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Bill Godshall Update 2014-04-10

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - April 10th, 2014

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Science and Public Health

Royal College of Physicians endorses e-cigs to help smokers quit

14 Electronic Cigarette studies that shame the critics

International expert panel convened by the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs finds smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, nasal sprays, gums, lozenges and patches are ALL exponentially less harmful than cigarettes

Carl Phillips: Please don't cite the new Nutt et al. paper as evidence for tobacco harm reduction

Mike Siegel: New Study Shows that Electronic Cigarettes Decrease Nicotine Addiction

E-cigarettes can save lives

Mike Siegel: New data from England suggest that electronic cigarettes are helping to accelerate smoking cessation, not hinder it

Mentally ill people should have access to e-cigarettes

Carl Phillips: Why using the term ENDS for e-cigarettes is unwise and unethical

Brad Rodu: NEJM fails to correct data on children's e-cigarette use

Mike Siegel: Laboratory study shows no detectable carcinogens or metals in high- technology electronic cigarette brand

Brad Rodu: No stroke risk with snus

Nicotine: The wonder drug?

Tobacco could eventually lead to new cancer treatment

E-cigarettes can help smokers quit (NJ)


House Subcommittee Examines Implementation of Tobacco Control Act

Mitch Zeller falsely claims FDA tobacco/nicotine regs are based on scientific evidence, as agency's unlawful 2009 e-cig ban wasn't based on evidence, nor is FDA's policy since 2011 to impose the 'deeming' regulation (which would once again ban all e-cigs).
Rather, those and many other FDA regulatory policies (like the preceding FSPTCA) were lobbied for by Big Pharma funded CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, AAP, Pinney, Legacy, etc., congressional allies Waxman, Lautenberg, Durbin, Harkin, etc., and liberal news media.

In April 2009, FDA's Rita Chapelle revealed the agency's unscientific, unethical and inhumane policy to defend its unlawful e-cig import ban and to deceive Americans about e-cigs: 'We don't want the public to perceive them as a safer alternative to cigarettes.'

Action Alert: Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco

Big Pharma funded pressure groups again urge Obama to endorse FDA 'deeming' regulation (which would ban all e-cig products), repeat false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs, fail to disclose longstanding financial conflicts of interest

Regressive Senate Democrats urge FDA and FTC to protect lethal cigarettes from market competition by far less hazardous smokefree e-cigs

FDA opens docket for public comment on draft guidance 'Enforcement policy for Certain (Provisional) Tobacco Products That the Food and Drug Administration Finds Not Substantially Equivalent'; comments due by April 28!documentDetail;D=FDA-2013-D-1600-0001

E-cigs top list of complaints and inquiries to FDA CTP Ombudsman

FDA awards $5 million to Univ of Kentucky researcher to develop and produce 50 million 'high quality reference cigarettes', which does nothing to reduce smoking

After denying smokers legal access to harm reduction e-cigs (when at FDA in 2009), Josh Sharfstein co-authors paper 'Confronting the Stigma of Opioid Disorder and Its Treatment' that wisely advocates methadone for harm reduction for heroin addicts

In July 2009, Obama appointee (and former Waxman staffer) FDA Deputy Cmsnr Josh Sharfstein held a press conference to defend the agency's e-cig ban, falsely accuse e-cig companies of target marketing to youth, and claim e-cigs are addicting children, may renormalize smoking, contain carcinogens and toxins, and don't help smokers quit.

FDA TPSAC Chair Jonathan Samet absurdly claims "There have been two reasons to handle e-cigs the same as combustible products. People would be exposed to the nicotine in the air, so the vapor could settle on people. It could contaminate the air that they breathe. It could contaminate a chair, and they could touch it and nicotine can go through the skin."

Mike Siegel: Touching a chair in a restaurant could be hazardous to your health if vaping is allowed, according to tobacco control researcher

Mike Siegel: Policy makers respond to concerns about hazards of touching chairs in restaurants (parody)

Christopher Snowdon: Stay away from the chairs!

CDC steps up lobbying for FDA deeming regulation

CDC MMWR finds 2,405 e-cig exposures (among nearly 8 million exposures) reported to Poison Control Centers since 2010, increased number of calls/month for e-cig exposures (now .1% of all calls), no admissions to critical care or noncritical care units reported for e-cig exposure (compared to >500,000 admissions for other substances), finds 'The most common adverse health effects in e-cigarette exposure calls were vomiting, nausea, and eye irritation.'

CDC Director Tom Frieden grossly misrepresents Poison Control Center data to create public panic to lobby for FDA deeming regulation (that would ban all e-cigs)
Tom Frieden: "Use of these products is skyrocketing and these poisonings will continue.'"

Several news media do some fact checking about e-cig calls to Poison Control Centers

Irresponsible news media repeat Tom Frieden's false fear-mongering claims about e-cig safety, without any fact checking

ACSH: 'The sky is falling', warns CDC about largely-imaginary nicotine 'poisonings'

According to National Poison Data System, e-cigs account for just 0.1% of exposures reported to Poison Control Centers (about 200/194,500 calls/month)

Amy Fairchild and Ronald Bayer: Liquid Death from E-Cigarettes? You've got a long way to go, baby

Public health advocate Jeff Stier debates with e-cig denialist and propagandist John Pierce
(TV and Radio)

SFATA responds to CDC e-cig study

Are we really facing an e-cigarette epidemic?

Regressive Senate Dems repeat CDC's hysterical claims about e-cigs during budget hearing to urge FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg to impose deeming regulation, which would ban all e-cigs

CDC looking for exsmokers who were dual users of e-cigs, smokeless tobacco or cigars and were diagnosed with serious health condition (but not any exsmokers whose health improved after switching to e-cigs or smokeless) to participate in future CDC propaganda/lobbying campaign to demonize e-cigs, smokeless, cigars and dual use.

E-cig Marketing Restriction

Regressive Congressional Dems repeat false accusations about e-cigs to lobby to ban virtually all advertising to adult smokers (under the false guise of protecting kids), which would protect cigarette markets and threaten the health of smokers.


CASAA presents at FDA listening session in San Diego

CASAA elects Julie Woessner president, message from outgoing president Elaine Keller

Vaping community gathers for bimonthly meeting in Madison (AL)

Growing popularity of e-cigs creates new culture of 'vapers' (NJ)

E-cig Industry

SFATA to host 'Technology Not Tobacco' conference in Chicago on May 5th

Grocery Headquarters: Forging a vapor trail

UK's Skycig becomes Blu following Lorillard acquisition

Michael Clapper of Victory Electronic Cigarettes elected president of ECITA

Amato lures e-cig business (PA)

VA Beach jail will sell electronic cigarettes to inmates

East Tenn. Jails say e-cigarettes help keep order


New York bills (A 8598 and S 6610) would impose 75% or 95% tax on e-cigs, raise tax rate on low risk smokeless tobacco products CASAA issues Call to Action opposing NY bills (A 8598 and S 6610) to tax e-cigs

Star Ledger editorial: NJ should not impose a sin tax on e-cigarettes

Christie's new budget socks it to the middle class

CASAA Call to Action opposing NJ Gov. Christie's proposal to tax far less hazardous e-cigs same rate as lethal cigarettes

NJ Treasurer Andrew Sieamon-Eristoff makes false and misleading claims about e-cigs to defend Gov. Christie's proposed tax

Asbury Park Press editorial: Taxes on e-cigs have merit, if

Ohio bill (H 472) would impose 49% tax on e-cigs, increase cigarette tax from $1.25 to $1.85/pack, increase OTP tax from 17% to 49%, recommended by House Rules and Reference Cmte, referred to House Ways and Means Cmte

CASAA Call to Action opposing Ohio Gov. Kasich's proposal (and H 472) to impose 49% tax on e-cigs

Rhode Island bill (H 884) to tax e-cigs at 92% referred to Senate Finance Cmte

CASAA Call to Action opposing Vermont bill (HB 884) to impose 92% e-cig tax

Hawaii House passes bill (SB 2496) to increase tobacco tax rates in 2050

E-cig Sales Bans to Adults

Illinois House deceived by poisonous lies, approves bill (HB 5689) to ban all e-liquid sales unless/until products comply with not yet developed 'special packaging' standards

CASAA issues Call to Action opposing Illinois bill (HB 5689) to ban sales of e-liquid that don't comply with 'special packaging' standards to be drafted by Health Department

NY Senator Kemp Hannon introduces legislation (S 6939) to ban sales of the most effective smoking cessation aid ever (e-liquid) after news media hypes hysterical claims

CASAA issues Call to Action opposing NY bill (S 6939) to ban sale of e-liquid

NY Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal introduces bill (A 9309) to ban the sale of the most effective smoking cessation aid ever (e-liquid) to adult smokers

Connecticut bill (H 5268) to mandate warning labels covering 60% of e-cig packaging dies in committee

Fremont (CA) considers protecting cigarette markets and threatening lives of vapers by banning sales and use of far less hazardous e-cigs, seeks public input

E-cig Sales Bans to Minors West Virginia Governor Tomblin signs bill (HB 4237) to ban 'vapor product' sales to minors

Virginia Governor McAuliffe signs bill (H 218) to ban 'vapor product' and 'alternative nicotine product' sales to minors

South Dakota Governor Daugaard signs bill (SB 181) to ban sales of 'vapor products' to minors

Nebraska Governor Heineman signs bill (L 863) to ban sale of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors

Kentucky Senate passes bill (SB 109) banning sales of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors, sent to governor

CO House/Senate approve bill (S 18) to extend tobacco and e-cig sales ban to minors to 'nicotine products', sent to governor

Missouri Senate Cmte substitutes and recommends passage of bill (SB 841) to ban the sale of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors

Same Big Pharma funded groups that urged FDA to ban e-cigs in 2009 now oppose Florida bill (HB 169) to ban e-cig sales to minors (because it preempts local governments from banning e-cig sales to adults)

Connecticut Joint Committee on Judiciary approves bill (S 24) to ban sale of 'electronic nicotine delivery systems' to minors

E-cig Retailer Restriction

Illinois House approves bill (HB 5868) to require all e-cig products to be located behind retailer counter, in locked case, or in store that doesn't permit minors access

Minimum Age

New York Assembly Health Cmte amends bill (A 6393) to increase minimum age for tobacco sales from 18 to 19

Vaping Bans

Hawaii House approves bill (SB 2495) to ban vaping everywhere smoking is banned by falsely redefining 'smoking' to include the use of smokefree e-cigs, referred to Senate

Group hopes to overturn e-cigarette ban (NYC)

New York Assembly Health Cmte approves bill (A 8178) to ban vaping everywhere smoking is banned, reffered to Codes Committee

CASAA issues alert opposing NY bills (A 8178 and S 6562) to ban vaping in workplaces

Alaska Senate Health Cmte considers bill (SB 209) to ban vaping in all workplaces

Alaska House Health Cmte considers bill (HB 360) to ban vaping in all workplaces

CASAA updates Call to Action opposing Alaska bills to ban vaping

NJ bill (SB 1894) would ban outdoor vaping and smoking at all public and private universities

Philly Mayor Nutter signs vaping ban bill that falsely defines smokefree e-cigs as 'smoking' devices.

Socorro (TX) falsely redefines 'smoking' to include smokefree e-cigs to ban their use

Georgetown (TX) City Council bans vaping in public places

Coconino Health Dept (AZ) makes false claims about e-cigs to lobby to ban usage

Daly City (CA) considers banning vaping due to false and misleading claims

E-cig users seek exemption from Hancock County (IN) smoking ban after Board of Health inaccurately says that 'smoking' includes the use of smokefree e-cigs

Austin (MN) City Council imposes one year moratorium on vaping in workplaces due to false fear mongering claims

San Clemente (CA) City Council rejects proposal to ban e-cig use at parks and beaches

Libertarian Girl: Regulators can't ban e-cigs fast enough

Smoking Bans

Hawaii House approves bill (SB 651) to ban smoking in all public housing projects

Pennsylvania bill (HB 2149) would ban smoking at all licensed drinking establishments

Pennsylvania bill (HB 2153) would ban smoking on gaming floors of licensed casinos

More propaganda against e-cigs

Mike Seigel: Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights disseminating misleading and potentially defamatory statements about electronic cigarette groups

Mike Siegel: Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights spreading false information about health effects of electronic cigarettes

E-cig researcher advises vapers to quit using nicotine despite conclusive scientific evidence that long term use of smokefree nicotine products pose negligible if any harm

Loyola's Dr. Philip McAndrew repeats false and misleading claims demonizing e-cigs

Florida cardiologist falsely claims 'nicotine, as you know, is the chief offending agent in any tobacco product', and that e-cigs 'pose a threat to your health.'


E-cig retailers stand up to Health Canada

ACSH: Canadian Minister of Health (non)-responds to ACSH's call for more vaping up North

Toronto Board of Health to tackle e-cigarette issue


The rise of the e-cigarette

Vaping not aping

Christopher Snowdon: Banning e-cigarettes in '˜public' places

Craziness of the e-cigarette health police: 'Nanny state' Welsh Assembly considers ban in public spaces

Nanny Welsh government set to ban e-cigarette indoors "because they normalize smoking" (even though e-cigs denormalize smoking)

The e-cigarettes phenomenon

The Great British Vape-off debate

First e-cigarette coffee shop opens in London

Christopher Snowdon: Plain packs edging closer

- Bill Godshall