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Bill Godshall Update 2014-03-04

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - March 4th, 2014

Cigarette Consumption Falls, E-cigs and Public Health, E-cig Research, US FDA, E-cig Business, Canada, EU.


Cigarette consumption plummets

- as e-cigs skyrocket and smokeless tobacco increases

Reynolds American reports 4.6% volume decline for US cigarette industry in 2013 (compared to a 2.3% decline in 2012); reports 6.8% cigarette volume decline for RJR in 2013, and a 6.5% smokeless tobacco volume increase for American Snuff in 2013

Altria reports 4.1% cigarette volume decline in 2013 (incl. a 5.8% decline in 4Q13), and a 3.2% smokeless tobacco volume increase in 2013.

Altria buys Green Smoke e-cig company for $110 million

Lorillard reports $231 million in blu eCigs sales in 2013 (compared to $61 million in 2012), reports .5% cigarette volume decline in 2013

Philip Morris International reports 5.1% cigarette volume decline in 2013 (including a 6.5% decline in the EU)

Cigarette volume declines 6.2% on France in 2013, NRT declines 6.6%, e-cigs skyrocket

E-cigarette sales increased 340% in UK last year, as more cigarette smokers switch

Are traditional cigarettes going up in smoke? E-Cigs’ Vaporing Revolution

E-cigs and public health

A Hot Debate Over E-Cigarettes as a Path to Tobacco, or From It (NY Times front page)

Jacob Sullum - More Vaping, More Smoking: The Implausible Case Against E-Cigarettes

A former Surgeon General lends his support to e-cigarettes

Brad Rodu -- Poisoning Public Health Issues: Chapter 2

Sally Satel: How e-cigarettes could save lives

Brad Rodu: Tobacco harm reduction endorsed in New England Journal of Medicine

Carl Phillips: NEJM insight into the narrowness of public health views about THR

Brad Rodu - BMJ Editorial: Holding the line for ignorance

E-cig Research

Survey of more than 19,000 vapers finds 81% had quit smoking by switching to e-cigs, remaining 19% reduced cigarette consumption from a median of 20 to 4 cigarettes per day, >20% of participants initiated e-cig use by using e-cigs containing >2% nicotine solution (i.e. >20mg/ml of nicotine)

UK study of 5726 smokers who tried quitting in past year finds 20% of e-cig users quit smoking, 15% of cold turkey quitters quit smoking, and 10% of NRT users quit smoking.

Mike Siegel: Most recent data from UK points to substantial public health benefits of e-cigs

2013 Oklahoma survey finds 35% of current smokers and 47% of recent former smokers reported using e-cigs; 25% of current smokers and recent former smokers reported switching to an e-cig during their last smoking cessation attempt, compared to 10% who reported using a patch, 10% who reported using a FDA approved drug, and 7% who reported using a quitline.
(POS3-161 on page 218)

Karl Fagerstrom & Kevin Bridgman: Tobacco harm reduction: The need for new products that can compete with cigarettes

Demonizing e-cigarettes is not Evidence Based

Survey of 164 customers at vape shops in Midwest city finds 79% reported using 'tank' systems with e-liquid instead of 'cigalike' e-cigs, 71% reported totally quitting smoking, reported average cigarette consumption decline from 20.9 cigs/day to just 2.8 cigs/day.
(POS1-108 on page 102)

Survey of 159 customers at vape shops in Midwest city finds increased duration of vaping is associated with decreased cigarette use, and that vapors tend to decrease the nicotine strength in e-cig products they consume.
(POS1-137 on page 111)

Effectiveness of e-cigs for smoking cessation

Carl Phillips: 'We just don't know' is a bit old, isn't it?

Mike Siegel: NEJM editorial written by anti-tobacco researchers hides conflict of interest with Big Pharma

After a five year lobbying and propaganda campaign by Big Pharma to ban and demonize e-cigs, survey of North Carolina physicians finds 67% correctly believe e-cigs help treat tobacco dependence, 65% correctly believe e-cigs had lower lung cancer risks than cigarettes, and 35% recommended e-cigs to patients trying to quit smoking.
(POS1-69 on page 89)

Study by outspoken smokeless tobacco opponents finds Camel Snus and NRT similarly effective in helping smokers quit smoking, with similar levels of 'dual use' among Camel Snus and NRT users who continued smoking
(SYM17D on page 28)

Study finds smokers calling quitline more likely to be smokefree after six months when sent free placebo (i.e. no nicotine) patches than when urged to buy NRT patches (8.4% vs 5.8%), while just 10.6% were smokefree after 6 months when sent free NRT patches.
(PA17-1 on page 62)

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos: Aromatic hydrocarbons in second-hand vaping: our response published in International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health

A comparison of electronic cigarette emissions with those of human breath, outdoor air, and tobacco smoke

New study finds nothing hazardous in e-cig vapor, but authors claim exact opposite in article's title and conclusion to advance their stated policy goal of FDA regulation

Carl Phillips: Letter re fatal flaws in Schober et al paper on environmental vapor

Mike Siegel: New study of passive vaping shows no evidence of a public health hazard

US FDA After meeting with 35 stakeholders, it appears the White House OMB rejected FDA's draft e-cig regs as too restrictive, and urged the agency to draft/submit another proposal

After one year, Obama fails to respond to Petition to White House (properly signed by more than 25,000 in a month) to "Prevent the FDA from regulating or banning the sale and use of electronic cigarettes, accessories and associated liquids".

Action Alert: Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco

E-cigarettes: A lone activist fights to protect them from regulation

E-cig industry braces for impending regulation (as Big Pharma lobbies FDA to once again ban e-cigs)

Lobbyist amp up efforts to sell Washington on e-cigarettes

Another NY Times editorial urges FDA to regulate e-cigs by repeating false and misleading fear mongering claims, failing to mention that the FDA deeming reg would once again ban all e-cigs or give the entire e-cig industry to Big Tobacco.

FDA bans four cigarette brands from India, rules them 'not substantially equivalent' to a product on market before 2/15/07 (says company didn't provide info desired by FDA), same law would ban all e-cig products if/when FDA imposes 'deeming' regulation

FDA: Misbranded and Adultered NSE Tobacco Products

FDA: Enforcement Policy for Certain (Provisional) Tobacco Products that FDA Finds Not Substantially Equivalent

Mike Siegel: FDA takes major action to protect to protect the public's health (parody)

FDA ban on four cigarettes generates news story inaccurately insinuating the banned cigarettes are more toxic than other cigarettes (just as I predicted would occur in 2004).

Left wing Congressional Democrats call for e-cig ban at US Capitol and FDA e-cig ban, demonize products, stigmatize vapers, try preventing smokers from quitting

The Five - Gutfeld: The stupidity of banning e-cigs

Should the government regulate e-cigarettes? RedBlue America

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) wants FDA to threaten lives of vapers and smokers, and protect lethal cigarettes by banning far less hazardous smokefree e-cigs, Godshall posts reply

Extremist Congressional Democrats urge State AGs to sue e-cig companies, include e-cigs in cigarette settlements, redefine e-cigs as cigarettes

Mike Siegel: The antismoking movement has been co-opted

Who needs legislation? Dems want to extend cigarette settlement to e-cigarettes

Five Senate Democrats demand unconstitutional restrictions on e-cigarettes ads for the children (S 2047)

Gutfeld- Senate Democrats ignore science

2014 US Federal/State/Local proposed e-cig regulation/legislation details at

E-cig Business CITI: E-cig battle ground heating up, as category growth decelerates?

Canada Selby, Sweanor & Hughes: E-cigarettes could save the government billions

Rowan Warr-Hunter: E-cigarettes '“ Freedom to vape

Jacob Sullum on e-cigarettes: Sowing confusion among anti smoking activists

National Post Editorial Board: E-cigarettes will save lives

The high stakes debate over e-cigarettes

EU Clive Bates: Updated info post: TPD provisions related to e-cigarettes

Row smouldering in Brussels over e-cigarettes

Users warn EU e-cig controls could cost lives

EU approves tough rules on electronic cigarettes, threatens lives, protects cigarettes

Glaxo memo shows drug industry lobbying to ban e-cigarettes (EU)

New e-cigarette ad rules to tackle uncertainty proposed (UK)

Clive Bates: MEPs - do you really want to vote for this?

Clive Bates: Unable to take anymore, I write to Dr. Nathanson of the BMA

Dear Public Health (Joanne's letter about quitting smoking by switching to vaping)

Clive Bates -- Questions that must be answered: Tobacco Products Directive

Brad Rodu: Ban the snus ban

Brad Rodu -- BMJ editorial: Holding the line for ignorance

Dick Puddlecote: Why the scared people are scared

Birmingham firm Nicolites in talks to have e-cigarettes classified as medicine (UK)

SFATA letter to EU MEP's reiterates opposition to many unwarranted provisions in TPD

Clive Bates: Joint declaration of the e-cigarette industry - the regulation of e-cigarettes

Clive Bates: Tobacco Directive - surgery needed to remove harmful e-cigarette text

Clive Bates: Ombudsman says rogue process beyond her brief, I say "look again"

- Bill Godshall