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Bill Godshall Update 2014-08-29

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - August 29th, 2014

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E-cig Research

All Gates Lead to Smoking: the 'gateway theory', e-cigarettes and remaking of nicotine (full text attached: evolution of unscientific 'gateway theory' to deceive and scare)

Consistent with other surveys, CDC 2013 National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) finds:
- 0.4%, 0.8%, 0.9% of never smokers reported 'ever use' of an e-cig in 2011, 2012, 2013
- 'ever smokers' were 22 times more likely than 'never smokers' to have 'ever used' an e-cig (20.2% vs .9%)
- 'ever smokers' were 23 times more likely than 'never smokers' to have tried an e-cig in 'past-30-days' (6.9% vs 0.3%)
- cigarette smoking rates further declined to record lows in 2013.
(full text of CDC study in N&TR)
But CDC commits public health malpractice by deceitfully withholding smoking data from its study, highlighting falsified 'intention to smoke' data, touting falsified estimates of e-cig use, and failing to mention key e-cig experimentation data (cited above) in study's abstract and press release.

CDC press release lies about NYTS e-cig data, headline falsely claims 'More than a quarter-million youth who had never smoked a cigarette used e-cigarettes in 2013', press release touts falsified 'intention to smoke' data to deceitfully imply e-cigs are addicting nonsmoking youth (despite no evidence that any nonsmoker has become a daily e-cig user) and are gateways to smoking (despite no evidence that e-cig use preceded daily smoking) to deceive and scare public and to lobby for FDA deeming regulation that would ban >99.9% of e-cigs and give e-cig industry to Big Tobacco.

Carl Phillips: CDC refines their lies about kids and e-cigarettes

Brad Rodu: In the CDC-FDA e-cigarette study, 'probably not' is the new 'yes'

Carl Phillips - CDC press release about e-cigarettes: blatant lying by government officials

News media tout CDC's lies about e-cigs and youth as facts, fail to do any fact checking.!272CFF3B-63CF-4820-B5CF-02824911C4EF

Gregory Conley: E-cigarettes are not a 'gateway,' they help smokers quit

Gregory Conley: Public Health Officials Should Embrace E-Cigarettes


SFATA submits cogent comments to FDA opposing deeming regulation

Daniel Sarewitz: Allow use of electronic cigarettes to assess risk

Proposed e-cigarette regulation not sitting well with retailers

FDA requests comments on Swedish Match's MRTP application for 10 General Snus products; comments accepted until February 23, 2015, but FDA requests comments by November 24, 2014 for consideration before MRTP application is sent to TPSAC (even though nobody can read the 100,000+ page MRTP application in just three months).

FDA bans seven (i.e. issued Not Substantially Equivalent Orders for) Star Ariva and Stonewall dissolvable tobacco lozenges (which are very similar to FDA approved nicotine lozenges) that Star stopped selling two years ago


Big Pharma and FDA funded American Heart Association keeps protecting cigarettes, issues new e-cig policy statement that repeats dozens of false and misleading fear mongering claims, grossly misrepresents scientific and empirical evidence, reaffirms AHA's Big Pharma protection policies to impose FDA Deeming Regulation (that would ban >99.9% of e-cigs and give e-cig industry to Big Tobacco), ban flavorings, ban most advertising and marketing to adults, and ban vaping everywhere smoking is banned. AHA policy also endorses taxing e-cigs, redefining e-cigs as tobacco products at state level to impose unwarranted taxes and regulations, urging vapers to quit vaping by using ineffective and less than safe FDA approved products, and endorsing e-cig use by smokers only after FDA approved cessation drugs fail (which occurs >90% of the time).
AHA e-cig policy statement also falsely claims to support laws banning e-cig sales to minors (as CTFK/ACS/AHA/ALA opposed bills to ban e-cig sales to minors in AZ, OK, RI, OH, FL, MI, MO & PA), and fails to ethically disclose AHA's Big Pharma and FDA funding conflicts of interests (while claiming to 'avoid any actual or potential conflicts of interest' among the 14 authors, most of whom also have blatant conflicts of interest).

AP headline touts AHA's endorsement of e-cigs for smokers if FDA drugs fail, article repeats false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs; Godshall comments.

More news stories repeat AHA's e-cig lies and propaganda with little or no fact checking


WHO commits public health malpractice, threatens lives of hundreds of millions of smokers, protects cigarette markets, grossly misrepresents scientific evidence on e-cigs, falsely claims e-cigs must be banned or strictly regulated before scientific studies can evaluate e-cigs, falsely claims e-cigs cannot significantly reduce smoking diseases and deaths in many countries, urges governments to ban or severely restrict e-cig sales, ban e-cig advertising (including truthful claims), ban or severely restrict e-cig promotions and sponsorships, ban flavored e-cigs, ban e-cig use wherever smoking is banned.

WHO promotes unwarranted vaping bans; Godshall responds

More news media hype WHO's false claims about e-cigs, call for vaping bans

ACSH: Policy statements from all over falsely accuse e-cigs/vapors of harm potential

UK Dept of Health has no plans to ban vaping in workplaces

Dr. Ruairi Hanley: Stubbing out e-cigarettes will condemn smokers to death
(appropriately criticizes WHO's egregious lobbying for e-cig bans)

Gerry Stimson criticizes WHO's misrepresentation of scientific evidence on e-cigs, lobbying for e-cig bans that protect cigarettes (UK)

European Vapers Speak Up Against WHO

E-cigs backed in city despite fresh warning (UK)
WHO accused of 'scaremongering' and using 'cherry picked science

E-cig Safety

Connecticut Senate Democrats repeat false and misleading fear mongering claims about safety of e-liquid, which has never poisoned anyone, which tastes terrible, and which induces vomiting (if swallowed) that prevents poisoning; Godshall replies.

TVECA weighs in the safety issue of e-cigs on planes
Laptop batteries have created far more fires than e-cigs, but laptops aren't banned

E-cig Business

Big Tobacco's e-cigarette push gets a reality check; Vape shops pose threat amid sales shift away from convenience stores

Looking deeper into Nielsen's e-cig data

BLU versus blu: Zippo wins infringement case over lighter, e-cigarette trademarks

Imperial Tobacco on track to acquire US brands

Forget how to smoke with e-cigarettes

Noah Minskoff and the quitting problem: The potential of e-cigarettes

State Action

Utah cites three online e-cig companies for violating consumer protection and other laws


CASAA issues Call To Action opposing Altria/Reynolds/Lorillard sponsored bill (SB 1018) in Michigan to tax e-cigs and to falsely redefine e-cigs as smokeless tobacco to impose tobacco licensing and regulations on all e-cig vendors (to protect Big Tobacco)

Pennsylvania bill (HB 2451) would increase cigarette tax by $.80/pack

Vaping Bans

CASAA updates Call To Action on Baltimore bill to ban vaping and redefine smokefree vapor products as 'smoking devices', public hearing scheduled for October 7

Tupelo (MS) City Council passes unwarranted and unenforceable vaping ban in workplaces based upon false and misleading fear mongering claims by prohibitionists.

Overland Park (KS) bans vaping in workplaces

Proposed ordinance in Branson (MO) would ban smoking and e-cig use in workplaces

Santa Rosa (CA) considers bill to ban smoking and vaping in multi-unit housing

Elk Grove (IL) considers vaping ban

Big Pharma funded e-cig prohibitionist Ken Wassum urges employers to ban vaping, fails to ethically disclose his huge financial conflicts of interest

Smokeless Tobacco

Brad Rodu: How many Americans use smokeless tobacco?

Legal Minimum Age

Washington Times editorializes against NJ bill to increase the legal minimum age for tobacco sales to 21 years; Godshall responds with some objectivity.

NY Assembly Rules Cmte introduces bill (A10182) to ban vaping in all workplaces, increase minimum age for tobacco and e-cig sales from 18 to 21, referred to Assembly Health Cmte

Employment Discrimination

Wellspan to discriminate against tobacco and e-cig users (but not against users of tobacco derived nicotine gums, lozenges and patches) by not hiring them (PA and MD), Godshall responds.


Totally Wicked e-cig company files lawsuit challenging Article 20 (regulating e-cigarettes) of the EU Tobacco Products Directive; hearing scheduled for October 6


Clive Bates files complaint against Johnson & Johnson anti vaping ad

Smokers turn their backs on NHS as they opt for e-cigarettes to help quit smoking (UK)

Scary Monsters '“ Have health professionals started a moral panic over e-cigarettes?
Neil McKeganey thinks they have.


Toronto City Council bans vaping due to false and misleading fear mongering claims;
Mayor Rob Ford votes against counterproductive ban

Toronto Board of Health rejects scientific evidence, abdicates ethical duty, votes to protect cigarettes by urging Ontario government to ban vaping in all workplaces.

Rush is on to ban e-cigarettes

Ottawans split on e-cig ban


Chris Bullen and Ron Borland tell truth about e-cigs, while prohibitionists Mike Daube and Australian health authorities repeat false and misleading fear mongering claims

Wayne Hall calls for repeal of e-cig ban, Ross MacKenzie lies about nicotine and e-cigs

Marijuana for Opioid Harm Reduction

Study finds opioid analgesic overdose deaths 25% lower in states that legalized medical marijuana compared to states that still ban all marijuana.

ACSH: The DEA, narcotic abuse, and a terrible solution '“ which will hurt patients

Heroin's death toll rising in NY, amid shift in who uses it

ACSH: The neverending, losing war on drugs

Drug Harm Reduction

WHO wisely advocates drug decriminalization to prevent/control HIV (while absurdly opposing smokefree harm reduction alternatives to prevent cigarette diseases and deaths)

- Bill Godshall

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