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Bill Godshall Update 2013-12-26

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - December 26th, 2013

US FDA, NYC, Other US State / Local, Nicotine Safety, THR, E-cig Business, Canada, EU, Taxation / Contraband, Censorship.


Bill Godshall goes to White House OMB, House E&C Cmte, Reps Pitts and Murphy urging them to not let FDA ban e-cig products or give e-cig industry to Big Tobacco:

After ten months, Obama Administration still hasn't responded to Petition to White House to "Prevent the FDA from regulating or banning the sale and use of electronic cigarettes, accessories and associated liquids" signed by >30,000 vapers:

Action Alert - Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco:

Philip Morris Intl endorses FDA deeming reg that would ban 99% of e-cig competition, plans to file multi million dollar MRTP application(s), announces e-cig deal with Altria:

News media report PMI/Altria e-cig sales deal, but ignore PMI's endorsement of FDA deeming and MRTP regs that protect Altria and PMI at expense of other e-cig companies, lives of vapers and smokers:,0,1115367.story

NIDA funded MTF finds record low rates and significant declines since 2010 for daily, past-30-day, and lifetime cigarette smoking among 8th, 10th, and 12th graders, refuting CDC's lies that e-cigs are gateways to cigarettes for teens:
MTF finds, since 1996, daily cigarette smoking rates have declined by 83% among 8th graders (10.4% to 1.8%), by 76% among 10th graders (18.3% to 4.4%), and by 62% among 12th graders (22.2% to 8.5%).

Drs. Polosa and Farsalinos letter to FDA's Margaret Hamburg tells truth about e-cigs, refutes false and misleading claims by CDC that were repeated by duped State AGs:

NATO's Thomas Briant - Nine step rulemaking process and FDA deeming regs:

FDA requests comments on Exemptions from Substantial Equivalence Requirements for tobacco products regulated by Chapter IX of the TCA (60 day public comment deadline):

Six US Senate Democrats protect cigarettes by urging FTC to investigate "false, deceptive and misleading" e-cig marketing practices, ignoring the false, deceptive and misleading claims by FDA, CDC and Big Pharma funded e-cig prohibitionists:

AEMSA sponsors clinical study and returns to the FDA with Dr. Farsalinos to present in 3rd listening session:

Konstantinos Farsalinos - Presenting to the FDA real evidence about e-cigarettes:

Mitch Zeller's December 11 webinar available for replay:

Mott's Children's Hospital push poll survey finds 13% of adults reported ever use of an e-cig, but authors didn't ask about smoking status to render findings useless, repeat false fear mongering claims about e-cigs to bias answers and lobby for unwarranted e-cig regs:

Reporter duped by Mott's press release and bogus findings of biased push poll on e-cigs:


Clueless but intolerant NYC Council bans vaping everywhere smoking is banned except vape shops; ordinance will protect cigarette markets, discourage smokers from switching, encourage vapers to switch back to cigarettes, cost city/employers/managements lots of money for compliance, and will be unenforceable (as stealth vape is easy, few people support new law, and no citations have been issued despite millions of violations in NJ, UT, ND, Seattle, Boston, Indianapolis and other locations vaping is banned).

December 18 NYC Council Health Committee legislative counsel report misrepresents scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs and e-cig vapor in yet another attempt to confuse and scare the public, and to ban use of the life saving products by smokers.

FoxNews "The Five" on NYC e-cig ban: Laws created based on cluelessness, confusion?

Drug Policy Alliance's Tony Newman: It's disturbing that health advocates are against e-cigs that save lives (NY and other)

The Daily Beast: New York's Nanny-State E-Cig Ban

E-cig ban shows it's really a war on tobacco companies

ACSH: A sad, destructive and embarrassing anti-climax for e-cigarettes in NYC

Does New York City's e-cigarette ban make the Tea Party's point?

NY State Health Cmsnr Nirav Shah repeats false claims about e-cigs to demonize products, confuse the public, and discourage smokers from switching

Former CDC OSH director Michael Eriksen falsely claims e-cig usage bans were caused by lack of FDA regulation, absurdly claims e-cig ads and usage should be banned because Judge Richard Leon struck down FDA's unlawful e-cig ban in 2010.

Other US State / Local

Cigarette, e-cig and pot prohibitionists coalesced to enact Boston's outdoor ban on e-cig use and smoking in parks, with $250 fines for violators despite no harm to others (MA).

State funded extremist not only claims e-cigs are as hazardous as cigarettes, but claims it's "dangerous" to think otherwise (MA)
"It's dangerous to think of e-cigarettes as less dangerous than regular cigarettes," Tami Gouveia, executive director of Tobacco Free Mass told a Daily News reporter.

Union City (CA) City Council bans e-cig use to discourage smokers from quitting

Long Beach (CA) City Council considers e-cig usage ban, city health officer Dr. Mitchell Kushner falsely claims nicotine "leads to heart disease and many other conditions" and repeats CDC's false claims about e-cigs and youth.

OK Governor Mary Fallin protects cigarettes by banning e-cig use on all state property, OK Health Dept moralizes that e-cigs "should not be used indoor or in cars" despite posing no harm, makes false fear mongering claims about e-cig vapor and nicotine

Hawaii Health Dept bans e-cig use at facilities to discourage smokers from quitting (HI)

Lawmaker looks to exempt already exempted e-cigs from smoking ban (WI)

Dallas area cities struggle with regulation of e-cigarettes (TX)

Proposed ordinance in Fargo (ND) would ban e-cig sales to minors

USA Today story repeats false and misleading claims by e-cig prohibitionists (without doing any fact checking) to confuse, scare and lobby for e-cig usage bans.

Gizmodo article repeats false fear mongering claims about e-cigs to promote regulations

Padilla: With its war on e-cigarettes, the University of California ignores real crimes

Nicotine Safety

Attempted suicide fails after woman swallows 1,500 mg of nicotine, refutes false fear mongering claim that <100 mg of nicotine is a lethal dose (see 85 on page 39)

Attempting to commit suicide with E-Liquids: Witless!


Clive Bates: What do you really think about e-cigarettes and harm reduction?
Take the 12 question quiz, and see the responses

NEJM: The Renormalization of Smoking? E-Cigarettes and the Tobacco "Endgame"
(endorses e-cigs and THR for smokers, but endorses FDA regs that would ban e-cigs)

ACSH: Renewed call for sensible regulation of e-cigarettes in the NEJM

Are e-cigarettes a tobacco problem or part of the solution?,0,5047434.story#axzz2oXuRdHoX

Brad Rodu: Legacy Tells the Truth - Tobacco Harm Reduction Revolution Gains Momentum

Legacy's David Abrams acknowledges that e-cigs are "much less risky than cigarettes", and that smokeless tobacco products "are also much less harmful than cigarettes."

Healthy cigarettes? E-cigarettes poised to reduce tobacco harm

An interview with Dr. Jacques Le Houezec on eliquid: storage, safety and more

Mike Siegel inaccurately calls e-cig prohibitionists and propagandists "anti smoking advocates" but correctly denounces them for deceiving and scaring people about vapor

Former SG Carmona tells truth about e-cigs, FDA funded prohibitionist Glantz lies

E-cig opponents create smoke screen

CASAA's Carl Phillips truthfully states nicotine poses negligible risks for cardiovascular disease, Brown University's Chi-Ming Hai falsely claims nicotine causes CVD.

Helfer: Objections to e-cigarettes not based on science (MA)

USA Today keeps promoting Big Pharma funded ACS and ALA falsely hawking Big Pharma products as most effective way to quit smoking, fails to disclose conflicts of interest, Glantz and ALA keep lying about e-cig research to protect cigarette markets

Mike Siegel: Two more electronic cigarette opponents deny that vaping is any safer than smoking

As e-cigs save millions of smoker's lives, Stan Glantz falsely claims e-cig vapor harms bystanders and Tom Novotny falsely claims e-cigs "renormalize" smoking (CA)

Stan Glantz keeps lying to protect cigarettes by banning use of smokefree e-cigs

Article repeats ALA's false claims and propaganda about e-cigs, fails to disclose ALA's huge financial conflicts of interest with Big Pharma (CA)

Dr. Kristen Danielson repeats CDC's and AAP's fear mongering about e-cigs, fails to disclose AAP's financial conflicts of interest or its lobbying for FDA's 2009 e-cig ban

MedPage Today's Crystal Phend falsely claims e-cigs emit secondhand "smoke", misrepresents findings of study that found e-cigs emit nothing hazardous to bystanders

E-cig Business

'Disruptive Innovation' - This year marks the rise of e-cigarettes (VA)

New e-cig news service

Ecigarette founders take 43 million pounds from sale to rival (UK/US)

E-cigarette become popular holiday gifts (TN)

E-cigarettes a huge hit with Nebraska inmates who smoke (NE)

'Vaping' billboard shows Santa with e-cigarette, abstinence-only opponents moralize

Ploom's e-cigarettes, vaporizers use real tobacco (CA)

Following the Vapor Trail; For Vaporizers, New Technology and Product Design


E-cigarettes take social scene by storm; pose headaches for regulators


Clive Bates: Making sense of the proposed new e-cigarette regulations (EU)

Konstantinos Farsalinos: European Union regulating e-cigarettes based on ideology and theories, but not science

MEP Linda McAvan states that EU e-cig agreement would NOT ban e-liquid products if three countries choose to do so

Refillable electronic cigarettes face EU ban (despite being far more effective for smoking cessation and reducing cigarette consumption than the mass marketed "cigalike" e-cigs).

Viscount Ridley presents facts about e-cigs at UK House of Lords debate (A/V at 16:32:12)

Viscount Ridley presents facts about e-cigs at UK House of Lords debate (transcript at CG 258 on pg 66)

E-cigarette boom prompts debate over benefits; ECITA's Devlin advocates for policies to further reduce cigarette smoking, WHO keeps protecting cigarettes by lying about e-cigs

Electronic cigarettes: Experts in a conflict of interest?

In BMJ article, e-cig opponents who lobbied for MHRA and EU "medicine" regulations now want MHRA to regulate e-cigs as tobacco products to reduce marketing to smokers

Dutch cabinet plans to limit e-cig sales to the over 17s

Taxation / Contraband

RI black market tobacco sales rampant, among worst in nation (Mackinac Center exaggerates problem, but CTFK claims cigarette tax hikes haven't created black markets)


UAE Health Ministry bans news articles it considers an "indirect promotion of tobacco"