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Bill Godshall Update 2014-03-20

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - March 20th, 2014

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FDA refuses to file (i.e. accept) four Premarket Tobacco Applications (thus keeping the products banned); same could happen to all applications for e-cigs if/when FDA imposes 'deeming' regulation, which would ban all e-cigs until FDA approves application

FDA announces recent actions to protect cigarette cartel from market competition, bans 268 tobacco products and approves just 17 (mostly cigarettes), falsely portrays FDA approved cigarettes as safer than far less hazardous (but unapproved) smokeless tobacco products (and e-cigarettes if/when FDA imposes the 'deeming' regulation).

FDA delineates how 'deeming' regulation would ban all e-cigs by redefining them as 'Premarket Tobacco Products', require millions of dollars to submit each Premarket Tobacco Application, and let FDA refuse to file (i.e. accept) any/all e-cig applications.

Azim Chowdhury - What to expect: FDA regulation of e-cigarettes (confirms that FDA 'deeming' regulation would ban all e-cigs)

Science, Health & Ethics

Clive Bates: Cease and Desist: making false claims about the gateway effect
(international public health expert exposes and shames Stan Glantz for lying about research findings on e-cigs and youth)

Mike Siegel: Glantz press release is dishonest with public; authors appear to be intentionally lying to mislead the media and the public

Carl Phillips: Stanton Glantz is such a liar that even the ACS balks: his latest ecig gateway 'study'

Brad Rodu: UCSF study falsely links e-cigarettes to smoking

Thousands turn out at Vape Blast in Lewisville (TX) as Obama's DHHS and other e-cig denialists keep falsely claiming there is 'no evidence' e-cigs can help smokers quit

Mike Siegel: E-cigs are a gateway to cigarette use and inhibit quitting? Then why is the decline in cigarette consumption accelerating?

NJ doctor recommends e-cigs to smokers who didn't quit with FDA approved drugs or counseling

Wisconsin Senate Cmte approves bill (SB 440) clarifying that vaping is NOT smoking

Deceitful e-cig opponents in Wisconsin oppose legislation (SB 440 and HB 762) to truthfully clarify that vaping is NOT smoking

Tennessee bill (S 1698) to clarify that vaping is NOT smoking referred to General Subcommittee

Brad Rodu: Vapers, know your e-cig ingredients
(PG / aerosol examination)

Ben Stein - Up from Nicotine: Why the stigma against e-cigarettes?

North Carolina gives environmental award to cigarette company, whose products cause hazardous air pollution, lung cancer and emphysema when used as intended

E-cig News

Electronic cigarettes vaping latest news real time updates

E-cig Business

In response to unjustified vaping bans, e-cig company launches vapor-free e-liquid

Republic Tobacco purchases 50% stake in Johnson Creek e-liquid manufacturer

Southland e-cigarette shop owners hope to help users quit tobacco (CA)

E-cigarettes a growing trend in South Mississippi

E-cigarettes finding a North Jersey fan base in ex-tobacco users (NJ)

Vaping hangouts for e-cigarettes on the rise as more smokers switch (KS)

Smokers turn to e-cigs to cut costs, quit smoking (NH)

Ex-smokers breathe easier: e-cigarettes rise in popularity (NH)

E-cigarette trend more than blowing smoke (LA)

E-cigs gain in popularity, but e-cig opponents keep making false claims (PA)

E-cig Taxation

Hawaii vapers and vendors convince Senators to eliminate tax from e-cig bill (SB 2495)

Washington vapers and vendors defeat proposed e-cig tax (as legislative session ends)

ATR: E-cigarette tax hike dies in Washington legislature

Is the government killing its citizens by banning, taxing e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes: Much safer than cigarettes, don't tax them (WA)

Oklahoma Senate substitutes/passes bill (S 1892) to NOT tax 'vapor products', referred to House Cmte on Appropriations and Budget

New Jersey

CASAA Call to Action: New Jersey's Governor Christie is proposing a tax on e-cigarettes at the same rate as combustible cigarettes

Greg Conley: Chris Christie's 'Sin Tax' on E-cigs Would Burn Quitters

Christie's NJ e-cigarette tax is hot topic at first budget hearing

Democrats accuse Christie of trying to raise taxes

Should electronic cigarettes be taxed? (96% of poll respondents say NO)

Poll: should NJ raise tax on e-cigarettes? (82% of poll respondents say NO)

Electronic cigarettes have sweet smell of success in quitting

If NJ boosts e-cigarette tax, it should tax patches and gum, and junk food too

NJ legislature considers e-cig tax, prohibitionist Blumenfeld keeps lying about e-cigs

Proposed Sales Bans

Utah vapers and vendors defeat Rep. Paul Ray's deceitful efforts (HB 112) to ban e-cigs

28 State/Territorial Attorneys General bully pharmacies to stop selling tobacco to adults despite no public health benefit (as consumers would just buy from competitor retailers)

Proposed Flavoring Ban

Hawaii bill (SB 2222) to ban flavored tobacco products (but doesn't go into effect until 2050) referred to House Finance Cmte


Russell Wishtart: I am suing New York City over the Bloomberg vaping ban with Audrey Silk from NYC CLASH

E-cig makers sued over patent allegations

E-cigarette patent wars: A case of the vapers

Proposed Vaping Bans

Maryland House Committee on Economic Matters overwhelmingly rejects bill (HB 1291) to ban vaping in all MD workplaces and public places

MD bill would have banned e-cigarette use in public places

MD House approves bill (HB 1334) to ban smoking in parks after MD House Cmte on Economic Matters amended it to remove e-cigs

Philadelphia City Council Public Health Cmte rejects scientific and empirical evidence, honesty and concern for health of vapers & smokers, approves bill to ban e-cig use, two bills to falsely redefine smokefree e-cigs as 'smoking' devices; full City Council to consider bills

CASAA Call to Action to oppose proposed e-cig usage ban in Philly

Watch/listen to the Philadelphia City Council Public Health Cmte hearing on e-cigs
(Part 1- Testimony by Smokefree Pennsylvania's Bill Godshall, Q&A, CASAA's Carl Phillips, ACSH's Gil Ross)
(Part 2 - Jeff Daman, Q&A)
(Part 3 - Chris Pfieffer, Patrick Carroll, Chris Webber, Q&A)
(Part 4 - Ben Daines, Greg Conley, Q&A)

Smokefree Pennsylvania's testimony opposing Philly bills to ban vaping and deceitfully redefine smokefree vaporizers as 'smoking devices'

CASAA testimony to Philadelphia City Council regarding proposed ordinance to ban e-cigarette use wherever smoking is prohibited

Dr. Robert Sklaroff's testimony opposing Philly anti vaping bills

Phila Daily News: Stu Bykofsky - Smoke Signals

Dr. Robert Sklaroff opines against Philly vaping bills.

Jason Healy: E-cig truths lost in political smoke

Drs. Frank Leone and Walter Tsou repeat false claims about e-cigs, urge vaping ban

Philly doctor Gary Emmett repeats false claims about e-cigs

Smoking gum makers Glaxo, J & J lobby against e-cig competitors

WITF (in Philly) Smart Talk's Scott LaMar interviews Jonathan Foulds about e-cigs, who acknowledges e-cigs helped many smokers quit, but advocates public vaping bans despite no harm to nonusers, fails to disclose Big Pharma financial conflicts of interests

More city councils in CA ban vaping after being deceived by false fear mongering claims by local officials, Big Pharma front groups and other e-cig prohibitionists

Long Beach bans vaping in e-cig stores, making it most anti-e-cig city in Southern California

Long Beach (CA) prepares to target enforcement against vape shops, demonstrating the vaping ban was never intended to protect kids or nonusers as supporters falsely claimed.

San Francisco (CA) Board of Supervisors reject scientific and empirical evidence, ban use of lifesaving e-cigs based upon false fear mongering claims by prohibitionists

Sarah Longwell: E-cigarettes safe; no need for SF to ban them

Dr Rahul Jandial acknowledges e-cig vapor contains none of the thousands of hazardous constituents in tobacco smoke, but advocates e-cig usage bans anyhow

Daly City (CA) Mayor David Canepa to urge City Council to protect declining cigarette market by banning or imposing moratorium on vape shops, banning vaping

Mike Siegel: Daly City mayor wants to shut down shops that sell e-cigs, keep the ones that sell real cigarettes

Santa Monica (CA) Council takes a look at e-cigs due to lies by intolerant prohibitionists

Other States
Minnesota Senate Health Cmte approves bill (SF 2027) to ban vaping, referred to Senate Cmte on Commerce, public hearing scheduled for March 24th at 12:30

Urgent Alert: Stop Minnesota from banning e-cig use (SF 2027)

Minnesota State Senator Kathy Sheran repeats many lies about e-cigs to scare public, lobby for her bill (SF 2027) to ban adult usage

Minnesota House Cmte approves bill (H 1931) to ban vaping in state government buildings and schools, allow local governments to license sales of e-cigs

MN Health Dept absurdly claims that touching an e-cig (or a tobacco product) is a 'toxic exposure', claims many toxic exposures to e-cigs reported even though none were toxic

MN Vapers - Poison Control Calls - The Real Facts

Austin (MN) debating e-cigarette moratorium (with inaccurate fear mongering claims outnumbering accurate statements)

Hawaii bill (S 2495) to ban use of smokefree e-cigs by deceitfully redefining them as 'smoking' devices recommitted to Hawaii House Health Cmte

NJ bill (S 1629) would ban smoking and e-cig use outdoors at parks, beaches, forests, recreation areas

NJ bill (S 1772, same as A 1080) would ban smoking and e-cig use outdoors at parks, beaches, forests, recreation areas

Smoking Bans

Hawaii House Judiciary Cmte amends/recommends bill (S 651) to ban smoking in public housing projects

PA Health Secretary urges landlords to go smokefree

E-cig Sales Bans to Minors

NACS announces nationwide policy to not sell e-cigs to minors

Greg Conley replies to ALA Shelly Kiser's criticism of OH e-cig sales ban to youth

Florida Senate unanimously approves bill (S 224) to ban sales of 'nicotine dispensing devices' to minors

Georgia Senate Health Cmte endorses bill (H 251) to ban the sale of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors

CT Joint Committee on Children approves substitute for bill (S 24) to ban sales of 'electronic nicotine delivery systems' to minors

Rhode Island House Judiciary Cmte schedules March 26 hearing and/or consideration
of bill (7021) to ban e-cig sales to minors, impose punitive restrictions on online retailers

Oklahoma Senate substitutes/passes bill (SB 1602) to ban sales of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors, referred to OK House Public Health Cmte

Louisiana House approves bill to ban sale of e-cigs to minors

Louisiana Senate Judiciary Cmte amends/approves bill (S 12) to ban sales of 'alternative nicotine products' to minors

Pennsylvania bill (SB 1055) to ban sale of 'alternative nicotine products' to minors referred to Senate Appropriations Cmte

Delaware House Judiciary Cmte favorably reports bill (H 241) to ban the sale of 'tobacco substitutes' to minors

Michigan House Cmte on Regulatory Reform substitutes/approves bill (S 667) to ban the sale of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors

Michigan House Cmte on Regulatory Reform substitutes/approves bill (S 668) to ban sale of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors

Michigan House Cmte on Regulatory Reform substitutes/approves bill (H 4997) to ban sale of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors

Iowa Senate Human Resources Cmte amends/passes bill (H 2109) to ban sale of 'alternative nicotine products' and 'vapor products' to minors

Minimum Age Laws

Colorado House Finance Cmte rejects bill (HB 1263) to hike minimum age for tobacco to 21

Maryland House Judiciary Cmte reports unfavorably on bill (HB 278) to increase minimum age for tobacco sale to 21 years

Maryland Senate Judiciary Cmte reports unfavorably on bill (SB 325) to increase minimum age for tobacco sale to 21 years, bill withdrawn

Utah Senate rejects bill (S 12) to raise minimum age for tobacco and e-cig sales to 21

Suffolk County (NY) Legislaure bans tobacco sales to anyone under 21


Health Canada spends $232,000 for AC Nielsen data on sales of lifesaving e-cigs during past two years (to study skyrocketing noncompliance with inhumane e-cig sales ban)


Achieving appropriate regulations for electronic cigarettes

UK Parliament's Matt Ridley: Medicinal regulation of vaping could kill people

Lars Ramstrom: Low mortality attributable to tobacco among men in Sweden compared with other European countries: an analysis of WHO data

More Junk Science and Fear Mongering

Big Pharma's tobacco cessation industry keeps demonizing, lying about more effective and consumer friendly e-cigs, fails to ethically disclose financial conflicts of interest

UC Riverside e-cig prohibitionist Prue Talbot continues to grossly misrepresent her research findings to deceive public to believe e-cigs are as harmful as cigarettes

Mike Siegel: UC researcher: Vaping may be more hazardous than smoking

False and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs repeated and sensationalized by irresponsible news media

Mike Siegel: Tobacco control science deteriorating to an all time low (thirdhand smoke)

- Bill Godshall