smokers from quitting and protect Big Tobacco by banning e-cig use in all workplaces (despite no evidence of harm), requiring e-cigs to be sold/displayed on retail shelves contractually controlled by Altria, Reynolds and Lorillard.  Despite IL laws already banning tobacco and e-cig sales to minors, a third bill would ban menthol cigarette sales near schools.

To lobby for extreme legislation, Chicago Public Health Director Bachara Choucair falsely accuses retailers of unlawfully selling e-cigs to 14 year olds, falsely claims e-cigs are like cigarettes, are addicting children, and that use of smokefree e-cigs is 'smoking'.

After claiming otherwise, Chicago Mayor Emanuel reduces proposed cig tax hike to $.50/pack increase (IL),0,5523327.story

CASAA director Greg Conley moves on to consulting, advisor

Muskegon (MI) County Commissioners postpone vote on proposed smoking ban on county property due to inclusion of smokefree e-cigs

Lalley: E-cigarettes light up live chat with enthusiastic quitters; vaper John Halt presents objective info on e-cigs; ACS's Megan Myers repeats false fear mongering talking points demonizing e-cigs while touting ineffective drugs marketed by ACS funders and fails to ethically disclose ACS' enormous conflicts of interests (SD)

E-cigarettes sprouting promise and questions; SD Medical Society's Daniel Heinemann falsely equates smokefree e-cigs with lethal cigarettes (SD)

New Mexico legislative study committee endorse banning e-cig sales to minors (NM)

Sante Fe (NM) City Council Committee approves bill to ban e-cig sales to minors

Albuquerque Journal editorial advocates state/local law banning e-cig sales to minors

Alhambra (CA) City Council to consider protecting cigarettes by imposing moratorium on e-cig retailers, public hearing on Monday

Yakima (WA) City Council mulls e-cig usage ban in public places (despite no harm)

NY Assemblywoman Sandy Galef  and Sen David Carlucci falsely accuse e-cig companies of target marketing to youth, to propose vaguely described bills

PA Rep Mario Scavello jeopardizes efforts to ban smoking in PA casinos, bars and other workplaces by sponsoring bill to ban harmless e-cig vaper from all PA workplaces (PA)

Mike Siegel: Cambridge Public Health Department follows the CDC lead, claims that e-cigs are a gateway to lifetime of tobacco use (MA)

Arizona Health Department Director Will Humble claims e-cig companies target market to youth, e-cigs addict youth, and e-cigs are gateways to cigarette smoking (but provides no evidence since no evidence exists). (AZ)

FDA tells CT AG Jepsen its on the same e-cigarette page (CT)

Oklahoma City Council member wants to consider e-cigarette ban (OK)

Las Vegans trade smoke for vaper, while Healthcare Partners Nevada's Stephen Portz repeats fear mongering lies about e-cigs to discourage smokers from quitting (NV)

E-Cigarettes: The controversy continues (IA)

Murphy (TX) City Council bans e-cig sales to minors

E-cigarettes help smokers quit (FL/AL)

E-cigarettes: Smokers find new way of quitting (OH)

Cancer Society says calls to NY smokers quit line dropped 40% (as e-cig sales increased)

E-cigarattes are gaining in popularity, but nurse Susan Dewar discourages smokers from switching and repeats CDC lies claiming e-cigs are addicting kids (IL)

Special report: E-cigarette explosion Part I (NC)

Special report: E-cigarette explosion Part II (NC)

As feds ponder future of e-cigarettes, some puritanical colleges move against them

University of Iowa faculty continues to be divided on e-cigarette ban (IA)

Study finds e-cig use increasing among OK teens, but article fails to disclose usage rates by teen smokers vs nonsmokers (just as CDC has did with its NYTS data)

WV Health Depts' Christina Mickey makes false claims e-cigs protect cigarettes (WV)

Jonathan Foulds claims e-cig vaper is 'not harmless' despite no evidence of harm (PA)

Misunderstanding e-cigarettes: Leonard Lopate interviews drug industry funded Richard Hurt (who advocates e-cig usage bans, FDA regulation, flavoring ban, nicotine limits, 21 age limit) and Deepak Saxena (who makes many false fear mongering claims).

Christopher Wanjek repeats a dozen fear-mongering lies about e-cigs as factual
Huffington Post reprints Wanjek's propaganda

Yale's Judson Brewer touts worthless apps for smoking cessation, while criticizing e-cigs because they might only be as effective as FDA approved smoking cessation drugs

More news articles repeat CDC lies about e-cigs and youth without any fact checking

Arizona Chapter of AAP's Sara Bode makes false fear mongering claims about nicotine and denounces e-cigs, but endorses AZ law opposed by ACS, AHA, ALA that bans e-cig sales to minors (AZ)

ALA rains on ACS' Great American Smokeout by making false claims about e-cigs, lobbying FDA to protect cigarette markets from e-cigs, and calling for tax e-cigs

Recently funded by FDA & NIH as a Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science, MD Anderson Cancer Center (TX) press release claims to debunk tobacco myths, but instead deceives readers to believe that:
- e-cigarettes, cigars and hookahs are just as hazardous as daily cigarette smoking,
- nicotine (not the repeated inhalation of smoke) makes tobacco products harmful,
- five tobacco companies invented and began advertising e-cigs and hookahs in 2008,
- e-cigarettes, cigars and hookahs are gateways to cigarettes for youth,
- e-cigarettes haven't helped any smokers quit smoking, and
- nondaily smokers face similar risks, and should be counted the same as far higher risk daily smokers.

CASAA's Elaine Keller: MD Anderson Cancer Center lies about e-cigarettes and other tobacco products

MD Anderson Cancer Center's Alexander Prokhorov falsely claims tobacco companies spend billions of dollars advertising e-cigs and other products as 'safe', e-cigs increase risks for lung cancer and heart disease and are gateways to cigarettes for teens, smokeless tobacco 'is as dangerous as cigarette smoking', falsely implies that all tobacco products are as hazardous as cigarettes, that cigars are more addictive than cigarettes, and that flavored cigars are target marketed to teens. (TX)

Summit Urgent Care (TX) nurse practitioner Michael Jacobs further exaggerates FDA's 2009 lie claiming e-cigs contain anti freeze and can kill people, falsely claims flavored e-cigs are target marketed to teens, falsely claims only FDA can ban e-cig sales to minors.


Former BMJ editor Richard Smith exposes BMJ hypocrisy for banning research funded by tobacco companies, but not drug companies
"So will the editors stop publishing research funded by the drug industry, and if not why not? Knowing the heavy financial dependence of journals on the drug industry, I shall be looking for sophistry in the explanations."