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Bill Godshall Update 2014-01-06

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - January 6th, 2014


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Tobacco Harm Reduction

Financial Times Editorial - Science must win when setting rules (criticizes policy makers for e-cig bans/regs based on emotion and entrenched political views instead of evidence): (paywall)

Jeff Stier - In defense of e-cigarettes:

Healthy Cigarettes? E-cigarettes Poised to Reduce Tobacco Harm:

Internet survey of 4,616 vapers finds that 69% initially vaped with 'tobacco flavored' e-cigs, but that 69% of vapers who quit smoking (and 58% of vapers who still smoked) switched between different flavored e-cig products on a daily basis, and that 70% of vapers who quit smoking (and 56% of vapers who still smoked) would find vaping less enjoyable if flavorings were limited:

Brad Rodu - Do e-cigarettes cause passive vaping?

E-cigarette vapor contains trace levels of nicotine, not toxins:

The politics of innovation holding back Uber, Tesla and e-cigs:

Brad Rodu - NYU to e-cigarette users: Cigarettes are healthier:

How I got hooked on e-cigs:

Carl Phillips - Anti THR liars of the year:

Carl Phillips - New York Health Commissioner Nirav R. Shah lies about e-cigarettes:

In article titled 'E-cigarettes: Separating fact from fiction', University of Pittsburgh's Hillary Tindle repeats CDC's intentionally misleading claims about surveys finding teen smokers were at least 20 times more likely than nonsmokers to report past use of e-cigs:

Nicotine Benefits

Science's obsession - The search for a 'smart pill':

Alcohol Harm Reduction

Cold Turkey Isn't the Only Route:

No more hangovers? New 'alcohol surrogate' comes with antidote that can make you sober again in minutes:

Marijuana Harm Reduction

13 reasons why marijuana just had the best year ever

Uruguay's marijuana growers come out into the open

Up early and in line for a marijuana milestone in Colorado

Colorado's recreational marijuana stores make history

THR Business

'Vapor' shops multiply as e-cigarette use grows

Altria, Philip Morris International Join Forces In Commercializing Cigarette Alternatives
'The two companies also agreed to work together on regulatory engagement related to heated tobacco products with the FDA, and e-vapor products with international regulatory authorities.'

Altria and Philip Morris are working together to dominate the industry

Altria and Philip Morris International are the Coca-Cola of cigarettes

PMI, Altria, Lorillard: E-cigs are the main source of growth for global tobacco players

Despite the threat of regulations, e-cigarettes are still the ticket to growth

British American Tobacco plc is Driving Ahead While Its Peers Struggle (UK)

Holy smokes: E-cigarette ads debut on TV

Return the favor: Friends don't let friends smoke (new NJOY ad)

E-cig companies launch ad blitz before FDA move

New e-cig spot comes very close to making health claims

New ad says you should convince your friends to quit smoking - and pick up e-cigarettes instead

E-cigarettes are on the rise: Do you smoke or vape?

E-cigs are the main source of growth for global tobacco players

E-cigarettes: How to profit from their exploding growth

E-cigs: not so fast - Tobacco analyst Modi sees slower growth for industry's hottest segment (Part 1)

Rise of the e-cigarette (UK)

NJOY airs anti smoking New Year TV advertising campaign (UK)


Action Alert: Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco

Timothy Carney: Big Pharma Push to Ban E-cigarettes

CASAA urges White House OMB to reject most FDA deeming regulation provisions and additional e-cig regulations

E-cigarette regulation could set back small business

Senate Dems want e-cigarette investigation based upon false and misleading fear mongering claims by Obama's FDA & CDC and Big Pharma funded e-cig prohibitionists

After falsely accusing RJ Reynolds of target marketing dissolvables to youth in 2009, OH Senator Sherrod Brown once again protects cigarette markets by falsely accusing e-cig industry of target marketing to youth

CSPNet: 2013's Biggest Tobacco Stories

Will menthol cigarettes be banned? Modi's viewpoint, and how to grow OTP (Part 2)

The regulation of e-cigarettes: Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole

CASAA nominates Carl Phillips to serve on FDA TPSAC


In one of his last acts as mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg bans e-cigs in public

Bloomberg bans use of e-cigarettes in public; skeptics say ban may harm public health

Jacob Sullum: Vaping gives politicians the vapors

Jake Tapper: Bloomberg signs e-cigarette ban

CTFK's Matt Myers keeps lying about e-cigs to prevent smokers from quitting and to receive even more Big Pharma funding under guise of protecting children and health

Carl Phillips: Cheryl Healton lies (a lot) to try to get NYC to restrict e-cigs

These NYC Politicians Are Our Friends

Crown Heights E-Cig Lounge to Offer Vape Haven

Fight over e-cigs is growing but Baltimore Sun editors scare readers with false headline

Other State / Local

Tom Briant: A year-end review of tobacco legislation, regulations

Sales of e-cigarettes soar into million-dollar business in Greater New Haven (CT)

UC Irvine to allow e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco despite UC ban (CA)

Do you smoke? Or vape? E-cigarettes pick up steam in Vermont

Protesters at Capitol send 'smoke signal' to Governor Fallin (OK)

Newton's first e-cigarette store opens in Nonantum (MA)

Florida Senate bill (SB 224) to ban sale of 'nicotine dispensing products' to minors to be considered by Senate Cmte on Criminal Justice on Jan 7; Unlike original SB 224, Committee Substitute bill bans sales of FDA approved nicotine inhalers to youth, but doesn't ban sales of dissolvables and other new tobacco/nicotine products to youth.
(Committee Substitute SB 224)
(SB 224 as Introduced)

E-cigarette store opening in Cumberland Hill (RI)

Electronic cigarettes more popular than traditional cigarettes? (KY)

Corvallis (OR) protects cigarette markets by banning e-cig use in workplaces

Bountiful (UT) gives e-cigarette stores grace period to comply with state law

Still puffing, but with less peril (CO)

San Marcos (TX) deceives public to believe e-cig vapor as hazardous as cigarette smoke by banning both

Are e-cigarettes a savior or just smoke and mirrors?  (KS)

County leaders in SE Nebraska debate merits of e-cigarettes in jail

E-cigs cause controversy at Gage County (IA) Jail; board member Dennis Byars falsely claims nicotine is a 'horrible, terrible thing' that's 'not good for anybody's health.'

Bill would allow e-cig use in nonsmoking areas (WI)

A Look Into E-cigarettes: What's Inside? (ID)

Vaping helps some to quit cigarettes (ID)

To lobby for e-cig ban, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center's Brian Maliske absurdly claims its impossible to tell difference between a burning cigarette and a smokefree e-cig (SD)

Despite no evidence any nonsmoker has become a daily e-cig user and despite no evidence any daily smoker began using e-cigs, US Healthworks' Donald Brucklin absurdly claims e-cigs' real purpose is to get teens to start smoking cigarettes (AZ)

DCH Health Systems deceives public to believe all tobacco is as hazardous as cigarettes by banning all tobacco use, while giving out tobacco derived nicotine patches (AL)

Article highlights but exaggerates e-cig fire risk, which is far lower than cigarette caused fires and comparable to risk from cell phones and other battery powered devices (AZ)


Montreal Gazette Editorial: Canada's ban on e-cigarettes makes no sense

Letters to Montreal Gazette delineate lifesaving benefits of e-cigs

The e-cigarette debate: Will more Canadians switch to e-cigarettes in 2014?

E-cigarettes divide health experts

Rise of e-cigs stirs debate


MEP Derek Clark: E-cigarettes should be encouraged not stopped

Italy to protect cigarettes, threaten lives of vapers and smokers with 80% e-cig tax

Matt Ridley: Medicinal Regulation of Vaping Could Kill People (UK)

MP Sarah Wollaston in e-cigs row with health team (UK)

After huge increase in fear mongering about nicotine and e-cigs, calls to Swedish poison center increase, news headline and article falsely claim all calls were cases of poisoning

Call for restrictions on sale of electronic cigarettes to children (UK)

Cigarette Smoking Prevention

Nearly a dozen Massachusetts towns raise age for cigarettes

Indoor Smoking Bans

China tells government officials and politicians to stop smoking in public places

A Drag on the State: A new order says Chinese cadres should stop smoking in public - but they knew that already

Smokefree Homes

Central Texas Housing Consortium bans smoking in housing, allows e-cig use (TX)

Lonsdale apartment goes smokefree (MN)

Apartments at Midtown Crossing join smoke-free movement (NE)

Smokefree Cars

Oregon law bans smoking in cars with children

Outdoor Smoking Bans

Boston's unenforceable outdoor ban on smoking and e-cig use goes into effect

Sacramento (CA) councilman proposes outdoor smoking ban at secret meeting

Albany Democrat-Herald Editorial: Smoking ban in state parks isn't necessary (OR)

Taxation / Contraband

Study finds 58.7% of discarded cigarette packs found in Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Prividence and DC didn't contain appropriate tax stamps, and estimated that 30%-42% of discarded packs were contraband.

Study estimates tripling cigarette taxes would save 200 million people, but downplays enormous problems created by smuggling

NYC sues FedEx over cigarette deliveries

Should the US track cigarettes nationally?

Oregon cigarette tax goes up 13 cents on Jan. 1

Cigarette taxes jump another 10% in New Zealand

Cigarette, alcohol prices up to welcome the New Year (Philippines)


BAT's Chris Proctor criticizes BMJ's censorship of research by tobacco companies