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Bill Godshall Update 2014-07-02

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - July 2nd, 2014

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Science and Public Health

53 international experts on nicotine science and public health policy send 2nd letter to WHO critiquing Stan Glantz's false and misleading claims about scientific evidence on e-cigs, reiterate their previously expressed support for tobacco harm reduction and e-cigs

Mike Siegel: Glantz/Chapman twisting the facts to support predetermined conclusions

Tobacco Merchants Association's 99th annual meeting and conference on May 19-22 (to watch presentations, scroll down speaker agenda, click on camera or power point icons)

Gil Ross: Tony Gwynn and the case for e-cigarettes

Brad Rodu: Snus nicotine lowers risk for multiple sclerosis, may be therapeutic for other nerve disorders

Mike Siegel: New survey of adult vapers finds that 75% use non-tobacco flavors; flavoring ban would likely cause massive migration back to tobacco cigarettes

Vaping advocates praise smoking alternative in lounges, stores (PA)

Mike Siegel: New study shows that e-cigarettes, unlike real ones, do not adversely affect acute heart function


Blu begins selling Pro Kit tanks and flavored e-liquids in UK
[thanks to Nik Modi for tip]

Philip Morris International buys British e-cig company Nicocigs

RJ Reynolds begins selling Vuse e-cigs nationwide in US

E-cigarettes could stub out tobacco bonds sooner than thought

Why customers choose e-cigarettes (new consumer survey data included)

Washintonian article says about 2,000 vapers attended Vapefest in Herndon (VA), cites threat to future of vaping and vapers by Obama's FDA

First e-cigarette convention held in Springfield (MA )

Philip Morris International to begin marketing HeatSticks in Japan and Italy


FDA extends public comment period on deeming regulation until August 8

Carl Phillips: Scientific claims in the FDA deeming regulation (part 4 of ??)

James Bovard - Cigar smokers, watch out: Does FDA really believe that only those who can afford 'premiums' should be exempt?

Reuters (and ANTZ) claim White House OMB weakened FDA's draft deeming regulation. But OMB actually improved FDA's still disasterous proposal (that would protect cigarettes by banning >99% of e-cigs, and give the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco)

Congressional Democrats

US Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) falsely accuses e-cig companies of marketing to youth, introduces bill (HR 5010) with 3 Democrat co-sponsors to impose many unwarranted and counterproductive e-cig regulations that would further protect cigarettes and threaten the lives of vapers and smokers

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) repeats false claims that e-liquid is poisoning children, falsely equates all e-cig related phone calls to Poison Control centers with actual poisonings (while ignoring >99.9% of calls, and tens of thousands of actual poisonings), falsely accuses e-liquid companies of target marketing to youth, urges FDA to require child proof caps on e-liquid and impose more warning labels (that children don't read).

Senator Retiring US Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) again equates lifesaving e-cigs with lethal cigarettes, repeats false claims about e-cig marketing

Mike Siegel: How do Senator Jay Rockefeller and his Commerce Committee colleagues (Barbara Boxer and Richard Blumenthal) sleep at night?


R Street issues E-cigarette primer for state and local lawmakers

E-cig sales bans

New York legislative session ends; bills to ban e-liquid sales now dead (until 2015)

Hayward (CA) City Council protects cigarettes by banning new e-cig stores under guise of 'protecting children'

Buffalo (NY) Common Council protects cigarettes by banning new e-cig stores, to vote on resolution on July 8 to ban vaping where smoking is banned.


New Jersey legislature approves, Governor Christie signs budget without e-cig tax

Smokefree Pennsylvania urges PA legislators to increase cigarette taxes, reject taxes on OTP and e-cigs, and to ban e-cig sales to minors

CASAA issues Call to Action for PA opposing taxes on smokeless tobacco or e-cigs

PA Senate approves, PA House approves budget bill with no new taxes, Gov. Corbett says he may not sign budget over pension issue, $2/pack Philly cig tax possible

PA Senate amends/approves bill (HB 1177) to allow Philadelphia to impose a $2/pack cig tax (pg 23-27), referred to House Rules Cmte

PA House GOP deals setback to Philly cigarette tax bill

PA House kills pension bill (HB 1353), PA Senate goes home, General Assembly's budget stalemate with Gov. Corbett continues

DC Council introduces/approves budget bill (B-849) to tax less hazardous OTP (not including e-cigs) at same percentage of price rate as $2.86/pack cigarette tax, sent to Mayor (OTP tax on pages 120-121)

Smoking bans

Vermont 7th state to ban smoking in cars with children

Smoking and Vaping Bans

NJ Senate amends/approves, NJ Assembly approves bill (A 1080) to ban outdoor smoking and vaping at forests, parks and beaches

Illinois Senate approves bill (SB 2202) to ban outdoor smoking and vaping on campuses of state supported colleges and universities, sent to governor

Delaware House approves bill (SB 174) bans use of tobacco and nicotine in correctional facilities by recognizing them as contraband$file/legis.html?open

Vaping Bans

California Assembly amends bill (SB 648) to remove workplace vaping ban, replace it with ban on e-cig sales in vending machines (even though none exist)

CASAA updates Call to Action on California bill (SB 648)

Stefan Didak - SB 648 Summary: How our opponents showed their true face and got called out on it

FDA funded e-cig prohibitionist Stan Glantz bemoans CA Assembly gutting of bill (SB 648) that would have banned vaping in all workplaces, falsely blames tobacco industry

Sacramento Bee editorial falsely claims Big Tobacco killed anti e-cig bills (as vapers mobilized opposition to those cigarette protection bills).

New York legislative session ends; bills to ban vaping now dead (until 2015)

Santa Monica (CA) City Council ban vaping in workplaces

Berkeley (CA) City Council to consider bill to ban vaping (by falsely calling it smoking) on July 8 despite evidence e-cigs help smokers quit and pose no harm to public

Hillsboro (OR) City Council to vote July 1 on banning vaping outdoors at city parks

Red Deer (Canada) decision to equate vaping with smoking has local smoke shops fuming

E-cig sales bans to minors

Rhode Island Governor Chafee signs bill (don't know if it was HB 7021 or SB 3095) banning sale of 'electronic nicotine delivery systems' to minors, 40th state to do so.

Michigan Governor considers vetoing bill to ban e-cig sales to minors due to false fear mongering claims and aggressive lobbying by Big Pharma funded CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, MI's Health Dept director and other opponents of THR and e-cigs

Battle Creek Enquirer editorial urges MI Governor to veto legislation that would ban e-cig sales to minors, repeats false fear mongering claims by THR and e-cig opponents

CASAA issues Call to Action urging MI Governor Snyder to sign bill (SB 668) to ban the sale of 'vapor products' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors. SB 668 was approved by the Senate 30-0 and by the House 96-14

After falsely accusing e-cig companies of target marketing to youth since 2009 (and making many other false claims about e-cigs), Big Pharma funded ACS, AHA, ALA hypocritically urge Missouri Gov. Nizon to veto bill that would ban e-cig sales to minors

Redheadfullofsteam: Think of the children. Unless its more convenient not to. (regarding MO bill to ban e-cig sales to youth, and opposition to the bill by so-called health groups)

San Antonio (TX) councilman proposes banning e-cig sales to minors (note that Texas is one of ten states that hasn't banned e-cig sales to minors)

Minimum Age

New Jersey Senate approves bill (S 602) to raise minimum age for tobacco (and e-cig) sales/purchases from 19 to 21

Massachusetts Joint Cmte on Judiciary reports bill (SB 658) to raise minimum age for tobacco sales/purchases from 18 to 19

Misleading and Punishing Youth

NY Senate/Assembly approve, Governor Cuomo signs, bill (S 7910) to require school health education courses to indoctrinate students with more abstinence-only propaganda on the 'misuse and abuse' (i.e. any use) of tobacco, alcohol and drugs

Massachusetts Joint Cmte on Judiciary approves bill (H 1601) to require minors caught possessing tobacco to attend useless abstinence-only anti-tobacco propaganda programs

Junk Science, Propaganda and False Claims

CDC releases cherry picked NATS survey data on use of different tobacco products (and e-cigs) to further lobby for proposed FDA deeming regulation, compares lethal cigarettes with far less hazardous OTP and e-cigs, combines daily use with rare and occasional use data, and creates confusing and incomparable 'established thresholds' denominators

ACSH: Latest tobacco stats show minimal decline adult smoking, uptick in e-cigs continues

NIDA Director Nora Volklow misrepresents scientific evidence and scares public about third hand nicotine from e-cigarettes: "Chronic e-cigarette use would be expected to produce even higher levels of third hand nicotine exposure, and it's unclear how such exposure could impact the health of close family members, friends, and coworkers who are regularly exposed to these environments."

AP reporter Michael Felberbaum acknowledges e-cigs cost less than cigarettes, but continues to deny the scientific consensus (among honest scientists and health experts) that vaping e-cigs is less hazardous than smoking cigarettes

Despite negligible impact of Snus use on life expectancy in Sweden (and the many health benefits Snus has provided to smokers who switched)
...and despite no association between snus use and heart disease or heart attacks, FDA and Big Pharma funded American Heart Association publishes and touts cherry picked data (that didn't control for past smoking, and included deaths unrelated to heart disease) on Swedish snus users who had heart attacks, fails to disclose financial conflicts of interest

AHA spokesperson further misrepresents AHA propaganda on snus to demonize e-cigs and nicotine (but not nicotine products sold by AHA funders at Big Pharma)

Big Pharma funded CTFK alleges (despite no evidence) that tobacco companies have made cigarettes more addictive, more deadly and more appealing to youth, urges FDA to impose even more counterproductive regulations that will do nothing to promote health

Jon Fell: Blu e-cig and their 'Sex with robot' advert

Mike Siegel: Glantz and Chapman falsely accuse Lorillard of using robot sex ad to promote e-cigarette use

Bloomberg/Business Week reporter John Tozzi further hypes false fear mongering claims that e-cigs are marketed to youth and can increase youth smoking


Evidence-based Union? A new alliance for science advice in Europe

UK Dept of Health proposes consultation on mandatory brown packaging for cigarettes despite no evidence that it would reduce cigarette consumption

Intellectual Property Rights Associations criticize and oppose Irish plain packaging plan

Lancet article 'Electronic cigarettes and history' ignores evidence on e-cigs, Big Pharma funding and lobbying, and decades of denialism and false fear mongering claims by snus and e-cig prohibitionists, and by other THR opponents

British Medical Association keeps protecting cigarettes by repeating false claims about e-cigs, lobbies for vaping ban

- Bill Godshall

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