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Bill Godshall Update 2014-01-23

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - January 23rd, 2014


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After denying and misrepresenting the scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs since 2008, after scaring and lobbying many nations and the EU to ban e-cigs, and after refusing to conduct ANY useful research on e-cigs, WHO falsely claims “The science around the safety of E-cigarettes has not been demonstrated”.

Former WHO FCTC organizer Derek Yach urges WHO FCTC to support harm reduction policies, urges WHO to stop opposing e-cigs and to instead conduct useful research.


E-cig prohibitionist Legacy study of $20 million in advertising (over three months in 2012) for noncombustibles (i.e. e-cigs, dissolvables, snus and other smokeless tobacco) doesn’t find products are marketed to youth, as repeatedly alleged by Obama’s DHHS and Big Pharma funded CTFK, ACS, AHA, AAP, ADA, and repeated by many others.

US / DHHS / Congress / NIH / 50th Anniversary of SG Report on Cigarette Smoking

Action Alert: Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco

Alan Blum – Blowing Smoke: The lost legacy of the Surgeon General’s Report
(history of exposing cigarette hazards and reducing smoking despite interference by greedy national medical and health groups to protect cigarettes many years before they began demonizing and lobbying to ban e-cigs with Big Pharma funding).

Fifty years of smoking in two charts (smoking rate and cigarette price)

Obama’s DHHS hijacks 50th Anniversary of SG Cigarette Report to push its abstinence-only war against all tobacco use, users, products and companies (including lifesaving e-cigs), conflates all tobacco use with daily cigarette smoking, continues to falsely hawk Big Pharma’s ineffective but heavily subsidized tobacco-derived gums/lozenges/patches and less-than-safe Chantix and Buproprion as the most effective ways to quit smoking.

After unlawfully banning e-cigs in 2009, misrepresenting the scientific evidence on e-cigs ever since, and preparing to ban the lifesaving products again via the “deeming” and other regs (without any public health, ethical or humane justification), DHHS Secretary Sebelius falsely claims “FDA takes science-based action in order to reduce the impact of tobacco products, and considers both users and nonusers.”

ACSH: New federal report is, unfortunately, not so new after all

Time: Surgeon Generals report on tobacco has a new target: e-cigarettes

Surgeon General report breaks new ground on e-cigarettes; Godshall posts comment

Brent Budowsky: The e-cigarette denouncing, nanny, anti-smoking, crypto-fascist anti libertarians; Godshall details the Obama administration’s longtime opposition to e-cigs

Sens. Durbin and Blumenthal hijack 50th Anniversary of SG Report by lying about e-cigs and urging FDA to impose restrictions that would protect cigarettes and kill smokers.

Log Cabin Republicans CEO Gregory Angelo criticizes nanny-state Democrats for opposing e-cigs “the left's push against e-cigarettes is so wrong on so many levels, and so hypocritical on so many more, and so harmful on even more than that.”

Long time recipients of Big Pharma funding Fiore/Baker/Schroeder finally say some accurate and objective things about e-cigs and tobacco harm reduction in NEJM article

ACSH - Targeting smoking rather than nicotine: a big change may be at hand for harm reduciton

E-cig opponents protect cigarettes by repeating false claims about e-cigs by Obama’s DHHS, urging FDA to regulate e-cigs (without analyzing their impact or acknowledging that Section 905(j) and Section 910 of the TCA would once again ban all e-cigs)

E-cig prohibitionist American Lung Association claims a commitment to “eliminate death and disease from tobacco”, but continues protecting its Big Pharma financiers (without disclosing that blatant conflict of interest) and cigarette markets by demonizing e-cigs and lobbying for local, state and federal policies to ban their sales and use.

ALA protects cigarettes by lobby to ban e-cigs, lying about scientific and empirical evidence, failing to disclose its conflict of interest of receiving Big Pharma funding

Legacy urges FDA to “immediately” impose the “deeming” regulation on e-cigs, which would ban ALL e-cig products now on the market (via Section 905(j) and Section 910), misrepresents scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs, makes fear mongering claims.

LA Times article creates e-cig research debate between two e-cig prohibitionists (Stan Glantz and David Abrams), calls them experts, fails to disclose their conflicts of interests.,0,7562029.story#axzz2r4mJdY3S

Right Oversight (discusses views on potential FDA e-cig regs, but fails the address impact of any Chapter IX provisions (e.g. e-cig ban in Section 905(j) and Section 910).

Yale Daily News reporter George Saussy repeats false fear mongering claims about e-cigs and youth, Godshall posts corrections and clarifications.

You can have my e-cig when you pry it from my cold dead fingers

Mike Siegel: Ruth Etzel calls for ban on e-cig advertising, but not advertising for deadly cigarettes

FDA funded (and former OSH Director) Michael Eriksen misrepresents scientific and empirical evidence about e-cigs, repeats propaganda in interview on e-cig risks/benefits

Big Pharma funded Partners in Prevention misrepresents CDC survey data on youth use of e-cigs

FDA unit pursues illegal web pharmacies; e-cig manufacturers and importers could face similar prosecutions if FDA imposes deeming regulation

Carl Phillips: NCI lies about the effectiveness of e-cigarettes, via deletion and explicitly

Mike Siegel: New SG report hides studies on unaided smoking cessation and hides conflicts of interest of report authors

Mike Siegel: Why did SG report violate well-accepted guidelines for disclosing conflicts of interest?

NHIS finds US adult smoking rate (i.e. smoked everyday or some days) declined from 20.9% in 2005 to 18.1% in 2012, but CDC fails to report daily smoking rate (which is a far more important public health indicator)

Mike Seigel: FDA to protect Americans from “defective” cigarettes, but not from “normal” deadly cigarettes

FDA creates “advisory committee membership portal” for applicants, but don’t expect FDA to allow objective researchers or consumers on its Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) that rubber stamps FDA’s abstinence-only policies.

US Senate Democrats Durbin, Brown, Blumenthal and Markey protect cigarettes and threaten public health by lying about e-cigs, criticizing e-cig use at Golden Globe awards,0,981972.story

US Democrat Reps Henry Waxman and Frank Pallone criticize e-cig use at Golden Globe awards in letter to NBCU’s Steve Burke, want e-cig use banned from television

Can we please have a rationale discussion about e-cigs?


Mike Siegel: Rest of Story reaches consensus on corrective statement for CDC and other e-cig liars

PA AG challenges MSA Arbitrator’s ruling in PA Court

Pennsylvania stands to loss millions in settlement money,0,2707579.story

Patriot News editorial: PA learns there’s no peace in war against Big Tobacco

Vermont AG Sorrell’s shakedown of Reynolds over Eclipse nets state $8.3 million


Governor Deval Patrick scraps planned tax on e-cigs (MA)

Rhode Island Governor’s budget proposal (H 7133) would protect cigarettes by imposing an 80% e-cig tax, referred to House Finance Cmte

CASAA issues Call to Action opposing proposed 80% tax on e-cigs in RI

Kentucky bill (H 220) would tax e-cigs at 40%, increase cigarette tax from $.60 to $1.60, increase snuff tax from $.19 to $.51/unit, and increase OTP tax from 15% to 40%

Oklahoma bill (HB 2989) would protect cigarettes by imposing a 30% tax on sales of all vapor products

FL Rep. Waldman bill (HB 507) would add $1 pack surcharge to cigarettes

WV legislation (HB 4191) would wisely increase cigarette tax from $.55 to $1.55 per pack, but unfairly increase smokeless tobacco tax from 7% of wholesale price to 50%. Assigned to House Health and Human Resources Cmte, then to House Finance Cmte. 

Missouri bill (H 1315) would increase cigarette tax by $.40/pack (from $.37 to $.77/pack) over four years, to be placed on statewide referendem

E-cig sales bans/restrictions

Vermont legislation (H 632) would ban the sale and possession of e-cigarettes by adults (but not cigarettes).

CA Assemblyman Roger Dickinson introduces bill (AB 1500) to protect cigarettes and Big Tobacco by banning Internet sales and deliveries of e-cigs to adults, falsely accuses companies of marketing to youth.,0,1306210.story

Hayward (CA) City Council protects cigarettes with moratorium on new e-cig retailers

Rhode Island bill (HB 7021) would redefine tobacco products to include e-cigs, ban sales to minors, require e-cig marketers to buy tobacco license, impose unwarranted and costly burdens for Internet e-cig vendors, referred to House Judiciary Cmte

CASAA issues Call to Action opposing unwarranted burdens for online sales in RI

Missouri legislation (HB 1345) would ban sale of any “tobacco-derived product and vapor product” to a minor

Nebraska bill (LB 861) would ban sale of tobacco-derived products and vapor products to minors, and ban all self service displays of the products except at tobacco specialty stores that don’t allow minors.  Hearing set by General Affairs Cmte for 1:30 on Jan 27

Oklahoma bill (SB 1892) would ban sale of tobacco-derived products and vapor products to minors, would tax tobacco-derived products at $.10/unit

Oklahoma bill (SB 1780) would ban sale of vapor products to minors

Oklahoma bill (HB 2988) would ban e-cig and e-liquid sales to minors

Oklahoma bill (HB 3451) would ban e-cig and e-liquid sales to minors

Oklahoma bills (HB 2904 & SB 1835) would ban sales of e-cigs to minors, but would deceitfully call the smokefree products “electronic smoking devices”

Jeff Stier testifies in support of e-cigs to Oklahoma legislative committee (OK)

Colorado legislation (SB 14-018) would ban sale of nicotine products to youth, but CO has long banned all tobacco sales to minors, and banned e-cig sales to minors in 2011
2011 CO bill/law banning e-cig sales to minors, and its history

VT bill (H 616) would raise minimum age for tobacco (and e-cig) sales to 21 years

AAP advocates minimum age 21 for all tobacco sales/use even though smokeless tobacco and e-cigs are 99% less hazardous than cigarettes

PHAI’s Mark Gottlieb calls for no tobacco sales to anyone under age 21
ASTHO and NACCHO host webinar on Jan 21 to urge state and local health officials to lobby for more e-cig usage bans, which protect cigarette markets and threaten the lives of smokers and vapers.

Chicago City Council ignores evidence and common sense by banning e-cig use in workplaces based upon Health Dept lies about products, no public hearing held.,0,3192054.story

E-cigarette debate going off the rails
by Charles D. Connor: Former American Lung Association president and CEO,0,2772293.story

Steve Forbes: E-cig bans should go up in smoke

Clarence Page: Government going overboard in ban of e-cigarettes

ACSH: Chicago does a 180 away from sound science towards keeping smokers smoking

Jacob Sullum: Chicago bans vaping in public, Senators want it banned at award ceremonies --- for the children

ACSH’s Gil Ross: Big US cities foment baseless, superstitious fear of e-cigs

LOGIC’s Miguel Martin on Chicago e-cig usage ban

Stan Glantz lies about e-cigs to advocate Chicago usage ban,0,4733552.story

Sleepy Eye (MN) City Council bill would ban e-cig use in workplaces, ALA’s Ann Christianson claims swallowing e-liquid can be fatal despite no evidence.

Wayward University of California campus finally bans e-cigs too (CA)

FOX News: Should companies ban e-cigarettes in the workplace?

Wall St. Journal online poll finds 65% support vaping in workplaces, 33% oppose

Proposed ordinance in Neptune Beach (FL) would ban e-cig use in workplaces

Hawaii bills (SB 2079 and SB 2495) would ban e-cig use in all workplaces and require e-cig wholesalers, dealers and retailers to buy permits to sell e-cigs with revenue appropriated for further subsidization of ineffective NRT products

Hawaii bill (HB 2077) would ban e-cig use at government owned facilities

Hawaii bills (SB 2498) would ban tobacco use and e-cig use on Univ of Hawaii property

Hawaii bill (2499) would ban tobacco use and e-cig use at facilities operated by Hawaii health systems corporation

Kentucky Rep. Susan Westrom reintroduces bill (HB 174) to ban e-cig use and smoking in all workplaces by falsely defining smoking as including the use of smokefree e-cigs, no mention of e-cig use ban in bill summary, referred to House Health & Welfare Cmte.

KY Rep. Susan Westrom claims 65% of Kentuckians support banning smoking in workplaces, but respondents weren’t informed her bill (HB 174) also bans e-cig use.

Genessee County (MI) County Commissioner Archie Bailey asks Health Dept to draft ordinance to protect cigarettes by banning e-cig use in workplaces and public places.

Westborough (MA) Board of Health holds hearing on proposed e-cig usage ban

Sacramento Bee article repeats false fear mongering claims about e-cigs, denounces CASAA and vapers, advocates statewide e-cig usage ban in all workplaces (CA)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel opposes banning e-cig use in workplaces (WI)

E-cigs: Savior or menace (criticizes anti e-cig zealots, opposes e-cig use bans) (MA)

McKinney (TX) readers tell us if cities should regulate e-cigs

Smokefree Workplaces Policies

Bullitt County (KY) Fiscal Court bans smoking (and all tobacco use) on county property

KY Gov. Beshear ironically calls Bullitt County’s tobacco usage ban on county property a “wolf in sheeps clothing”, urges support for Health Board’s previously approved e-cig usage and smoking ban (now in litigation) and Rep. Westrom’s state bill to ban e-cig use and smoking in all workplaces (despite e-cigs posing no harm to nonusers)..

Missouri bill (SB 572) would ban smoking (but not e-cig use) in nearly all workplaces, referred to Veterans’ Affairs and Health Cmte

Alabama bill (SB168) would ban smoking (but not e-cig use) in nearly all workplaces

Smokefree Homes

Brooklyn’s tallest rental highrise outlaws smoking in its apartments (NY)

E-cig Business and other State/Local

Why cigarette alternatives are the key to your investments in PM, Altria and Lorillard

E-cigs: What you need to know

Got a light? Three brands, three strategies for selling e-cigs

Where’s the smoke? Electronic cigarettes give smokers an alternative (CA)

Electronic Cigarette Industry Group (EGIC/FIN) opens DC office

Retail side of e-cigarettes; Investigating the consumer connection (CA)

Bloog claims to market first e-liquid with pharmaceutical nicotine made in US

E-cig start up in Bayonne (NJ) hopes to help smokers quit

Tapping in to e-cig craze: Vaping lounge in Mocksville offers place to socialize (NC)

E-cigarettes are a smoking hot trend in Erie (PA)

What’s all the hype and hope for e-cigarettes (FL)

E-cigs: Good or bad they’re here to stay (FL)

E-cigs continue to light up debate (NC)

Statesman Journal (OR) article deceives, scares readers about lifesaving e-cigs

Statesman Journal Rapid Response: Readers sound off about e-cigarettes (OR)

E-cigarettes should be allowed to cure addictions (OK)

E-cigarettes re-ignite smoking debate (NY)

Public scrutiny intensifies as e-cigarettes gain popularity, Montana Medical Officer Dr. Stephen Helgerson falsely claims e-cigs provide no health benefits for smokers (MT)

Dales Chronicle editorial: Smoke and vapor (OR)


E-cigarettes take social scene by storm

Nova Scotia Health Minister Leo Glavine protects cigarette by announcing e-cig usage ban where smoking is banned

E-cigarette seller will fight ‘tooth and nail’ against law (Nova Scotia)


Clive Bates: EU tobacco directive and e-cigarettes: maladministration complaint to European Ombudsman

Lynne Dawkins puts the Commission straight (EU)

Clive Bates: Flawed Science, irregular procedure, unlawful measures (letter to EU Parliament’s ENVI Committee)

Scientific errors in proposed EU Tobacco Products Directive

Clive Bates – Updated info post: TPC – provisions relating to e-cigarettes
Gerry Stimson & Paddy Costall: UK Public health doctors and e-cigarettes – Why this matters

Clive Bates – Fiasco: e-liquid and e-cigarette flavour labeling to be banned

Carl Phillips:  As if to prove my point

Clive Bates: Confused e-cigarette trade association supports e-cigarette regulation it opposes

Carl Phillips: TVECA letter ups the controversy for THR-vs-THR

Gamucci duo are all fired up by electronic cigarettes (UK)

E-cigarette business is booming for dad and son partnership (UK)

Vapor Trails interviews Dr. Konsantinos Farsalinos about e-cigs

Finessing the EU snus ban: Thunder Snus vs Thunder Chew

E-cigs ban in hospitals (Scotland)

Is vaping safer than smoking? (you won’t find out reading this article) (Ireland)


“Vaping” a slow burner in China, world's maker of e-cigarettes

- Bill Godshall