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Bill Godshall Update 2014-09-26

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - September 26th, 2014


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Public Health Research

CDC survey confirms that virtually all e-cig use in US has been by smokers and ex-smokers (including many who quit with e-cigs), disproves false fear mongering claims by CDC, FDA and others that e-cigs are addicting nonsmokers, appeal to youth, are target marketed to youth, are gateways to smoking, and renormalize smoking.
Specifically, the CDC survey on e-cig use by US adults found:
- 'ever use' by current smokers increased from 9.8% in 2010 to 36.5% in 2013,
- 'ever use' by former smokers increased from 2.5% in 2010 to 9.6% in 2013,
- 'ever use' by never smokers decreased from 1.3% in 2010 to 1.2% in 2013,
- 'ever use' by 18-24 year olds did NOT increase from 2010 to 2013,
- 'past 30 day use' by current smokers increased from 4.9% in 2010/11 to 9.4% in 2012/13 (note that CDC only reported two year averages for 'past 30 day' e-cig use),
- 'past 30 day use' by former smokers increased from 1.0% in 2010/11 to 1.3% in 2012/13,
- 'past 30 day use' by never smokers decreased from .2% in 2010/11 to 'suppressed due to relative standard error >40%' in 2012/13,
- in 2013, current smokers were 54.7 times more likely than never smokers to have used and e-cig in 'past 30 days' (increasing from 25.8 times more likely in 2010), and
- in 2012/13, current smokers were 73.1 times more likely than never smokers to have reported 'ever use' of an e-cig (increasing from 10.5 times more likely in 2010/11).

CDC's Brian King says its 'a positive note' that more smokers aren't using e-cigs, AP article grossly misrepresents new CDC e-cig survey findings, reporter only interviewed e-cig prohibitionists and propagandists who misrepresented the survey's findings

Mike Siegel: CDC rejoices that fewer smokers are trying to quit

Brad Rodu: New England Journal of Medicine downplays its error in exaggerating youth e-cigarette data

Carl Phillips - Dear Public Health: the public despises you, so you are probably doing it wrong

Carl Phillips: How the medicalized history of public health damaged its science too, particularly including understanding e-cigarettes

Carl Phillips: Followup on how medics doomed public health - case studies

Carl Phillips: Why clinical trials are a bad study method for tobacco harm reduction

Lynn Kozlowski to present on vaping and e-cigarettes on at Univ of Buffalo on Oct 9

Swedish study finds men aged 45-79 with five low risk lifestyle habits (i.e. no smoking, eating a healthy diet, no abdominal adiposity, moderate alcohol consumption, being physically active) had just 14% of heart attack risk compared to men with none of the five habits. Authors found risk reduction corresponded to 36% for no smoking, 18% for a healthy diet, 12% for having a low abdominal circumference, 11% for moderate alcohol consumption, and 3% for being physically active.

ACSH comments on Swedish study of male heart attack risk factors

Brad Rodu: The Swedish snus experience isn't Finnished (highlights data showing that smoking rates dropped sharply in Sweden and Norway since EU snus ban [which doesn't apply to those countries], but not by much in Finland where EU snus ban was imposed)

Brad Rodu: Oral cancer scaremongering by public health officials

THR Business

Wells Fargo's Bonnie Herzog now estimates 2014 US sales of mods/e-liquids at $1.5 Billion and sales of cigalike e-cigs at $1 Billion (compared to Herzog's May estimate of mods/e-liquids at $1.1 Billion and cigalikes at $1.4 Billion), explains why Big Tobacco companies, NACS, and some large cigalike companies want FDA to impose deeming regulation that would ban sales of all mods and e-liquids (which are far more effective for quitting smoking and reducing cigarette consumption than cigalikes).

Wells Fargo reports 3.5% decline in cigarette volume/consumption at US convenience stores in second quarter of 2014

A case for the vapers (exposes convenience store opposition to vape shops)

Purilum opens e-liquid manufacturing facility in Greenville, NC

NJOY now selling mods and e-liquids (as sales of cigalikes decline)


Pfizer to ask FDA to remove suicide warning from Chantix

As FDA approved prescription drug addictions and deaths skyrocket, agency keeps trying to protect drug and cigarette sales from market competition by vaporizers and e-liquid.


CDC announces $212 million in grants to all 50 states to purportedly reduce chronic diseases, but CDC press release claims funds will be used to reduce 'tobacco use' and falsely claims 'tobacco use' is 'leading preventable cause of death'. Thus, funds are likely to be spent protecting cigarettes by demonizing e-cigs and smokeless tobacco and by lobbying for e-cig and smokeless tobacco usage bans and marketing restrictions (just as state and local health departments unlawfully spent previous CDC grant funds).

CDC/NIOSH deceitfully conflate smokeless tobacco use with cigarette smoking, propose urging all employers to ban smokeless tobacco use (and perhaps vaping);D=CDC-2014-0013-0002

Carl Phillips: CASAA comments on NIOSH proposed recommendations re workplace tobacco use

US Congress

Four US Senate Democrats (Harkin IA, Rockefeller WV, Durbin IL, Blumenthal CT) and four US House Democrats (Waxman CA, Dingell MI, Pallone NJ, DeGette CO) deceitfully equate ads for lifesaving e-cigs with ads for lethal cigarettes, send letters to adult magazine companies criticizing them for marketing to youth.

Despite no evidence e-liquid has ever harmed anyone, and despite 41 states banning sales of e-cigs to minors, US Senate CST Committee approves bill (SB 2581) to require the CPSC to promulgate child safety regulations for liquid nicotine containers.

16 House Democrats Esty (CT), Kaptur (OH), Rush (NJ), Honda (CA), Mike Thompson (CA), DeLauro (CT), Hinojosa (TX), Wasserman-Schultz (FL), Shea-Porter (NH), Cicilline (RI), Clark (MA), Lowenthal (CA), Matsui (CA), Ellison (MN), Deutch (FL), Johnson (GA) introduce resolution (HR 5486) urging CPSC to promulgate child safety regulations for liquid nicotine containers, referred to House E&C Cmte.

35 House Democrats urge Labor Secretary Thomas Perez to ban youth from working on tobacco farms

US Senator Rockefeller (D-WV) commits to session on Boxer's e-cig marketing bill


Florida jury imposes $27 million verdict against Philip Morris USA

Illinois Supreme Court to hear appeal over reinstatement of $10 Billion 'light cigarette' verdict against Philip Morris USA


PA legislature and Governor approve $2/pack cigarette tax (HB 1177) for Philadelphia

DC cigarette tax increases from $2.50 to $2.86/pack, OTP tax increases, no e-cig tax

Updated CASAA Call to Action opposing Big Tobacco sponsored bill in Michigan (SB 1018 - to tax e-cigs, redefine e-cigs as smokeless tobacco, and impose tobacco licensure laws on e-cig companies) notes that bill was placed on, then removed from, the Senate Finance Committee's 9/24/14 calendar by Chairman (and SB 1018 sponsor) Richardville.

Ecig Sales Bans to Minors

Forty one states have now enacted laws banning the sale of e-cigs to minors. Legislation in Michigan (SB 668) now awaits Gov. Snyder's approval or veto, while eight other states (MA, ME, MT, NM, ND, OR, PA, TX) haven't banned e-cig sales to minors.

NCSL webpage on state e-cig laws

CASAA Call to Action urges Michigan vapers to urge Gov. Rick Snyder to sign legislation (SB 668) to ban sales of e-cigs to minors

Ecig Manufacturing and Marketing Restrictions

Weber-Morgan (UT) Health Board proposes protecting cigarettes by imposing unwarranted e-cig manufacturing and marking restrictions, Health Department director Brian Bennion grossly misrepresents evidence on e-cigs to scare public, fails to acknowledge that youth smoking rates keep declining (and are at record lows) as e-cig sales continue to increase.

Vaping Bans

French government plans to protect cigarettes by banning vaping

San Diego (CA) City Council protects cigarettes by banning vaping everywhere smoking is banned (including at parks and beaches), requiring police permit to sell e-cigs

Aurora (Ontario, Canada) Council shoots down ban on e-cigarettes

Elgin County (Ontario, Canada) bans vaping in workplaces

Minneapolis (MN) Councilman to introduce bill to ban vaping in workplaces

Smoking and Vaping Bans

NYC Council bill (484) introduced to ban smoking (and vaping) in common areas of apartment buildings and condos, referred to NYC Health Committee|Text|&Search=smoking

Editorial: Don't ban smoking on the beach (OR)

Smoking Cessation

E-cig allows smoker of 40 years to kick the ability to breathe

Mike Siegel: Rest of story announces a fund-raising campaign for research on effectiveness of electronic cigarettes

Employment Discrimination

Carroll (MD) Hospital Center CEO Leslie Simmons incompetently claims 'nicotine is the leading cause of death,' imposes discriminatory no-nicotine-use hiring policy (including for use of FDA approved NRT products), mandates nicotine testing of all job applicants, with those testing positive given a free 90 day supply of banned NRT products at a cost of $750 to the hospital, which is ultimately paid for by taxpayers, insurance policy holders and sick patients.

Carl Phillips: Follow-up on how medics doomed public health - case studies

Junk Science, Propaganda and Prohibition

Big Pharma funded ACS publishes and publicizes junk science study claiming e-cigs don't help cancer patients quit smoking (as study excluded those who had already quit smoking with e-cigs, and only included e-cigs users who didn't/couldn't quit smoking)

Robert West and Peter Hajek criticize ACS published and touted study on e-cigs

Junk science study of e-cig use by smoking cancer patients fuels e-cigarette debate

Mike Siegel: New study claims to have found that e-cigarettes are unhelpful in smoking cessation among cancer patients

E-cig junk scientist, prohibitionist and propagandist Stan Glantz touts WHO policy recommendations for e-cigs (that Glantz lobbied for by misrepresenting evidence) to protect cigarette markets and threaten the lives of hundreds of millions of vapers, smokers and secondhand smokers

Big Pharma funded e-cig prohibitionist ALA's Norman Edelman keeps protecting Big Pharma and Big Tobacco profits by lying about e-cigs and nicotine, fails to ethically disclose ALA's huge financial conflicts of interest

Despite no known cases of poisoning by e-cigs, e-cig opponents and news media continue claiming the exact opposite to scare the public, which generates more calls to poison control centers, which generates even more false fear mongering claims.

Fear mongering article repeats many false and misleading claims about e-cigs and youth


Health Canada commits public health malpractice advising Canadian cigarette smokers to NOT use e-cigs and by falsely claiming 'At the present time, there is not sufficient evidence that the potential benefits of electronic cigarettes in helping Canadians to quit smoking outweigh the potential risks,' insists that the sale of e-cigs containing nicotine are banned in Canada.


UK public health advocate Linda Bauld tells truth about e-cigs, as Pennie Teller repeats false and misleading claims about e-cigs (7 minutes on BBC Radio Scotland)

UK prohibitionist and propagandist John Ashton tells many fear mongering lies about e-cigs, while Clive Bates tells the truth (11 minutes on BBC's Jeremy Vine Show).

Lorien Jollye: Dear FPH - Just a quick word about John Ashton

More astonishing arrogance from Public Health
(on anti-e-cig and anti-vaper rants of John Aston and Martin McKee)

Will somebody please think of the adults? (flavored e-liquid)

Flavors: Public health's win - win solution

It's different when they do it.
(on John Ashton's lies about e-cigs and his arrogant and profane slurs about vapers)

A picture can speak a thousand words

Dick Puddlecote: You're daft because you're not like us

Public Health Wales funded Social Change UK denigrates smokers, vapers and women

Never let it be said that public health campaigners attack smokers or vapers

France - Plain Packaging

Despite no evidence that plain packaging laws reduce cigarette consumption or smoking rates, France plans to impose plain packaging law

- Bill Godshall

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