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Bill Godshall Update 2013-12-04

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - December 4th, 2013

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NYC Legislature

Watch/listen to NY City Council public hearing on proposed e-cig usage ban (live):


Action Alert - Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco:

OMB issues Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) for FDA deeming and other regs for e-cigs, cigars, shisha, dissolvables; Proposed Rule set to be issued in December:
The Reg Map: Informal Rulemaking
Frequently Asked Questions about Rulemaking Process

Bill Godshall interviewed by VapersPlace Live, on CDC claims e-cigs addict youth and are gateways to cigarettes, ramifications of potential FDA e-cig regulation (Aired Nov. 24, 2013: interview begins at 59:29 into show):

Tobacco firms warn White House on FDA rule:

Riccardo Polosa and Pasquale Caponnetto expose actual CDC findings on e-cig use among teens, expose CDC lies (repeated in a Lancet Oncology editorial) claiming e-cigs addict youth and are gateways to cigarette smoking: (full text)

Mike Siegel - CDC and Glantz misinformation campaigns on e-cigs are working: Media disseminating false conclusions to public:

Mike Siegel - According to CDC, the fact that some nonsmoking youth are using e-cigs suggests that these kids are going on to become lifelong smokers:

ASTHO urges FDA to regulate e-cigs, fails to acknowledge that regs would protect cigarette markets, decimate the e-cig industry, and threaten lives of vapers and smokers:

Consumer Reports repeats CDC lies about e-cigs in article on potential FDA regulation:


Coming Sunday - Tobacco users to be penalized under new Obamacare rules:

New York City

Watch/listen to NYC Council public hearing on proposed e-cig usage ban (live):

NY City Council bill would ban e-cig use wherever smoking is banned despite no harm to public; public hearing to be held Wednesday, December 4 at 10AM:

Smokefree Pennsylvania urges NY City Council Health Committee to reject proposed e-cig usage ban because it threatens consumer and public health, protects cigarettes:

CASAA issues Call To Action to oppose propose e-cig usage ban in NY City, to testify at council hearing:

CASAA letter to NY City Council Health Committee details how banning e-cig use in workplaces would protect cigarettes, while harming vapers, smokers and public health:

R Street warns NYC e-cigarette ban would be harmful to public health:

Staten Island lawmakers turn thumbs-down on proposal to ban e-cigarettes in public spaces (NY):

NY Times article on NYC Council bill repeats false and misleading claims about e-cigs:

Political Foodie: E-cigarettes (NY):

Cities seek to restrict e-cigarettes (NY/IL):

Blair Horner repeats false and misleading claims about e-cigs to lobby for NYC usage ban and FDA regs that would protect cigarettes, threaten the lives of vapers and smokers:

Matt Myers keeps lying about e-cigs, fails to ethically disclose CTFK's huge conflict of interest by receiving more than a hundred million dollars from Big Pharma:

US State/Local

Chicago Health Commissioner Bechara Choucair repeats many false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs to lobby for usage ban in workplaces and impose retailer restrictions that would protect cigarettes, threaten lives of vapers and smokers, and do nothing to protect children:

E-cigs & Vaping - Do our policy makers ask real questions before deciding?
Cherokee County (OK) GOP blog exposes OK Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust giving financial incentives for grant recipients to lobby for local e-cig usage bans, reveals e-cigs are far less hazardous alternative to cigarettes and pose no harm to public:

Richmond considers e-cigarette ban:

AZ AG stings e-cig retailers using undercover youth purchasers, 20 cited for violations

Virginia legislation (HB 26) would  ban e-cig sales to minors

Consumer class action lawsuit filed against Vapor Corp (a publicly traded company) and Global Vapor Partners in Cook County for scamming consumers (IL)

Vector Group subsidiary to launch Zoom E-cig brand (US)

E-cigarettes gathering steam in the workplace (TX)

The smoker who came in from the cold (AR)

E-cigarette industry, and debate about it, is growing (MN)

E-cigarettes at the crossroads (MN)

E-cigarettes: A solution to addictive smoking? PA Medical Society's Bruce MacLeod admits his ignorance about e-cigs, but says they should be regulated like cigarettes (PA),0,1868530,full.story

As feds ponder future of e-cigarettes, some colleges move against them

E-cigarettes banned in and around USCB campus buildings (SC)

E-cig recharger malfunction purportedly starts mattress fire, manufacturer says it never heard of previous problems but would pay damages if product malfunctioned (CO)

Anti E-cigarette Propaganda

Glantz et al 2011 survey of 75,643 Korean teens (grades 7 - 12) found current smokers were 66 times more likely than never smokers to report past 30 day e-cig use.

Stan Glantz misrepresents his own findings in Korean teen study to further confuse and scare the public and to lobby for e-cig sales/usage bans; irresponsible news media repeat Glantz' false claims as factual

Konstantinos Farsilinos: E-cigarette use by South Korean children - a new study

Article in Tobacco Control misrepresents scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs to confuse readers and impose unwarranted regulations on the lifesaving products


Clive Bates - Embarrassingly poor EU policy making - follow the rules and do a proper job on e-cigarettes

Clive Bates - Info Post: EU legislative proposals for nicotine containing products (e-cigs)

EU vapers petition EU Parliament to "Save our e-cigs"

ACSH's Gilbert Ross: EU bureaucrats plan to protect cigarette and drug markets while killing smokers

E-cigarettes could be outlawed by Brussels plan to treat them as tobacco products

EU seeks ban all currently available e-cigarettes because they remind prohibitionists of cigarettes

NACS: EU to regulate e-cigarettes like tobacco

After Dutch courts overturned its unlawful e-cig ban last year, Ministry of Health makes false claims about e-cigs as it prepares to impose unwarranted and counterproductive regulations on the lifesaving products to prevent smokers from switching

Logic announces continued e-cig expansion in Europe

CRUK report falsely claims e-cigs are marketed to children


In apparent stealth attempt to ban e-cig use in workplaces, new Alberta law (Bill 33) also bans the holding or otherwise controlling of a heated "tobacco-like product", whose definition "composed in whole or in part of plants or plant products, or any extract of them" includes making or drinking hot coffee or tea, and cooking or eating heated grains, vegetables and fruits, which have also been redefined as "smoking".

Alberta enacts laws banning smoking in cars with a child, banning flavorings in cigars and smokeless tobacco, banning use of e-cigs and many other "tobacco-like products" in all workplaces and public places, banning hookah bars.

Jesse Kline: Don't believe the fear campaign - e-cigarettes can save millions of lives

A smoker's revolution: on the vapor trail (Winnipeg, Canada)
"The funny thing about an electronic cigarette is once you develop a taste for it, you can't smoke cigarettes."

Manitoba Health Officer Michael Routledge repeats false claims about e-cigs


Dr. Milton Lum repeats false and misleading claims to demonize e-cigs (Malaysia)

Tobacco Usage Bans

Georgia Regents consider tobacco use ban at state colleges (but no mention if e-cigs might be included)


Tobacco tax hike to hit disadvantaged hardest says doctors group, 12.5% tax hike to take effect in Australia


NY Tribes defy US cigarette delivery law


Joe Nocera: The asbestos scam

Plain Packaging

Australian plain packaging law hasn't reduced smoking rates or cigarette consumption as campaigners insisted would occur

UK's David Cameron now supports unwarranted plain packaging law for cigarettes