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Bill Godshall Update 2013-12-17

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - December 17th, 2013

FDA, Testimony from Vapers, NYC, Chicago, Other State / Local, EU, Taxation / Contraband, E-cig / THR Research.


Action Alert - Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco:

CASAA to FDA CTP - Nothing about us without us:

Regulating e-cigarettes could have unintended consequences (which aren't really unintended since many are goals e-cig prohibitionists have lobbied for since 2009):

Is Big Tobacco on the verge of an e-cigarette takeover?

Mad Money's Jim Cramer on e-cigs, interviews NJOY's Craig Weiss:

Fixture Upper: Back bar or front counter - finding a perfect home for e-cigs (reveals why regulations requiring e-cigs behind retail counter protects Big Tobacco and cigarettes, threatens health of smokers and future of e-cig industry):

E-cigarettes - A burning question for US regulators:

After huge decline in teen smoking rates but little decline among adults in past 15 years, FDA plans to target youth with anti tobacco propaganda ads, while targeting adults with e-cig ban/regulations to prevent / discourage smokers from quitting smoking:

Lobbying for FDA regulations, CDC's Tom Frieden falsely claims flavored cigars are target marketed to kids, falsely claims large cigars are only "a small part of today's cigar industry", misleadingly equates past month cigar smoking to daily cigarette smoking:

CDC reveals another key reason (besides the lives of tens of millions of smokers) why CDC Director Tom Frieden and OSH Director Tim McAfee must correct, clarify, apologize for falsely claiming e-cigs are addicting teens and are gateways to smoking:
"CDC's core public health values are saving lives and protecting people. This can't be done if the agency isn't trusted"

CDC's lies repeated, as Greenville Family Partnership's Carol Reeves falsely claims many youths who never smoked before are using e-cigarettes, while Greenville's Dr. Bill Schmidt falsely claims e-cigs are gateways to cigarettes (SC):

CASAA draft position statement on ecigs and children:

Study finds picture warnings on cig packs in Canada reduced consumption and smoking, estimates FDA warnings would have prompted 5.3 - 8.6 million US smokers to quit:

After threatening the lives of vapers and smokers by misrepresenting evidence on e-cigs, Stan Glantz finally posts an important public health message, about FDA cigarette pack warnings (which I convinced Sen. Mike Enzi to amend into the FSPTCA in 2007):

Evidence From Vapers

(that FDA and other e-cig prohibitionists dismiss as irrelevant)


New option for cigarette smokers trying to quit - #IMPROOF movement launched by Vape Revolution:

#IMPROOF presents Karen Lee (on quitting smoking by vaping):
"I was going through two cartons a week, every week. . . I don't stink anymore. My car doesn't stink anymore. I feel really good. My blood oxygen level is up to 99%. . . I haven't had a sinus infection since I quit smoking. . . Look at me. I'm 73 years old and I smoked for 55 years and I did it. I will never smoke another cigarette."

Ban E-cigs Ban Vaping #IMPROOF think again !!!!
"I used to smoke over 40 cigarettes a day for over 40 years. It was killing me. I discovered vaping. I haven't touched a cigarette since. . . Now the people like the FDA and the European Parliament want to get this banned. They're ill educated. The same to all you antismokers out there. Do you really want me to go back to cigarettes and polluting your atmosphere?"

GrimmGreen - Taking the next vaping step:


CASAA updates NYC Call to Action (contact Council ASAP, vote set for tomorrow)

Jeff Stier: Bloomberg trying to ban e-cigarettes is silly
E-cigs "in the papers" (NYC)

E-cig sellers fight city to avoid going up in smoke (NYC)

ACSH's Gilbert Ross: Michael Bloomberg's attack on e-cigarettes will drive ex-smokers back to the real thing

CASAA submits testimony to NYC Council opposing proposed e-cig use ban

NYC Hospitality Alliance urges City Council to reject proposed e-cig use ban

NYSSA urges New Yorkers to oppose proposed e-cig usage ban

City Hall Pro: The Bloomberg-legacy blizzard (NY) highlights proposed e-cig usage ban

NY Times editors publish letters on e-cigs by three well funded e-cig opponents, one former smoker, but no vapers


CASAA Call to Action asks vapers to urge Chicago Aldermen to reject e-cig usage ban (Updated and Still Pending)

Chicago backs off e-cigarette ban (IL)

Despite no evidence or likelihood of reducing youth smoking, Chicago City Council bans sale of menthol cigarettes within 500 feet of schools.

Other State/Local

Electronic cigarettes are not a big hit with teens (PA) Bill Godshall: "There's no evidence these products are being marketed to kids," he said. "The reality is these products have helped millions of smokers quit." "If teens, like adult smokers, are switching to e-cigarettes," he said, "that's not a public health problem; that's a public health solution."

Push to ban e-cig sales to minors grows (PA)

E-cig Rules to Play By (states)

Los Angeles Times editorial: Overreacting to e-cigarettes (CA),0,3165227.story#axzz2nTidsLtO

San Bernardino (CA) County Board of Supervisors bans e-cig use based on false claims

Anheuser-Busch heir makes jump to e-cigarettes

Lawmakers bill to outlaw e-cigarette sales to minors; but news stories repeat false claims that e-cigs are addicting youth (OK)

Wisconsin bill (SB 440) introduced to specify that e-cig use is not "smoking" and is not banned where smoking is banned, referred to Committee on Judiciary and Labor (WI)

Union City (CA) Council harasses vapers and discourages smokers from switching to e-cigs by banning their use everywhere smoking is banned despite no harm to nonusers, no evidence e-cigs addict youth and no evidence e-cigs are gateways to cigarette smoking

E-cigarettes banned in New Hanover (NC) County buildings, vehicles to harass vapers and discourage smokers from switching to the far less hazardous lifesaving alternatives

Dr. Natasha Bergurt: What a doctor learned from a visit to an e-cig store (great article)

Vape Room on forefront of e-cigarette trend (MO)

E-cigarettes and other 'vaping' methods grow in popularity, controversy (CA); State funded propagandists repeat false and misleading claims to confuse and scare public

Rick Holmes: E-cigarettes: Savior or Menace?
It may be time to let the nicotine addicts back inside (MA)

Mount Prospect (IL) police want minors banned from having e-cigs despite new state law

News Observer (NC) reprints Miami Herald article that repeated CDC lies about e-cigs addicting youth

Vapers could face health concerns from e-cigs (MN)


Clive Bates: When we've decided, we'll let you know; an update on nicotine regulations in Brussels

MEP Chris Davies: E-cig legislation - cutting through the confusion

EU provisional deal reached, e-cigarette decision passed to member states

E-cigarette row could block new EU tobacco rules: diplomats

Will e-cigs be treated as a drug? (Germany)

French stage smokeless revolution; electronic cigarettes are catching like wildfire

Jon Spring: Electronic-Cigarettes - A perspective on regulation from the e-cigarette consumer association (ECCA UK)

Hazel Mabe: Electronic cigarettes - a perspective on the German situation from IG-ED

BBC poll finds 62% oppose, 34% support e-cig usage ban in public places (UK)

Laurie Penney: It's not harming anyone, so why is Brussels trying to remove my robot cigarette?

Public Health Wales calls for e-cig usage ban in public places despite no evidence of harm, falsely claims e-cigs renormalize smoking. BMA's Eamon Jessop repeats CDC lies about e-cigs addicting youth, demonizes products and repeats call for usage ban. (UK)

Sense about Science asks BMA what's the evidence for banning e-eigs, and still waits for a reply (UK)

French Courts hand e-cigarettes to Big Tobacco, Is the US next?

Ruling could deal a blow to e-cigarette industry (France)

Taxation / Contraband

Study finds 58% of cigarette packs found in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Providence and DC didn't pay local or state taxes, with an estimated 30%-42% smuggled.

E-cig / THR Research

(and misrepresentations of research findings)

New study finds exhaled e-cig vapor contains nonhazardous trace levels of nicotine (averaging 2.5 µg/m3) and none of the many toxicants in 2nd hand smoke, but authors downplay study's important findings that refute false claims by e-cig prohibitionists.

Roswell Park press release misrepresents key findings and implications of its e-cig study finding no toxins and nonhazardous trace levels of nicotine in secondhand e-cig vapor, authors repeat unsubstantiated fear mongering claims by e-cig prohibitionists

Mike Siegel: New study finds that vaping does not expose bystanders to CO or VOC

E-cigarette study finds nicotine, but no toxins

Karl Fagerstrom: Dependence on Tobacco and Nicotine

New study finds that in contrast to cigarette smoking, e-cig use not associated with elastic properties of ascending aorta

CNN headline/article falsely claim nicotine and e-cig use cause heart disease, misrepresent findings of lab study on tissue samples

Carl Phillips: Chi-Ming Hai is a liar - nicotine does not cause measurable risk of CVD

Study finds 83% of healthcare providers admit to knowing little or nothing about e-cigs, but most correctly regarded e-cigs as less hazardous than cigarettes; but author's press release demonizes e-cigs and repeats misleading claims by CDC about youth

Medicalxpress headline repeats CDC lies about e-cigs and youth, article highlights survey finding 83% of healthcare providers know little or nothing about e-cigs

Mike Siegel: My (censored) response to Stan Glantz's contention that electronic cigarettes are causing youth to smoke more heavily

Carl Phillips: Glantz (and Grana and Benowitz) cannot even get the simple facts straight; WHO hires Glantz, Grana, Benowitz to misrepresent scientific evidence on e-cigarettes

Consumer Reports repeats false claims, misrepresents research findings on e-cigs

CASAA's Elaine Keller: Five thing Tom Bemis won't tell you about e-cigarettes

Financial Times says BAT's David O'Reilly said nicotine is good for you (UK)

Univ. of Minnesota's Hatsukami studying e-cigs, but won't recommend them for smokers based upon her many criticisms of other very low risk smokefree alternatives

Nigel Gray - Nicotine Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: A Global Review (endorses THR, but doesn't mention e-cigs or THR opponents who hijacked public health)

NY University's Xin Li falsely claims "e-cig users may actually absorb higher concentrations of nicotine and other toxins than conventional tobacco smokers" just because most e-cig cartridges provides more puffs of vapor than a pack of cigarettes provides puffs of smoke. NYU's Deepak Saxena also misrepresents evidence on e-cigs.

Mike Siegel: Anti-smoking researchers continue to just make it up; now claim vaping is more hazardous than smoking

Daily Mail (UK), University Herald & NY Post headlines/articles repeat false fear mongering claims by NYU's Xin Li & Deepak Saxena that e-cig vapers inhale more nicotine and toxins than cigarette smokers, fail to do any fact checking.

MedicalDaily headline/article grossly misrepresent findings of Roswell Park e-cig vapor study, repeat false claims by NYU idiots about e-cigs to confuse and scare

Pulmonologist Richard Hollister falsely claims e-cigs may be as hazardous as cigarettes, tells his smoking patients (with lung diseases) to not switch to e-cigs (NH)