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Bill Godshall Update 2014-06-06

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - June 6th, 2014

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Scientific Research and Public Health

Clive Bates: Arguing about e-cigs - a Q&A (excellent analysis and graphics comparing the scientific evidence on e-cigs with the false fear mongering claims by THR opponents)

June 2013 US survey of smokers and former smokers (who quit in past five years) finds 'ever use' of e-cigs by 46.8%, 'past 30 day use' (which DHHS calls 'current use') by 16.1%, and 'established use' (defined by authors as using >50 times) by 3.8%. Former smokers (who almost certainly quit by switching to e-cigs) were 3.24 times more likely than daily cigarette smokers (8.3% vs 2.8%) to be 'established users' of e-cigs, and 26% of former smokers who 'ever used' an e-cig were 'established users' (8.3%/38.3%).
The survey also found 'cigalikes' were regular brand of 72.1% of 'past 30 day users' and 57.9% of 'established users', and 'disposable cigalikes' were typically used by 28.2% of 'past 30 day users' and 3.6% of 'established users'. 'Vaporizers' were regular brand of 34.8% of 'established users' and 19.9% of 'past 30 day users', and e-cigs were bought Online by 46.2% of 'established users' and 24.7% of 'past 30 day users'. Importantly, authors suggest future e-cig surveys include new category for 'established users' (although 'daily use' would capture all 'established users' while excluding occasional users who have used >50 times, which can occur by using just one e-cig).

Study finds smokers (who used cigalike e-cigs and FDA approved nicotine inhaler for three days each) rated cigalike e-cigs significantly more satisfying, more helpful, more acceptable, and cooler than FDA approved inhaler. 76% of participants reported they would use e-cigs to quit smoking, compared to 24% for FDA approved inhaler, while 18% of participants quit smoking for 3 days using e-cigs and 10% quit smoking for 3 days using FDA approved inhaler. But lead author Michael Steinberg (who has opposed and made false claims about e-cigs) tells news media study's findings were attributable to e-cig marketing and advertising to make appear 'cooler' (which wasn't even studied).

Michael Steinberg interview: 'There have been no demonstrable benefits to using e-cigarettes.'

Brad Rodu - E-Cigarette TV Ads: Adults' Exposure Much Higher Than Kids'

CDC reports the NHIS found smokeless tobacco use among working adult males increased from 4.9% in 2005 to 5.6% in 2010, and smokeless tobacco use by males who were current cigarette smokers increased from 6.8% in 2005 to 7.3% in 2010, as increasingly more smokers have been switching to far less hazardous smokeless tobacco.
But CDC included nonexistent female usage data in report to misrepresent/skew findings, once again refused to acknowledge that smokeless tobacco is far less hazardous than cigarettes, chose to NOT report the percentage of 'former smokers' who used smokeless tobacco (for smoking cessation), and urged smokeless tobacco abstinence.

German researcher Dennis Nowak reviews e-cig research, wisely calls for more clinical trials on e-cigs, but article citing study falsely claims that 9% of nonsmoking students in US use e-cigs (as all US surveys found e-cig use by <1% of nonsmoking teens)

Study: E-cigarettes may help smokers kick the habit (UK study cited in 5/30 THRU)

Dr. Mark Tyndall: Reducing harm with electronic cigarettes (Canada)

Tennessee Smoke Free Association's Dimitris Agrafiotas: Let's encourage the use of e-cigarettes


FDA's Economic Impact of proposed Deeming Regulation absurdly estimated that just 1,675 different e-cigarette products are on the US market (pg 26) after stating (pg 25): 'A single online retailer,, claims to sell over 1,000 unique products.' In fact, there are >10,000 (and perhaps >100,000) different e-liquid products on the US market, all of which would be banned by FDA's proposed Deeming Regulation.

FDA announces it approved 4 Substantial Equivalence Orders (for Oliver Twist Chewing Tobacco Bits) and refused to accept 10 Substantial Equivalence submissions in May

Mike Siegel - Glantz and colleagues essentially call for a ban on electronic cigarettes: Banning flavors would ban all existing e-cigarettes

FDA announces CTP Director Mitch Zeller will appear on webinar with e-cig opponent Legacy's Robin Koval to discuss FDA tobacco regulations on June 11 from 12-1:30PM

Mike Siegel: Pfizer publicly undermines and refutes Black Box Warning for Chantix


Big Tobacco starts coughing on e-cigarettes

David Banks: Vapor Eyes

Avail Vapor makes Chesterfield (VA) its home

Vaporizers replace cigarettes in Pooler, Savannah Mall (GA)

Madvapes to open Gastonia (NC) retail location

TMA's appoints Mistic's John Weisenhan to its board of directors


Rhode Island House Finance Cmte removes proposed 80% e-cig tax from budget bill (HB 7133), recommends passage of substitute bill (HB 7133A), placed on House Calendar for June 12. (e-cig tax on page 112)

CASAA's Call to Action opposing 80% e-cig tax in Rhode Island (HB 7133), RI House Finance Cmte to consider bill Thursday, June 5

WHO unethically conflates all tobacco products with cigarettes, falsely asserts (on intentionally deceptive chart) that sharply increasing OTP taxes has sharply reduced disease and death, advocates further tax increases on all tobacco products, disingenuously downplays the facts that excessive taxes are regressive for poor tobacco consumers and can create huge black markets.

PA Senate Democrats consider pushing cig tax hike, taxing very low risk OTP and e-cigs

PA House Republican Gene DiGirolamo advocates taxing e-cigs, smokeless tobacco (but not cigars) and Marcellus shale drilling, opposes privatizing liquor store system

Tobacco/E-cig Marketing Restrictions To Adults

Vermont Governor signs bill (HB 217) to require 'child resistant packaging' on all e-liquid products sold in VT, to ban smoking in lodging establishments and at state lands.

Rhode Island House Judiciary Cmte schedules bill (HB 7021) that would destroy Internet and mail order e-cig vendors in RI, ban e-cig sales to minors for consideration June 10.

US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus wants to ban tobacco sales on Navy and Marine bases

E-cig sales bans to minors

Louisiana Governor Jindal signs bill (SB 12) to ban sale of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors.

CT Governor Malloy signs bill (SB 24) to ban sale of 'electronic nicotine delivery systems' to minors

Florida bill (SB 224) to ban sale of 'nicotine dispensing devices' to minors sent to Governor Scott

New York Senate Health Cmte amends bill (S 7027) to ban sale of e-liquid to minors (as Linda Rosenthal's 2010 NY bill/law banning e-cig sales to minors exempted e-liquid).

PA bill (HB 2312) would ban sale of 'e-cigarettes' to minors, but definition doesn't include e-liquid and wouldn't include dissolvable products, referred to Judiciary Cmte

Minimum age

New Jersey Senate Health Cmte reports bill (SB 602) to increase minimum age for tobacco and electronic smoking device (i.e. e-cig) sales from 19 to 21 years

Vaping bans

Delaware House approves bill (HB 309) to ban vaping in all workplaces despite no risks to public, referred to Senate$file/legis.html?open

CASAA issues Call to Action! Delaware bill would ban e-cigarette use wherever smoking is banned

NY Senate amends bill (S 662) that would ban vaping in all workplaces to exempt vapeshops, placed on June 9 Senate Floor Calendar

NY Senate bill (S 7737) introduced, would ban vaping in all workplaces, and increase minimum age for tobacco and e-cigs sales to 21 years

Pennsylvania House Human Services Cmte re-refers bill (HB 1485) to ban vaping in all workplaces, ban smoking in 1% of currently exempted workplaces to House Health Cmte

Minneapolis (MN) Parks and Recreation Board postpones proposed ordinance to ban outdoor e-cig use and smoking at all parks after many vapers and others criticize proposal

ACLU asks Northampton (MA) to reconsider some parts of the new tobacco regulations, including the ban on e-cigarettes

Mike Siegel: Northampton (MA) Board of Health positions itself for hypocrite of the year award

Mike Siegel: NJ GASP pushing legislation to ban e-cig use on every state beach, but allow casino workers to inhale huge amounts of 2nd hand smoke to make a living

Oberlin (OH) City Council bans vaping in all workplaces!UVuFW

Gardena (CA) City Council bans vaping in workplaces and outdoor parks based upon false fear mongering claims by prohibitionists

Manhattan Beach (CA) considers banning vaping in all workplaces and outdoors on streets, sidewalks and dining areas, expands outdoor smoking ban, to vote on bill June 17

Danville (KY) City Commission bans vaping in workplaces even though public health risks unproven

American Canyon (CA) considers bill to ban outdoor vaping, smokeless tobacco use and smoking at parks, activist falsely claims e-cigs are gateway to cigarettes for youth

Southern Oregon University bans vaping indoors and within 25 feet of building entrances despite no risks to nonusers.

Smoking bans

New Minnesota medical marijuana law allows THC for vaping, but no for smoking,-smoke-no-minnesota-senate-passes-weird-mmj-bill

Illinois House approves, Senate concurs on bill (SB 852) to impose $250, $500 and $2,500 fines for 1st, 2nd and subsequent offenses for NOT posting a 'No Smoking' sign at every entrance to every public place and workplace (even though everybody knows smoking has been banned in these buildings for many years)

Illinois Senate concurs on bill (SB 2202) to ban outdoor smoking at all state supported institutions of higher education

Gautier (MS) City Council bans smoking (but not vaping) in workplaces


Judge Kessler rules (in DOJ RICO case) that large cigarette companies must run corrective statements on TV and newspaper ads

Plain Packaging

New data find cigarette consumption increased in Australia since plain packaging law

Junk Science / Propaganda

Despite no evidence that any nonsmoker has become a daily e-cig user, and despite no evidence e-cig use has ever preceded daily smoking, RTI's Jennifer Duke misrepresents Nielsen TV advertising data in article published by e-cig prohibitionist AAP, tells news media e-cigs are marketed to youth, are 'potential gateway' to cigarettes, and advocates FDA deeming regulation.

Big Pharma funded ACS (which has lied about e-cigs since urging FDA to ban them in 2009) now claims (without any evidence) teen e-cig use is higher than surveys found.

E-cig prohibitionist Stan Glantz claims FDA's proposed e-cig regulation protects industry

E-cig opponents repeat false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs, fail to ethically disclose their Big Pharma financial conflicts of interest

Taxpayer funded Tobacco Free Columbia-Dane County (WI) Coalition's Amanda Meylor falsely claims OTP and e-cigs are target marketed to youth and are more appealing to youth than cigarettes, deceitfully implies that consuming noncombustible nicotine is more harmful than smoking cigarettes.

More news articles repeat false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs


EU twisting facts to fit political agenda, chief scientist says (great article but fails to mention EU campaigns to ban snus and e-cigs based on lies and fear mongering)

The Guardian's Ann Robinson acknowledges many public health benefits of e-cigs, but dehumanizes smokers by claiming preventing youth smoking (most of which occurs among children and siblings of smokers) is far more important for public health than helping tens of millions of smokers quit smoking (UK).

- Bill Godshall