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Bill Godshall Update 2014-06-13

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - June 13th, 2014

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Swedish Match submits 100,000+ page Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) application to FDA to truthfully market General Snus to smokers as less hazardous alternative to cigarettes

Brad Rodu: Swedish Match files to change smokeless tobacco warnings

ACSH - Swedish Match's snus: the first FDA application as 'modified risk'. Good luck!

US Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy submits comment to FDA criticizing proposed deeming regulation (that would ban >99% of e-cigs).
"Advocacy is concerned that the Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis (IRFA) contained in the proposed rule lacks essential information required under the Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA)[3]. Specifically, the IRFA does not discuss the quantitative or qualitative costs of the proposed rule on many potentially affected small entities. Moreover, given the extent of the anticipated costs of this proposal, the IRFA does not adequately consider or explain significant alternatives which accomplish the stated FDA objectives while minimizing the significant economic impact of the proposal on small entities. For this reason, Advocacy recommends that the FDA republish for public comment a Supplemental IRFA before proceeding with this rulemaking".

US Small Business Administration's Overview of the Regulatory Flexibility Act

News articles cite/spin comments by FDA's Mitch Zeller at Legacy webinar on tobacco regulations and e-cigarettes, but fail to acknowledge that FDA's proposed deeming regulation would ban >99% of all e-cigs and give the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco

Oregon Senator (and longstanding THR opponent) Jeff Merkley repeats false fear mongering claims about e-cigs to lobby for FDA's proposed deeming regulation

Evidence Based Public Health

Clive Bates: Arguing about e-cigarettes - a Q&A (newly updated and improved)

As e-cigs reduce and denormalize smoking, CDC 2013 Youth Risk Behavioral Survey (YRBS) finds record low smoking rates for high school students: just 15.7% of high school students smoked a cigarette in past-30-days, just 5.6% smoked cigarettes on at least 20 of the past-30-days, and just 4.0% smoked cigarettes daily in past-30-days.

CDC's YRBS, CDC's National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS), NIDA's Monitoring the Future (MTF) and SAMHSA's National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) all refute CDC Director Tom Frieden's false claims that e-cigs are gateways to smoking.

CDC Director Tom Frieden exploits YRBS news (finding record low teen smoking rates, and many other very hazardous behaviors by teens) by attacking e-cigs and e-cig advs to lobby for FDA deeming regulation: 'CDC Director Tom Frieden said the agency is particularly worried about e-cigarette ads on TV and elsewhere that could re-glamorize smoking. "No kids should be exposed to advertising that glorifies the use of nicotine", Dr. Frieden told reporters in a telephone briefing Thursday.

High risk behaviors by high school students found by CDC's YRBS that CDC Director Tom Frieden doesn't believe are as worthy of concern or repeated criticism as e-cigs.
9.1% attempted suicide during past year
17% contemplated attempting suicide during past year
7.3% were ever forced to have sexual intercourse (including 10.5% of females)
10% drank alcohol and drove a car during past 30 days
22% rode in a car with a driver who had been drinking during past 30 days
20.8% drank at least five alcohol drinks in a row during past 30 days
41% texted while driving in past 30 days
7.6% never or rarely used a seat belt in past year
6.9% were threatened or attacked with a knife, gun or club at school in past year
18% carried a knife, gun or club in past 30 days
5.2% carried a knife, gun or club on school property in past 30 days
3.1% were injured in a fight (and treated by a doctor or nurse) in past year
17.8% ever used prescription drugs without a doctor's prescription
3.2% ever used methamphetamines
2.2% ever used heroin
1.7% ever injected illegal drugs
Condom use during last sexual intercourse (among sexually active teens) declined from 63% in 2011 to 59% in 2013

Legacy extremists misrepresent CDC YRBS data to lobby for FDA deeming regulation

French survey finds rapid growth of e-cigs corrolated with 44% decline in cigarette smoking among 12-15 year olds since 2011 (from 20% to 11.2%) and 22% decline among high school students (from 42.9% to 33.5%)

ASH UK issues briefing detailing some of the many public health benefits of e-cigs, but hypocritically urges smokers to quit all nicotine use (after endorsing longterm NRT use)

'No evidence e-cigarettes lure young people to smoking' claims expert (UK)

Konstantinos Farsalinos - Abuse of evidence and argument: a response to Stan Glantz' criticisms of an expert letter to WHO on tobacco harm reduction

Mike Siegel: Glantz and colleagues support government suppression of the truth about electronic cigarettes

Health experts back e-cigarettes to quit smoking (UK)

Mike Siegel - In my view: Why electronic cigarette flavors probably prevent youth from taking up smoking

Are e-cigs better than nothing? No, just better than smoking

Carl Phillips: Modest good news on smokeless tobacco use

Konstantinos Farsalinos: A new study indicates that anti-smoker and anti-vaper activists are doing a good job (unfortunately)

"We just don't know": It's contagious

Excuse me? I'm doing what?

No, minister. (Analysis of absurd e-cig claims by Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakeford)

Tina Dupuy: E-cigarettes should be healthier option, not a loophole (LA)

Correction: the 2013 US e-cig survey cited in the 6/6/14 THRU found that 22% of former smokers who quit during past five years and 'ever used' an e-cig were 'established users' of e-cigs (8.3%/38.3%). The 6/6/14 THRU inaccurately stated it was 26%.


Japan Tobacco International buys E-Lites e-cigarette brand (based in UK)

Bonnie Herzog's new convenience store survey finds 95% of US convenience stores plan to or now sell Premium Vaporizers, estimates Premium Vaporizers will account for 45% of e-cig market in six months

Rising with the vapors: Companies take stock in revenue as e-inhalers gain in popularity

E-cigarettes don't look anything like you think they do (Premium Vaporizers vs Cigalikes)

New TV ad from blu eCigs marks the launch of a multi-million pound advertising campaign (UK)

For Mainers seeking tobacco alternative, the 'wave of the future' rolls in on nicotine juice vapors (ME)

Vapourisers are helping smokers quit for good (UK)

Bend's first 'vape store' opens, draws fire (from Big Pharma product hawker) (OR)

E-cigarette set to billow into multi-billion dollar business (GA)

E-cigarettes open to workplace decision makers (LA)


Boston Globe editorial misrepresents health risks of e-cigs, asks candidates for MA Governor what policies they would push for e-cigs


US Supreme Court sides against Big Tobacco in Florida litigation
'Plaintiffs are winning about two-thirds of the Florida cases, said Ed Sweda'


Americans for Tax Reform's Paul Blair: My weekend at the World Vapor Expo and Electronic Cigarette Show

David Brunori: Taxing e-cigs seems crazy

E-cig sales bans to adults

Cambodia's ban turns e-cigarettes into back alley trade (as lethal cigarettes remain legal)

New York Senate amends bill (S 6939) to ban sale of e-liquid products (but not prefilled cigalikes or cartridges that are less effective for smoking cessation), same as A 9309

New York Senate amends bill (A 9309) to ban sale of e-liquid products (but not prefilled cigalikes or cartridges that are less effective for smoking cessation), same as S 6939

Salt Lake County (UT) Health Board wants to deny adult vapers and smokers access to vast majority of e-cigs by imposing unwarranted punitive packaging and sales regulations

E-cig advertising restrictions

UK Advertising Standards Authority bans ad for Vype e-cig claiming the ad's slogans 'pure satisfaction for smokers' and 'experience the breakthrough' were 'likely to be understood as a smoking cessation aid'.

E-cig sales bans to minors

Delaware Governor Markel signs bill (HB 241) banning sale of e-cigs and other 'tobacco substitutes' to minors

Michigan House substitutes/approves, Senate concurs on bills (SB 667 & SB 668) to ban 'vapor product' and 'alternative nicotine product' sales to minors

Rhode Island House Judiciary Cmte removes unwarranted Internet and mail order restrictions on e-cigs, recommends bill (HB 7021) that would ban sale of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors, placed on 6/16 House calendar

Vaping bans

Senate Democrats Boxer, Durbin, Blumenthal, Harkin, Brown, Markey, Reed urge US DOT to ban 'smoking' of e-cigs on planes (after DOT proposed unlawful regulation to do so in September, 2011)

Delaware bill (HB 309) to ban vaping in workplaces referred to Senate Executive Cmte$file/legis.html?open

CASAA updates Call to Action opposing Delaware bill (HB 309) to ban vaping in workplaces that's been referred to the Senate Executive Cmte

Orange Beach (AL) backing off e-cigarette restrictions, for now

Daly City (CA) City Council bans vaping, prohibitionist Councilman Sal Torres claims he can 'easily smell' e-cig vapor fumes from his car on street adjacent to a vape shop.

Stated purpose of vaping ban in Harlingen (TX) falsely claims 'to improve and protect the public's health by eliminating smoking in public places and places of employment'.

Arlington Heights (IL) considers banning vaping

Calabasas (CA) bans vaping on sidewalks and other outdoor areas where smoking is banned based upon false fearmongering claims

Las Cruces (NM) editorial: Campus-wide tobacco (and e-cig) ban goes too far

Sonoma County (CA) Board of Supervisors considers banning vaping due to false claims; "They have toxic chemicals in them, like cigarettes", Supervisor Shirlee Zane said.

El Paso (TX) considers banning vaping, to vote on June 17

Forest Grove (OR) City Council to vote on banning outdoor tobacco use (and vaping) on city property

Smoking bans

LA Governor Jindal signs bill (HB 168) to ban smoking outdoors within 25 feet of entrances to State office buildings

Massachusetts bans smoking on beaches

Massachusetts Joint Cmte on Public Health reports bill (HB 1897) to ban smoking in multi-unit housing


MA Joint Cmte on Public Health reports bill (HB 3397) to direct Health Dept to conduct comprehensive study on use of harm reduction as a strategy to reduce cigarette smoking

Junk Science and Propaganda

Smoke your way to better health? (Article falsely refers to vaping as smoking, repeats fear-mongering claims by prohibitionists, but also includes accurate statements by vapers.)

Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakeford repeats dozens of false and misleading fear-mongering claims about e-cigs

Maryland surgeon Stephen Cattaneo makes many false fear-mongering claims about e-cigs to discourage smokers from quitting, increase number of lung cancer patients

Propaganda disguised as journalism promotes vaping bans

Plain Packaging

Plain packs go up in smoke (Australia)

- Bill Godshall

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