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Bill Godshall Update 2014-05-30

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - May 30th, 2014

International: EU, Scientific Research And Analysis, Business.
USA: FDA, Taxation, State Ecig Sales Bans / Restrictions On Adults, Ecig Sales Bans For Minors, Vaping Bans, Tobacco Use Bans, Employment Discrimination, Minimum Age, Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies.


More than 50 nicotine and public health specialists from 15 countries send letter to WHO Director General-Margaret Chan stating "Tobacco harm reduction is part of the solution, not part of the problem", and that e-cigarette and other noncombustible tobacco/nicotine products, "could be among the most significant health innovations of the 21st Century, perhaps saving hundreds of millions of lives"; urge Chan, WHO and the FCTC to begin basing their statements and policy recommendations on scientific evidence.

Draft summary of WHO FCTC COP meeting in November, 2013 advocating future policy options to prevent, control, regulate, ban e-cigs and smokeless tobacco
(Agenda item 11)

Clive Bates: WHO plans e-cigarette offensive

Top Scientists warn WHO not to stub out e-cigarettes

"Resist urge to control e-cigarettes", WHO told

Ahead of No Tobacco Day, doctors oppose ban on e-cigarettes

Leading WHO doc reveals global group to label e-cigs the same as cigarettes

ACSH: Tobacco experts call on the WHO for science-based e-cig regulation - fat chance.

First Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw, Poland on June 27-28, 2014


Public Health England's report on Electronic Cigarettes objectively reviews the scientific and empirical evidence on the products' many health benefits and negligible risks, but hypocritically touts UK MHRA regulations that will ban >99% of e-cig products (including PVs and e-liquid, which are most effective for smoking cessation) by 2017

Clive Bates: Public Health England goes positive on e-cigarettes

Public Health England holds May 15 seminar on e-cigarettes (slide presentation)

Ann McNeil's presentation at Public Health England's May 15 seminar on e-cigarettes - Health inequalities, use of electronic cigarettes & marketing: implications for policy

Vapour Trails TV's May 18 discussion among vapers about Public Health England's May 15 symposium on e-cigs, with VT's Dave Dorn, ECCA's Lorien Sea and ECF's Oliver Kershaw

Public Health England blog posting acknowledges evidence that e-cigs have helped many smokers quit, but hypocritically continues to urge smokers to use ineffective (but MHRA approved) gums, lozenges, patches, nasal sprays, inhalators, and less than safe Champix.

UK National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training issues briefing on e-cigarettes that acknowledges some of the many health benefits they provide smokers, recommends smoking cessation counselors inform smokers that "some people find them helpful for quitting, cutting down their nicotine intake and managing temporary abstinence"

ASH UK's Deborah Arnott correctly says e-cigs help many smokers quit and even urges taxpayer subsidisation (i.e. giving them to smokers for free), but hypocritically still advocates their regulation as medicines by UK MHRA, which would ban >99% of e-cigs, give e-cig industry to Big Tobacco and threaten the lives of most vapers and smokers.

Blu eCig's UK chief expects few e-cigarette sellers to survive: "The number of e-cigarette sellers in the UK will plunge from "hundreds" to fewer than 10 over the next four years", according to the head of one of Britain's biggest e-cigarette groups.,Authorised=false.html?#axzz332cz4ak1

Lorillard to begin selling Blu eCigs in Europe

European Commission falsely claims e-cigs are addicting many nonsmokers

As more smokers switch to e-cigs, fewer use ineffective NHS smoking cessation services in Scotland, but BBC headline falsely insinuates that the only way to quit smoking is by using NHS services

e-Cig Europe conference in Nice, France on June 16-18

Scientific Research and Analysis

Real-world effectiveness of e-cigarettes when used to aid smoking cessation: a cross sectional population study. Study finds smokers who used e-cigs to quit smoking were 2.23 times more likely to quit than those who used nicotine gums, lozenges and/or patches, and were 38% more likely to quit than smokers who used no cessation aid.
Correction: The May 20 THRU cited inaccurate news reports claiming the study cited above found smokers were just 60% more likely to quit using e-cigs than gums, patches.

Mike Siegel: New population-based study reports that e-cigarettes outperform NRT for self-assisted smoking cessation among smokers who chose those approaches

Carl Phillips: Understanding the new West et al. paper on e-cigarettes and smoking cessation

Clive Bates: People using e-cigarettes to quit smoking 60 percent more likely to succeed than those using NRT sold over the counter

ACSH: E-cigarettes help smokers quit, says new study

Boston Globe reporter Deborah Kotz, who previously touted anti e-cig propaganda by UCSF as science, makes amends by highlighting West's study confirming past findings that e-cigs are more effective than nicotine gums and patches for smoking cessation

NY Times reporter Sabrina Tavernese's article on West's e-cig smoking cessation study grossly misrepresents scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs, interviews only e-cig prohibitionists Tom Glynn and Stan Glantz to comment on and criticize West's findings.

Effects of duration of electronic cigarette use: New study finds increased duration of e-cig use associated with reduced cigarette consumption

Mike Siegel: New study of trajectory of e-cigarette use suggests a pattern of decreasing cigarette and nicotine addiction

Carl Phillips: Working paper reports an e-cigarette gateway to cigarettes by Glantz et al.: the study results provide no support for the conclusions

Mike Siegel: How sad? Journal article needs to remind tobacco control researchers to be honest and rigorous

Brad Rodu "For Smokers Only": The E-Book With Bonus E-Cig Chapter

Correction: 2013 survey finds that just 65% of US smokers correctly believe that far less hazardous e-cigs are safer than cigarettes (as the 5/20 THRU incorrectly stated the survey found that just 51% of US adults correctly believe e-cigs are safer than cigarettes)


"Vaporizers" are the new draw in e-cigarettes; Refillable contraptions are cheaper, more potent than "Cigalikes"

Cigalike e-cig sales revenue at convenience stores declined in April/May as more vapers switch to premium vaporizers and e-liquid, and to e-cig kits

Philip Morris International bets big on the future

Zippo lighter company sues Lorillard claiming it owns intellectual rights to "Blu"

NJOY settles lawsuit with Victory e-cigs over patent infringement

Sweets makers try to keep names off e-cigarettes

RJ Reynolds Vuse (Frequently Asked Questions)

Reynolds e-cig operation: jobs could be coming to Forsyth County (NC)



CASAA submits comment to OMB/OIRA on proposed FDA Deeming Regulation

Smokefree Pennsylvania submits comment to OMB/OIRA on FDA Deeming Regulation

CASAA issues Second Call to Action for FDA Proposed Regulations - Consumer Comment on Paperwork Reduction Act

Carl Phillips: FDA e-cig regulation vs Iraq War: parallels

TCLC: FDA deeming regulation questions for public health community

FDA's Mitch Zeller makes more false claims about e-cigs to push deeming regulation that would ban >99% of the lifesaving products, give the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco companies, and threaten the lives of most vapers and smokers: "We don't know what's in the products, we don't know who is using them, how they're being used - although there are alarming reports of large numbers of kids initiating e-cigarette use"

FDA CTP hosts webinar on FDA deeming regulation

FDA actions against online sellers of drugs could be repeated against online e-cig vendors if proposed FDA gives Final Approval of proposed deeming regulation

Utah Vapers correctly states that FDA deeming regulation would decimate e-cig industry, as e-cig prohibitionist Paul Ray makes more false claims about lifesaving products

E-cig prohibitionists at Tobacco Control Legal Consortium urge others to tell FDA to ban all e-cig products upon issuance of deeming regulation Final Rule.

Mike Siegel: Tobacco Control Legal Consortium supports deeming regulation changes that would take almost all e-cigs off the market

E-Cigarettes - The Baptists And Bootleggers Coalition Against Them

FDA CTP to move to White Oak Campus in Silver Spring, MD

FDA announces new CTP Ombudsmen


CDC's Community Preventive Services Task Force (appointed by Tom Frieden) falsely and unethically equates highly addictive and lethal cigarettes with ALL Other Tobacco Products (probably including e-cigs if FDA imposes Deeming Regulation), cites health benefits of cigarette price hikes to falsely claim OTP price hikes would yield similar public health benefits, recommends price/tax hikes for all OTP.

North Carolina House, Senate swiftly pass, Governor McCrory signs RJ Reynolds sponsored, Lorillard endorsed bill (HB 1050) to tax consumable e-liquid products at $0.05/ml and require all e-cig marketers in NC to obtain tobacco wholesaler and/or retailer dealer's license(s) and comply with many different provisions of decades old NC tobacco tax/licensing law, which will stifle competition by vape shops and other marketers of e-liquid and premium vaporizers (mods) as Reynolds prepares to launch its new Vuse e-cig at prime shelf space locations in thousands of NC tobacco retailers.
(pages 51-53)

John Locke Foundation's Roy Cordato "E-cigarettes: Bad Tax Policy Chasing Good" (NC)

Americans for Tax Reform urges NC Senators to reject RJ Reynolds' sponsored e-cig tax

Opposition forms to NC's e-cigarette tax proposal

Rhode Island House Judiciary Cmte holds hearing on bill (HB 7021) that would destroy Internet e-cig vendors in RI, and would require all other e-cig vendors to obtain tobacco licenses and buy only from licensed tobacco wholesalers and distributors.

CASAA updates Call to Action opposing RI bill (HB 7021)

Thomas Briant: The impact of tax parity on retailers (NJ)

Maryland anti tobacco activists say they have enough votes for $1/pack cig tax increase

Pennsylvania House Democratic Appropriations Cmte executive director Miriam Fox claims taxing e-cigs is "a fine option to consider" in state budget negotiations.

State e-cig sales bans/restrictions to adults

California Assembly Appropriations Committee rejects bill (AB 1500) that would have destroyed e-cig Internet and mail order vendors in CA, would have imposed costly restrictions on CA vapers who buy e-cigs via Internet and mail order after all Republicans and many Democrats fail to support;jsessionid=a05680d9d60174015a8a0d6e6536

Sallie Goetsch's testimony, commentary and video of May 21 CA Assembly Appropriations Cmte hearing and vote on AB 1500

CASAA updates Call to Action: California ban on Internet Sales (AB 1500)

Fresno Bee editorial criticizes CA Assembly Approps Cmte for rejecting AB 1500

Illinois House concurs with Senate approved bill (H 5689) to ban sales of e-liquid to adults (but not more expensive and less desirable disposable e-cigs or prefilled cartridges, nor far more hazardous cigarettes or alcohol products) unless they comply with not-yet-drafted "child-safe" packaging regulation by Health Dept, which opposes all e-cigs

Illinois Senate approves bill (HB 5868) requiring e-cigs to be sold from behind-the- counter, a sealed display case, or at locations where minors are not permitted access

Lockport (NY) Common Council protects cigarettes, threatens lives of smokers by not allowing e-cig retailer to compete against cigarette retailers

E-cig sales bans to minors

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signs bill (H 2109) to ban the sale of "vapor products" and "alternative nicotine products" to minors

New York Assembly Codes Cmte approves bill (A 9299) to ban sale of e-liquid to minors (as Linda Rosenthal's 2010 bill/law banning e-cigs sales to minors didn't include e-liquid, the key constituent in e-cigs)

Vaping bans

New York Senate amends bill (SB 6562) that would ban vaping in all workplaces by falsely redefining "smoking" to include the use of smokefree e-cigs

Minnesota Governor Dayton signs bill (HV 2402) to ban vaping in state government buildings, require 'child resistant packaging' for e-cigs consistent with CFR, title 16, section 1700.15(b)(1).

New Jersey Senate Health Cmte amends/approves bill (AB 1080) to ban outdoor vaping and smoking at parks and beaches

New Jersey Senate Health Cmte amends/approves bill (SB 1772) to ban outdoor vaping and smoking at parks and beaches

Cook County (IL) Board considers banning e-cig use in county facilities, legalizing marijuana for recreational use,0,1218580.story

Tobacco Use Bans

New York Assembly Higher Education Cmte approves bill (A 7277) to ban all tobacco use and sales on all facilities of State University of New York, referred to Codes Cmte

Employment Discrimination

Hospitals like UAB should not exclude smokers from employment - it's discriminatory, says report

Minimum Age

New Jersey bill introduced (A 3254) to increase minimum age for tobacco and e-cig sales from 19 to 21 years, referred to Assembly Health Cmte

Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

CDC's Community Preventive Services Task Force (appointed by Tom Frieden) falsely insinuates that purpose/impact of smokefree policies was/is to reduce all Tobacco Use, falsely cites studies on cigarette use/consumption/morbidity/mortality as studies on tobacco use/consumption/morbidity/mortality, falsely conflates smoking and tobacco use.

Mike Siegel: CDC is lying to public by classifying e-cigs as tobacco products

Oregon Health Dept falsely claims smokefree e-cigs are as hazardous as cigarettes, grossly misrepresents scientific evidence, moralizes against the life saving products.

Humana's Roy Beveridge touts e-cig junk science, falsely insinuates "nicotine addiction" is more harmful than "smoking", equates e-cigs with cigarettes, repeats "not proven safe" straw man argument to demonizes lifesaving products for smokers.

New York taxpayer funded Adirondack Tobacco Free Network's Kendra Gertsch falsely claims there's "no evidence" e-cigs can help smokers quit smoking, falsely insinuates that nicotine (not smoking) is what makes cigarettes harmful, falsely claims e-cigs "increase" smoker's addiction

Big Pharma funded e-cig prohibitionists at Mayo Clinic fund study misrepresenting scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs to confuse and scare

Prohibitionist Andrea King (who advocated Chicago's vaping ban) claims e-cigs encourage smoking based on psycho junk science that excluded real world evidence

At conference sponsored by Big Pharma e-cig prohibitionist American Thoracic Society, researcher cites junk science lab study to claim e-cigs may increase risk of MRSA

Junk news media and Big Pharma funded groups/consultants deny/downplay scientific evidence on e-cigs many public health benefits, fail to disclose conflicts of interest

Houston Chronicle reporter Todd Ackerman grossly misrepresents evidence on e-cigs, touts junk science by e-cig prohibitionists, quotes Big Pharma funded e-cig opponents, fails to disclose their irreconcilable conflicts of interest

KTBC Fox 7 falsely claims e-cigs are used for marijuana (as nicotine vaporizers are different than THC vaporizers)

- Bill Godshall