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Bill Godshall Update 2014-01-14

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - January 14th, 2014

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Tobacco Harm Reduction

Scientific review finds no evidence e-cig vapor poses harm or risks to users or nonusers.
Igor Burstyn - Peering through the mist: systematic review of what the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes tells us about health risks:

ACSH's Gil Ross - If you want to ban e-cigarettes, you want to kill smokers.
Godshall cites false and misleading fearmongering claims about e-cigs by Obama's FDA:

Lynn Kozlowski - E-cigs vs cigs; Cut through, cut in, cut down, cut out:

ACSH - The effects of nicotine on human health:

Jacques le Houezec - The positive effects of nicotine:

The Swedish snuff that's targeting the US:

5 Top Benefits of Using an E-cigarette:

Jean Francois Etter interview - Long term vaping is not a public health problem:

Mike Siegel - Rigor of tobacco control science has already declined to a miniscule level:

Brad Rodu - High School Seniors' Tobacco Use: Another Year in Decline:

Mike Siegel - If e-cigs are a gateway to smoking, they why were youth smoking rates at an all-time record low in 2013?

Joe Nocera: Down to the last cigarette? 
- Advocates e-cigs and other THR products for smokers to further reduce cigarette consumption and smoking rates:

Carl Phillips: Smoking initiation getting older, what does it mean?


Federal Register restates FDA plan to propose deeming and other regs for e-cigs, cigars and OTP

Washington Post editorial acknowledges e-cigs are far less hazardous than cigarettes, but hypocritically advocates FDA regulations for e-cig that would ban them; wisely recommends higher cigarette tax at federal level and in states with low rates, while advocating mandatory nicotine restrictions that would increase cigarette smoking

FDA Center for Tobacco Products to hold listening session Feb 6 in Seattle (in conjunction with Big Pharma dominated SRNT meeting); public invited to comment. To register, go to:

Obama's CDC Director Tom Frieden (in JAMA op/ed) denies evidence that e-cigs have helped smokers quit and falsely claims e-cigs will increase harms from tobacco, which is mathematically impossible even if all nonsmokers began vaping since at least a million smokers have already quit smoking with e-cigs, since e-cigs have already reduced cigarette consumption by two billion packs, and since e-cigs pose negligible risks.
"Newer products such as e-cigarettes could potentially help smokers quit, but will increase harms from tobacco if they increase the number of children who become addicted to nicotine, reduce the likelihood smokers will quit completely, entice former smokers back to smoking, or reglamorize the act of smoking."

JAMA op/ed by Legacy's David Abrams acknowledges huge health benefits e-cigs give smokers, but continues advocating FDA regulations that would ban all e-cig products

ACSH: We've come a long way baby, but there's still a long way to go vs cigarettes (commentary on 50th anniversary of 1964 SG Report, criticizes CDC Director Tom Frieden's fearmongering on e-cigs and David Abrams for advocating an e-cig ban)

Acting US Surgeon General Boris Lushniak protects cigarette markets by ignoring all existing evidence on e-cigs, claims to be "still waiting to gather more data", and "I don't feel comfortable in terms of the e-cigarettes being a substitute for cigarettes at this point."

US Surgeon General features e-cig prohibitionist and propagandist Cynthia Hallet to Commemorate 50th Anniversary of Luther Terry's 1964 Report on Smoking and Health

Tom Briant: A look ahead at tobacco issues in 2014

Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo: The future of e-cigarettes (Las Vegas 1/29/2014)

Past, present and future of FDA regulation of tobacco products (Las Vegas 1/30/2014)

E-cigarettes have a rich and powerful enemy (Big Pharma)

Big Pharma lobbies FDA to Take Control of E-Cigarettes

Why do nanny-staters hate e-cigarettes?

JAMA article deceitfully touts e-cig prohibitionists and propagandists Stan Glantz and Tim McAfee as "Experts" on e-cigs, repeats their false and misleading claims lobbying for FDA deeming reg that would give e-cig industry to Big Tobacco.

JAMA article repeats CDC's fearmongering claim teen e-cig use doubled from 1% - 2%, fails to acknowledge teen smokers were 20 times more likely than nonsmokers to report e-cig use, repeats similarly CDC claims about cigars and hookah to lobby for FDA regs.

USA Today article on the 50th Anniversary of SG Luther Terry's 1964 Report on Smoking deceitfully portrays e-cig prohibitionists and propagandists as anti smoking advocates, repeats Tom Frieden's fear mongering claims about e-cigs that have been refuted by the scientific and empirical evidence (which USA Today refuses to reveal)

CNN lobbies for FDA regs to give e-cig industry to Big Tobacco with shocking headline, by replaying CDC director Tom Frieden's lies about e-cigs addicting youth and being gateways to cigarettes, and by publishing e-cig prohibitionist Harold Wimmer's propaganda that fails to disclose ALA's drug industry funded conflict of interest

Mike Siegel: American Lung Association massively deceiving the public in national electronic cigarette op-ed piece

Carl Phillips - Followup on the worst anti-THR liars of 2013: WHO and ALA's Harold Wimmer are truly champion liars

Sarah Milov cites nonsensical reasons for FDA to regulate e-cigs and urges their regulation as smoking cessation drugs despite federal court ruling

Kansas City Star reporter Diane Sanford claims FDA regulation of e-cigs will prompt state/local e-cig usage bans despite 2009 FDA cigarette and smokeless regulation having no impact on state and local usage laws (MO)

After falsely claiming all tobacco products are as hazardous as cigarettes, after refusing to allow tobacco consumers on TPSAC or otherwise consider them 'stakeholders', and after refusing to post thousands of Section 918 docket comments submitted by vapers, FDA creates portal for consumers to report complaints about tobacco products.

US DOJ Lawsuit

US DOJ and large cigarette companies agree to remedial ads

US State / Local

Chicago Council committee rejects all evidence on e-cigs, railroads newly proposed vaping ban through committee 15-5 at meeting without public hearing or prior notice, bill goes to full City Council for consideration.,0,348009.story

CASAA issues Urgent Call to Action to oppose Chicago (IL) e-cigarette usage ban

Chicago Tribune editorial opposes Mayor Rahm Emanual's proposed e-cig usage ban,0,1777305.story

CASAA issues Call to Action to oppose Los Angeles e-cigarette usage ban (CA)

E-cigarette shops open even as city cracks down (NY)

Mankato (MN) bans e-cig use in public buildings

Proposed bill in Sante Fe (NM) would ban e-cig use wherever smoking is banned, while another proposed bill would wisely ban e-cig sales to minors.

Urgency Ordinance urged by South San Francisco (CA) staff report to protect cigarette markets by imposing moratorium on e-cig retailers and lounges

CASAA issues local alert opposing proposed South San Francisco (CA) ordinance for moratorium on e-cig sales to protect cigarette sales

South San Francisco (CA) imposes 45 day moratorium on e-cig lounges

CASAA issues local alert opposing proposed Norwalk (CA) e-cig use ban

After e-cigs help millions of smokers quit or sharply reduce cigarette consumption, clueless health agencies are rushing to regulate e-cig use (OR)

Frisco (TX) City Council to consider e-cig usage ban

CASAA issues local alert opposing proposed Frisco (TX) e-cig use ban

CASAA issues local alert: City of Mankato (MN) may ban vaping where smoking is banned

CASAA issues local alert: City of Hayward (CA) may issue moratorium on e-cig stores and lounges

E-cig popularity sparks debate over public use; Jeff Stier tells truth about e-cigs, while ALA's Erica Sward keeps lying about e-cigs and fails to disclose ALA's conflict of interest by receiving tens of millions of Big Pharma dollars to lobby against e-cigs  (IL)

Nebraska legislation would ban e-cig sales to minors (NE)

Healthiness of e-cigs debated (TN)

Grove (OK) City Council bans e-cig use on city property

Humbolt County (CA) Health Officer Donald Baird protects cigarettes and threatens public health by falsely claiming e-cigs aren't safer than cigarettes, repeating many other lies about e-cigs and deceitfully promotes e-cig usage bans as benefiting public health

Rockwall (TX) bans e-cig sales to minors

E-cigarettes questioned on smoke free campus (FL)

Smoking rate down, but new push underway (NY)

THR Business

Philip Morris International invests $680 million to build two factories in Italy to make new reduced risk tobacco products it plans to market as MRTP in US (which can only occur if FDA imposes the deeming regulation and approves PMI's MRTP applications)

A hedged play on the booming electronic cigarette market

Will e-cigarettes chop down this company and change the world?

E-cigarette firm launching in 15,000 outlets across the UK

Pick Lorillard over Altria to benefit from e-cigarettes

Meet Vuse, the worlds smartest e-cigarette

American Heritage: Capitalize on the boom in electronic cigarettes

Vaping companies steaming up Volusia-Flagler market (FL)

Vapor Corp. Unveiling Biometric E-Cigarette

Hands off my e-cigarette! New vaporizer comes with biometric lock

E-cigarette suppliers target smokers who've made new year resolution to quit (UK)

Avicii hit used in NJOY's New Years anti smoking campaign

Got a light? Three brands, three strategies for selling e-cigs

LOGIC moves headquarters from NJ to FL

E-cigarettes readily available in Onslow County (NC)

E-cigarettes Society

Golden Globe Awards: Julia Louis-Dreyfus puffs on e-cigarette

Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis-Dreyfus puff away inside the Golden Globes; but they keep it legal with e-cigarettes

THR opponent Dr. Manny: Using e-cigarettes during Golden Globe was irresponsible

E-Cig Propaganda Expansion

-by Big Pharma and Other E-Cig Prohibitionists-

JAMA article on e-cigs falsely claims nicotine contributes to smoking-related diseases, falsely claims survey and report evidence finding health benefits of e-cigs is "not very solid", falsely claims e-cigs are marketed to young people, are illegally advertised for therapeutic purposes, may be gateways to cigarettes, may promote smoking, and may emit toxic levels of toxins.

JAMA article misrepresents evidence on e-cigs, ignore evidence that e-cigs have helped many quit smoking and sharply reduce cigarette consumption, deceitfully exaggerates e-cig risks, repeats unsubstantiated fearmongering claims.

JAMA op/ed coauthored by Big Pharma funded researcher Michael Fiore fails to disclose his Big Pharma conflicts of interest, conflates all tobacco use with daily smoking; advocates FDA restrictions on e-cigs and cigars, far greater use of Big Pharma products, mandatory nicotine reductions in cigarettes, menthol cigarette ban, and even more youth access policies (none of which will reduce cigarette consumption or smoking rates)

Mike Siegel: Michael Fiore Hides Conflict of Interest With Big Pharma

Mike Siegel: Why Fiore's failure to disclose conflicts of interest is so important

JAMA editorial by Schroeder and Koh hijacks 50th Anniversary of 1964 Surgeon General's Report by conflating all tobacco use with daily cigarette smoking, advocating even more FDA tobacco regulations, more funding for anti tobacco propaganda programs, and more ineffective and less than safe Big Pharma smoking cessation drugs.

Harvard Medical School's Anthony Komaroff repeats false and misleading scare claims about e-cigs, Godshall posts corrections

University of Minnesota's Kevin Choi claims e-cig experimentation can be prevented if  people are deceived to believe e-cigs are as hazardous as cigarettes

Ruth Etzel repeats many false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs (MN)

Dr. Rima Himelstein gets an F on e-cigarettes for repeating many false and misleading fear mongering claims (PA)

Lisa Hack misrepresents Mott's push-poll demonizing e-cigs as scientific evidence

Beverly Mucha makes many false and misleading claims about e-cigs, Godshall posts accurate info about e-cigs

KeyeTV exaggerates risks of e-cigs, misrepresents scientific and empirical evidence (TX)

In advocating FDA e-cig regs, attorney Rick Shapiro falsely claims e-cigs are dangerous, are recruiting tools for Big Tobacco, and other inaccurate propaganda (NC)

Joe Blundo: E-cigarettes seem to hold hazy appeal at best (OH)

Government funded Tobacco Free RI director Karina Holyoak Wood makes false claims about e-cigs "don't be fooled that this is an effective and safe way to quit", and advocates statewide vaping ban despite no evidence of harm to non-users (RI)

University of California's Stacy Park falsely claims e-cigs might cause lung cancer based upon inappropriate preclinical laboratory study of genetically mutated cells

Due to false fear mongering claims by prohibitionists that e-cigs can kill children, calls to poison centers about e-cigs increase, but no confirmed cases of nicotine poisoning

Motley Fool article falsely claims e-cigs may be as hazardous as cigarettes, Godshall posts accurate health information about e-cigs and FDA's efforts to ban the products

BloombergBusinessWeek reporter Vanessa Wong falsely insinuates that it's illegal for e-cig companies to truthfully inform smokers that e-cigs are less hazardous than cigarettes

Are e-cigarettes really a safer way to smoke?


E-cigarette seller fights Health Canada order to stop

Q debate: Is 'vaping' e-cigarettes a good way to quit smoking? (Canada)

E-cigarettes are world-changing (Canada)

Vaping: The trend some are using to quit smoking (Canada)

Interior Health's Jeff Conners urges smokers to keep smoking instead of switching to e-cigs (Canada)


Clive Bates: Where is the humility? Where is the empathy?

Konstantinos Farsalinos: The European Commission has misrepresented my scientific research on nicotine in e-cigarettes

Max Pemberton: Why e-smoking has got me fuming

Now doctors say e-cigarettes do help you quit - and could save millions of lives... so why are petty bureaucrats intent on banning them from public places?

Clive Bates article from 2000 predicting the advent of e-cigs and other far less hazardous alternatives to cigarettes, and pondering if drug regulators and other THR opponents would continue protecting cigarette markets by opposing new smokefree alternatives

BMJ editorial praises Michael Bloomberg's outrageous e-cig ban (that protects cigarette markets and threatens the lives of vapers and smokers) and his non evidence based bans on transfats and sugary drinks, falsely claims e-cigs are being marketed to nonsmokers, and reveals that BMJ's primary opposition to e-cigs is its hatred of tobacco companies (which only recently began marketing e-cigs)

Clive Bates responds to inaccurate and irrational BMJ editorial with the truth about cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, e-cigs, public health and intolerant prohibitionism

Dr. Riccardo Polosa replies to BMJ editorial, points out that e-cigs have reduced cigarette smoking, and that cigarette smoking by US youth has declined to record lows as e-cig consumption has skyrocketed

Jacques Le Houezec replies to BMJ that nicotine toxicity has been greatly exaggerated, and that cigarette smoking (not nicotine use) causes massive disease and deaths.

Dr. Paul Danaher replies to BMJ, points out there's no evidence e-cigs have preceded cigarette smoking, and criticizes EU and MHRA regulatory proposals to restrict e-cigs

Jonathan Bagley replies to BMJ, explains that snus and e-cigs are both far less hazardous alternatives to cigarettes, and are NOT gateways to cigarette smoking


Taiwan tobacco prohibitionist group John Tung Foundation claims it received more complaints about e-cigs after it made false and misleading claims about the products

Tobacco Taxation

Glantz misrepresents huge decline in cigarette consumption due to tax hikes, absurdly claims that more anti tobacco industry propaganda, R ratings for movies with smoking, and graphic cigarette pack warnings would reduce youth smoking by the same amount (56%) as a $6.10/pack federal cigarette tax hike.

Smoking cessation

Quitting smoking unassisted: The 50-year research neglect of a major public health phemonenon (reveals results of Big Pharma's 20 year campaign to lobby health groups and agencies to abandon Cold Turkey in favor of ineffective NRT, less than safe Chantix, and subsidized cessation programs that promote those drugs for quitting)

Study conducted by Big Pharma funded researchers finds NRT products ineffective for quitting smoking, but FDA, CDC and Big Pharma funded CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, AAP, JAMA, ATTUD, etc. keep claiming otherwise

Mike Siegel: New study finds that nicotine replacement therapy is ineffective for smoking cessation

Study finds combination of Varenicline and Buproprion no more effective than Varenicline alone for smoking cessation after one year, with reported increase in anxiety and depressive symptoms among participants using combined therapy

Lung cancer

CDC reports significant decline in lung cancer in US from 2005 to 2010, but CDC still basis its annual US cigarette death toll estimate on outdated 1997-2001 data

Lung cancer decreases as vaping increases


CNN/ORC Poll of US adults finds 71% support, 27% oppose, keeping tobacco use legal (Question 16)

- Bill Godshall