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Bill Godshall Update 2014-08-19

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - August 19th, 2014

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E-Cig Regulations Protect Cigarettes

Berenberg report for stock investors says e-cig regulations protect cigarette markets: "In summary, our medium-term view is that regulators have reinforced the position of cigarettes for many consumers at the same time that the tobacco majors have developed, or are developing, RRPs that are better substitutes, improving areas such as speed of nicotine delivery alongside taste and other sensorial elements. Although alternatives to combustibles remain a threat to cigarette profits, the pace of change appears manageable. We believe some of the majors' products are likely to be successful, both with the consumer and - almost as importantly - with the regulators." (page 7)

Public health officials bolstering tobacco market with crackdown on e-cigarettes

FDA Deeming Regulation Comments - Opponents

CASAA comments urge FDA to protect the lives of vapers and smokers by rejecting its proposed Deeming Regulation, reassessing the scientific evidence on e-cigs, and considering proposal's economic and black market impact (which FDA failed to do).

AEMSA submits comments to FDA urging agency to reject proposed Deeming Regulation for e-liquid and premium vaporizer components, and to make many other changes in proposal that would allow some e-liquid products and premium vaporizer components to remain on market.

American Vaping Association urges FDA to reject proposed Deeming Regulation for e-cigs because they threaten public health and are unwarranted.

Bill Godshall and Smokefree Pennsylvania urge FDA to reject proposed Deeming Regulation to protect public health and further reduce cigarette consumption, and to correct agency's many fear mongering claims about e-cigs since 2009.

Clive Bates comments to FDA on Deeming Regulation delineates many false claims about e-cigs by FDA funded prohibitionist, junk scientist and propagandist Stan Glantz

American Enterprise Institute's Sally Satel and Alan Viard urge FDA to reject proposed Deeming Regulation because it would discourage smokers from switching to e-cigs and endangering public health.

Linc Williams and NicVape urge FDA to significantly amend deeming regulation to allow many/most e-liquid products to remain on market

Totally Wicked e-cig manufacturer urges FDA to establish alternative premarket tobacco application procedure for e-cigs

Vapor Hut urges FDA to reject proposed Deeming Regulation

SFATA's Cynthia Cabrera: Don't let Big Tobacco choke the E-cigarette industry

Michael Hufford and Gilbert Ross: Let the free market kill the combustible cigarette

Michael Marlow: FDA fails to account for e-cigarettes' health benefits

Heartland Institute urges FDA to reject proposed Deeming Regulation, change 2/15/07 grandfather date for SE reports to date Final Rule is issued for newly deemed products.

FDA Deeming Regulation Comments - Mixed

NATO expresses concerns to FDA that many manufacturers of newly deemed tobacco products will go out of business because they cannot afford submitting new tobacco product applications, urges FDA to extend 2/15/07 grandfather date for SE reports to same day Final Rule is issued

Florida AG urges FDA to exempt premium cigars from Deeming Regulation, but not less hazardous e-cigs

FDA Deeming Regulation Comments - Proponents

Altria endorses FDA's proposed Deeming Regulation to protect cigarette markets, ban >99.9% of e-cigs marketed by Altria competitors, give e-cig industry to Altria and other Big Tobacco companies. Altria urges FDA to impose Deeming Regulation on premium cigars to destroy small competitors and increase Altria's Middleton cigar sales.

Lorillard endorses FDA's proposed Deeming Regulation to ban vast majority of e-cig products marketed by smaller competitors, but urges agency to allow SE Reports (instead of requiring New Tobacco Product applications) for all e-cigs on market prior to issuance of Final Rule.

NACS (whose members sell cigalikes marketed by Big Tobacco companies) endorses FDA Deeming Regulation to ban >99% of superior e-cig products and eliminate >99% of smaller e-cig competitors, urges FDA to sharply reduce Internet e-cig vendors and sales

Twenty three self-proclaimed health and medical groups commit public health malpractice by signing letter to FDA (written by Big Pharma funded e-cig prohibitionist CTFK) urging agency to make Deeming Regulation even more protective of cigarette markets and threaten the lives of even more vapers and smokers, fail to ethically disclose the hundreds of millions of dollars they've received from Big Pharma. Letter grossly misrepresents scientific and empirical evidence, repeats false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs, cigars and OTP, urges FDA to ban flavored e-cigs and OTP (but not deadly menthol cigarettes).

Twenty nine deceived State Attorneys General (who invited regulatory advice from Big Pharma funded e-cig prohibitionist Matt Myers) urge FDA to further protect cigarettes (beyond Deeming Regulation's proposed ban on >99.9% of e-cigs) and threaten lives of vapers and smokers (under the guise of protecting children and public health) by also banning flavored e-cigs and OTP (but not deadly menthol cigarettes that States rely upon for tax and MSA revenue), banning Internet sales of e-cigs, extending all cigarette advertising and marketing bans to e-cigs, requiring fear-mongering (i.e. unconstitutional) warnings on all e-cigs (including on e-cig components and no nicotine e-cigs), including premium cigars in deeming regulation, and regulating pipe tobacco the same as RYO.

State AG comments to FDA grossly misrepresent scientific and empirical evidence, repeat false and misleading fear mongering claims that have been disproved (including false allegations that e-cigs and OTP are target marketed to youth, and that e-cigs are poisoning children, addicting youth, gateways to cigarettes, and as harmful as cigarettes).
The 29 State AGs who signed the comment to FDA (22 Democrats and 7 Republicans) were: Madigan (D-IL), Zoeller (R-IN), Coakley (D-MA), Schneiderman (D-NY), Horne (R-AZ), Harris (D-CA), Suthers (R-CO), Jepsen (D-CT), Biden (D-DE), Nathan (D-DC), Rapadas (D-Guam), Louie (D-HI), Wasden (R-ID), Miller (D-IA), Mills (D-ME), Gansler (D-MD), Hood (D-MS), Mastro (D-NV), Foster (D-NH), King (D-NM), DeWine (R-OH), Rosenblum (D-OR), Kane (D-PA), Kilmartin (D-RI), Jackley (R-SD), Cooper (D-TN), Reyes (R-UT), Sorrell (D-VT), Ferguson (D-WA)

10 US Senate Democrats and 3 US House Democrats urge FDA Commissioner Hamburg to further protect cigarettes (under guise of protecting children) by changing Deeming Regulation (that would ban >99.9% of e-cigs and give the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco companies) to also ban all flavored e-cigs (but not deadly menthol cigarettes), to ban most e-cig advertising to adults, and to ban Internet sales of e-cigs to adults. Democrats letter repeats many disproved false and misleading fear mongering claims.

Cancer organizations (AACR and ASCO) urge FDA to impose Deeming Regulation, which would prevent cancer morbidity and mortality rates from declining, and would increase income oncologists generate from sick and dying cancer patients.

Anti tobacco economists tell FDA to presume tobacco users are irrational when conducting cost benefit analyses on proposed regulations, criticize agency's analysis of Deeming Regulation, but fail to acknowledge the proposal failed to estimate costs for the thousands of businesses it destroys and the tens of millions of lives it threatens.

New York Times editorial repeats anti-consumer claims by anti tobacco economists in attempt to portray FDA Deeming Regulation as not tough enough against e-cigs and OTP (all of which are far less hazardous than cigarettes).

Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson again urges FDA to protect cigarette markets, threaten public health in another inaccurate fear mongering rant against e-cigs


'Vape' and 'vaping' added to Oxford Dictionaries


ACSH: Big Tobacco reports declines in cigarettes sold across the board

Tank and e-liquid sales increase significantly, as sales of cigalikes slightly increase

Logic to market e-cigs in 30,000 Canadian locations (despite Health Canada's stated ban)

Logic now largest selling cigalike in US convenience stores

VMR launches V2 Pro "open system" vaporizers that use e-liquid

CB Distributors (21st Century Smoke) begins marketing Vapin Plus vaporizers and e-liquid, and Vipor dry leaf Vape Pens

Talia Eisenberg: Why I opened a vaporium and am dedicating my life to reducing smoking

Half dozen vape shops open in Lincoln (NE) in past year

Smoke Versus Vapor

Jesse Kline: "Second-hand vapour" is no threat

Arizona AG Tom Horne correctly rules that the use of smokefree e-cigs is not "smoking"

E-cig Research

New survey of 20,000+ Americans finds 5.7 million regularly use e-cigs; Among adults who used a "smoking cessation drug" in the past 12 months, 57% used e-cigarettes, 39% used a prescription drug (Chantix or Wellbutrin) and 39% used OTC nicotine gums, lozenges or patches.

Survey of 128 NC doctors finds 67% think e-cigs helpful for smoking cessation, 35% recommend them to patients who smoke, but study's authors oppose e-cigs and endorse FDA regulation

Farsalinos and Polosa delineate misrepresentations of e-cig survey data by Glantz and Dutra in letter published by JAMA Pediatrics.

Brad Rodu - The tide is turning: More scientific support for e-cigarettes

Mike Siegel: The E-Cigarette Gateway Myth

ACSH:Wall St. Jrnl op/ed debunks e-cig 'gateway'; letter in JAMA-Peds refutes their prior junk study

Konstantinos Farsalinos critiques deeply flawed fear mongering e-cig vapor article published by ASHRAE claiming e-cig vapor harms nonusers

Bill Godshall - Another view: The Pros of Electronic Cigarettes

Mike Siegel: E-cigarette opponents continue to misrepresent the science to support their positions


PA House cancels scheduled vote on $2/pack Philly cigarette tax

NC House swiftly passes bill (SB 763) to exempt Reynolds from paying vapor tax that Reynolds lobbied to enact several months ago


MA airport official wants federal ban on carrying e-cigs on planes after one suspected of causing small fire (even though fire causing cigarette lighters and matches are allowed on airplanes)

E-cig Marketing Restrictions

California Assembly Appropriations Cmte rejects bill (SB 648) that would have banned nonexistent e-cig sales in vending machines, e-cig opponents blame tobacco companies

Davis County (UT) Board of Health wisely proposes eliminating five of its previously enacted unwarranted restrictions on e-cig sales.

Vaping Ban Exemption

NC legislature approves, Governor signs, bill (HB 1133) allowing local confinement facilities (e.g. County Jails) to give or sell vapor products or FDA approved drugs for treating 'tobacco dependence' to inmates.

Vaping Bans

Tempe (AZ) City Council bans vaping where smoking is banned after e-cig opponents repeat false fear mongering claims about lifesaving products.

Illinois Governor Quinn signs bill (SB 2202) banning all tobacco use (and e-cig use) on state college campuses, and bill (HB 5868) banning self serve e-cig displays in stores that allow minors access.

Houston County (MN) Board bans vaping in workplaces after Houston County Public Health makes false and misleading fear mongering claims about smokefree products.

Tompkins County (NY) Health Dept urges county legislators to ban e-cig use in all workplaces, claims vapor is a 'potential' risk (despite no evidence of harm to nonusers); Legislature to consider bill on August 19, public hearing scheduled for Sept 2. (page 11)

Dekalb (IL) City Council considering e-cig usage ban in workplaces

Tupelo (MS) City Council considering e-cig usage ban in workplaces

E-cig Sales Bans To Minors

R Street's Joel Nitzkin sends letter to MO Gov Nixon urging him to reconsider his veto of bill to ban e-cig sales to minors

Jeff Stier: The Missouri legislature should override Governor Nixon's e-cigarette veto


Clive Bates: Briefing on e-cigarettes for policy makers (UK MHRA and EU TPD) (longer version)

Clive Bates - Briefing: the case for e-cigarettes (shorter version)

UK's ASA bans e-cig ad, says ad implied its e-cig was less hazardous than cigarettes

- Bill Godshall

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