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Bill Godshall Update 2014-04-17

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - April 17th, 2014

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Are e-cigarettes losing ground in the vapor market?
(includes Bonnie Herzog's most recent estimates of US e-cig market segments)

Tobacco set to suffer as e-cigarette revolution takes hold

Is this tiny gadget the future of smoking? (Ploom)

Darth Vapor: e-cigarettes gaining speed

Susan Cameron elected President and CEO of Reynolds American

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes voted best small business in Tampa Bay Times survey

E-cigarette store Vape Daddy's opens in Newton (MA)

Science and Health

Brad Rodu: UCSF redefines youth smoking; journal's peer review fails

Gerry Stimson: Public health leadership and electronic cigarette users

Study finds nicotine safe, helps in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

NIC FIT: Puffing through the great 'vape' debate over electronic cigarettes


Action Alert: Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco

Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI) conference on April 23/34 in DC, Bill Godshall to present 'An Update on Tobacco Deeming Regulation' (April 23 from 4-5PM)

Durbin/Waxman step up lobbying for FDA deeming reg (that would ban all e-cigs) by falsely accusing e-cig companies of target marketing to youth and falsely claiming e-cigs are addicting youth (as 99% of e-cigs have been consumed by adult smokers and vapers who switched, the vast majority of teen e-cig experimenters have been smokers, and there's no evidence e-cigs have created daily dependence in any nonsmoker)

Irresponsible news media repeat and sensationalize false accusations by prohibitionists Durbin/Waxman about e-cigs and youth without doing fact checking,0,3237846.story#axzz2z3dHxZXi

SFATA responds to Durbin report on e-cigarettes

ACSH: Politicians pile on e-cigarettes again, to 'protect our children.' Baloney!

Mitch Zeller blogs about meeting cancer researchers, falsely claims FDA regulatory policies are based upon scientific evidence and reducing disease and death (as FDA's 2009 e-cig ban and FDA's policy to impose deeming reg/ban weren't based on evidence, but rather by aggressive lobbying by Big Pharma front groups and e-cig prohibitionists).

Instead of working to reduce cigarette smoking, FDA steps up lobbying for deeming regulation (that would protect cigarettes by banning far less hazardous e-cigs) with entire supplement of prohibitionist Tobacco Control that demonizes e-cigs, denies existence of health benefits for smokers who switched to vaping, grossly exaggerates negligible, theoretical and nonexistent e-cig risks.

Carl Phillips: FDA reveals its views on ecigs in publication

Washington Post editorial: E-cigarettes have risks but they also offer public health benefits (endorses FDA deeming regulation, that would ban all e-cigs)

FDA TPSAC meets April 16-18 to consider requiring even more unwarranted and expensive studies for MRTP and other tobacco product applicants

NCI funds Connolly and Albert to write historical revisionism of FSPTCA's 'light' and 'mild' cigarette brand descriptor ban to criticize companies for complying with the law

Mike Siegel: Researchers attack tobacco companies for complying with the law

More Junk Science

Scientific American article on e-cigs misrepresents scientific evidence to confuse and scare

Psychiatric News article touts false claims by UCSF junk scientist and UM psychiatrist that e-cigs are addicting children and are gateways to cigarettes

NY Times publishes another article misrepresenting scientific evidence on e-cigs to scare readers and lobby for FDA reg/ban


Should e-cigarettes be taxed?

Gil Ross: NJ tax on e-cigs will keep smokers smoking

NJ Health Commissioner Mary O'Dowd falsely claims e-cigs are addicting nonsmoking youth, and that imposing a huge tax on e-cigs will reduce cigarette smoking

NJ Breathes says it opposes Gov. Christie's e-cig tax proposal unless OTP tax is also sharply increased, and revenue is spent on more anti-tobacco/nicotine/e-cig propaganda.

CASAA Call to Action opposing NJ Gov. Christie's proposal to tax far less hazardous e-cigs same rate as lethal cigarettes

CASAA Call to Action opposing Vermont bill (HB 884) to impose 92% e-cig tax

CASAA Call to Action opposing Ohio Gov. Kasich's proposal to tax e-cigs

CASAA Call to Action opposing NY bills (A 8598 and S 6610) to tax e-cigs

Brad Rodu: Swedish Tax Proposal Threatens Successful Tobacco Harm Reduction
(proposal would make can of snus more expensive than pack of lethal cigarettes)

E-cig Sales Bans

Illinois lawmakers seek to ban sale of most e-cig products to adults at brick and mortar stores by mandating packaging requirements to purportedly 'protect the children' by grossly exaggerating extremely low safety risks to confuse and scare.,0,5357936.story

CASAA Call to Action opposing Illinois bill (HB 5689) to ban sales of e-liquid that don't comply with 'special packaging' standards to be drafted by Health Department

Mike Siegel: New York State Senator wants to ban most electronic cigarettes, while keeping the toxic real ones

E-cig Sales Bans to Minors

Kentucky Governor Beshear signs bill (SB 109) banning sales of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper signs bill (SB 18) to also ban 'nicotine product' sales to minors (as CO already banned e-cig sales to minors)

Oklahoma House amends/approves, than Senate approves bill (SB 1602) to ban sale of 'vapor products' to minors

Missouri House approves bill (HB 1690) to ban the sale of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors

Missouri Senate substitutes and approves bill (SB 841) to ban the sale of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors

Louisiana House Judiciary Cmte amends/approves bill (HB 208) to ban the sale of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors

Louisiana bill (HB 1264) to ban the sale of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors introduced as substitute for HB 208

Delaware House approves bill (HB 241) to ban the sale of 'tobacco substitutes' to minors$file/legis.html?open

E-cig/OTP prohibitionists oppose Florida bill (HB 169) to ban e-cig sales to minors because it preempts local governments from banning e-cig and tobacco sales to adults

States don't wait for feds on e-cigarette restrictions (but article fails to mention that ALL 6 state e-cig laws enacted in 2014 (OH, SD, VA, WV, NE, KY) banned sales to minors).

Minimum Age

Suffolk County (NY) increases minimum legal age for tobacco (and e-cig) sales to 21

Tobacco Use Ban

SMMC says tobacco ban shameful idea

Vaping Bans

Smokers rights group challenges NYC e-cigarette ban

Hawaii Senate refuses to concur on House approved bill (SB 2495) to ban vaping in workplaces, Senate conference committee reps appointed

Alaska Senate Health and Finance Cmtes recommend bill (SB 209) to ban vaping and smoking in all workplaces

CASAA Call to Action opposing Alaska bills (HB 360 and SB 209) to ban vaping

CASAA Call to Action opposing NY bills (A 8178 and S 6562) to ban vaping in workplaces

Two Minnesota legislators repeat false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs to scare public and to lobby for their proposed vaping ban, which would protect cigarette markets and threaten the lives of vapers, smokers and secondhand smokers

E-cigs the battle happening on tobacco's next front

At NATO show, large tobacco and e-cig company reps tell retailers to defend e-cigs from local bans (while doing little or nothing themselves), endorse federal e-cig regs (even though FDA deeming reg would ban all e-cigs), in hopes of obtaining FDA approval to market their e-cig brand and banning sales of competitive products/brands.

Mike Siegel: ANR apparently decides to keep defamatory statements on its web site

The New Yorker Video: Thank you for vaping (watch Freiden, Farley & Feinberg protect cigarettes and threaten lives of smokers and vapers by making false fear-mongering claims about e-cigs)

Hancock County (IN) Board of Health refuses to correct its deceitful ruling that using a smokefree e-cig violates ordinance that bans smoking, board members acknowledge their ignorance of e-cigs, combustion and the definition of smoking.

Scotts Valley (CA) City Council considers vaping ban based on fear mongering lies by prohibitionists

Bedford (TX) wisely bans e-cig sales to minors, but absurdly bans vaping due to lies

DeSoto County (MS) administrator wants e-cig use banned in all county buildings until FDA rules 'that e-cigarettes are safe', which is a scientific impossibility and would conflict with the FSPTCA.

Kansas City (MO) Health Depts' Rex Archer falsely claims e-cigs are 'lethal', repeats false claims by CDC Director Tom Frieden about e-cig safety to lobby for banning e-cig use on buses.

Prohibitionist DJ Wilson repeats false claims about e-cigs to BU News Service to confuse, scare and lobby for local vaping bans in MA, which protect cigarettes

Philly Mayor Nutter and Health Commissioner Schwarz lobby for FDA e-cig reg/ban at signing of city's counterproductive vaping ban

Orland (CA) City Council considers banning vaping in workplaces and many outdoor locations based on junk science and lies, Councilman Dennis Hoffman indicated its not about public health by saying "It's similarly disgusting" as cigarette smoking.

Reno County (KS) bans e-cig use in county buildings claiming they could be used for illegal drugs, but vast majority of e-cig products cannot be used for illegal drugs.

Berkeley County (WV) Board of Health proposes banning vaping and smoking by falsely redefining smoking to include use of smokefree e-cigs, comments considered till April 19
"'Smoking' also includes the use of a hookah or an E-cigarette device which creates a vapor, in any manner or in any form, or the use of any other oral smoking device for the purpose of circumventing the prohibition of smoking in this regulation.'

Desoto County (MS) Supervisors don't know difference between smoking and vaping, ask State AG to clarify.

Taxpayer funded propaganda

San Diego (CA) County receives $1.3M grant to protect cigarettes by demonizing e-cigs


World Health Organization calls for tough e-cigarette regulation (that would protect cigarette markets)


Clive Bates: E-cigarette advertising code consultation

Electronic Cigarettes in England, latest trends

Ecigarettes full of puff as user numbers triple to 1.2m

E-cigarettes: No smoke without fear

Imperial Tobacco to close last cigarette factory in UK


Western Australian judge threatens lives of vapers and smokers, protects cigarettes by ruling e-cig sales are banned because products 'resemble' tobacco products (even though tobacco sales aren't banned)

- Bill Godshall