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Bill Godshall Update 2013-12-12

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - December 12th, 2013

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Action Alert: Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco:

E-cigarette, Fracking Rule Changes Seen in 2014 Surge:

Brad Rodu - The CDC abuses the facts about e-cigarettes - Part 1:

Brad Rodu - The CDC abuses the facts about e-cigarettes - Part II:

Mike Siegel - CDC is exaggerating the problem of e-cig use among non-tobacco users:

Mike Siegel - Politicians are repeating CDC propaganda, word for word, in pushing vaping bans:

Joel Nitzkin urges US Preventive Services Task Force to consider THR products in addition to FDA approved drugs and counseling for smoking cessation:

At FDA December 12 webinar, Mitch Zeller misrepresented scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs, dismissed surveys of and testimonies by thousands of vapers, failed to disclose his conflict of interest by lobbying for GlaxoSmithKline against smokefree THR products and in support of GSK NRT products during past decade:

CSPNet article on Mitch Zeller's webinar:

CSNews article on Mitch Zeller's webinar:

ACSH - The 'debate' over e-cigarettes is finally starting to tilt towards science and commonsense:

E-cig Research

Characterization of chemicals released to the environment by electronic cigarettes use (ClearStream-AIR project): is passive vaping a reality?

Mike Siegel - First study to examine passive vaping under real-life conditions finds no chemicals of concern in room air:

New York City

Action Alert: NYC vapers urged to contact City Council members in opposition to proposed e-cig usage ban, contact info posted (Council vote set for December 19th):

12/4/13 NYC Council Health Cmte hearing on proposed e-cig use ban (audio/video at):

NYC eyes cigarette ban in public places; Councilman Gennaro makes false claims about e-cigs when lobbying for his bill:

Joe Nocera - Two Cheers for E-Cigarettes:

Amy Fairchild and James Colgrove: The case for tolerating e-cigarettes

ACSH scored big time points countering phony scares about e-cigarettes before the NYC Council

Jeff Stier: The Nanny state can get you killed

Jeff Stier testifies at NY City Council Health Cmte hearing on e-cigs

TVECA informs NYC Council of its opposition to proposed e-cig usage ban, says Councilman Gennaro news media falsely claimed TVECA supported the bill (NY)

NATO urges NYC body to hold off on e-cig amendment

Bill to ban e-cigarettes in public gets a City Council hearing; Staten Island members dubious

Vapers and emotions rise at hearing on e-cigarettes (NYC)

Jacob Sullum: New York City may ban vaping because it looks like smoking

SFATA speaks out on NYC proposal to ban e-cigs in public places

Meanwhile, in NYC . . . Denormalization has absolutely nothing to do with public health

NY City considers banning e-cigarettes

NYC's proposed e-cigarette ban: bad for the gay community, bad for everyone (NY)

Mike Siegel: As NY Times article reveals, quality of scientific analysis at CTFK has deteriorated

NYC council considers electronic cigarette ban

New York City Council wants to ban e-cigarettes in restaurants

NYC Pulmonologist Mary O'Sullivan falsely claims “there's no evidence” that e-cigs are less hazardous than lethal cigarettes

Mike Siegel: NYC Pulmonolgist tells smokers that their smoking may be no more hazardous than using tobacco-free e-cigarettes


CASAA issues Call to Action opposing proposed Chicago e-cig usage ban (Updated and Still Pending)

Despite inviting e-cig prohibitionists (but no supporters) to testify, Chicago City Council doesn't approve Mayor Rahm Emanuel's newly proposed bill to ban e-cig use in workplaces due to groundswell of opposition by vapers and other reasonable people. (IL)

Emanuel's e-cigarete regulations getting watered down (IL)

Chicago e-cigarette regulations stall after facts are revealed to Aldermen (IL)

City Council snuffs out Rahm's e-cigarette ban (IL)

E-cigarette regulation hits a snag (IL)

Chicago Sun Times repeats lies about e-cigs, endorses e-cig usage ban (IL)

Rahm Emanuel equates e-cig with deadly cigarettes, falsely claims his derailed e-cig usage ban is battle between Big Tobacco and protecting Chicago's children (IL)

Jacob Sullum: Chicago e-cigarette ban blocked by 'surprise opposition'

Other State/Local

LA City Council moves to regulate e-cig sales and use of e-cigs based on lies by CDC and Big Pharma front groups,0,4451895.story

Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust defends its bribing of cities to ban e-cig use (OK)

Few dare call it bribery: OK grants, e-cigs and another brick in the wall (OK)

OK state health grants dependent upon banning e-cig and tobacco use

Oklahoma State University Regents approve nonsensical and unenforceable e-cig usage ban on campus despite massive opposition (OK)

Beaverton (OR) given $1.6 million CDC grant that required the city to ban tobacco use

PA Senate Judiciary Cmte approves bill (SB 1055) to ban e-cig sales to minors

Morton Grove (IL) enacts $.25 tax for each pack of cigarettes or e-cigarettes sold (pages 89-94)

Ordinance introduced in Richmond (CA) City Council to ban e-cig use where smoking is banned despite health benefits for smokers who switch, no evidence of harm to nonusers

Urge Richmond (CA) City Council to reject proposed e-cig usage ban

Alert: Urge Union City (CA) City Council to reject proposed e-cig usage ban

Rochester (MN) Park Board approves unwarranted and unenforceable smoking and e-cig use ban in parks.

Boston Globe editorial correctly says outdoor smoking bans hard to defend and enforce, but failed to oppose Boston law that banned smoking and e-cig use in parks (MA)

After hypocritical ACS/AHA/ALA lobbied to defeat bill to ban e-cig sales to minors earlier this year, legislators plan to introduce similar legislation next year (OK)

After falsely accusing (since 2009) e-cig companies of target marketing to children, hypocritical drug industry funded ACS, AHA, ALA oppose Michigan bills (SB 667 & SB 668) that would ban e-cig sales to minors (MI)

CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, ANR, RWJF upset most state legislatures have reduced funding for anti tobacco propaganda programs (and grants/contracts for CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, ANR, RWJF) demonizing low risk e-cigs and other smokefree alternatives

Biz Owner Challenges E-Cigarette Ban in Carlbad (CA)

Alachua County (FL) bans e-cig sales to minors, bans e-cig use in some locations

USA Today article urges states to tax e-cigarettes to discourage cigarette smokers from switching/quitting

Adirondack Tobacco Free Network activists waste state funds lobbying for unconstitutional bans on tobacco product displays in retail stores (NY)

Despite no evidence e-cigs have ever created daily dependence in any nonsmoker (adult or youth), Utah Health Department misrepresents its survey findings (just as CDC did) to falsely imply e-cigs are addicting teens, claim e-cig use by teen smokers is "alarming" and that preventing teen smokers from using e-cigs is a "public health priority", fails to acknowledge that most adult and teen e-cig use was/is by smokers and that its misleading definition of "current user" is anyone reporting use of an e-cig in past-30-days, makes false claims about e-cigs and companies, compares data from two different surveys to claim e-cig use by teens is greater than by adults. (UT)

Stan Glantz and John Pierce misrepresent scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs to confuse, scare, ban e-cig salse/use, and discourage smokers from quitting (CA)

Scott Steinberg maligns e-cig consumer group as defender of "multi billion dollar industry", then falsely calls drug industry front group ALA a health organization (CA)

ASU's Dr. Myra Muramota denies existence of scientific evidence on e-cigs, falsely claims e-cigs don't help smokers quit and may be as harmful as smoking, Godshall and others correct Muramota's false fear mongering claims (AZ)

Stan Glantz now claims one minute of secondhand smoke exposure is harmful, yet Glantz has been lobbying to force e-cig users outdoors to inhale secondhand smoke

Could smoking bans or vaping reduce help reduce smoke in casinos? (AL)

Anti tobacco alliance campaigns to protect cigarettes by targeting e-cigs (ID)

ABC News Good Morning America repeats false scare claims about nicotine and e-cigs by abstinence-only prohibitionists, who ABC News inaccurately calls health experts. (IL)

Rising popularity of e-cigarettes has prohibitionists concerned (UT)

Huffington Post lobbies for state e-cig regulations, Ohio AG Mike DeWine endorses taxing e-cigs to discourage smokers from quitting smoking

Abstinence-only prohibitionist Bob Doyle makes more false claims about e-cigs to confuse, scare and discourage smokers from quitting smoking (CO)

Miami Herald article repeats CDC lies about e-cigs to confuse and scare public (FL)

US Healthworks Donald Brucklin repeats CDC lies that e-cigs are addicting teens, Godshall corrects many of Brucklin's false claims and exposes their sources (CA)

Rock County (WI) health educator Katie Schroeder makes false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs to scare and discourage smokers from quitting smoking

After e-cig prohibitionists falsely claimed e-cigs and nicotine are toxic and poisonous, and after e-cig sales more than doubled, number of calls to KY poison center about e-cigs predictably increases from 9 last year to 39 this year, but no confirmed illness or harm

Drug industry product hawker Daniel Siedman makes more false claims about e-cigs, claims they should be treated like cigarettes, fails to disclose conflicts of interest (NY)

E-cig Industry

Fox Business: The rise of the e-cigarette

SFATA: Taking a look at the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association

Victory E-Cigarettes CEO Brent Willis interviewed on e-cigs and regulation

Blu eCigs relocating to South End building (NC)

E-cigs and Aviation

Some airports give green lights to e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes and aviation: Into the vaping zone


Clive Bates - Info post: EU legislative proposals for nicotine containing products (e-cigarettes)
[Updated December 10, 2013 with excellent letter to EU negotiators]:

Drug company lobbying firm misrepresents Bullen et al study findings in letter urging EU Parliament to restrict nicotine in e-cigs to no more than 12mg/ml, a level so low that smokers and vapers won't buy or use them (which is precisely what Big Pharma desires).

Europe's 'Vapers' must unite against the EU's 'unelected and unaccountable' attempts to sabotage the use and availability of e-cigarettes, warns Gilbert Ross

Obstinate anti smoking lobby rejects science of safe alternatives (Ireland)

French court ruling gives e-cigarette industry to state tobacco industry monopoly

E-cigarettes are tobacco products, rules French court

French shop banned from selling e-cigarettes after tobacconist complains

French court deals blow to e-cigarette industry

French court rules that e-cigs are tobacco products that can only be sold by licensed tobacconists, ruling could give e-cig industry to state-imposed tobacco monopoly.

French court ruling could deal blow to e-cigarette industry

E-cigarettes get some bad news from France

No smoke without ire, the e-cigarette revolution (UK)

The Libertarian - Fire without smoke; Regulating e-cigarettes (UK)

ASA investigates sexual e-cigarette ad (UK)


Canadian Living: Are e-cigarettes safe?
(excellent article but stupid title):

E-cigarette laws coming in Nova Scotia

New Zealand

NZ Medical Association president Mark Peterson equates e-cig use with cigarette smoking, while Quitline's Paula Snowden urges regulation of e-cig sales instead of ban.


Explainer: what are electronic cigarettes?

Not one Australian retailer cited for selling cigarettes to minors in a dozen years, probably because anti-tobacco extremists have instead lobbied to keep snus banned, to ban e-cigs, to ban outdoor smoking, and to require unwarranted plain packs for cigarettes.


Mike Siegel: WHO's medical advice to smokers who failed to quit using drugs: public health malpractice

Smokeless Tobacco

Guam Senator upset smokers are switching to far less hazardous smokeless tobacco; cigarette consumption falls by one third as smokeless consumption increased 137%

Epidemiological evidence relating snus to health -- an updated review based on recent publications


Cheap cigarettes lure shoppers to New Hampshire (MA/NH)

Smokefree Homes

Berkeley moves forward bill to ban smoking (but not e-cig use) in multiunit housing

Ottawa poised to ban smoking in social housing (Canada)

Plain Packaging

PJ O'Rourke: In a Plain Brown Package; Australia's doomed effort to kill tobacco sales

International Trade Agreements

Anti-capitalist and anti-tobacco extremist group applauds failure of TPP trade agreement