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Bill Godshall Update 2014-07-16

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - July 16th, 2014

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Reynolds American agrees to buy Lorillard for $27.4 Billion, to sell Kool, Salem, Winston, Maverick and blu eCigs brands to Imperial Tobacco for $7.1 Billion; British American Tobacco to buy new shares in Reynolds; Imperial to become largest e-cig manufacturer and third largest cigarette manufacturer in US.

A Tobacco CEO Who 'Vapes' Could Alter the Industry (especially if Obama lets FDA ban >99% of competitor vapor products to give the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco)

CIG USA Industry Conference to be held September 24/25 in Las Vegas, more than 30 e-cig experts to present (including Godshall)

Johnson and Johnson runs 'Don't Vape. Quit for Good.' advertorials in UK that demonize e-cigs, misrepresent scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs and NRT, urge smokers to use J&J's less effective (for quitting smoking) and more expensive Nicorette

Tobacco firms registered 650 trade marks in UK last year as they invest in e-cigs

Smoke 'em if you've got 'em, or if you've got money to burn (about Healthier Smoker e-liquid company in Ireland)

E-cigarette shops pop up throughout McHenry County ((IL)

MD Vapor offers electronic cigarettes, related products (MD)

Evidence Based Public Health

Clive Bates: Turning the tables on public health '“ let's talk about the risks they create
'ENOUGH! The public health establishment is conspicuously failing to recognise the risks associated with its preferred policy responses to e-cigarettes: with not having e-cigarettes, with banning snus, with prohibiting vaping in public places, with confusing people about risks, with controlling everything.'

ECITA press release: E-cigarette liquid is not highly toxic - it's less dangerous than washing up liquid

ECITA: How toxic is e-liquid? Analysis finds EU officials have been misclassifying e-liquid due to mathematical errors

Analysis of rodent toxicology studies finds nicotine poses negligible oral or dermal toxic risk for humans, finds e-liquid containing <.025% nicotine not classified by EU CLP, e-liquid with .025%-.05% nicotine classified as Category 4 (the lowest category) for dermal toxicity, e-liquid with .025%-.166% nicotine classified as Category 4 for oral toxicity.

Cancer Prevention: The case for or against e-cigarettes: What the scientific research says

Clive Bates: Regulation for tobacco harm reduction - four pillars

ECITA response to Welsh Public Health White Paper

Joel Nitzkin - E-cigarettes: A life saving technology or a way for tobacco companies to re-normalize smoking in America?

Brad Rodu - Swedish Study: After a Heart Attack, Quitting Tobacco Better Than No Tobacco

Carl Phillips: New study shows that if you have an MI, you should hope you use tobacco

Brad Rodu: Dishonoring Tony Gwynn

Sally Satel - Soldiers: Let Them Have (Alternative) Tobacco Products

Study identifies 365 documents and 2,227 citations on e-cigarettes published in 162 peer reviewed journals; US FDA, Universita degli Studi di Catania in Italy, and UCSF produced the most documents.

Dave Sweanor: Public health and electronic cigarettes (criticizes Health Canada's e-cig ban policy as 5 million Canadians continue to smoke lethal and legal cigarettes)

ECITA: If it ain't broke - be cautious not to fix it until it breaks (EU)

Surveys by ASH Wales and ASH Scotland find teen nonsmokers far less likely than smokers to report e-cig use, no evidence e-cigs addict nonsmokers, are gateways to cigarettes or renormalize smoking (consistent with findings of all other e-cig surveys).

ASH Wales survey (March 2014) finds:
- 14% of teens (13-18 years) currently smoke cigarettes
- 4.6% of teens uses an e-cig more than once per week
- 33.7% of teen smokers currently use e-cigs
- 5.6% of teen exsmokers currently use e-cigs
- 0.3% of teens who never smoked currently use e-cigs
- 1.5% of teens currently use e-cigs and have quit smoking cigarettes
- 2% of teens currently use e-cigs and have reduced their cigarette consumption
- 56.1% of teen smokers ever used an e-cig
- 3.8% of teens who never smoked ever used an e-cig

ASH Scotland survey (July 2014) finds:
- 22% of teens (13-18 years) smoked one or more cigarettes per week
- 15% of teen smokers used an e-cig one or more times per week
- 2% of teen nonsmokers used an e-cig one or more times per week
- 39% of teens reported ever use of an e-cig
- among teen smokers who used e-cigs, 29% did so to quit smoking, 23% to reduce cigarette consumption
- 53% of teens agreed that e-cigs are less harmful than cigarettes, while 12% disagreed
- 12% of teens thought cigarette smoking was cool, and 12% thought e-cig use was cool

Drug Policy Alliance's Tony Newman: We should cheer e-cigs and vaping, not equate it with smoking

James Dunworth: How to win the vape debate (UK)

53 year smoker Jeannie Cox quits smoking (without trying) by switching to vaping, criticizes FDA's proposed deeming regulation that would ban nearly all e-cig products.

A Pbusardo interviews Vaping Militia's Joe Barnett


Carl Phillips: Economic illiteracy about tobacco, from the antipode

Christopher Snowdon: Every e-cigarette user should be a free market libertarian


FDA approves 44 deadly cigarette brands, still plans to ban >99% of far less hazardous smokefree e-cig vapor products and give e-cig industry to Big Tobacco companies

FDA spends $270 million on studies to promote its extreme regulatory agenda (including its proposed deeming regulation that would ban >99% of e-cigs) instead of measuring the health impact e-cigs and smokeless tobacco have had on millions of smokers who switched. Most FDA/NIH funds given to THR opponents and FDA cheerleaders.

Dark Clouds on E-Cigs' Horizon (explains that FDA's proposed deeming regulation would ban nearly all e-cig products)

Carl Phillips: Predicting the black market in e-cigarettes (to be created by FDA's proposed deeming regulation)

Larry Waters - Swedish Match, FDA, General Snus, and Modified Risk Tobacco Products: What does it mean?


CDC OSH Director Tim McAfee (who lied about e-cigs addicting youth) to resign, CDC launches search for replacement

US Congress

US Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) repeats false claims about e-cigs, introduces bill (S 2581) called Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2014 (despite no evidence nicotine has ever poisoned any child) to require CPSC to promulgate rule requiring child safety packaging for liquid nicotine, cosponsored by 10 Democrats, referred to Senate Commerce Cmte


Taxes on e-cigarettes benefit Big Tobacco, Big Government

Excessive cigarette tax rates in NY create huge black market, $1.7 million in cash and contraband seized

PA House amends/approves, PA Senate amends/approves bill (HB 1177) to let Philly impose a $2/pack cigarette tax (pg 52-56), sent back to House, whose next voting session is on August 4. Philly officials urge legislature to resolve differences, pass bill ASAP.

Philly officials and news media blame cigarette lobbyists for failure of PA House and Senate to agree on Philly cigarette tax bill during past week.

Carl Phillips: Why we should expect increasing tobacco taxes will increase corporate profits

Vaping bans

Berkeley (CA) City Council mandates free pot for low income residents, then advances a bill to ban vaping in all workplaces and public places that is opposed by Cal NORML

Hillsboro (OR) bans vaping at city parks based upon lies by intolerant extremists

Providence (RI) City Council bill would ban outdoor vaping (and tobacco use) at parks

Manhattan Beach (CA) bans vaping in workplaces and public places, at parks and beach

Business owners speak out against proposed Abilene (TX) e-cigarette ban

E-cig sales bans to minors

Rhode Island Governor Chafee signs bill (HB 7021 and SB 3095) banning sale of 'electronic nicotine delivery systems' to minors, 40th state to do so.

After opposing 2012 ballot initiative to increase nation's lowest $.17/pack cigarette tax,!/content/27611/cigarette_tax_hike
MO Governor Nixon vetoes bill (SB 841) to ban e-cig sales to minors, repeats lies by Big Pharma funded CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA that bill 'exempts' e-cigs from taxation and regulation, falsely claims bill would 'contravene' proposed FDA deeming regulation.

MO Governor Jay Nixon's veto message for SB 841 claims Big Pharma's tobacco derived NRT products also should be defined, taxed and regulated as tobacco products.
'First, Missouri law should not limit the regulation of products derived from tobacco that contain a highly addictive chemical and carcinogenic, noxious chemicals.'

Ken Braun: Politicians are lying about e-cigarette dangers (MI)

Minimum Age

NJ bill (SB 602) to increase minimum age for tobacco (and e-cig) sales from 19 to 21 referred to NJ Assembly Health Cmte

Employment discrimination

Mike Siegel: Maryland hospital will not hire ex-smokers, if they are still using e-cigs

Junk science, propaganda and prohibition

Lung doctor trade associations (whose incomes rely upon millions of sick smokers) misrepresent scientific evidence on e-cigs, repeat false fear mongering claims that e-cigs can harm public health 'by increasing initiation and reducing cessation of combustible nicotine delivery products,' say e-cigs 'should be restricted or banned'.

Mike Siegel - Disgrace of the year: Leading lung health groups call for ban on fake cigarettes, but want real ones to remain on the market:

Reuters touts deceptive anti-snus claims by researcher who failed to reveal his study's key finding: snus users had lower death rates than non tobacco users following an MI

Becky Freeman obfuscates about e-cigs and THR by demonizing tobacco companies

Sheila Duffy misrepresents ASH Scotland's teen e-cig survey findings by claiming e-cigs are marketed to youth, are addicting youth, could be gateways to cigarettes and could renormalize cigarette smoking.

Fox 2 praises clueless person who repeats false fear mongering claims about e-cigs (TX)

Mike Siegel - More defamatory accusations from Glantz: This time, vapor associations are attacked

Mike Siegel - In ironic twist, Glantz is acting as tobacco front group while defamed front groups are trying to make cigarettes obsolete


European Commission sues Denmark for not outlawing Snus sales

- Bill Godshall

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