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Bill Godshall Update 2014-04-22

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - April 22nd, 2014

Science and Health, FDA, Taxation, Insurance Discrimination, E-cig Sales Bans to Minors, Vaping Bans, Outdoor Smoking Bans, Business, Canada.


Science and Health

International survey of more than 19,000 e-cig vapers
Findings include:
- 81% completely quitting smoking by switching to vaping,
- 5.8% reported 'occasional smoking',
- 13% reported 'daily smoking', with cigarette consumption declining from a median of 20/day at onset of vaping to just 4/day at time of survey,
- participants vaped for a median of 10 months, with 97.1% reporting daily vaping,
- participants reduced levels of nicotine consumed by 33% from a median of 18mg/ml at onset of vaping to a median of 12 mg/ml at time of survey,
- 21.5% used vapor products containing more than 20mg/ml nicotine,
- 3.5% used vapor products containing NO nicotine,
- vast majority used second (eGo-type) and newer generation (Mods) vaporizers,
- just 3.7% used 'cigalike' e-cig products,
- 99.5% were cigarette smokers when at onset of vaping,
- none of the 0.5% who were nonsmokers at onset of vaping became a smoker afterward, and most of them used NO nicotine vapor products, and
- participants average age was 39, with 74.7% from Europe and 20.7% from America.

Philip Morris International reports 4.4% decline in cigarette volume for 1Q14

Study finds people with psychiatric diagnosis are 3.23 times more likely to smoke cigarettes, 25% less likely to quit smoking than those without diagnosis.

Study finds smoking caused 53% of deaths among schizophrenics, 50% of deaths among depressed, 48% of deaths among bipolars in California[tt_news]=248361

Whoopi vape pen love story column

Marijuana prohibitionists and NPR demonize tobacco and marijuana harm reduction, fail to acknowledge that vast majority of e-cig products cannot vaporize THC or pot, fail to reveal that vaping is far less hazardous than smoking either product.

Mens Fitness article correct on e-cig health benefits of smokers, but also repeats false and misleading fear mongering claims by Glantz and other e-cig prohibitionists


Jacob Sullum: E-cigarette Restrictions '˜For The Children'™ Could be Deadly For Adults

Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI) conference on April 23/34 in DC, Bill Godshall to present 'An Update on Tobacco Deeming Regulation' (April 23 from 4-5PM)

Action Alert: Urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning e-cigarettes again and to stop FDA from giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco

FDA's Mitch Zeller falsely claims e-cigs 'would have a net negative impact on public health' if/when vapers sharply reduce their cigarette consumption (but don't completely quit smoking) to lobby for FDA deeming reg/ban[tt_news]=247929&cHash=cec478c89be5ecd480b434ac45dff885

FDA Establishes Four Performance Measures to expedite tobacco application/review process after agency failed to act on vast majority of applications submitted since 2011.

TVECA says it has copy of FDA deeming regulation, but retracts claim it would post them on TVECA website today.

Mike Siegel: Anti smoking groups and policy makers attack Big Pharma for targeting kids with flavored nicotine replacement products (parody)

USA Today runs yet another editorial advocating FDA deeming regs for e-cigs, repeats false claims about products, fails to admit deeming regulation would ban all e-cigs

Reuters article says 50 complaints about e-cigs sent to FDA in 2013 (when more than a hundred million e-cig products were sold/consumed) on agency website set up in 2009 to solicit complaints, Logic'™s Miguel Martin blames competitors and endorses FDA deeming regulation (even though it would ban all e-cigs)

AP reporter Michael Felberbaum keeps promoting FDA e-cig regulation by repeating false and misleading claims by e-cig opponents 'There's not much scientific evidence showing e-cigarettes help smokers quit or smoke less, and it's unclear how safe they are.'

Left wing Mother Jones demonizes e-cigs, lobbies for FDA deeming reg by searching for and highlighting all past news reports of e-cig battery fires despite occurrence in fewer than 1 in 10 million e-cigs sold.

NBC Good Morning America sensationalizes fear mongering lies about e-liquid without doing any fact checking to confuse and scare public, lobby for FDA reg/ban.

Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney repeats false claims and moralizes against e-cigs, advocates laws and regs to destroy e-cig industry (to purportedly protect children)

BBC article cites fear mongering claims about e-cigs by those lobbying for FDA regs

NATO show panel discusses FDA's e-cig deeming rulemaking process

NATO's Tom Briant on state/local legislation and FDA e-cig regulation

NJOY's Craig Weiss advocates FDA ban on flavored e-cigs not sold by NJOY, promotes 'balanced regulation' of e-cigs (i.e. regs that keep NJOY e-cigs legal)

Report says Big Tobacco just waiting to inhale emerging e-cigarette market (but fails to mention that FDA regs would give e-cig industry to large cigarette companies)


Poll: Should New Jersey tax e-cigarettes the same as regular smokes? (95% say NO)

Push in NJ to tax electronic cigarette not met with open arms

Tulsa World advocates protecting cigarettes by taxing lifesaving e-cigs at same rate (OK)

Insurance Discrimination

Canadian life insurers discriminate against vapers, charge policy holders same premiums as smokers even though smokefree alternatives are far less hazardous than cigarettes

E-cig sales bans to minors

Missouri to bar teenagers from buying e-cigarettes despite opposition from Big Pharma funded American Cancer Society, which has been lobbying FDA to ban e-cig sales to adults since 2009

Connecticut Senate amends bill (S 24) to ban 'vapor product' sales to minors, referred to Joint Committee on Appropriations

Vaping bans

E-cig use increasingly being banned (due to fear mongering lies by prohibitionists), but still legal in vast majority of workplaces, public places, states and municipalities

Los Angeles vaping ban takes effect

Vaping lounges offer refuge from LA'™s new e-cigarette ban

Glen Cove (NY) mayor wants to ban vaping

Outdoor smoking bans

NYC parks smoking ban barely enforced


Tobacco giants muscle in on e-cigarette market

Big Tobacco ready to light e-cigarettes

7-Eleven sues shopping center for allowing vape shop to open, claims e-cigs violate noncompete clause that prohibits other tenants from selling 'cigarette and tobacco'


Vaping: The battle for acceptance is rising

'Vaping' loyalists battle for e-cigarette acceptance

- Bill Godshall