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Bill Godshall Update 2014-10-06

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - October 6th, 2014

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European Union

E-cig company wins first round of lawsuit to challenge cigarette protecting European Union Tobacco Product Directive on e-cigs


Tobacco CEOs Push FDA to Adopt E-Cig Rules More Quickly (to create a Big Tobacco e-cig cartel by banning >99% of e-smaller e-cig competitors)

Global Tobacco Networking Forum conference (where preceding news story came from) includes many presentations on FDA regulations, THR and vapor products; Most presenters work for Big Tobacco companies, along with several THR/vaping advocates and e-cig companies.

Bill Godshall: Why large cigarette company executives want the FDA to quickly impose the deeming regulation on e-cigarettes ($$$)

Reynolds Calls for Open System Ban (i.e. on premium vaporizers and e-liquids that are less expensive and far more effective for smoking cessation and reducing cigarette consumption than Reynolds' Vuse and other 'closed' cigalike e-cig products)

JAMA protects cigarettes by advocating FDA and WHO e-cig bans and regulations; editorial (disguised as a news article) repeats false and misleading claims about e-cigs

FDA issues guidance to keep deadliest tobacco products (i.e. pre 2007 cigarettes) on market (just as Philip Morris, CTFK, Mitch Zeller, ACS, AHA, ALA, Henry Waxman, Ted Kennedy agreed to in 2003/04 when negotiating the FSPTCA).

Tobacco industry batting a thousand with federal judge, while FDA strikes out; Godshall responds


CDC survey finds 'past 30 day' e-cig use by US adults doubled from 3.12 Million users (1.3%) in 2012 to 6.24 Million users (2.6%) in 2013, but study author Brian King falsely told AP reporter(s) that e-cig use 'leveled off' from 2012 to 2013; Neither King nor AP has corrected false claims

CDC suppresses most import adult e-cig survey findings (i.e. annual data on 'past 30 day use' e-cig use among current, former and never smokers and by sex, age, race, education, income, and region of US) from published study to deceive, obscure and spin usage trend findings (by combining annual data into two year averages for 2010/11 and 2012/13).

CDC's adult e-cig survey also found:
- 'current smokers' were 54.7 times more likely than 'never smokers' to report 'past 30 day use' of an e-cig in 2012/13, increasing from 25.8 times more likely in 2012/13,
- 'current smokers' were 73.1 times more likely than never smokers to have reported 'ever use' of an e-cig, increasing from 10.5 times more likely in 2010/11.

Brad Rodu: CDC sees e-cigarette use at marked increase and leveling off - tortured logic

2013 CDC NYTS found teen 'ever smokers' were 23 times more likely than 'never smokers' to report 'past 30 day use' of an e-cig (.069/.003 = 23), teen 'ever smokers' were 22.4 times more likely than 'never smokers' to report 'ever use' of an e-cig (.202/.009 = 22.4). In sharp contrast to fear mongering claims, just .3% of teen 'never smokers' eported 'past 30 day use', and <1% reported 'ever use' of an e-cig.

After giving dozens of grants to state and local health departments to unlawfully lobby for tobacco use and vaping bans, CDC awards $211 million in new grants to agencies and groups to unlawfully lobby for more tobacco use and vaping bans (among other things).
2. 'Awardees will use public health strategies to reduce tobacco use and exposure'
3. 'They will use public health strategies to reduce tobacco use and exposure'
4. 'Awardees will work with smaller communities and those with limited public health capacity to reduce tobacco use and exposure'
5. 'Awardees will use effective community-chosen and culturally adapted public health interventions to 'Reduce commercial tobacco use and exposure.'

After making false and misleading fear-mongering claims about e-cigs since 2009 (when it endorsed FDA's unlawful e-cig ban), CDC to host webinars on public health ethics and medical ethics

CDC once again requests e-cig users who have a cigarette disease to contact CDC (so CDC can falsely insinuate that e-cigs caused the disease)

DHHS gives UCLA $3m to lobby to ban smoking (and probably vaping) in public housing

Scientific Evidence vs Junk Science and Propaganda

Unethical NCI funded study by FDA funded e-cig prohibitionists at UCSF assess impact of lying to and scaring nonsmokers about the risks of e-cigs and smokeless tobacco, urges FDA to mandate false fear mongering cancer claims and graphic pictures on very low risk smokefree alternatives to confuse, scare and discourage smokers from switching

Clive Bates: Falsely exaggerating risks scares people off things - new study finds; A promising contender has emerged for the coveted Worst Published Paper of All Time award... (critiques unethical UCSF junk science fear-mongering study on e-cigs)

Carl Phillips - New public health research: lying to people can affect them (as if they didn't already know)

Carl Phillips: What is peer review really? (part 4 - a case study)

Clive Bates: The Bullshit Asymmetry Principle applied
(critiques junk science study of window licking for third hand e-cig vapor residue)

Lynne Dawkins exposes facts about lifesaving e-cigs; e-cig opponent repeats disproved fear mongering, confuses shisha/hookah smoking with e-cigs (UK)

Vapor Industry

Wells Fargo survey finds huge growth in premium vaporizers and e-liquid sales, declining growth of cigalike e-cigs.

Vape business booms as smokers try to quit cigarette through vaping (FL)

E-cigarette stores growing in popularity in Milwaukee (WI) as more smokers switch

Big Tobacco's Ecig Warnings

NY Times article criticizes tobacco companies for repeating false and misleading fear mongering claims (on e-cig labels) that have been deceitfully reported as facts by Obama's DHHS, by Big Pharma funded e-cig prohibitionists, and by many NY Times articles and editorials. Article fails to report that tobacco companies posted warnings to protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits filed by greedy lawyers and 29 duped State AGs that repeated many of those same false claims when urging FDA to regulate e-cigs.

Why big tobacco is playing it safe?

Scranton Times-Tribune (PA) repeats NY Times Matt Richtel's hypocrisy of criticizing tobacco companies for repeating Obama DHHS's false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs and nicotine - Godshall responds with facts.

Big Tobacco is cool with scary e-cigarette warnings because nobody reads them anyway

Smoking Cessation

Vaping helps news photographer quit smoking (UK)

Mike Siegel discontinues proposed clinical trial on e-cigs


Petersburg (AK) voters to consider $2/pack cigarette tax, 45% tax on OTP, and e-cig tax on October 7 election.

E-cig Marketing Restrictions

Buffalo (NY) Councilman Christopher Scanlon protects cigarettes and threatens public health by proposing unwarranted restrictions on e-cig retailers, Godshall responds.

State Laws Banning Ecig Sales To Minors

Associated Press reporters/editors deceitfully refer to e-cig prohibitionists as 'experts', misrepresent scientific evidence on e-cigs is 'inconclusive', criticize virtually all state laws that ban e-cig sales to minors as 'skirting' restrictions because they don't also define, regulate and tax e-cigs as tobacco products.

Tobacco and Vaping Bans

NY Times article exposes hypocrisy of unwarranted and unenforceable tobacco use bans (and vaping bans) at college campuses (as the bans weren't intended to be enforced).

Vaping bans

Vancouver (BC) City Council protects cigarettes by banning vaping due to false and misleading fear mongering by Big Pharma shills and unethical public health officials

Pot smokers upset at e-cigs ban (Vancouver, BC)

Alberta (Canada) Health Minister Stephen Mandel protects cigarettes by proposing a vaping ban and restricting/banning e-cig sales

Canadian public health officials meet to coordinate cigarette protecting vaping bans

Lexington (KY) considers protecting cigarettes by banning vaping. Government funded Smokefree Kentucky Coalition's Amy Barkley lobbies for bans, repeats false claims.

Erie County (NY) consider banning vaping to protect cigarette markets due to fear mongering lies by e-cig opponents.

Iowa city officials wisely don't protect cigarettes by imposing vaping bans

Wayland (MA) Board of Health protects cigarettes by banning vaping (based upon false claims), wisely increases minimum age for cigarette sales to 21, but unwisely increases minimum age for sales of exponentially less hazardous OTP

Brook County (WV) Board of Health proposes smoking and vaping ban

Smokeless Tobacco

Finns imported 41% more snus in past year to get around EU sales ban of far less hazardous smokefree alternative

Mike Siegel repeats false and misleading claims about smokeless tobacco and Curt Shilling's diagnosis, urges Major League Baseball to ban all smokeless tobacco use


Clive Bates: Letter to delegates to FCTC COP-6

JTI says WHO FCTC COP's exclusion of the public from its meetings breaches COP's Rules of Procedure and that Article 5.3 cannot be use to justify exclusion


BAT's Nicoventures urges Australia's Therapeutics Goods Administration to approve the marketing of e-cigs as medicine to smokers, cigarette protecting e-cig and snus prohibitionist Simon Chapman criticizes BAT, RACP president Nicholas Talley falsely claims e-cigs don't help smokers quit and that e-cigs are gateways to cigarettes.

Canada Flavorings

After aggressively lobbying Health Canada to impose ban on flavored cigars (that will do little if anything to reduce diseases), tobacco and e-cig prohibitionists criticize Health Canada for only proposing a flavored cigar ban.

More E-cig Propaganda

Univ of CT Carolyn Pennington repeats false claims about e-cigs

Austrian nicotine prohibitionist Manfred Neuberger protects cigarettes by lying about e-cigs to confuse, scare and lobby for bans

- Bill Godshall

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