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Bill Godshall Update 2014-09-12

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - September 12th, 2014


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Public Health Research and Advocacy

Article in Addiction corrects and disproves first nine statements of a 2013 report commissioned by WHO e-cig prohibitionists (and published by AHA e-cig prohibitionists) written by UCSF propagandists that grossly misrepresented and misinterpreted the scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs and public health.
WHO commissioned report on e-cigarettes misleading, say experts
A critique of a WHO-commissioned report and associated article on electronic cigarettes

Study details WHO data finding Sweden has lowest male tobacco attributable mortality rate in EU for lung cancer, other cancer, cardiovascular disease, and all causes after many smokers switched to snus and after snus consumption sharply increased. But WHO protects cigarettes and threatens smokers' lives by lying about and lobbying to ban snus.

E-cigarette criticisms 'alarmist' say researchers; Robert West criticizes WHO's call for vaping bans, estimates e-cigs could prevent 54,000 of 60,000 smoking attributable deaths annually in the UK if all smokers switched

E-Cigarette Debate: 12 minute BBC radio debate between public health advocate Robert West (who tells the truth about e-cigs) versus prohibitionist/propagandist John Ashton (who falsely claimed CDC data found that e-cigs are gateways to cigarettes for youth, and who repeated many other false fear mongering claims about e-cigs).

Clive Bates - The Pharmaceutical Journal
Stop demonizing a potentially useful product for smokers
Compulsory regulation of electronic cigarettes could spoil a safe substitute for smoking.

Patrick West: E-cigs: one of the greatest inventions ever

2012 Tax Burden on Tobacco delineates sharp US cigarette consumption decline in past 4 decades, sharp increase in cigarette and OTP taxation in past 2 decades, and much more

Watch the US quit smoking over 40 years (rapidly changing 50 state map)

CDC reports CPS found the percentage of households with smokefree policies increased from 43.0% in 1992-1993 to 83.0% in 2010-2011 (including from 9.6% to 46.1% among households with at least one adult smoker), but CDC and US SG continue to claim secondhand smoke still kills 41,000 Americans annually.


ACSH: A tribute to Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, 1943-2014


Reynolds American wants FDA to ban vapor e-cigs

FDA bullies Scottish online retailer (that posts scientific evidence about THR) for truthfully informing the public and consumers that smokeless snuff products are less hazardous than cigarettes, falsely accuses retailer of violating Section 911(b)(2)(A)(i) of FSPTCA, which prohibits manufacturers of regulated products from making MRTP claims on a label or advertisement (i.e. commercial speech) for a specific product/brand, but doesn't apply to truthful political speech (by retailers or manufacturers) to educate consumers and the public about the risks and benefits of different categories of tobacco products (including presenting scientific evidence about THR on corporate websites, at conferences, in news articles, op/eds, interviews, debates, hearings, etc.). Sets precedent for FDA to violate 1st Amendment rights of all tobacco retailers and manufactures, and to deny smokers and the public access to truthful scientific and public health information. (FDA cited truthful statements in FAQ 11 and 14) (FDA cited a truthful statement) (Rodu/Godshall article on THR) (Rodu/Cole article on THR)

FDA sends warning letters to four online retailers in foreign countries for violating various FSPTCA clauses. But it is doubtful FDA has legal authority to enforce the FSPTCA against retailers abroad, as otherwise all online retailers could be forced to comply with thousands of conflicting laws enacted by 140 foreign governments.

FDA again asks tobacco growers, processors and manufacturers to let FDA CTP staff visit and tour their facilities, but claims visits aren't regulatory inspections and won't be used for developing new tobacco regulations!documentDetail;D=FDA-2014-N-0889-0001

Smokefree Pennsylvania's comment urging FDA to kill its proposed Deeming Regulation (because it would protect cigarettes and threaten the lives of all vapers and smokers by banning >99.9% of e-cigs, and by giving the e-cig industry to Big Tobacco) is at:!documentDetail;D=FDA-2014-N-0189-80846

Amy Muhlberg and Alan Blum delineate how Congress chose to exclude e-cigs from the 2009 FSPTCA, but wrongly conclude that doing so was a 'lost opportunity'.
Please note that in 2009 Smokefree Pennsylvania urged US Senators to amend the FSPTCA to include e-cigs in the definition of a tobacco product, but we've staunchly opposed the FDA imposing the Deeming Regulation on e-cigs because they've helped millions of smokers quit smoking, they've reduced cigarette consumption by more than a billion packs in US, and they pose negligible public health risks.

E-cig Sales Bans to Youth

Missouri Senate and House ban e-cig sales to minors, override Gov. Nixon's veto of bill (SB 841) to ban sale of 'alternative nicotine products' and 'vapor products' to youth

BRAVE and AVA applaud MO legislature for overriding Gov. Nixon's veto

Big Pharma funded ACS/AHA/ALA and duped Missouri Governor Jay Nixon encourage youth to use e-cigs by opposing bill to ban e-cig sales to minors

ACSH - Gov Nixon's e-cigarette veto: harming smokers, not protecting kids

Smoking and Vaping Bans

NJ Governor Chris Christie vetoes absurd and unenforceable bill (S1772/A1080) to ban smoking and vaping at all state, county and municipal parks, forests and beaches

Berkeley (CA) City Council moves to ban vaping where smoking is banned (including in apartments, and on sidewalks and city property), but exempts medical marijuana vaping, due to false fear mongering claims by Big Pharma shills and other e-cig prohibitionists.

Chicago (IL) Park District's Board of Commissioners ban smoking and vaping at city parks and beaches and at upcoming Riot Fest, but won't enforce the unenforceable ban; Big Pharma and government funded ANTZ lobby for and praise nonsensical law.

University of New Orleans bans smoking and allows vaping; ANR e-cig prohibitionists claim 1,372 colleges and universities now ban smoking and 176 now ban vaping

Mecklenberg County (NC) Commissioners consider bill on Sept 18 to ban smoking, vaping and chewing tobacco at all county parks

Branson (MO) businesses fume against proposed smoking (and vaping) ban, Board of Alderman to hold hearing on Sept 23 and to consider measure on Oct 14.

Brook County (WV) Board of Health proposes regulation to ban smoking and vaping in workplaces and at many outdoor locations (by falsely redefining smoking as including use of smokefree e-cigs), to hold hearing on Oct. 6 and to accept comments until Oct. 19.

Five Montreal Councillors proposed bill to protect cigarettes by banning vaping (Canada)


Troutman Sanders - The Vapor IP wars: Beyond Patents

Lorillard sues Zippo in the UK over blu e-cig

THR Business

Altria now selling MarkTen cigalike e-cigs in 60,000 tobacco retail stores, to begin selling in eastern US in October

Reynolds American's Niconovum to begin marketing FDA approved Zonnic nicotine gum/lozenges nationwide for $3.70 per pack of ten, great comments by Greg Conley

Retail Restrictions

Newburgh (NY) City Council proposal would license tobacco retailers, impose a moratorium on new licenses, and reduce the number of licenses (i.e. allowing the city to enrich some retailers and destroy others); to be discussed at Sept 17 council meeting.


Another anti-tobacco/pro-regulation publication created (Tobacco Regulatory Science), hypocritically won't accept articles funded by any tobacco company, but will accept articles funded by companies that market tobacco derived nicotine products and articles funded by tobacco harm reduction opponents at FDA, NIH and other agencies

Junk Science and Propaganda to Lobby for Prohibition

Unhelpful studies cloud the issue of 'vaping'

Neil McKeganey: How anti-tobacco researchers cook the evidence

Columbia University professors' press release falsely claim their NEJM study found e-cigs are gateways to cocaine; but study never evaluated e-cigs, and instead touted inapplicable studies on mice that were forced to consume nicotine and then cocaine

Brad Rodu: NEJM irresponsibly damns e-cigarettes as gateway to cocaine, based on mouse nicotine studies

Carl Phillips - Kandel, Kandel, and NEJM: flogging the gateway hypothesis to attack e-cigarettes

Konstantinos Farsalinos comments on NEJM paper and press release alleging e-cigs are gateways to cocaine.

Goneiwicz and Lee study finds negligible levels of nicotine in exposure chamber after 100 puffs of e-cig vapor was released into chamber, but authors falsely conclude (without any evidence) that negligible levels of nicotine found in thirdhand vapor poses a 'risk'.

Carl Phillips: TrANTZlation of Goniewicz and Lee NTR abstract re 'thirdhand vapor'

Canadian push-poll (commissioned by prohibitionists at Heart and Stroke Foundation) falsely tells respondents that flavored tobacco and packaging is 'aimed at enticing youth to smoke' and that banning tobacco flavorings and packaging will 'prevent youth from taking up smoking', then asks respondents if they support banning them, then issues press release portraying the push poll as unbiased and claiming Canadians support bans.

Canadian ANTZ (who support e-cig sales and usage bans that protect cigarettes) misrepresent and cherry pick high school survey data to confuse and scare public, lobby for law to ban flavored tobacco products.

Editorial in The Lancet protects cigarettes, threatens lives of vapers and smokers by misrepresenting scientific and empirical evidence and by repeating false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs

ACSH: Lancet asks if e-cigarettes are a 'smokescreen.' We ask, why is Horton still working there?

BMJ publishes editorial by e-cig propagandist John Ashton defending WHO's false claims about e-cigs and advocating regulations to protect cigarettes and threaten the lives of vapers and smokers

ERS grossly misrepresents scientific evidence on e-cigs to demonize lifesaving product, endorses WHO proposal to protect cigarettes by banning vaping and restricting e-cigs.

WHO's false and misleading claims about e-cigs confuse the news media

E-cig prohibitionists and propagandists falsely claim e-cigs are poisoning children. In fact, there has never been a confirmed case of nicotine poisoning via ingestion, swallowing e-liquid induces vomiting that prevents poisoning, and the only known case of nicotine poisoning occurred via IV injection to commit suicide).

US NIH publishes grossly bias article by Carrie Arnold that fails to cite any benefits of e-cigs, while quoting fear mongering claims by e-cig opponents and touting hypothetical, negligible and disproven risks to confuse and scare readers.

Utah Health Dept survey finds youth cigarette smoking declined from 5.2% to 3.9% and that youth smokers were exponentially more likely than nonsmokers to report past month e-cig use, but Health Dept fails to report drop in youth smoking and falsely insinuates e-cigs are gateways to cigarettes for youth to confuse, scare and lobby for more e-cig bans.

Saffari et al and Chemistry World's Harriet Brewerton misrepresent study finding e-cig vapor contains exponentially fewer particles and constituents than cigarette smoke

Health Day's Cindy Haynes repeats false and misleading fear mongering claims (as factual) by vaping opponents about study's findings on e-cig vapor

Wisconsin ALA's Dona Wininsky lies about scientific evidence on e-cigs to confuse, scare and lobby for bans, fails to disclose ALA's drug industry conflicts of interest

Qatar-based Dr Ahmed Al Mulla falsely claims a session of shisha smoking is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes, and that shisha is 10 times more harmful than cigarettes

Hookah junk scientist and prohibitionist Wasim Maziak and Florida International University denounce THR, repeat false fear mongering claims about e-cigs


ACSH: CVS stops sale of tobacco for 'public health'

Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart and Family Dollar to benefit from CVS sales ban

E-cig makers fuming over CVS tobacco ban; Big Pharma funded ALA's Erika Sward (who used to work for Big Pharma funded CTFK) repeats false claims about e-cigs

E-cig prohibitionist editors at NY Times print letter by Big Pharma funded ATS president Thomas Ferkel that repeats fear-mongering lies about e-cigs, falsely claims CVS sales ban 'will help protect the health of countless adults and children.'

Economically clueless ANTZ applaud CVS for stopping sales of tobacco and e-cigs (even though CVS' policy will have zero impact on tobacco or e-cig consumption)

US Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), CT funded MATCH and Big Pharma funded ACS, AHA, ALA moralize, try bullying retailers to stop selling tobacco (and e-cigs)

- Bill Godshall

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